welcome to our dreams, our honour a mature final fantasy and kingdom hearts mix set 1 year after the events of AC and KH2. Our plot revolves around the planet gaia, not long after a phenomenal natural disaster rattled the world, leaving behind confusion and fear in the wake of the resurrected and mysterious people suddenly appearing claiming to be from unmapped worlds. And what's worse? Shinra have begun planning to make a comeback.

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we are set on the planet gaia, 1 year after the events of advent children and kingdom hearts 2. this vast world stretches over various terrains, and with the fall of shinra the world has slowly begun to heal, mako reactors lay abandon and vegetation has began to take shape over the once barren wastelands. but how long will this last. Shinra may come back.

november. Temperatures continue to drop. The air is dry and bitter with an ever growing chill. Early morning fog and evening frost. High chances of rain and low clouds. it's very clear that winter is on the way.

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7th NOVEMBER. ODOH is finally officially open. We welcome all guests and new members and encourage you to talk to us in the chatbox. if you have any questions we'd be happy to answer them! remember this site focuses on actually having fun, no pressure and no word count. Also we're a mature site, which means we allow adult themes - you can find all that in the rules. welcome to the site everyone!

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 heavy in your arms //, tagged; open
Posted: Nov 12 2011, 05:03 AM

17, played by kisa
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Sweat rolled down the side of Ven’s cheek as he moved through the barren red, what he presumed, desert. His head ached something terrible as he trudged through the dirt and sand. He had no clue of where he was or even why he was here. Licking his dry lips Ven moved a hand up to shield his face from the rays of the sun. Squinting against the brilliant light Ven scanned the surrounding area, waves of heat producing from the ground and blurring his vision beyond a certain point. With a husky groan he forced himself on, unzipping his jacket and placing it over his head as a type of shelter, trying to save his burning fair skin.

Ven’s mind swam with confusion; questions running through his head left unanswered and leaving the boy somewhat frustrated with himself and his current situation. What the hell had happened, where was Terra and Aqua, and why the hell was it so damn hot? He could only hazily recall his last moments with Aqua and Terra at best, something that irritated him further. There was no point in sitting around and thinking over everything though especially when there was no one around that could answer his questions. Even if this was a strange place he wouldn’t accomplish anything if he didn’t keep on moving.

Stumbling over a parched plant Ven nearly fell face first into the sand, but caught his balance as he fell to his knees, he frowned as he picked himself up off the ground and dusted off his pants. “...great” he muttered darkly to himself, only then spotting a small settlement of sorts in front of him, something he made his way early to, limping slightly from the graze on his knee.

Posted: Nov 18 2011, 07:05 AM

21, bridgett
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Typical. Out of all the millions upon millions of possibilities, fate had decided to see her to another desert. Although, she had to admit this one was quite different from others she had traveled through. Grains of red and a beaten path that split halfway along its route, it was marked by occasional shrubbery, and minimal wildlife, that drew hardly any interest towards itself. Not worthy of praise, or a special place within her memory; it just was what it was and the heat was real enough. Before long, her soft footsteps brought sweat to her brow and still further along, the heat played tricks with her eyes; as if reality was zooming in and out of focus, placing things that ought not to be, but instead somehow were, for brief seconds until she came to her senses once more.

At first, she thought he was another mirage, or that of a different sort meant to lead her away from shelter and sanctuary. However, when he fell that farce was shattered. Why indeed would a trickster trick himself? A pun. A true enough inquiry that was relevant, and yet the truth still remained; he was and still was as he shuffled back to his feet and began to limp towards a settlement, that now she could too make out while raising a hand to her forehead to shield her eyes from the rays of the sun. To him she walked, and given the fact that she was not injured like he, she came upon him rather quickly, her steps as graceful as they had ever been; despite the fact that she had just awoken into a different plane of existence.

Not wanting to frighten him, she kept her voice soft; questioning, yet still she acted. "Do you wish aid?" She asked, her accent perhaps a bit thick for him, yet still clearly audible. A response was not needed when action would do. "Here, lean upon my shoulder..." and with that she was suddenly, and rather swiftly upon him and alongside him. Slightly, she bent her knees and brought a shoulder beneath his armpit, raising it she offered what strength she had, in spite of the heat and her own weariness. Perhaps he would think she was strange for such an act, however he was clearly within his rights to refuse her after all; and she would be nonetheless hurt by his response should he chose to limp along alone.

[OOC: I assumed open meant anyone could join. Please correct me if I am wrong...]
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