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► Logan Stockholm
Logan Stockholm
Posted: Apr 25 2012, 10:50 PM

6th | Arrow
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played by: Arrow

Your Online Name: Arrow
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Full Name: Logan Beauregard Stockholm
Nicknames: Just Logan is fine
Date of Birth and Age: December 13, 1995 | 16 years old
Year: 6th
Desired House: Probably Renard, but whatever you decide is fine.

Face Claim: William Moseley
Other notable features: He's taller than most boys his age at almost 6 feet, and he's lean and lithe, with the body of a dancer; this, along with his rather high and prominent cheekbones, give him somewhat of a baby-faced, almost feminine look, but he doesn't mind and it seems to work for him. His eyes are a very light bluish-grey and very expressive, so you can usually tell what he's feeling from just a glance. Logan is nearly always seen with a big, goofy grin on his face. He has a few scars adorning his body, though most of them are only visible when he's nude (and he doesn't let just anyone see him naked, after all); in fact, the only scar that is a bit visible is a light, thin one near his collar bone that he received during one of his crazy adventures from a rather nasty fall from a tree that nearly broke his neck. Growing up, the family mostly wore Muggle clothing, and Logan prefers that over wizarding clothing, though he will of course wear the wizarding clothing when he must. Still, when he isn't in uniform and is outside of school, he is most commonly seen in a in a pair of jeans and a brightly colored graphic T-shirt.

Personality: Logan is a bit of a strange boy, and unfortunately, he's quite proud of it. Stubborn and hard-headed to a fault, Logan is loathed to back down from a challenge and/or fight. If he goes down at all, he will go down kicking and screaming, sticking to his story and beliefs right through to the very end. He's quite hot-headed and rash, rushing headlong into a situation without much thought for the consequences, and he's developed a quick wit as well as a rebellious streak a mile wide. He sometimes has trouble keeping his tongue and his anger in check, especially when either he or someone nearby is being mistreated, and this has gotten him into more trouble than his parents are particularly happy with.

Despite these flaws, Logan is in general a very happy, friendly, outgoing young man. He is fiercely loyal to all he befriends and is quite protective of both his loved ones and those who are mistreated but are unable to adequately defend themselves. He's very goofy and witty the majority of the time, and he'll be the first to point out his flaws and poke fun at himself. He loves to make others laugh, and he always knows how to make others feel comfortable, though he never uses that to take advantage of others. He's easygoing, charming, and quite charismatic, easily making friends with others and sometimes even getting a smile or two out of even the most antisocial of individuals. Logan is a very confident boy, though not so much as to be arrogant (though he can sometimes come across as such). He doesn't really care what others think of him, and he very much likes himself just the way he is, flaws and all, but he knows that there is always room to improve and strives to do so. Logan also isn't shy at all, but blunt and straightforward; he nearly always speaks his mind, although this often does more harm than good. He's very open-minded to others regardless of blood or money or race, though the attitude that many Old Money people have toward "lesser" people tends to piss him off.

Logan loves being outdoors, usually playing sports or hanging out with friends or dragging some poor soul along on his next crazy adventure. Possible his favorite outdoor activity is hiking and/or camping. Logan is also an avid Quotpot player and spectator, and he follows the professional league like religion. He also enjoys simply flying as well as the occasional backyard game of Quidditch, and though he does follow the Quidditch World Cup, it doesn't hold near as much status as Quodpot. Another passion of Logan's is his music. He was raised on jazz and the rock and pop of his parents' generation, and while he does like a few select songs and artists of this day and age, he will always be an "oldies" fan. He even plays the saxophone, and has been playing since he was 12, and he adores it. He's gotten pretty good, too.

Often, Logan can come across as the class clown and often lazes about in class, but he's far more clever and intelligent than what meets the eye. He acts like a laid-back doofus much of the time, and for the most part he is, but when it comes right down to it, he's a pretty smart cookie. He just isn't much of a show off about it. His teachers used to be surprised at the good marks he'd make on most of his tests and used to suspect him of cheating. However, that is most definitely not the case, it's just his way of doing things, and his teachers have come to realize that... even if they don't totally approve. Logan tends to be best at Defense Against the Dark Arts (particularly Dueling), Transfiguration, and Charms; in fact, he excels at these subjects and they are his favorite classes. He strives to become an Animagus someday and has already begun studying the skill, and he also desires to become a Law Enforcement Auror when he graduates. Logan's worst classes are Potions and theory-based classes such as History of Magic and Astronomy, and he tends to be particularly dismal in the latter. Nevertheless, he gets the help he needs in these classes from friends at school and keeps his grades more or less decent through sheer willpower. Logan is average in Charms, and those he enjoys Herbology and Care of Magical creatures very much, his is only average in those classes as well.

Family Members:
> Annalise Moreaux-Stockholm | Mother | 41 | Herbologist/Potions Mistress | Owns a small apothecary with her husband
> Duncan Stockholm | Father | 42 | Herbologist/Potions Master | Owns a small apothecary with his wife
> Landon Stockholm | 16 | Attends Seiseux as a 6th Year

Any other family members of importance:
> James Stockholm Jr. | Paternal Grandfather | 67 | Retired Auror | Married to Emily Aimes-Stockholm
> Emily Aimes-Stockholm | Paternal Grandmother | 65 | Secretary | Married to James Stockholm Sr.
> Margaret "Maggie" Stockholm | Paternal Aunt | 44 | His father's sister | Chef/Restaurant Owner | Single Mom
> Elias "Eli" Stockholm | Paternal Cousin | 11 | Just started attending Seiseux

> Andrew Moreaux | Maternal Grandfather | 64 | Herbologist | Married to Ellen Babin-Moreaux
> Ellen Babin-Moreaux | Maternal Grandmother | 63 | Retired Healer | Married to Andrew Moreaux
> Eric Moreaux | Maternal Uncle | 38 | His mother's brother | Healer | Professional Bachelor

Place of Birth:[/b ]Baton Rouge, Louisiana

[b]Social Class:
Middle Class

On a cold, wet day in mid-December, Logan was born to poor, but proud, parents Duncan and Annalise Stockholm. Seven minutes after him, his twin brother Landon was born. Their parents were herbalists and potions masters, and they own a small apothecary in the magical district of Baton Rouge, which just managed to support the family. For the majority of Logan's childhood, they lived in the small apartment above the shop, unable to afford a bigger house. After the expenses were paid and the family was fed, there was little to no money left over for frivolities, but Duncan and Annalise gave up much for themselves to manage to give to their boys when they could, and Logan was never blind to this. Rather than instill a lust for money, Logan instead grew up rather humble with a strong sense of loyalty and right and wrong. It taught him that friend and family and the well-being of others always came first. No matter what.

Despite the monetary problems, Logan was raised by his parents, who were quite happy, in a very warm, loving, cheerful environment. There was little to know signs of prejudice, and from the very beginning, his parents always told Landon and himself that no matter what they did, they would support their children in everything. Their father often joked after saying such things that if their lifelong dream was the jump off of the Mississippi River Bridge, that he would indeed wholeheartedly support their decision, though it was all in good fun. Yes, Duncan and Annalise were indeed an easygoing, goofy pair, though definitely hard-handed when they needed to be, and though they never tried to hide their troubles, they tried to make things as fun and light-hearted as possible. And Logan was very happy, and still is to this day.

As for Logan and Landon, they were thick as thieves from the very beginning; they did everything together, including get into trouble. They are still close well into their teenage years, though Landon has grown to be the more studious, level-headed of the brothers, preferring to rationalize and plan carefully instead of simply running headlong into an adventure like Logan. Despite that, for the sake of fun, he often goes along with his brother's crazy adventures, because he knows that there is a time for rational thinking and time when you need to throw caution to the wind and just have fun.

In fact, it was during one of these crazy adventures that Logan first displayed his first signs of magic. They were on a rare family trip, camping in a cabin at Lake Fausse Pointe State Park down in St. Martinville. The boys were only 6 years old, and Logan convinced his little brother to follow one of the trails near their cabin that went right up next to the lake. Logan wanted adventure and didn't even hesitate when the thought struck him, but Landon took a bit more convincing. But Logan insisted that it was going to be fun, and after a few minutes, Landon grinned and agreed, the thought sparking his own love for fun. However, as they came down the trail and upon a wooden dock that jutted out onto the water, they looked out over the water, and Logan's curiosity and got the better of him. He leaned too far over the railing and fell right in, his head sinking below the water as he thrashed around, vaguely aware of his brother crying out and shouting at him. However, as if by magic (which is what it was) the water sort of pushed him out of the water and safely onto the dock, where Landon threw himself on his brother and hugged him tightly, crying. It wasn't until near twilight, several hours later, when a park ranger making his rounds came upon the two identical boys and brought them back to their cabins where their worried and distraught parents awaited them with hugs and kisses... and needless to say, a well-needed punishment. But ever since, Logan has had a very strong dislike of anything to do with water, whether it be swimming or rain or even just taking a shower, anything besides drinking it. Logan has hated water ever since the incident at Lake Fausse Pointe.

After his magic displayed itself, Logan began to practice using it by getting into all kinds of mischief, and by the time they were old enough to attend Seiseux, he had already gained a sort of control over his abilities. When the boys were 11, they received their acceptance letters to Seiseux. Logan was so excited, he simply couldn't wait to learn more about magic, not to mention go on lots of adventures with dangerous magical beasts and fight evil magicians and learn to defend all that was good in the world. It had been his dream for years to become an Auror and fight the bad guys, and here finally was the first steps toward that dream. Duncan and Annalise were also quite proud and happy for their boys, who would be attending their alma mater, though it was also a bittersweet day, for that meant that their little boys were growing up.

Life at Seiseux had been, and still is, relatively easy for Logan. He made friends easily, though his best friend has always been and still is his brother, for the most part. His grades that first year were a bit on the lousy side, but he pulled through and managed to pass, and his grades every year from then on out were pretty good. In the summer before his second year, his parents' business really began to pick up, since the more popular apothecary in Baton Rouge had closed due to the death of the owner. Just a few months later in December, for his birthday, his dad bought him a saxophone as well as announced that he would be receiving lessons from then on; it was always something Logan had wanted to do, but it had always been too expensive, and Logan was all too eager to learn. He picked it up relatively quickly and has gotten pretty good at it. He started playing Quodpot in his third year and he positively loves it, and he practices and trains hard to be at his best. In just one more year, the family finally moved out of the small apartment above the shop and into a relatively small but nice house in a nice neighborhood not far away, and things have been going really well for the family lately. He's had a couple of girlfriends (and a couple of boyfriends, but he's still confused about that, so he's kept them a secret from everyone but Landon), and he's loved them all as best he can for a teenage boy, doting and treating them properly, just as he watched his father do for his mother for so many years. So far, all of his romances, however brief teenage romances tend to be, have ended on friendly terms, and he really can't wait to find and experience true love for himself. Despite the whisperings of dark magic around Seiseux, he has a stubbornly optimistic view for the years to come and can't wait for what adventures lie ahead.


Sample Post Logan was up early for a Saturday morning. Most Saturdays, he stayed in bed until noon with the covers over his head. But when Logan's stomach decided it was time to get up, he got up. There was no saying no to his stomach, otherwise know as The Supreme Being. The stomach was the boss in Logan's life; he often wondered that if he could just see inside his stomach, he'd see his brain there surrounded by little computers that controlled every single thing he thought and did and said. And the squishy, wet thing inside his skull was merely a clever decoy.

Anyway, that was not really the point. The point was, Logan was starving, and his rumbling belly was what woke him up at nine in the morning. Of course, he'd missed breakfast, he usually did. He slid out of bed in his fleece Smurf pajamas and slipped his feet into his big Cookie Monster slippers and trudged over to the cabinet across from the foot of his bed. He opened it, pushed aside the mess of clothes within, and pulled out an open box of cookies. He pulled out the very empty tray, sighed miserably, and threw it in the trash can. He rummaged around in his chest of drawers, but found none of his usual stash of cookies, cupcakes, and candy. It wasn't likely that anyone had stolen them, it was far more likely that Logan simply hadn't paid attention to how low his supplies were getting. He made a mental note to make a trip to town when he could to restock.

So, abandoning his room in favor of something to eat, Logan made his way quietly out of his dorm, careful to make as little sound as possible so as not to disturb his roommate, who was still asleep and snoring loud enough to wake the dead. However, the moment Logan was out in the lounge he broke into a run and made a beeline for the stairs, racing down them as if the hounds of hell themselves were howling at his feet. He almost fell once when he tripped over his big Cookie Monster slippers, but he plowed right on through the stumble and kept on going.

Logan paused at the foot of the stairs to catch his breath for a minute before power walking in the direction of the kitchen. When he opened the door and walked in, however, he was not expecting there to be someone else on the other side walking out and he power walked right into them. Logan himself stumbled back a couple of steps and let out a soft "Oomph!" in surprise. However, he was not worried about himself in any way, he was far more concerned about the pour person he'd just plowed right into.

"Oh, geez, I'm sorry!", he apologized quickly, reaching out to help steady the person he'd just run into. He flashed the person a brilliant, friendly, apologetic smile. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize there was someone there. Totally my fault, I am so sorry..." Logan trailed off, his voice taking on a decidedly embarrassed and extremely apologetic tone as he apologized profusely. "I'm really sorry... I'm-I'm Logan, Logan Stockholm."
The Headmaster
Posted: Apr 25 2012, 11:10 PM

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I am very excited to see another quodpot player on the site! I love the detail you put in to the application, from his appearance (loved the mention of the scars) to his history, Logan is a really awesome character! The fact that he is terrified of water made me grin from ear to ear. I just love seeing what fears characters have! Especially when they’re intense or odd things to fear! He is going to fit right in with the rest of Sei and I really look forward to how he may change or stay the same with the upcoming events that are planned!

Welcome to l'Académie des Seiseux sorciers et sorcières. Please sign up for your face claim and who's who. Afterwards, feel free to introduce yourself! Want to start roleplaying right away? Head over to our character fun section for plotting and threading goodies! Good luck and have fun! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to message this account.

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