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Posted by Deplora - 01-11-08 04:52 - 0 comments
Just because we don't seem that active doesn't mean that I don't check things out here from time to time. That includes looking for SPAM.

SPAM posts will be deleted promply and the users who created them will be banned. Of course, banning doesn't usually mean anything since the people join ONLY to post the spam. This is the second instance.

SPAM posts include any post made without any relevant topic but is simply links to outside sites that contain unwanted content.

Think of them as the annoying pop-up windows.
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 Spam Posts
Posted by Deplora - 07-2-07 05:31 - 0 comments
There was a spamming post made here today with material that I'd rather not be on the board. I'm sure the other admin and moderators would agree if they were here...

Anyhow, that post was deleted and the user was banned.

I know this board isn't very active anymore, but if someone happens to stumble across another spamming post, please e-mail me at deplora@etex.net to notify me so I can delete the post and ban the user.

Also, if anyone knows how to get in touch with the other admin, preferably someone who knows how to work with the coding, coudl you send me their e-mail or IM screenname or something so I can get in touch with them?

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 Kingdom Hearts 2 Subforum
Posted by pingpong867 - 04-13-06 20:22 - 10 comments
I've just created a KH2 subforum for all of us to talk about the new game in. All of this forum contains SPOILERS, so please do not look if you do not want part of the game spoiled.

Also, I realize that many (like myself) have not finished the game yet. At the beginnings of your posts, please indicate which section of the game your information pertains to (EX: First time in Hollow Bastion, Second time in Land of Dragons, etc.). This way, we avoid ruining parts of the game for everyone. I would still appreciate that, for the time being, you put any information involving the ending in SPOILER tags.

If there are any questions regarding this new board, please PM me. I will try my best to answer your question promptly.
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 Validating Users
Posted by OctoberBreeze - 03-3-06 05:07 - 0 comments
There are a few users who may not have received a validation email to approve their account. Natsu is fixing the problem now; email her if you have any more problems at vainassassin@yahoo.co.jp.

To receive the email, make sure it's still valid. If it's not, again, just email Natsu. To log in, use the same username and password as you had before, it should be working.

Sorry for any inconveniences.
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 Spoiler Warnings
Posted by Jae - 12-30-05 10:02 - 0 comments
Okay, so I just have to ask that if anyone here decides to make topics on ANYTHING regarding the PS2 game Kingdom Hearts 2 after the game's release date in Japan to please mark it with a * SPOILER * warning. I've already explained this in a topic started here.

Spoilers include the following: Screencaps from the opening or ending FMVs, downloadable FMV sequences, in-game info and anything else that was released to the public in other forums, websites, etc., etc., after Japan's release date for the game, which was on Dec. 22nd of this month.

Most of those who have yet to play the game, or those who are waiting patiently for it's release in their area, might not appreciate having the game spoiled for them. And I happen to be one of those people.

I have connections in Japan, both of family and friends, who I could easily get in touch with and order a copy of the game for myself through them. BUT I had long decided to tough out the wait for it's release here in North America instead, which is supposedly March 4th 2006. So please take those others like myself into consideration and mark your post with a spoiler warning.

Here's an example on how to do this whening posting a new topic that may contain any possible spoilers toward the game:

Topic Title: * SPOILER * You're Title Here
Topic Description: This part is optional, but it would be nice to give a little warning here also.

This is all I and other members ask of you. If you have any questions regarding this, please respond to this post.

Another thing I need to mention, we don't have any rules here in the forums at the time being. So for now, please refer to the rules posted on Livejournal.com's Squffie Love community.

[ link ]

Sorry if this post sounds too strict. I really don't mean to be. It's really late....or should I say really early in the morning here and I'm tired. Just want to try keeping everyone happy ^^
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