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Location: l'Académie des Seiseux sorciers et sorcières, New Orleans, Louisiana
Months: September-October
Year: 2012
Term: Fall Term 1
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The Senate has been attacked by dark wizards. Masses have been murdered and the entire building destroyed. Seiseux and Salem are in lock down mode - no one can go in or out. The entire country is holding it's breath in fear of what is to come. Is there a dim light in the ever growing darkness or has the nation lost all its hope?

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Nadezhda Nekrasova
Posted: Apr 27 2012, 03:23 PM

Ancient Runes | Kami
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played by: Kami

the player
your online name: Kami
do you have any other characters? no
what are your contacts? you should be able to reach me on here easily enough, I tend to lurk)

the basics
full name: Nadezhda Olegovna Nekrasova
nicknames: Nadya or “Professor”
date of birth and age: February 13th, 1976; 36 years
position: Professor of Ancient Runes; possibly hall advisor if you allow
former house: Ravenclaw at Hogwarts, but she has adopted Taureau (I suppose thats where you said she fits best) as her own

the appearance

face claim: Irina Shayk
other notable features:
Nadya is 5'9 and has an athletic build. Not a stick figure, but lean muscled, healthy weight, and able to take a hit.

Though no one will probably ever see it, she has a large tattoo of a peacock on her back similar to this:

the personality
personality: Nadya is confident and outspoken, but don’t mistake that for extroversion. She keeps her feelings inside for the most part and is outwardly cold and logical. Despite this, she can get a bit of a temper particularly when something goes against her morals or against logic. She is brusque and honest, oblivious to her offenses against social protocol which often makes people feel awkward or intimidated. Her manner and fashion sense (she is known to wear silver or purple waist cinchers OVER her staff uniform as a means of personalization) follow suit: she can be a bit of an eccentric because she simply does not care about the judgment of others where it concerns what she finds petty.

She has had a hard life, starting off in the Soviet Union, escaping, enduring working class immigrant status in London and teasing from fellow classmates, and then topping it off: the death of her family and false accusations. She internalizes her feelings, the pressure of which sometimes erupts in anger when others' rights are violated. She is cold, logical, brusque, but over-all well meaning. All her life she had aspired become more than her parents were, to lift herself and them out of poverty. She feels as though she has accomplished this, however her parents' deaths were her failure. She mentally kicks herself for ignoring the signs of Voldemort's rise, for not getting her family out of the country now that she had some of the benefits of success. She enjoys learning, travel, exploration, and analysis. Sometimes she over-analyzes her own actions.
She dislikes the injustice and slander done to her by accusations of double agency, but she knows that it is the truth in her heart that matters, not what angry little people say.
Her greatest fear is losing those close to her: she doesn't let anyone in anymore because she will lose them. Gunnar is enough for her, and she has used ancient rune bindestones attached to his collar to maintain his health and prolong his life, although she knows that one day he too must leave her. Gunnar shares all of her joys and worries, her smiles and laughter, her stress and pain. Everyone else gets terse, logical Nadya except for very rare occasions when she lets her guard down. Most of these 'guard down' occasions involve interactions with the spirit world, and when she introduces others to aspects of shamanism. This religious-magic experience brings out a warmer side of her.

When it comes to students she is very firm. She expects students in her class to want to learn the subject since it is an elective they chose, thus any funny-business interrupting the learning process will be punished with extra homework or lines. Nadya is strict but she is not incredibly cruel. She does have interesting histories and stories of travel which spice up the classroom environment for those actually interested in the subject.

Nadya usually wears a stern scowl, but that is just how her face looks when it is not expressing emotion. She has been known to smile on occasion, especially when seen conversing and smoking cigars with the Sagesse ghost, Juan Ortega or playing with her doberman pinscher, Gunnar.

family & history
family members: Father: Oleg Nekrasov, Mother: Alexandra Ivanova Nekrasova , Younger Sister: referred to only as Luba; all deceased
any other family member of importance:Uncle: Petr Ivanov –mother’s brother
place of birth: Sukachi , Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union, now Ukraine
social class:lower but worked her way up to upper-middle

Born in 1977 in Sukachi, Ukraine (formerly Soviet Union), a small farming village just outside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Both parents’ families were pureblood magic whom had dwelled in the Eastern European region for ages. When the Chernobyl disaster occurred, her family fled to London, England where her mother’s brother, who had relocated after WWII to fight Voldemort in the First Wizarding War, took them in and got them on their feet.

Being from a rural immigrant family in a big city, Nadya was at a disadvantage. As a child who kept her feelings inert, shows of magic often pulled them out of her. For example her first sign of magical power was the calling of soft rainfall when her first pet, a little goat named Anfisa, died. Luckily she was able to attend Hogwarts where she strived for a better position in life through her academic achievements. She gave no heed to any mockery of her poor, homesewn (of course magically) robes and kept her nose in the books which were her escape. She could read, write, and speak several eastern European dialects as well as Russian and English, and with her love of travel the list of languages expanded.

While she was at school she was sort of a Luna Lovegood x Hermione Granger combo -- teased about her looks and dress and acted oblivious, always had her nose in a book and knew the answers to every question her professors asked. She spent much of her time alone, not worrying about boys as much as her schooling. She was ambitious to make something of herself because she had come from so little. Among her electives were Study of Ancient Runes , Arithmancy and Divination. She earned Os on all of her OWLs except for Arithmancy, in which she got an E. After this she gave up on Arithmancy as a false form of magic. She passed her NEWTs with flying colors and was recruited by the MOM for her notable skills and intelligence for work as an intern and improptu translator.

Her transfer to the Department of Mysteries is where it gets dicey, and this is why so many rumors were spread that the Death Eaters pulled strings to get her in place. In reality she had spent 2 years making a name for herself amongst the government agencies: rubbing elbows, doing favors. Finally her talent for exploration, inquiry, and analyses relating to runes and ruins alike landed her in the Dept. of Mysteries to help explore ancient forms of magic and seals and how they could be modernized and used today. It was all hush hush of course and she does not tell anyone about her research, except sometimes when she tells stories to her students she slips and tells them places she has been but cannot tell them her real business there. These rumors continue to be spread in hushed whispers although she has no dark mark tattoo, and all of her family members were killed in the second wizarding war. Perhaps it is due to her cold and secretive nature, her foreign birthplace, or her simply nasty look that these rumors persist. Nadya has never addressed them.

Uncle Petr, having fought in the first Wizarding War, had been a target from the start and had been quietly hunted and disposed of during Voldemort's rise before his return was widely accepted. It was a quiet affair made to look accidental, no dark mark signs because it was still in their best interest to lay low and gather strength while the majority of the population was oblivious.
Her family perished under confusing circumstances. Hardworking lower class immigrants, they were attempting to stay out of what they considered the UKs problem although it was occuring all around them. It was tempting to go back to their ancestral home but radiation made that impossible. They had no way to make their living anywhere else. Because they did not fervently choose the good side, suspicion was cast on them. Her parents died in a "bridge accident" that killed several hundreds of others, muggles especially. Their car plummeted into the water and they drowned. It is assumed that they had been cursed with paralysis, or else certainly the magical couple could have survived. Luba, the strong-willed younger sister, announced her revulsion towards the Dark Lord and vowed revenge for her parents. In her fervor she was not careful and was slain at her first meeting with Death Eaters.

Blinded by ambition, Nadya kept about her business and ignored Voldemort's rise right along with the ministry until it was an unavoidable truth. Suspicions arose because of her quick job transfer, her immediate family's initial neutrality (until her sister's murder in which, sadly, Nadya's involvement has been insinuated), and her history with Shamanism, which wa misunderstood by many. Of course the higher-ups at the Ministry knew better, but even some among the lower ranks would grumble about a death eater in their midst. To top it off, no one had seen her fighting on the side of good. No one had seen her much at all during the height of the war, making it likely she was under dark robes of a Death Eater. In reality she was continuing out of country research for the Ministry studying ancient defensive runes in Egypt for use in defense against Voldemort back home.
She does not even acknowledge the rumors with a denial, considering the gossip classist, ignorant, and generally beneath her.

After the war was over, Nadya had nothing left to keep her in London. She wanted to get away from government and return to her safe haven: academia. Thinking Louisiana would be a fine place for a fresh start, she applied at Seiseux for a teaching position. Before moving to a new continent she traveled all over Europe as a sort of farewell tour. In Germany she met Gunnar, her male doberman pinscher, and adopted him to be her new companion and family.

Nadya has been at Seiseux for 14 years now and has settled in quite nicely. She knows her role as a teacher and performs it well. Outside of school her pursuits include tribal dance, travel (mostly around the Americas now), and horseback dueling. Since her arrival in the States she has pursued trips down to Mexico and Amazonian regions of South America to ethnograph ancient magical civilizations and present tribal ones. Guided by tribe gurus she has been practicing at Shamanism for several years.
She has no husband, no beaux, no children, no family: except for Gunnar who seems to be aging particularly slowly and that suits her just fine.

sample post Nadya stood in the West Gardens, knees bent, hips gracefully dipping and swaying to the slow rhythm of the Djembe drums magically playing themselves. A fringed scarf was tied around her hips, shaking to and fro with her movement. A matching bright purple turban covered her up-do. Summer was coming to a close and she said goodbye to it in the most appropriate way she knew. Dancing was personal. It was just for her. Well, her and Gunnar. The aging Doberman was rollicking in the thick grass, his paws chopping bits of green into the air and his toothy mouth snatching at the tendrils as they fell like confetti.

Soon Fall term would start and students would siphon back in to the halls of Seiseux. Despite her heartfelt mourning of a wonderful summer spent investigating ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico, Professor Nekrasova was happy to welcome students back and fill their minds with interesting things. Though she was strict and seemed disdainful of even the brightest students, that was just her way. When a student misbehaved there was punishment, but when students behaved and did well there was no reward. Why should you be rewarded for something expected of you anyway? Your reward is you knowledge and what you can do with it.

The Djembe beat picked up the pace, a wind began to rattle the tree limbs causing leaves to join in the music with a shh-ch-ch-shh-ch-ch sound. Even Gunnar leapt up and began to jump and bark. Nadya’s hips shimmed and dropped, she turned and dipped and felt the tribal dance sink her bare heels into the earth. At the end of a spin her legs spread, her knees bent, and she fell into a Turkish drop on the resounding last beat of the drums. She was smiling, laughing, chest heaving with deep breaths as she lay on the ground. Gunnar bounded over to her and panted in her face excitedly. “Ew, dogbreath,” she said in a skewed Ukranian-English accent as she playfully swatted him away, rising to her feet.

At 36, Nadya held on to her youthful beauty. It showed more when she smiled, as now. But smiles were rare. A tough life had ingrained a scowl into her resting expression. And soon enough the natural grimace returned as she walked past the quadpot field, herbology greenhouses, and back into the academy. Though outlandish looking in her violet hip scarf and turban, she didn’t seem to mind, even when a black inky peacock head peeked curiously over the horizontal back of her tank top revealing her permanent artwork. She strode confidently past the marble columns and through the halls, breaking the staff Victorian dress code. She strictly obeyed rules for the most part, but her clothing and self-expression would always be the outlier. On most days she wore the high-necked black dress, but augmented it with brightly colored cinchers and flashy hair ornaments. Despite tsking and head shaking over her eccentricities, she somehow stayed comfortably in her position as Professor of Ancient Runes.

Gunnar followed as she made her way up to the third floor. His tall, athletic mistress headed to the third floor leading the way to a familiar spot. “Mz. Nadya, aren’t you a sight today!” came a familiar jovial voice. “Hello, Louis,” the accent replied as the beginnings of a playful grin formed on her thick lips. The professor’s hands played a triumphant sounding chord on the piano, then she  entered the Joyeau common room. With a flick of her cedar wand, the peacocks were transported from the grounds to the common room. Following waves and murmurs caused a slew of spells to erupt in festive décor. Gunnar was sniffing at the peacocks when Nadya finally collapsed into an overstuffed chair to admire her shimmery work. She sighed and consigned herself to thoughts of the young lives she would help shape, instead of the bright future she had lost.
The Headmaster
Posted: Apr 28 2012, 01:14 PM

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I cannot tell you how excited I am to see an Ancient Runes professor. Cassie is ecstatic in my mind! I love her relationship with her dog, Gunner, and how he has become her entire family. Having her become so close to Gunner in fear of losing others was very fascinating. It will be interesting to see how Nadya reacts to some of the big plots we having coming up on the board. Especially given her experience with the past wizarding wars. I am very excited to see where Nadya goes from here!

Welcome to l'Académie des Seiseux sorciers et sorcières. Please sign up for your face claim and who's who. Afterwards, feel free to introduce yourself! Want to start roleplaying right away? Head over to our character fun section for plotting and threading goodies! Good luck and have fun! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to message this account.

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