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 Off Topic And The Lounge Boards Are Now One Board
Posted by grrrlriot - 09-3-13 04:55 - 0 comments
I merged the "Off Topic" and "The Lounge" boards into one board called "Off Topic".
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 Important Updates
Posted by grrrlriot - 08-9-13 01:05 - 0 comments
Here are some updates to the forum:

* You can add a personal photo of yourself or whatever by going to your profile.

* Avatars can now be 100x100 instead of 64x64.

* I changed the skin.

* I changed it so t ...read more
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 Purpose Of This Forum
Posted by grrrlriot - 08-9-13 00:51 - 0 comments
The purpose of the Riot Grrrl Online Forum is to bring together a community of people of all: ages, races, sizes, sexes, sexual preferences, religions, etc. that share an interest in feminism and/or riot grrrl. This forum used to be on proboards, fr ...read more
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 Forum Skins
Posted by grrrlriot - 08-8-13 19:00 - 9 comments
As you have noticed, we have the default blue skin for this forum. To have more skins they have to be on another server on a website of your own, whether its a domain or a website.

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Posted by grrrlriot - 08-7-13 19:35 - 0 comments
If you have a forum you would like to affiliate with this forum, I would be glad to post up your banner or link in my affiliates box in the admin panel of this forum. If you are interested in affiliating with this forum, PM me or reply to this post. ...read more
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 Needing Banners
Posted by grrrlriot - 08-7-13 19:33 - 0 comments
We need banners. Anyone that wants to make us some banners with the words "Riot Grrrl Online Forum" and the link wrote on it "http://z13.invisionfree.com/riotgrrrlonline/", it would be greatly appreciated. These banners are neede ...read more
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 Spread The Word
Posted by grrrlriot - 08-7-13 15:25 - 0 comments
If you are a member of this forum and like this forum, please spread the word about this forum. Tell others about this forum by word of mouth or by linking to this forum on your website, blog, or social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
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 Welcome Message To All New Members
Posted by grrrlriot - 08-5-13 17:10 - 0 comments
Hello and Welcome to all new members! We're glad to have you here. We hope you will enjoy this forum and that you will make this your home here at the Riot Grrrl Online Forum. This forum is and always will be a laid-back and friendly place. F ...read more
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