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 Flood the Sky and Blur the Darkness, Caleb/Phyre
Posted: Oct 11 2014, 02:14 PM

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He just shrugged at her. "Just trying to be practical. Lots of fur and lots of warmth might as well put it to use. You balk now but just wait till winter comes along you'll be glad you have a giant furry heater with you."

Leaning back in his chair he crossed his arms as he thought. "First and maybe last. If what you say is true about me that it's rare for a wolf to run. Not so sure most hunters would be willing to do all that you've done to even attempt this. Then again if this is resounding success you could get a book deal. How to Train Your Werewolf. Ten easy steps you get your wolfy eating out of the palm of your hand with only minimal chance of limb loss. New York Times bestseller for weeks."

Whether they were going to have to actually do the smitten professor and aide bit or not he didn't know, but what was one more lie in a life he'd literally made up to begin with? Either way it was amusing to see her puff up with pride at the idea of his 'enrapturement' When she suggested special breed or really weird mutt he just arched a brow before snorting and chuckling. "Mmhmm because everyone is gonna believe either of those. Though I'll take the really weird mutt. I was a shelter rescue from Castle von Frankenstein or something."

While Aidan felt claustrophobic for him, for Caleb the chains, the shackles, the cage, it was an immense comfort. He didn't have to worry about the wolf running wild in the forest killing what or whoever it found. It was also a comfort because it was all in place to keep Aidan safe. If he'd been able to tolerate it he'd have upped the silver content in the shackles and chains, even double them up just to be safe, but anymore silver on and near him could have been a hazard.

Watching her wash up he snorted at the butt kicking comment. "Thoroughly kicked my butt. Well more like crossbowed my butt, same difference." Hearing the camera turn on he looked over seeing the little red dot. He thought he could get to his feet on his own, but it was proving a bit difficult with the extra weight. As he was trying to get a hard wave of nausea hit but he felt her hands on him, helping to steady him. Her hands felt ice cold, a testament to how warm he was running. He only had minutes left now, his vision having a hard time focusing for a moment.

But everything snapped into perfect focus when he felt her hand on his cheek as she reassured she'd be there the whole night. He leaned ever so slight into her touch, closing his eyes. He gave a little nod, listening to her.

”we’re going to get through this in one piece caleb, and i’m not just saying that. it’s going to work, but just for good luck…”

There was so much unsaid between the two of them, so many emotions that neither of them really wanted to deal with. They'd started at enemies, they had been...past tense. And now, now they were something else. He wanted to say so much in those final moments, but so close to changing it was hard to find them. And then suddenly her other hand was on his cheek. His eyes opened long enough to see her raise on her toes and her lips were on his. They were soft and full and warm and everything he thought they'd feel like. He was stunned for a moment, a kiss being the last thing he'd expected. He'd just started to lift a hand to touch her side when suddenly it was over and the cage door was locked.

”don’t say i’ve never done anything nice for you now."

Returning her smile he tried to walk up to the bars but the chains stopped about a foot short, one of the many safety measures they'd put into the design. "You saved my life, I think that's the nicest thing anyone could ever do for anyone. I'll see you in the morning Aidan. Move back behind the line." he urged nodding to the yellow line he'd marked should the chain and shackles fail. He moved back towards a corner of the cell as far away from her as he could manage.

And then it started. He could feel it a shift in his whole body. Organs moving, bones shifting, breaking, regrowing all at once. Muscles swelled and bulged dense black fur spread. The sound of bandages and fabric ripping mingled grunts and groans he couldn't help but make. It wasn't painless, not by a long shot, but the change was quicker with each moon. He dropped to all fours as slowly human pants sounded more and more beast like. Within ten minutes there was no sign of Caleb instead there was a mass of black fur and muscle panting on the floor. Suddenly it seemed to be very much aware of its surroundings, aware of the shackles on its arms and legs. Instantly the wolf tried to pull against the shackle, but the moment the shackle dug into his skin it burned causing the wolf to let out a panicked yelp trying to run from the pain but only making it worse. Finally realizing moving against the shackles hurt it tucked itself into a corner. It was only then that it was aware of Aidan's presence. He shrank to the ground, ears back and tail tucked but even then he tried to put a 'brave face' flashing his teeth and growling her.

Posted: Oct 11 2014, 10:09 PM

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Aidan scoffed, rolling her eyes as an amused smile played on her lips, ”Yes, but think how many might be willing to do the work, weapons of wolfy destruction…that is what you could be. Do you know how many members of my family could be here today if someone had tried this? I mean, given, my dad would be a wolf, but I’d have a dad, and a uncle, an aunt, a whole clan of McKinley instead of being the last of them. ” She felt tears prick her eyes, suddenly very much aware of why she wanted it to work so badly and why she was somewhat afraid of the whole thing. Years of being wrong, it would mean the end to an era for some. Rubbing her eyes a small chuckle slipped from her, shaking her head, ”No, no, no…I’m thinking late night talk show circuit, and then reality tv show. They can call it Beauty and the Beast...we’ll get great ratings I bet. Maybe Von Frankenstein can be your pet name.”

The redhead didn’t want to take her eyes off of him, she didn’t want to take one moment where she could have missed something, one word, one glimpse. She pulled the bucket of meat closer to the cage, there was more where it came from and it was good to have it all on hand. A long night of werewolf training, she wanted to make sure the appetite the beast had was sated, and not with her flesh. Everything was set, everything good and golden…when she returned to Caleb’s side she could hear her own heart pounding in time with his pulse running so close under his skin, second hands ticking off the moments until human could no longer resist the beast, ”I can always kick your butt, crossbow or not. Once you come to tomorrow we’ll throw down, loser drives the whole way home…and buys gas.”

The kiss, she didn’t know what she’d been thinking with it, a jumble of emotions mixed with the rush of time running out, one too many old black and white movies maybe, two lonely people with a gauntlet ahead of them. Aidan would cringe at herself later as she held him close for those few seconds, before stepping back, breath mingling with his momentarily before she put the cage between them. Yeah, it wasn’t the smartest idea…the kiss, but she had to admit it wasn’t so bad for a last night if that was it. ”You’re being too nice. I mean I totally let you live that night, but I was trying to kill you first.” He moved and she watched him walk to the end of his chains before she stepped back behind the marked line, ”See you then Professor. Good luck.”

Everything up until this point had been the easy part, preparations, and now came the hard part as she watched the man she’d come to know over the last month turn into something beastly. She timed it as flesh turned to fur, fingers into claws, growing bigger and bigger…she didn’t want to watch, but she forced herself to take it all in. Then…then there was nothing but quiet.

She stood at the edge of the line, spine ridged, pushing up her sleeves as she watched him test his bindings. It stayed in the corner for the most part once it felt the burn, the hunter would have felt no pity for it once upon a time, but now she felt sad to hear the pain come from it. That was Caleb, the man who had made her steaks and put her to bed, never yelled at her for crashing on his couch or stalking his classes. She met the beast’s gaze, her own hazel eyes taking him in slowly, ”Oh please, like that is going to scare me off, you think you’re the first thing to growl at me?”

She leaned down to reach into the bucket of raw meat, grabbing out a handful of it, ”Besides, I come bearing gifts of food if you stop growling like that.” Her heart was hammering as she threw in a few small chunks within reach of his chains. ”That’s right, good ol’ cow, tastier than human, and if you’re good and don’t try to eat me I will feed you the cow.” She grinned, heart hammering as she reached down to get more of the meat.

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