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Posted: Feb 21 2013, 03:14 PM

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the rules
the rules the rules the rules the rules the rules
first things first...
welcome to WAITING FOR THE END. now, we there are a couple of ground rules you must follow in order to join this lovely site and it will only take you a few minutes to read and digest it all. donít worry, it wonít be anything to restrictive or tragic.. at least to some, so just bear with me here, ok?
one : registering
please register with your characterís first middle and last name in ALL CAPS. if youíve made a mistake, let the admin know and it shall be fixed for you, no problem. to fill out an application, simply copy and paste the app code and post the title like so: CHARACTER LAST, FIRST M. in the description box, please write PLAY-BY - SPECIES - ALLEGIANCE. You must fill out the app COMPLETELY, however, if youíre not quite done, there is a forum where you may post incomplete applications to come back and fix later. you have one week to complete the application and if it isnít done, it will be moved to the archives and your account deleted, unless there is something that will impede you from finishing, either post in the absence thread or pm the admin. if you still wish to finish it after your time is up, you must re-register and pm the admin to have your archived app moved back to the incomplete forum so you can finish it. oh, by the way, after that one time, the favor will not be done again. whatís the point, only register and apply when you are sure you want to join.
two : rating
waiting for the end is a MATURE site, therefore drugs, sex and violence is allowed. weíre all grown here arenít we? however, for the sake of our more sensitive viewers, please rate your mature thread with an [M] so they may know to steer clear from those threadS and not disrupt their virgin eyes.
three : play-bys
please refrain from using scene, internet famous play bys. in all honesty, they donít look all that professional to me and i donít like it. actors and musicians are allowed, however. when your application is accepted, please make sure you claim your pb. if you are inactive more than ONE (1) MONTH, that face claim will be put up for grabs.
four : graphics
avatars are a must and consist of a size of 200 x 300.. signatures arenít mandatory, but if you do make one, donít let it exceed more that 500 x 500, it stretches the board horribly and just makes everything all ugly.
five : threading
there isnít a big thousand word count, the MINIMUM is a 500+ WORD COUNT (this does not apply to the application, that is a 600+ minimum.) not bad, huh? just donít repeatedly post a 50 word count posts when someone posts a 500 word count postÖ it gets kind of boring and not as fun as itís supposed to be. alas, you will not be terribly penalize for this crime, we all have those days where our muse just falls out and you are encourage to maybe spice it up in the ic chat or personalization forum, but if it happens too often, maybe writing just isnít for you.
six : respect
your character can be the most ruthless, badass and dirty character in the lot, but that does not mean you can act the same way out of character. we donít need the drama or outbursts, both to other members and with the admin. this also applies to the chat box, itís childish to act like a fool when, normally, if you were face to face with that person you wouldnít say mean words in the first place. if you have any problems with someone, let one the admins know and donít go silent, but if you argue publicly either in other forums (unless youíre in character mode) or on the chat box without letting the admin know, you will be warned. if it continues, you go bye-bye.
seven : everything elseÖ
there is no character limit, however, donít go overboard and make like twenty characters if you wonít be active. if you are INACTIVE for at least ONE (1) MONTH without letting the admin or posting in the absence the thread, your face claims will be up for grabs and all your threads will be moved to the archives. so, that is all for now. questions, comments, concerns, please let the admin know and she will help you in any way she can. ENJOY YOUR STAY AT WAITING FOR THE END! NOW GO OUT THERE AND PLAY!

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