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Posted: Feb 20 2013, 10:10 PM

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the plot
the plot the plot the plot the plot the plot
Y'know, there was one a time when Humans and Supernaturals lived alongside each other. That’s right, folks - they actually lived in peace. No fighting; no arguing; no murders. The Humans openly accepted the Supernaturals for who they were––no, for what they were.

It’s been so long since those “happy” times, though; many Supernatural don't even remember what “peace” is anymore, not since the Incident. This, my friends, is where our story begins...

You see, the Falkhorn family was rather important in our city of Sepulchre. They founded the city, and not only that, but allied the Humans and Supernaturals together. But one bloody day in a sacred cathedral, the Falkhorns met their fate and, consequently, bit the dust. An accident? A murder? No one knows, but Humans quickly realized how dangerous and monstrous Supernaturals could be. Believing they were here to do harm to the Human race, the Humans sent the Supernaturals into hiding, forcing them to blend in with the people and hide their true natures.

It’s been many years since that fateful time, and many Supernaturals still pretend to be Human; well… most of the time. Humans though, only aware of the danger to themselves, are oblivious to the war raging up around them…

Hellspawn. That’s what they call themselves––they're comprised of the most malicious, corrupt, and sadistic individuals you'll ever have the misfortune of meeting. Their hate for having to blend in is the foundation of this gruesome organization. Why should they have to hide their true selves and pretend to be something so feeble? The Hellspawn despise Humans, the dirt under their boots––they think the mortals deserve no place on Earth except as slaves, if anything. They will stop at nothing until every last puny Human has suffered.

But of course, where there is evil, there is always good. Meet the Alliance––the embodiment of righteousness. They put their lives on the lines for Humans and for nothing in return. In fact, most don’t even want their species known. Who knows? Your lover or best friend might be part of the Alliance; putting their life on the line and protecting you from the Hellspawn…

Then there’s Wanderers, those who either have no idea of the war whatsoever, or just don’t care one way or another. They tend to live normal lives, unaware of the deadly war until it swallows them up one way or another.

Rivals over power, these creatures of the night continue to clash against each other, fighting viciously for dominance. Often times, their feuds result in the deaths of innocent bystanders.

The Humans are not completely helpless, however, and aren't going to sit by as the Hellspawn sweep away their families and friends. An order had risen, one composed of special Humans called Hunters. These Hunters train relentlessly to conquer species of Supernaturals––and now the Supernaturals, once the hunters, have become the hunted and have gone into hiding yet again.

As the Supernaturals bide their time, the order grows, and it's blossomed into a worldwide organization to help the Humans against pure evil. But has the war really ended? Or is it just beginning? Everyone stands by….

Do you Protect or Destroy?
Pick a side, or save yourself.
Fight for what you believe in.

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