welcome to our dreams, our honour a mature final fantasy and kingdom hearts mix set 1 year after the events of AC and KH2. Our plot revolves around the planet gaia, not long after a phenomenal natural disaster rattled the world, leaving behind confusion and fear in the wake of the resurrected and mysterious people suddenly appearing claiming to be from unmapped worlds. And what's worse? Shinra have begun planning to make a comeback.

We encourage you to look around the site and chat with us in the c-box. If you have any questions we'd be happy to answer them! Please keep in mind that we are a intermediate site. When joining us please register with your characters name in proper capitalization. cheers!
- the odoh staff

setting and season

we are set on the planet gaia, 1 year after the events of advent children and kingdom hearts 2. this vast world stretches over various terrains, and with the fall of shinra the world has slowly begun to heal, mako reactors lay abandon and vegetation has began to take shape over the once barren wastelands. but how long will this last. Shinra may come back.

november. Temperatures continue to drop. The air is dry and bitter with an ever growing chill. Early morning fog and evening frost. High chances of rain and low clouds. it's very clear that winter is on the way.

site updates

7th NOVEMBER. ODOH is finally officially open. We welcome all guests and new members and encourage you to talk to us in the chatbox. if you have any questions we'd be happy to answer them! remember this site focuses on actually having fun, no pressure and no word count. Also we're a mature site, which means we allow adult themes - you can find all that in the rules. welcome to the site everyone!

pur dream, our honour is currently under constriction and should be active within a few days, so keep an eye out for our grand opening!

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