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Location: l'Académie des Seiseux sorciers et sorcières, New Orleans, Louisiana
Months: September-October
Year: 2012
Term: Fall Term 1
Weather: humid and soaking wet due to hurricane season

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The Senate has been attacked by dark wizards. Masses have been murdered and the entire building destroyed. Seiseux and Salem are in lock down mode - no one can go in or out. The entire country is holding it's breath in fear of what is to come. Is there a dim light in the ever growing darkness or has the nation lost all its hope?

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► Jones, Casey, 6th year, 16
Casey Jones
Posted: Apr 26 2012, 10:59 PM

6th | Jo
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Group: Renard
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user posted image
Casey Renee Jones

played by: Jordan

the player
your online name: Jo, Jojo, Jordan, etc.
do you have any other characters? No siree Bob.
what are your contacts? Aim: Werewolfgirl4455)

the basics
full name: Casey Renee Jones
nicknames: Casey, Case
date of birth and age: 16; June 1st, 1995
year: 6th
desired house: Renard

the appearance

face claim: Mila Kunis
other notable features: Casey is not a big person. No matter how much she wants to be, or how big her personality might be, Casey is not. She barely reaches 5'6 and weighs in at a mighty 115 of pure stubborn flamboyancy. She's naturally small in stature, but don't let her size fool you. Casey is more than capable to bring you down to her level. She's a light tan color from hours in the sun, playing her guitar on street corners in the city, and it matches her deep brown hair and chocolate eyes. She tries to tame her wild hair, but it always seems to have a windblown look to it, ranging from like she just finished blow drying it to she just stepped out of a wind tunnel.

The strangest thing on her though, is her hands. Her fingers are toughened by years of playing her guitar untill her fingers bled, and her fingers are long and always doing something. Tapping, playing out medlodies from her piano, twirling hair, anything. At all times. She has delicate features and high cheekbones, adding to her fragile apperance, which always seems to be stained by a scowl, save for her eyes. Her gaze is possibly the only intimidating thing about Casey, her eyes are sharp and deadly. If looks could kill, Casey could be a murderer.

She dresses for nothing but simple comfort, often jeans and a tank top when she's not forced into her school uniform. She doesn't like designer brands much, nothing fancy unless she has to. She almost always has a pair of sunglasses on hand, she enjoys the outdoors too much do ever be without them. Plus, you know, the future is so bright and whatnot...

the personality
personality: Casey can be a little... hard to figure out. At first glance, the girl can be cold and stand-offish, she likes to keep people out of her buisness. She can be rude and blunt, at no point will you ever wonder exactly what she thinks of you; she's more then happy to tell you. She's horribly hot-headed, and the only thing sharper then her temper is her tongue, and she's more then happy to give you a lashing if you irritate her by insulting either her or one of her friends. She has absolutely no tolerance for bullying, and she'll stand up when other people are afraid to. Due to her wildfire temper, Casey finds herself in trouble far to often for her parent's liking, whom enjoy keeping their daughter on a tight leash. Partially due to this and partially because of her own nature, Casey has developed a wicked rebellious streak to accompany her sarcastic wit. If you can get past Casey's slightly rocky surface though, you'll find a whole new person.

Casey loves a good thrill. She's the kind of person who breaks into haunted houses in the middle of the night and doesn't think twice about it. She acts first and thinks later often. She can be a little weird, and honestly she doesn't give a blam what you think about her. If she's happy with what she's doing, then the rest can go to hell. She'll do something goofy just because it will make her smile; it'll make her feel light. She'll be flamboyant and overly dramatic for the humor of it all. Casey has a sarcastic sense of humor and tends to make a joke out of herself and will tease her friends as long as she knows they're okay with it. The teen is fiercely loyal to those who bother to look past her rough first impression and can be one of the most loyal and faithful friends a person can have; she'll always have your back, even when she knows you're wrong. She's very artistic, playing gutiar and piano with zeal, Casey was born and raised on Southern Rock and it shows in her singing and playing.

Unlike most of her "Old Money" family, Casey lacks the 'Holier than thou' additude her pure-blooded parents have raised her around, and couldn't care less about blood or money status. She is a strong believer in judging a person by their character and not by their blood or money. Out of all of this though, Casey's fatal flaws lie in her stubborn thinking and flaming temper. She refuses to back down from a challenge or ideas, she'll stick to her thoughts until the very end. And if you argue with her? Not only does her temper make her brash, but Casey can get violent without thinking about it; she's the kind of girl to punch you in the nose; she doesn't "fight like a girl"

She has an accute fear of Spiders and other insects due to a encounter with a rather large spider as a small child, and has passed out before at pictures of spiders. Casey can be a bit paranoid at night, and is very uncomfortable with no light. She has absolutely no explaination for this, but darkness simply scares her to no end.

family & history
family members:Christina Jones- Mother
Kyle Jones- Father
Richard (Rick) Jones- Brother
Cathrine Jones- Sister

any other family member of importance:Cooper Jones- Cousin (Lives with his Aunt Chris and Uncle Kyle)
"Auntie" Maria- Old family nanny; mostly responsible for Casey's upbringing.

place of birth:New Orleans, Louisiana
social class:Upper

Christina Shanahan was born into money and a pure-blooded magical family in New Orleans, Louisiana. She attended the local wizarding school where she met Kyle Jones. They started dating and soon after they graduated, got married. Kyle became an artist while Chris became a lawyer for the muggle world. At 25, Christina and Kyle had their first child, Richard Jones and only 2 years later, had a daughter, Cathrine Jones. After their two children, the Jones's were satisfied and didn't plan on having anymore children. So, it was a surprise that 3 years after Cathrine's birth, Christiana found out she was pregnant with a little girl, whom would later be known as Casey. As a small child, Casey's parents were always gone, and so she, like her brother and sister, were raised by a nanny. Unlike her parents, Maria Lopez had very open minded thoughts about blood status and social classes and passed these on to the Jones children, rooting a less puritist mindset. Casey was a bright child and endlessly curious, traits that followed her through life.

As Casey got older, her thinking got further and further from her family's, even as a young girl. She never understood why her mother forbid her from playing with Auntie Maria's niece, Anna, or why she couldn't play with the muggle kids down the street. Christina tried to shape her second daughter like her first, making her a "civilized, proper young woman" like her mother had made her. This often involved dresses and stupid country club gatherings. They soon became the bane of young Casey's life. When she turned 11, Christina and Casey got in an arguement about her playing with kids that Christina had told her not to. In her anger, Casey turned all the furniture in the room to crystal, displaying her first signs of magic. Shortly after, she recieved her acceptance letter, much to her parent's joy. Casey was more than excited to learn magic like her siblings, and she took to it well, a fairly rounded student who strived to meet her parent's high expectations, hoping to make them proud like Rick or Cathy. While she might not of always seen eye to eye with her parent's, Casey wanted nothing more than her parents praise as a young girl. She learned piano and soon was writing her own songs at 12.

That changed about the time she turned 14. Like many teenage girls, Casey and her mother had spats, however, unlike most teenage girls and their mothers, these often turned into full out rack 'em sack 'em yelling messes that drove a wedge between Casey and her mother. She started to pull into herself as Christina's frustrations were turned to her husband and they started fighting late into the night. While Rick and Cathy were effected, as teens they had escape routes and were hardly around the house, leaving Casey to listen to her parent's marriage fall apart around her. This damaged her veiw of people, of love, of any sort off commitment and she started to become more and more stand-offish, prefering to be byherself and draw or write. She was a smart child, and while it played in her favor, it also made her social relationships sparse; Casey had no tolerance for the small talk of the other kids. She tended to take out her own fears and frustrations on the people around her, lashing out and getting in fights, staining her reputation with "troublemaker". Casey learned to play guitar and played constantly, venting some of her anger in the songs she wrote and sang. Casey still looks for comfort in a world she isn't so sure she likes anymore. As the Jones's "picture perfect" image still remained, it became obvious that Christina and Kyle were only staying together because they had kids living at home, and things got more and more tense. Often, Kyle would leave and stay at various hotels for the weekends. Casey's world seemed to be at her feet in peices.


sample post Casey was lost in a sea of sound. Her fingers traced ivory and ebony keys, each one giving out its own musical tone. She loved it so much, she's loved it since she was young, and she had a feeling she would love it until she died. Casey  knew this song well, it was one of her favorites. Her hands danced across the keys by memory as Casey lost herelf in a world of her own making for a moment. A world where her parents got along, and one where she and her mother agreed on many things. It was a nice little fantasy before her mother's voice split the walls of music  Casey had created for herself. They were fighting. Again. She didn't know what about this time, but she hated it when they fought. Another reminder that the Jones family house wasn't as sweet as it was made out to be. Casey  sighed and decided she wasn't going to stick around long enough to hear the fight escalate. She stopped playing the piano and grabbed a pair of sandals and her guitar case. Casey made sure she had her aviators and ajusted them on the bridge of her nose beofore opening her door and heading downstairs.

It was Sunday. Tomorrow she could escape to school and not have to worry about them and their fighting. Let them fight alone, where they only did damage to tehmselves. She slunk out as they screamed and quietly closed the front door. Slinging her case across her back, Casey walked down the street, absorbing the warm sun and letting it lift her spirits. It was a beautiful, snny day in New Orleans. What wasn't there to be happy about? Surely there was something in this lovely day that would make her feel good, even if it was just the sun's light kissing her skin.

Strolling down the street, Casey slowly but surely made her way into a more town-y part of the city. More buildings popped up and the familiar sounds of New Orleans seemed to appear out of nowhere. She loved it. Loved it so much. Smiling slightly as she walked, Casey found her favorite street corner and sat down, unstrapping her guitar and opening the case. She cared little for the  money she sometimes got; change thrown into her case. More often then not, the money was put into her college fund. Saving was good. Casey carefully tuned the instrument  before sitting and holding his with care. Strumming her fingers along the strings, Casey once more got lost in her music.
The Headmaster
Posted: Apr 27 2012, 09:41 PM

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It’s nice to see some Old Money students with differing beliefs! Her reckless attitude and adventurous nature are an interesting combination to see and are bound to bring her some trouble! I love that she is almost stubborn to a fault. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for those characters. And like always, I’m a huge fan of fears! The only thing I would have to say is be a little careful assuming too much about what other characters think. Other than that I’m extremely excited to see where Casey goes from here and how she may or may not change with the future events!

Welcome to l'Académie des Seiseux sorciers et sorcières. Please sign up for your face claim and who's who. Afterwards, feel free to introduce yourself! Want to start roleplaying right away? Head over to our character fun section for plotting and threading goodies! Good luck and have fun! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to message this account.

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