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Location: l'Académie des Seiseux sorciers et sorcières, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Year: 2012
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The Senate has been attacked by dark wizards. Masses have been murdered and the entire building destroyed. Seiseux and Salem are in lock down mode - no one can go in or out. The entire country is holding it's breath in fear of what is to come. Is there a dim light in the ever growing darkness or has the nation lost all its hope?

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► Richard Lumine
Richard Lumine
Posted: Apr 18 2012, 11:39 PM

5th | Traveler
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played by: Traveler

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Full Name: Richard Jarrett Lumine
Nicknames: Rick
Date of Birth and Age: December 16, 1996 (15)
Year: 5
Desired House: Joyeau


Face Claim: Jake Abel
Other notable features: (Anything that is not noticed by or differs from their played-by that needs to be mentioned.))

The Angry One
On the surface, few people would consider Richard a likable person. He is very ornery, with a seemingly perpetual chip on his shoulder and a determination to make sure everyone knows it. When interacting with people he is blunt and abrasive at best, and downright rude and insulting at worst. Even when he's trying to be friendly, or at least what he thinks of as friendly, he has a tendency to slip into his usual aggressive, angry demeanor and sling insults, although in such cases he insists that it is not out of animosity. And in fact it isn't. While he is perfectly capable of being considerate, friendly, and even quiet, he has a hard time staying that way. Physically, he's not a very violent person, preferring to just shout at others whenever possible, but when forced to a fight he goes all-in. The threshold between shouting and fighting is high enough, however, that many people have been lead to believe that Richard is all talk.

The Ambitious One
Richard wants to lead. Richard wants to be in charge. Richard believes that he could get things done better than just about anyone else in power, and that he was meant to be in charge of something big and important. He just hasn't figured out what that is, so he plans to jump at everything available to him until he finds it. Thus far he has had no success, being turned down for president of two clubs and Quadpot captain just in the last year, but this failure has just made him more angry and determined. After all, he's just got one more year until he can be chosen for RA and he has to have a good shot at that, right? Except that he has never been consistently good at leading by example. This combined with his sense of entitlement are rarely a good sign, but Richard does believe that he would make a good leader given the chance and, although he would never freely admit it, wants other people to think so as well. Although he is prone to yelling, saying less than pleasant things, and asserting authority before it has actually been given, he would never take power by force.

The Inventive One
Given his day to day attitude, few people would guess that Richard is a creative and inventive thinker, but he is. He has a very goal-oriented approach to problems, which amounts to "if it gets the job done, it doesn't matter how you do it", which has many times resulted in unconventional but nonetheless effective solutions to problems, such as tossing a bezoar at the potions professor when asked to brew an antidote or dealing with a Red Cap by plugging its hole. He is especially fond of coming up with creative applications of otherwise mundane spells, and believes that there are few problems that cannot be solved with a well-placed Reductor Curse or Blasting Charm. In addition to things that actually help him in school, Richard's creativity extends to insults and his very colorful language, although he tends not to waste his "good material" on people he considers not to be worth it.

The Fearful One
Richard acts from day to day like he either fears nothing or doesn't care enough about things he might be scared of to give them a second thought. But underneath that, he has a very intense fear of failure. For as much as he wants to be in charge, if he were to mess up or things were to spiral out of control once he was in a position of power, he wouldn't know what to do. Because of this he is very hard on people for making mistakes, but never on anyone moreso than himself. This can come off at times as intense self-loathing, which might actually be accurate, but once again he would never admit it.

Family Members:Marc Adair (Father, Deceased), Edana Lumine (Mother)
Any other family member of importance:Selene Lumine (Aunt), Sahar Lumine (Cousin)
Place of Birth:Chattanooga, Tennessee
Social Class:Middle, New Money

Despite not being recognized as a pureblood family due to several members in the last hundred and fifty years marrying muggles, the Lumine family has a very long history in the Wizarding community, first in France and then in North America from the early 1700s onward. Its members were known for excelling in charms, especially light-based charms, and combat magic, a trait exemplified by sisters Edana and Selene, who would become Richard's mother and aunt, respectively. The sisters, both Joyeau students at Seiseux during their time, were considered very odd for their peers. Edana in particular was known for a rather childish viewpoint on most things and what muggles might have called "magical thinking" while Selene, despite being the more sensible of the two who was always trying to reign in Edana's wilder fantasies, still had enough of a disagreement between her own ideas of the world and reality to stand out in her own right. Despite their oddities, both were very talented and graduated near the top of their classes.

Selene would go on to work with the Magical Senate in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophies, and have a son named Sahar after a one-night stand. Edana, taking her own sweet time gaining any amount of maturity, drifted between jobs until marrying auror Marc Adair. She chose to keep her surname, and in 1996 realized she was pregnant with a son, one month after Marc left to join the fight in England. The son, who she named Richard, would be born in December that year, but Edana would only stay with her newborn son for four months before receiving word that Marc Adair had been killed by Death Eaters. Leaving Richard with Selene, Edana went to England and joined the fight. With explosive magic and one instance of casting Fiendfyre, she left several dead Death Eaters and their sympathizers in her wake before finding and incinerating the one who had killed Marc. Later, she participated in the Battle of Hogwarts but would only play a minor role and would never be so destructive again.

Days later, she returned to America to care for her infant son again. Richard grew up with incomplete knowledge of her mother's actions during the war, and would come to believe after stories altered by Edana's guilt over her actions that his father's death before he could ever meet him came as a result of a failure on her part. For years, he blamed Edana for it, and swore to never let himself fail in such a way. He began to develop a bitter, antagonistic attitude that led him to get into several fights with his cousin and several neighborhood children.

His first display of magic came as the result of one of these fights, when he picked a fight with a muggle boy twice his size and quickly found the tables turned. The boy left him badly bruised before Richard was able to fight back again and his fist became white hot, burning the muggle boy where he hit him. The boy ran off, leaving Richard to explain what had happened to his mother. Feeling responsible, Edana decided to tell him the full story of what had happened during the second wizarding war and how she couldn't ever know just how much damage she had caused out of retaliation. Richard, shocked by the story, stopped blaming his mother and lost his aggressive edge when talking to her, noticeably enough that Sahar was quick to point out that he had become scared of her. Richard would yell and sling colorful insults at his cousin whenever he did, but would no longer physically fight him. Becuse that was the other thing he took away from his mother's story: that fighting back and, more importantly, escalating fights led to bad things.

Even those fights slowly faded out as Sahar was accepted into and started attending Seiseux, but Richard never lost his angry demeanor. He was accepted as well during the summer after his eleventh birthday and, although he thought he was something special going into his first year, quickly realized that the only thing he was better than everyone else in his year at was being loud. Contentious as he was, Richard swore that he would be better than all of them, and through his assertions became convinced that he had been born to be in charge of something big and important. Through his first couple years, he failed utterly at both of these goals, being seen as mediocre in every way and a noisy kid with no talent to back his words up. But while he never managed to quiet down, he was dead serious about improving and becoming better than everyone else, and after a couple years it started to show. During a Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson during his third year, when the class was espected to learn how to deal with Red Caps, he levitated a nearby boulder over the hole and plugged it, trapping the imp-like creature inside. Two weeks later, when tasked to prepare an antidote in Potions, he pulled a bezoar out of the cabinet and set it on the professor's desk ten minutes into the class. Then in another DADA class during a theoretical discussion on mind reading spells brought up by another student, he claimed that the best way to avoid giving away any information was to make ones' thoughts so dense that it would be impossible for the intruding wizard to sort through. Although he was still known from then on for being noisy and too angry for his own good, he was also known for being very inventive.

This trend continued into his fourth year, but they were also marked by failure as well. He ran for club president of the DADA and Dueling clubs but lost for a large margin in both, but this only fueled his ambition to be better and in charge. He was also turned down as Quodpot captain going into his fifth year, although inwardly he realized that, while he tried to convince himself that he was the best player on the team, there had still been several older and more experienced players that deserved the position more. In the meantime, he still has one more year to prove himself before getting one more shot at the position, and at Resident Advisor. And this year, he's determined to make it count.


Sample Post
Richard shot an angry glare at the book now sitting several feet away from him on the floor.  Monster Book of Monsters was right, the damned thing was a menace.  He wondered for half a second what kind of psychopath teacher would assign a biting book as required reading material then realized oh wait, he already knew.  Who else but the same brain trust who had promised them that the class would get to work with trolls this year.  Sweet magical Santa, he felt safer already knowing that they would be in the good hands of a maniac and his legion of hungry bundles of pulp.

"Okay you," he said, twirling his wand in his hand and pointing it down at the book.  "You don't like me, and I most definitely do not like you, but I sure as fuck am not about to be shown up by a magic angry book.  I'm bigger than you, I'm angrier than you, and I have fire.  So why don't you settle your spine down and get back in the bag."  The book, being a book, did not react at all, and continued to sit motionless on the floor.  Tentatively, Richard took a step toward it, then a second.  It was with his third step that the book reacted, flying into a frenzy and biting at Richard's feet.  He jumped back, jabbing at the book with his wand.  "I said get in the bag you stupid shit!"

The book jumped up at Richard's hand, colliding with the tip of his wand.  A spark erupted from the tip, making the book fall back to the ground.  Richard took the opportunity to jump on it, slamming it against the ground with both hands.  The monstrous book was pinned, but only for a second before sliding out and snapping at Richard's chest.  It grabbed his shirt, while he grabbed it and tried to pull it off.  The book thrashed in his hands, causing Richard to hit it against the walls of his room and drop it when, predictably, he only managed to hurt his hands.  The book skittered past him, taking a snap at his legs before hiding under the bed.

Richard took that moment to take a few deep, heavy breaths, in an effort to keep his anger under control before he actually did burn the monster book and ended up having to buy a new one, while having to listen to another lecture from Mom about letting his undying rage get the better for him.  Once he was satisfied, he took one more deep breath for good measure, then knelt by the side of his bed to look under it.  Sure enough the book was still sitting there, looking like...well, a book, but an angry feral book if ever a book could look angry and feral.

"Okay," he said, much more calmly than before but still very far from the picture of serenity.  "I'm not going to burn you.  Not unless you make me."  One more deep breath, just in case.  "But what I am going to is I'm going to rip out your flyleaves, choke you with them, then fucking destroy you with hostile burning rhetoric while you gag on your own damned paper."  With this said, he reached under the bed to grab at the book.  It snapped at him, just like it always did, but this time he was ready.  He grabbed at a sizeable chunk of pages and dragged the book out by them, then flung it against the wall.  It fell to the ground as Richard got to his feet, and before it could skitter off again he jumped on it, slamming it shut and pinning it.  "THERE!  Got you, you stack of shit.  Now sit still while I-"

"Rick, what are you doing?"

Richard pivoted on top of the book, spinning on the spot to see his cousin standing in the doorway.  "Sahar what happened to knocking?" he asked.  "Did the idea fall out of your head along with everything else after your exams?"

"Your door was open," Sahar said calmly.  "But seriously, why are you jumping on a textbook?  You're going to damage it like that."

"Okay, time out for the idiot," Richard snapped back.  "The idiot gets a time out.  That's you.  Go wash all the exploded Quad dust off your face and join us back on the field of common sense.  I'm jumping on the snappy shitbook to get it to settle down so I can put it back in my bag, since Professor Hawkes the nutcase monster zookeeper thought it would be funny to give us a book that tried to eat my hand and run away."

"Oh, that," Sahar said, stepping into the room and waving Richard off of the book.  The book snapped at him as well, but Sahar flattened it against the ground again with one hand and, with the other, ran a finger gently down its spine.  The book was still, and fell open in front of them.  "You have to stroke it like that, and it shuts right up."

Richard stood dumbfounded.  All that fuss and you just had to
pet it?!  "You have got to be kidding me," he grumbled.
The Headmaster
Posted: Apr 19 2012, 12:01 AM

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I have to say he was a bit more Taureau than Joyeau. A tiiiiny bit but since you requested Joyeau, I gave you Joyeau! That being said, it's exciting to see another "bad/temperamental/etc student in the mix! We only have two so far and it's nice to see some students who aren't afraid to go after what they want! His drive and ambition will be very interesting to see in roleplay. Especially on how far he'll go to achieve his goals or will he step back once more?

Welcome to l'Académie des Seiseux sorciers et sorcières. Please sign up for your face claim and who's who. Afterwards, feel free to introduce yourself! Want to start roleplaying right away? Head over to our character fun section for plotting and threading goodies! Good luck and have fun! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to message this account.
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