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Location: l'Académie des Seiseux sorciers et sorcières, New Orleans, Louisiana
Months: September-October
Year: 2012
Term: Fall Term 1
Weather: humid and soaking wet due to hurricane season

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The Senate has been attacked by dark wizards. Masses have been murdered and the entire building destroyed. Seiseux and Salem are in lock down mode - no one can go in or out. The entire country is holding it's breath in fear of what is to come. Is there a dim light in the ever growing darkness or has the nation lost all its hope?

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Sévérine Jones
Posted: Apr 12 2012, 08:40 PM

3rd | Taylor
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played by: Taylor

the player
your online name: Taylor
do you have any other characters? Loki Rose
what are your contacts? PM or AIM)

the basics
full name: Sévérine Freya Jones-Rose
nicknames: Sev works just fine. She also prefers to just go by Sévérine Jones, not Jones-Rose
date of birth and age: December 23rd, 1998
year: Third
desired house: Wherever she fits smile.gif

the appearance

face claim: Chlöe Moretz
other notable features: Sev is a carbon copy of her mother, with her light gold hair and a slim, pale figure. But instead of her mother's brown eyes, Sev has bright green eyes, that are visible from far away. There are only two other individuals in New Orleans that have eyes like these. Or...I guess you could say just one, if you've been paying attention.)

the personality
personality:Sev is not her fiery, wild mother, nor her quiet, still father. She has grown up at an almost even middle. She is precise and delicate with her words, but quick and passionate with her movements and work. She's a mature young woman with a firm grip on herself. She's not flightly, like her mother. But rather, Sev knows what she is doing. And no one can deter her from her course. She's strong. Independent. And she doesn't let many push her around. But she's also adventurous and imaginative. But she doesn't want to tell you that. Sev likes to pretend she's proper. But of course, like any teenage girl, she's far from it. And it doesn't take much to tear down that mask. Soon, you can find yourself facing a raw, mysterious girl in her place.

To say that Sev takes the world by storm would be an understatement. Sévérine takes every moment she's given and uses it to her advantage. She doesn't want to wait a single second for something she knows she can get now with a little work. She's smart and intelligent with a knack for spells and school. But she doesn't plan on just sitting behind the books and learning. Sev wants to be on the front line, experiencing it. Being there. She wants to walk up to a merperson and have a conversation with it. Not sit in a classroom and read about some old wizard that already did. Sev is rather quiet when it comes to being around her classmates. She's shy. But once you get her to open up, she'll talk to you for hours. About what she believes in. About what she fears. About her life. About her mother and her nonexistent father. She's friendly and polite, and a good listener too. Basically, Sev is all over sweet. But of course, if you tell her that, she won't be a happy camper. Like I said. Sev is a strong and impending woman. She doesn't believe 'sweet' goes well with that. Her temper is easily tested, and unlike her father, Sev doesn't hold it in. She rages. You insult her, she's at your throat. And she's that fast. She's not one for quick, witty smiles. She's just action. And it's not in to have a snarling Sev at your throat. I can assure you of that.

But over all, Sev is a bright, happy child. She loves adventures and love stories. She's a hopeless romantic for a thirteen year old. Maybe that's because her mother lost her love young. And Sev wants to keep hers forever. Sev's not very level-headed. She believes everything can be accomplished if you try. She's likes experimenting and trying new things. Testing the boundaries. But she's not rash. She knows when she's done all she can. But that doesn't mean she'll give up. It just means going back to the books for a little while. Sev is fun to be around and fun to talk with. She's a mystery too. You will never know what Sev is thinking. Her emerald eyes hide that. But that mysterious grin can give away much. She's planning. And when Sévérine Jones plans...well, I'd you land in detention, it's not her fault.

family & history
family members:
Father: Balder Aster Rose, unknown
Mother: Willa Amelia Jones, twenty-nine
Half-Brother: Johnny "Little Brother" Darwin Jones, three

any other family member of importance:
Grandmother: Iris Natalie Jones nee Rider, fifty-two
Grandfather: Darwin Michael Jones, fifty-four

place of birth: New Orleans, Louisiana
social class:Middle

The story of Sévérine's beginning is best told the way she learned of it. So we'll start there.

Willa Jones and Balder Rose were in love. That much was certain. They spent every waking moment with each other. Whether they were studying in the library, or out and about with friends, they were always together. They were like magnets. One moved and so did the other. Willa was passionate and excited, while Balder was calm, gentle and sweet. They were absolutely perfect for each other. Willa was wild and crazy, while Balder was sensible and strong in his heart. He reigned her in, and she pulled him out of his quiet life. One day, Willa discovered she was pregnant with Balder's child. She tried to keep it a secret from him, but he found out eventually. And his reaction was not what Willa expected. Automatically, without even questioning it, Balder loved the child. Loved it as much as he loved Willa, possibly even more. He assured Willa that as soon as the baby was born, they would marry, and be a happy family. The couple announced the news to Willa's parents. Iris and Darwin were both wary, but seemed content with Balder's news that he would care for the child. But both Willa and Balder knew the real challenge would be getting it past his parents. So he and Willa planned a nice weekend in the muggle side of New Orleans. They were having coffee together in a small shop when everything went wrong. A man approached Balder, and called him his son.

Willa wasn't exactly sure what happened. But she did learn that Balder was adopted. And after that, he never was the same. They didn't go to his parents house to talk about the baby. In fact, they told no one else. And Willa watched as Balder drifted. They stopped holding hands. He stopped sending her notes and letters. They stopped hanging out, and slowly, he refused to speak to her anymore, no matter how much she tried to force them both to talk. And one day, Willa was forced to hold herself together as Balder emotionlessly ended their relationship. And that was that. Willa waited for him to return, to care for his daughter. But he never did. Willa gave birth to their daughter, named Sévérine Freya, by herself and her parents. She dropped out of Seiseux to take care of her. Willa wanted to be a journalist. But she never could. Without Balder's help, Willa had to give up everything to take care of Sev. She stayed at her parents house, where she and her daughter continued to live.

Sévérine was always a bright child. (She was nicknamed Sev at an early age. Her grandparents deemed her name was far too long.) She was happy, and liked to smile and giggle. She grew up as an almost carbon copy of her mother. Except for her eyes. Sev had the eyes of her father. The thought always brought pains to Willa's chest. Sev grew up, not caring that she wasn't involved in her father's life. She didn't know any different. She had her mother and her two grandparents. And that was all she needed. Sev was always a fun child. She could make anyone smile and could make anyone's day. As she grew older, she began to ask questions about her dad. But Willa didn't like talking about him. So Sev didn't mention him much. Instead, she spent her free time climbing trees and playing in the tall grasses of Louisiana. Sev was first deemed magical when she was eight years old. She was high up in the branches of a tree, sleeping in the fading light of the afternoon. Her mother was looking for her and calling her name. Jolted at the sound of another voice, Sev slipped from the branches and tumbled down the side of the tree! But instead of falling and breaking bones, Sev slid down the tree like a slide, giggling as she went. Sev had lived with magic her entire life, so she didn't question it. But her mother was relieved and joyful at the same time. Her daughter had been saved, all because she was a witch.

As Sévérine grew older, she began to quiet down. She became shy, but polite and kind at the same time. But there was always a hint of wonder in her eyes. That curiosity that said she wanted to know and she wanted to learn. That thirst for adventure. She gained that easily as she matured. But that 'need' of knowledge was there as well. And as Sev matured, she began to look for the answers she had wanted so badly. Who was her father? Who was Balder Rose? And what had hurt him so badly that he hadn't stayed around? Of course, Sev couldn't explain these wonderings to her mother, who seemingly teared up at every mention of the bastard. Yes, Sev wanted to know her father so she could understand him. Then so she could slap him across the face. But...Sev supposed her mother needed a slapping too. She was the only one with sense in the family. Her mother had just recently had another child named Johnny, with god knows who. She had no sense. So Sev took control of the family, with her grandparents help.

When Sev received her letter to Seisuex, she was happy and proud to show her family she could do something. That she could be productive in more ways than riding horses and swimming in the river. She joined the ranks of the witches and wizards and dove into her studies, determined to do well, but have fun at the same time. So when taking breaks from her homework, Sévérine wanders the halls, looking for her adventures in every nook or cranny.

Because books are friends you can hold in your hand. But living inside books seems like much more fun than carrying one around.


sample post "Seeeevvvvvvv!"

Sévérine Jones ignored the sound of Little a either. She rolled over, pressing her face into her pillow. She did not want to get up. She did not want to wake up. It was the first day of summer, and Sev couldn't be more sad and depressed. Her friends were gone for two months. Her classes were gone for two months. Her hiding places and adventures and her library...all gone. She was back home with her mother, Little Brother, and her grandparents. She was back in this place of no fun, no mysteries, no nothing. Just empty grass fields. And once upon a time, Sev had considered these fields to be an adventure. But now, after seeing Seisuex...this place had never been more boring.


Sev groaned and ran a hand through her gold locks. "Go away, Little Brother!"

"Sev, Mommy says its time to go to the healers!"

Sévérine sat up and pressed the heels of her palms into her eyes. Right. Her mother was taking her to the healers. Why?

Because someone had magically cut her hair. Sev snorted. It wasn't that bad! It was just a trick! But it had been months, and the hair hadn't grown back. Not one bit. Why Willa Jones was panicking about this, Sev wouldn't know. Willa panicked about everything. Sev was the only sane one. She slid out of her bed, her feet padding lightly across the room. She brushed her hair and changed into a light, summery outfit. She did not want to go to the healers. She did not want to go anywhere, except back to Seisuex. She did not want to-

Little Brother's voice ran through the home again. "Mommy changed her mind! She said the healer is comng here!"

Sev snorted. Right. That was probably the best idea anyways. Her mother was probably drunk. Drunk or hungover. And Sev hated disapparating with the woman when she was sober, since she had hardly passed her test. She did not want to travel with her now. Sev jumped at the light popping sound that echoed through the house. The healer was already here! Sev jerked into action, throwing the final pieces and bits of her outfit together. She had just finished tying a bow in her hair and cutting a few extra strands of fabric off her skirt, when she heard a soft, quiet male voice echo up the stairs.

"Hello child. Can you show me to Sévérine Jones? Her mother contacted me to help her with a curse on her hair. I'm a healer. My name is Balder Rose."

Sev froze. She walked out of her room, standing at the top of her stairwell. And then she saw him. Smiling, and laughing at Little Brother. Then he raised his head and met her eyes.

Balder Rose was never able to loose the scar on his forehead. But that's what happens when a twelve year old chucks a pair of scissors at your face.

The Headmaster
Posted: Apr 12 2012, 10:58 PM

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Congrats, Taylor! This is the first time I've ever had an application on Sei that was borderline in two houses! Hehehe! The other house was Sagesse in case you are wondering. However, I do believe Miss Jones fits in nicely with the Taureau mentality and folk. It will be interesting to see her path and journey as a thirteen year old on upwards. Especially with her father's history and soon to be future on the board! I cannot wait to see her in play!

Welcome to l'Académie des Seiseux sorciers et sorcières. Please sign up for your face claim and who's who. Afterwards, feel free to introduce yourself! Want to start roleplaying right away? Head over to our character fun section for plotting and threading goodies! Good luck and have fun! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to message this account.
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