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Title: Frosty Flakes
Description: Shal's World

tweety - January 19, 2013 03:52 AM (GMT)
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Feel free to use my tutorial in any way you would like. Although it is my ideas that will guide you, please feel free to do whatever you choose with it!

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP. I used PSP X4 which has a few new settings.

Needed supplies:

Scrap Kit of choice or the one I am using called Frosty Flakes. This kit is by my good friend Shal and can be purchased at the places listed at her blog.

Link to the kit directly is posted here.

Tube: Artwork Zindy S. D. Nielsen. In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from Zindy.

Masks of Choice: the masks I used came from Vix. Her site can be found here

Direct link to the mask can be found here.

I used Vix_Mask434.

Plugins: If so desired I used EyeCandy 6 Gradient Glow and Snow Drift.

Open all supplies needed for this tutorial. 600x600 tag.

Add SW_FF_Paper 1, add mask to paper layer, merge group.

Add SW_FF_Frame 2, with SW_FF_Frame 3 over it, with SW_FF_Paper 8 as the paper.
Behind the frame and paper layers, add the following elements:
SW_FF_Elements 16

Add your tube to the frame and move to where you want it under the frame. Change blend mode to soft light. Duplicate. I added a full, mirrored tube to the left side of the tag. Drop shadow tubes 1, 1, 80, 5.

I added the following elements. Resize as necessary and see tag for exact placement:
SW_FF_Elements 22 to the top left on the frame.
SW_FF_Elements 50 to the top right on the frame.
SW_FF_Elements 13 to the top right on the bottom of element 50.
SW_FF_Elements 12 to the top right on the ribbon of element 50.
SW_FF_Elements 6 to the bottom right side of the tag.
SW_FF_Elements 11 to the bottom right side of the tag, over element 6.

Add any elements of your choice. Drop shadow elements of choice. Merge any layers you choose together.

Add your text of choice, I used SverigeScriptClean_Demo font, noise 50 with a 1.0 white gradient glow, followed by a 1.0 sky blue gradient glow, with a regular drop shadow.

Add your copyright at this time. Resize tag if desired.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Please feel free to send me your results!

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