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Location: l'Académie des Seiseux sorciers et sorcières, New Orleans, Louisiana
Months: September-October
Year: 2012
Term: Fall Term 1
Weather: humid and soaking wet due to hurricane season

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The Senate has been attacked by dark wizards. Masses have been murdered and the entire building destroyed. Seiseux and Salem are in lock down mode - no one can go in or out. The entire country is holding it's breath in fear of what is to come. Is there a dim light in the ever growing darkness or has the nation lost all its hope?

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Clementine Montreuil
Posted: Apr 12 2012, 01:42 PM

2nd | Leigh
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played by: Leigh

Your Online Name: Leigh
Do you have any other characters? Nope
What are your contacts? PM is good.

Full Name: Clementine Perrine Montreuil
Nicknames: Clem, Lem
Date of Birth and Age: January 28, 1999, thirteen
Year: Second
Desired House: Please choose her house!


Face Claim: Ryan Newman
Other notable features: She definitely is shorter than she looks and she would describe herself as "average" in build and not the skinny girl. She tends to wear her hair combed out and long. She freckles in the sun. She's got a tiny burn mark on her left hip from playing too close to fire once. She likes dressing in plain fashion and she dresses for the lush bayou heat, mostly. She loves costume jewelry and will deck herself out in it to make her feel braver. Cosmetics aren't anything she's into yet, but she will wear lip gloss and use that as her barrier to also make her feel brave.

Personality: Being the youngest girl in the family, Clementine has always been protected, looked after and watched over. She has had a number of community people telling her when to cross the street, what herbs to forage for and even how to dress. She is an innocent in a seemingly unkind world and her innocence has given way to naiveté. She doesn't have the experience to really make her way yet in the world, but she is open enough to learn. In some ways, she has very big shoes to fill. Her older brother and sister have both become good at both magic and establishing themselves for the future. Clementine would offer a frog in exchange for the money demanded if she was ever held up. She likes all living things, great and small. She once had a small animal hospital where she would try to nurse sick frogs and turtles back to health after they baked on the shores all day.

While she is innocent, she is also curious. If she had a stick and there was a snake, she would poke at it to provoke reaction and study it. She is the same way with people, asking questions to see the reaction and then try to ellicit response. She is wise in the fact that she knows what buttons to push and she knows she will get a reaction no matter what. Being young, she still feels useless and helpless in certain situations. She tries to be brave by putting on her 'big girl' face and trying to cover up her fear and insecurities with jewelry and cosmetics. That would work if she had the skill to use cosmetics. She likes to laugh a bit and to run free. When asked if she could become an animagi someday, she says she would love to be a mustang, a young horse than can run free from horizon to horizon with no boundaries to hold it in.

Clementine is a bit timid, if not intimidated, by the world around her. But, given the chance to brandish her wand and learn what she needs to learn, she could be an adequate young witch. God only knows what she'll do with it, though. She could probably do something impractical, like try to heal spiders or interview ghosts for a living.

Being from the Bayou, Clementine appreciates the beauty of all living things and even the old Voodoo stories of old told by the elders in Bourg. She is especially fearful of the shadow creatures, a thick black mist known to form over the area. She believes her grandfather will return as a shadow person. She believes strongly in some things, like the dead returning to life for whatever purpose and of earthly forms of magic, like the gift of elementals and the use of stones for healing.

Family Members:Clementine lives in the small house with her parents and her brother and sister as well as her maternal grandmother and their pet goats. Her father owns an apothecary shop which does well being that all the items he sells he creates from the Bayou. Her mother is a medi-witch who uses alternative healing methods like holy water and stones. Clementine finds her mother a bit odd, but she supposes she gets her love of curing ailing things from her. Her brother, Pomelo, is eighteen and an established young wizard who rather enjoys Potions work. Her sister, Nartje, is sixteen and quite the young witch herself. Clementine looks up to her brother and sister, but finds them both a bit overprotective and smothering.
Any other family member of importance:Her parents both come from mixed-blood magical families along the Bayou. Her grandmother, Gala, is someone she refers to as Nana Gala and is Clementine's favorite person in the whole world. Gala is a retired baker and housewife who had four children, including Clementine's mother, Pearl.
Place of Birth:Bourg, Louisiana in Terrebonne Parish, with a phenomenal view of the Intercoastal Waterway.
Social Class:Working class to lower class. Her parents struggle to make ends meet most times.

Born the youngest daughter to David and Pearl Montreuil, Clementine was a spoiled little girl from birth. Her mother, Pearl, was a Houma girl, the mixed-blood daughter with both French and Chocataw blood, was the daughter of a homemaker mother and her father who was a third-generation fisherman. While life was hard for Pearl and the Perrine family, it was nothing compared to the life the Montreuil family sustained. David Montreuil was a second-generation American, the son of two people born in France and brought to America to live in New Orleans. A fire destroyed their home and they were forced to eke out a living along the Bayou south of the city. Clementine has her mother's care for all living things in her blood, but her father's curiosity and knowledge of all living things in the Bayou has greatly effected her, as well. Her parents met in their late teens and married in their mid-20s once David proved to Gala Perrine that he was more than capable of building them a life, a home and a family. David built the house that the family still lives in, including Gala, who moved in with the family three years before after her husband died. Neither the Perrine family nor the Montreuil family were purebloods, but are considered 'mixed' blood. All three Montreuil children possess magical abilities.

Clementine's favorite person in the world is her grandmother, Gala. She was the woman who could do no wrong, no matter how many times her mother and grandmother fought. Clementine is very protective of the old woman who has brought the heart and soul back into their family. She brought ghost stories, legends of the great Bayou, stories of plantations in eras past, her great bread-making skills and so much more. Clementine would follow Gala to the ends of the earth. Gala's magic is in her ability to do many household things at once, from knitting a sweater to scrubbing dishes to peeling onions and carrots and crawfish for her famous gumbo or whatnot. Clementine strives to be like her in her strength and in her pride and she is someone that Clementine dearly looks up to and cherishes more than anything in the world.

Clementine's first use of magic was at the age of five. While Pomelo and Nartje were early magical users and could recite easy, homemade spells that didn't do anything, Clementine came across a butterfly in the grass. Cupping the tiny flying thing in her hands, she whispered for it to sparkle and sparkle, it did. The glowing butterfly terrified Clementine to the point she dropped her hands and ran shrieking back into the house. She found fireflies magical, but every so often, one seemed to glow brighter than the others. She also made a plain glass of tap water explode into her brother's face after he made fun of her by calling her Clem-baby, one of her most detested nicknames. Well, she got him back. And, somehow, she never got into trouble for it!

When her Seiseux letter arrived, Clementine was so excited she could barely breathe. Having lived through this experience twice before as Pomelo and then Nartje received their letters, they had both convinced Clem that she was never going to get into Seiseux and that making things glow or bubble was not true magic. Disappointed, Clementine waited for most of the summer before her letter arrived. She was suddenly ecstatic, imagining what lay within the hallowed halls of Seiseux. Despite her parents trying to convince her brother and sister to be kind and show her around, Clementine knew she was going to have to do it herself. What sixteen and fourteen year old would be caught dead with an eleven-year-old girl?

Gala Perrine was quite happy for her granddaughter, assuring Clementine that she was going to have an unbelievably amazing time at the new school and Clementine was relieved and began looking forward to it. Even now, at thirteen, she crosses the days off her calendar, looking forward to the day when her Seiseux year would begin again.


Sample Post
Clementine had her eyes closed tight. Her hands were wound around the rope, the fibers digging into her palms. Her nails dug into a groove, working the fibers loose until she found a hole to poke her index finger through. Her wrists gave a flick and she felt the rope go taut, knotted tight on the cypress tree above her head. She forced her eyes open the moment she heard the vibrations in the water below.

She could see heads bobbing the water below. The flail of an arm, the flick of a hand and water was flying everywhere. She felt the longing inside of her, but she also knew that if she didn't make this jump, if she climbed down the rocks instead of jumping off the highest one, she was going to be known as a baby forever.

If only they could use magic! She could float down to the water and dunk in at the last second. But, no, magic was frowned upon outside of school and, besides, she could never use it in front of the nonmagical neighboring kids anyway.

"Come on, Clem-baby!" came the teasing voice of her brother, Melo. Clementine stuck her tongue out at him, but she knew she was too high up to see it. She heard the splash of water and felt the warm droplets on her bare feet and retreated a few steps, keeping her hands locked around the rope. She felt like she had been up here for ages now and it had been mere minutes. She took another deep breath and caught herself closing her eyes.

No! she told herself fiercely, her fingers squeezing even tighter, threatening to cut off circulation. She just had to run forward a few steps, jump in the air, let go of the rope and....

The moment Clementine hit the water, she sank. Quickly. She kicked and chopped her way to the surface and gasped in a fresh breath of hot, muggy air and looked around. She had done it! She had somehow jumped off that rock way, way up there and was now--

"Good job, Clem-baby!" came Melo's mocking voice as she was hit from behind with a large wave. She spun around and answered him with a splash of her own, giggling. As the older kids started swimming downstream, she lazily turned onto her back and kicked out with her legs, doing a slow backstroke. Swimming she could do. Jumping long distances required courage. The same type of courage that speaking up in class might. The same courage that actually volunteering for something might.

But, for now, she was alive, she had actually
jumped and... she would totally do it again tomorrow.

The Headmaster
Posted: Apr 12 2012, 04:20 PM

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Clementine is absolutely adorable! I really liked how you described her curiosity. It shows that this trait has two sides to it. Plus it made me smile :). Having her grandmother as her hero was a great touch to the history. The hints at shaman like magic was very intriguing. I especially love that she is a younger student since not a lot of people make them. I am very excited to see her grow while at Sei and I know Cassie is excited to have another Sagesse to talk with.

Welcome to l'Académie des Seiseux sorciers et sorcières. Please sign up for your face claim and who's who. Afterwards, feel free to introduce yourself! Want to start roleplaying right away? Head over to our character fun section for plotting and threading goodies! Good luck and have fun! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to message this account.

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