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Location: l'Académie des Seiseux sorciers et sorcières, New Orleans, Louisiana
Months: September-October
Year: 2012
Term: Fall Term 1
Weather: humid and soaking wet due to hurricane season

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The sorting ceremony as well as our first two months of the semester have passed! In a bit of past roleplay, we have the renaissance festival and student/staff mixer going on. Currently, the school is on lock down. No students or staff can get in or out.


The Senate has been attacked by dark wizards. Masses have been murdered and the entire building destroyed. Seiseux and Salem are in lock down mode - no one can go in or out. The entire country is holding it's breath in fear of what is to come. Is there a dim light in the ever growing darkness or has the nation lost all its hope?

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Posted: Apr 7 2012, 12:50 AM

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1. When does Seiseux take place?
Seiseux takes place in modern times with classes beginning in 2012. This means that all the events of the Harry Potter series have taken place.

2. Where was America during the Second Wizarding War?
During the second wizarding war, the American wizards maintained a policy of “The war isn’t affecting us, why should we get involved?” This view was not shared by all of its citizens. There were several volunteers who did travel to Europe in order to fight against Voldemort. At the same time, America opened its borders to allow refugees from the war to seek safety and shelter. This also includes death eaters who fled the consequences of their actions.

3. Where can by character be from and still attend Seiseux Academy?
Seiseux Academy accepts students who live below the Mason-Dixon Line or in Central America. So you don’t have to go searching for the states, here is the list: Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.
Central America also includes Puerto Rico and Cuba.

4. Why did you choose New Orleans? Doesn't America already have a wizarding school, Salem?
Excellent question! One has to remember that J.K is from the United Kingdom therefore is not as familiar with American culture as some of us are. It didn't frankly make sense why there wouldn't be a Northern and Southern school for wizards and witches. Salem and Seiseux each have their own unique culture and style. As for New Orleans, it has forever been a magical city in the South filled with folklore and whispers of magic. It only made sense that those rumors might be real... -wink-

5. Do you allow Dohtml?
No. The reason we want to stay away from dohtml is because we firmly believe that it draws away from what rping is about. Writing. If you spend hours trying to find the perfect picture or the perfect layout for each post, you wouldn't be rping that much now would you?
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