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welcome to oblivescence! we are a brand spankin' new marauders' era rpg, and we're thrilled that you've discovered our cozy little corner of the internet. take a few minutes to read through the plot, look over the rules, and explore the board, and if you feel so inclined, please fill out an application! we'd love to have you. if you've got any questions, scroll down to the cbox and ask away; we're more than happy to help you out.

current news: the current time in our rpg is november, 1977. watch this space for updates and announcements.

Update: August 1st! We would like to congratulate KELLY, our new moderator! Please extend to her your warmest and fuzziest welcomes.

Update: July 20th! AN ACTIVITY CHECK HAS BEEN POSTED! We are serious about getting things going again, so please post if you plan to keep your characters. We will be doing a lot of advertising once we get the board cleaned out of all the dead stuff, and we need your help to get things going. Start plotting, threading, rekindling old flames, whatever it takes! Thank you for your dedication.

Update: May 21st! a note has been posted on the bulletin board — a hogsmeade visit is coming up! find your parents christmas gifts, buy yourself some candy, or sip on a butterbeer with your special someone. click here for more details on this, and on other important site updates for the months of may and june.


Protego - An HP RPG


 auden eloise wood
auden e. wood
Posted: Mar 25 2012, 02:37 AM


auden eloise wood ,we can burn brighter than the sun AGEYEAR AND/OR OCCUPATIONMEMBER GROUPseventeenSeventhRavenclawNICKNAMES WoodBIRTHDAY May 13, 1960 LOCATION London, EnglandSEXUALITY Heterosexual WAND African Blackwood, 13" in length, with an owl feather core.PATRONUS American River Otter LISTSI LIKEReadingStudyingLearning new things.TransfigurationCharmsFlourish & BlottsTravelingBoysI DISLIKEBeing in large groups. (5+)PotionsHerbologyQuietFighting over the bathroom.ThunderstormsEnd-off-term Exams.Farrah Westwood, her father's girlfriend.Boys (it's a love/hate relationship at the moment)MY STRENGTHS AREKeeping secrets.Transfiguration & CharmsBeing there when you need someone.Being quiet.Being loud when she needs to be heard.Blending in in the crowd.StudyingBeing the "good daughter".MY WEAKNESSES AREPotions & HerbologyBeing open.Blending in in the crowd.BoysChocolate of any kind.Being the "good daughter".I'M AFRAID OFLosing Tommy & Lottie.Evander marrying Farrah.ThunderstormsSpiders & SnakesNever finding her 'One'.Not becoming an Auror.I ASPIRE TOFight the Dark LordBecome an AurorFind my "One"Get married & have a family.Come to terms with my mother's death.Be my own person.MY QUIRKS/HABITS ARE Biting her lip whenever she's nervous.Tugging on her hair when she gets irritated.Chuckling when nervous.Pouting when she's studying.Blushes furiously when she lies.Scratches the back of her neck when she's bored.POSSIBLE PLAY BYTaylor Swiftt.k. So, my name is T.K. and I've been RPing since I was 14. Almost 6 years ago now... That's such a long time... I enjoy HP role-play and this is my first pre-Potter one to join. Um, I'm available for Adult RP, but I' not entirely sure that Auden is, finicky little thing that she is. I'm from Texas and currently in college, so I'll be around. You can reach me via PM and MSN if you ask nicely. Um.. My favorite HP character is Neville Longbottom. Oh, and I'm aware that her personality/history a little shorter than most... I've tried my hardest to pull her apart, but I feel that RPing her would pull the rest of her out of my head.personalityAuden was always considered a quiet girl in her youth. She never really made friends, or even attempted to until she had warmed up to someone, which usually took a couple of months. She’s always been labeled as sort of shy and hasn’t ever really done well in big social circles. She’d much rather be around one or two of her good friends that she’s completely comfortable with than a big group of people that is constantly drowning out what she’s trying to talk with them about or just interrupting her like crazy. She’s not easily irritated, but when she is, you’ll be able to tell and she definitely lets you know when you’ve pushed her final button. One might actually call her moody on the right day, and she believes she has every right to be so. (She lost her mother at a young age, and she’s still coping with the loss.) She’s perfectly content with the ability to keep it together for her father, older brother, and little sister. As a student, Auden is very driven and tends to forget to eat once she’s wrapped up in her homework or a project, or even a book that she’s brought from home. She always makes time to study and keep her grades up and tends to get a little snappy if she notices that you’re copying her answers. Notes, she doesn’t have a problem with, because even she has a hard time staying awake in History of Magic. As much as Auden wants to feel accepted, she’s come to the conclusion that if you don’t like her by now, you’re not really important enough to worry about. She’s got a strong moral compass and is always standing up for the smaller person, even when she’s not tall at all. She wants to do what is right and is constantly seeking ways to make that happen. While she likes to learn new things, the blonde is well aware of the ability to perform Transfiguration and Charms spells, and that her ability with Potions and Herbology is lacking. But, seeing as she needs both of those two classes to become an Auror, she’s just as determined to stick through them and make the best of it. Determination, that’s all she really needed to get by. That’s what kept her running after an all night homework/study session and during a freezing cold Quidditch game. Now that she’s a seventh year and looking back on her life, Auden finds that she’s happy being who she is. She’s got good enough grades to get most any job she wants, she has a handful of friends that she can trust with her life, she has a crush on a boy (which hasn’t ever really happened to her before), and she’s made peace with her inability to perform well in Potions and Herbology. She doesn’t need anyone to tell her which way to go, and she’s always standing up for people, even when they don’t want the help. All she’s wanted to do is grow up to be a strong, independent woman, and Hogwarts has helped her along the way. historywhat's in a name?Auden Eloise Wood. That was the name the second child of the Wood family was born with. Her mother, Cordelia Lovett-Wood, had always been into poetry as a young child and even as an adult. What she didn’t know when naming her first born daughter that at the time, Auden was noted as a name for a male child, meaning “old friend”. However, this didn’t stop Cordelia; she figured if she paired it with an overly girly name as a middle name, she’d be okay. The name Eloise is of Germanic descent and means “fierce warrior”, and what Cordelia didn’t know was that her daughter would indeed be a warrior for what she believes in and to protect those around her. Wood was destined to be her surname, as Evander Wood was her father, and it has several different meanings, but Auden prefers to think the meaning “forest” suits the overall flow of her name. “Old friend and fierce warrior of the forest” has always crept into the young child’s mind, and she likes it that way.the family?!Evander Cassius Wood was the only son to be born to Thaddeus and Evangeline Wood and was the apple of his father’s eye. From a long line of Purebloods on both sides, it’s safe for Evan to claim to be one himself. He went to Hogwarts as all of his family had done before him and was sorted into the brave House of Gryffindor, just as his mother and father before him. He was a very bright child and was always taught to follow the rules. While he was never a fan of flying, the Wood boy always enjoyed watching the Quidditch matches between the school houses. He was a studious boy and had high marks, just like most of his Ravenclaw house mates. It didn’t come as a surprise that he was made Prefect in his fifth year, and it only made his father more proud of him, something that Evan relished in. It wasn’t until his seventh year that he noticed her.Cordelia Imogen Lovett was the youngest child of Victor and Alexandria Lovett of Paris, France. Also from a long line of witches and wizards on either side of her family tree, Cordelia has always been the type of girl who doesn’t stick her blood purity up anyone’s noses, much to her mother’s dismay. Delia decided at a young age that she wanted to go to Hogwarts instead of Beauxbaton’s and her father couldn’t have been more overjoyed when she was sorted into the Ravenclaw house. She was a studious girl and got high marks on all of her work, and even joined the Quidditch team in her third year as beater to give her something else to do when she was finished with her school work. In all honesty, when she met Evander Wood when they were in first year, she saw him as a stuck up snob, but he slowly worked in way into her heart their sixth year. They spent all of their seventh year dating and just after graduation, Evan asked her to marry him, and she said yes. Not long after they were married, Delia found out she was pregnant with their first child, and while this came as a shock, she had to admit that she couldn’t be more excited to be a mother. Evan was working at the Ministry at the time, an Oblivitor-in-Training at the time, and Delia was more than content to be a stay-at-home mother. It wasn’t like they couldn’t afford to have her not working. Her first pregnancy was easy going and Delia couldn’t be more excited to get ready for the borth of her son or daughter. She and Evan had come to the conclusion early on that it didn’t matter if they had a boy or a girl first, as long as he or she was born healthy they would be over the moon. Thomas Oliver Wood was born in the late hours of the evening on one snowy December night in the year 1958. However, it because quite clear from an early age that their son was a squib. He showed no signs of producing magic as a baby as his parents did before him, not even when Cordelia got pregnant again in the late summer of 1959. Her second pregnancy wasn’t as easy as the first, but Cordelia knew that it wouldn’t. She’d been told by her mother that all pregnancies were different, especially if the child was an active one. Truth be told, Delia knew that her second born was going to be a girl. She could just sense it. While she craved the weirdest things, and had the most horrible mood swings, Delia and Evan put up with it, because just like with Thomas, she went into labor in the early evening and unlike her first born, Delia was in labor for almost twenty four hours before she gave birth to Auden Eloise Wood. Unlike with Thomas, the moment Auden came into the world, the lights in the delivery room started to flicker and shut off for a moment, until Auden was placed into her mother’s arms. Auden was the complete opposite of her brother as a newborn. While Thomas was a fussy baby liked attention, Auden only cried when she was hungry or needed to be changed, and she was more than content to be rocked back and forth in her bassinet than to be held by anyone other than her mother. Just six weeks after Auden was born, Delia found out that she was pregnant again, and vowed that after this child was born, she’d not have another. Three was enough for her and Evan’s family, and while Evan was a little upset at the prospect of not having more children, he was fine with Delia’s reasons. She wanted time to spend with her children, not just popping one after the other out of her womb.Charlotte Beatrice Wood* was born just eleven months after her sister on a warm June night in 1961. Just as her sister before her moments after her birth something magical happened and Cordelia knew that while Thomas would never get to attend Hogwarts, her two daughters would, and she couldn’t be more overjoyed at the prospect of raising two girls to follow their own dreams. Secretly though Cordelia hoped that they would both be sorted into Ravenclaw, her own Hogwarts house, she knew that it was ultimately up to the sorting hat. the innocence of childhood?Auden’s childhood was full of bickering with her siblings and vying for her mother and father’s attention. Being the middle child and the first to show her affinity for magic, Auden was often left to her own devices. She was allowed to most anything she wanted, within reason, and she always found herself following after Tommy, trying to do everything that he wanted to do. Climbing trees? Not a problem for this young witch. Playing football with the other neighborhood boys? Of course! Going to Muggle primary school? Out of the question. Auden threw her first temper tantrum the morning that Evander took Tommy with him and told her that she was going to have to stay home with Lottie and her mother. She never understood why Tommy couldn’t stay home and learn about spells and potions, and as she grew up, it dawned on her that he was a squib, but she still loved him, if not more, than she did before.While Auden and Charlotte are only thirteen months apart, they are constantly bickering and fighting like they were twin sisters. They could never agree on anything and Auden always wanted to do what the boys did, while Charlotte didn’t. Usually when it came to having to look after her sister for the afternoon (as often as that rarely happened) Auden and Charlotte were cooped up in the library, Auden staring out the window at Tommy playing with the boys with a book on her lap and Charlotte doing anything that she wanted as long as Auden could keep an eye on her. As they grew up, they grew closer together and started to bicker less, but still managed to find something to fight over, whether it be a book, or something as trivial as a rag doll.While Auden and Evander had a decent relationship when she was a young child, she really didn’t get to spend that much time with him. He was constantly working and often came home long after the Wood children were in bed and left just after breakfast in the morning and had a very short lunch break to spend with his family. However, on the weekends he made up for it by taking all three of his kids on camping excursions or trips to the beach and stuff that all three children would remember forever. It wasn’t until Auden turned eight that she started to notice a change in her mother. While Cordelia and Auden were the closest of the family, it wasn’t until after her mother was bedridden that Cordelia’s illness hit her full force. Cordelia was dying and there wasn’t anything that Auden could do about it, no matter how hard she cried or prayed or even wished on shooting stars.Cordelia Lovett-Wood died six days after Auden’s ninth birthday, and while Auden was happy that her mother wasn’t suffering anymore, she grew distant and started to shut herself away from her siblings and father. She didn’t want to be disturbed and she just wanted to be left alone. Nothing wrong with that, was there? Evander grew worried for his oldest daughter, but let her be as she wished. Six weeks later, she slowly started to open back up to her family, but other people were a different story. She became shy and quiet when she was once such a bright and happy little girl. Whenever her father took her on outings with or without her siblings, she preferred to stand behind him whenever he was talking to one of his friends and even withdrew from playing with the neighborhood children.Evander Wood didn’t know how to help his little girl, and it bothered him to no end.Hogwarts?!It was a bright and sunny June afternoon when Auden received her Hogwarts letter, and for that instance in time, it was like her mother had never died and she was the happy little girl that everyone remembered. Reading the letter out loud to her father made her heart swell with joy, and it was only until after she realized that she’d not be able to tell Cordelia, that Auden’ mood began to falter and she ran out of the house, wanting to get away. With a little pocket change in her skirt pocket and enough sense to know how to get home, Auden folded her letter and slipped it into her pocket next to her Wizarding money and headed towards the local Muggle bookstore, where she curled up in the back and fell asleep with a Jane Austen book in her lap.Leaving her older brother and little sister behind to go to Hogwarts was possibly the hardest thing that Auden had to do. She knew that Tommy would never get to attend the school for magic, but she also knew that Lottie would be joining her the following term, which made it a little easier. So, she boarded the train with her wand, trunk, and kitten in tow and looked for a place to sit. She found a somewhat empty compartment that held a fellow first-year-to-be and after asking if she could join him, the blonde recognized him as one of the boys she met in diagon alley. Was his name Cooper? Charles… Yes! Charlie! His name was Charlie! Glad to have a friend, Auden made herself comfortable opposite him and soon dozed off and was awakened with just enough time to rush to the bathroom and change into her uniform.The sorting ceremony was the most daunting thing. She wanted to be a Ravenclaw with all the will power of her heart, just like her mother. She wanted to sit in the same place as Cordelia had while she was at school, and most of all, she just wanted to be closer to the woman she would always call ‘Mother’. But, the Sorting Hat had different ideas. He had wanted to place her in Gryffindor, like her father had been, but the tiny blonde quietly put in a plea to the hat and he saw in her the need to be like her mother and prove that she could do it, as well as her intellect and need to be challenged, thus Auden Eloise Wood was sorted into the knowledgeable House of Ravenclaw, as her mother had before her.Auden’s first year was all about getting adjusted to life away from her family and getting acquainted with strangers. Or, that’s how Auden saw it. She didn’t really try to talk to any of her roommates until after she got comfortable around them, and that’s when her protective shell started to break. She became a little more outgoing and even cheered Ravenclaw on at the Quidditch games, and vowed that one day she would be on that same house team, playing something. She knew that beater wasn’t for her, but she would try. It was also during first year that Auden came to the conclusion that she loved Charms and Transfiguration, but was horrible with and hated Potions and Herbology. But, did that stop her from doing her best? No. Up until the end of the year she managed to get outstanding marks in the classes she hated, but she had to put in a lot of extra effort into it.Second year was better, if only because Charlotte finally got to join her. Was Auden a little upset that she had to share the Ravenclaw common room with her younger sister? A little bit, but not enough for it to drive a wedge between them. A lot of things happened this year, she started gaining an interest in boys, tried out for the Quidditch team (didn’t make it), and tutored her little sister whenever Lottie needed it. She made more friends and started to come out of her shell a little more. Overall, the blonde was happy that she was starting to make friends. It was if her mother was helping her out by sending her the right people.Third year brought a new onslaught of things for Auden to enjoy. She got to take two new electives and she was overjoyed to see Ancient Runes and Arithmancy on her time table that year. Potions and Herbology were still the bane of her existence and she was bored of History of Magic. That fall she tried out for the Ravenclaw House team again and was thrilled to make the position of Seeker. It took a bit of getting used to, but she helped her team win against Slytherin that year and was finally making friends without having to change who she was. She was still getting used to being around big groups and her grades were still where they needed to be. It was a good year, and even though Tommy couldn’t be there with her, she was constantly writing him letters and telling him everything that she did and wished him the best in his Muggle schooling.Fourth year brought a shock to her system. Evander started dating again. It had to be the worst thing on the face of the planet, right? Tommy didn’t think so, and Auden was too hurt to find out what Lottie thought of it, but she refused to speak with her father the entire term. Tommy received regular letters and Auden started studying for her OWL exams. Ravenclaw didn’t win the Quidditch Cup that season, which was okay in her book, seeing as Auden had only been on the team for two years. She would get the chance to prove herself the following year, even if it meant she had to train all summer. She was not going to give up on getting that damned trophy for the Ravenclaw case in the Trophy room. Classes went by as usual, but this time Auden found herself in need for a Herbology tutor. Her grades had slipped and she had managed to kill two of the three plants they had been assigned to care for over the term. It was horrendous.Fifth year was by far her favorite year. She was made a Prefect by Professor Dumbledore and her father was overjoyed. She slowly slipped into a relationship with her father again, and even warmed up to his girlfriend a little bit. She was still wary that he was trying to replace her mother, and she was going to put her foot down if he dared get remarried while she and Lottie were still in school. She and Evander had a talk about it, and he promised her that he and Farrah wouldn’t be wed, if at all, until after she and Charlotte graduated from Hogwarts. She was going to hold her father to that promise, even if this Farrah Westwood didn’t want to agree by it. OWLS came and went and Auden was more worried about her OWL in Potions and Herbology than she was in any other class. She was doing better, true, but she was still nervous beyond reason at a failing OWL. She wanted to be an Auror, and she needed the best grades she could get.~Ordinary Wizarding Level Results~Pass Grades:Outstanding (o)Exceeds Expectations (E)Acceptable (A)fail grades:Poor (P)Dreadful (D)Troll (T)Auden Eloise Wood has achieved:ancient runes: OArithmancy: OAstronomy: ECharms: ODefense Against the Dark Arts: OHerbology: EHistory of Magic: OPotions: ETransfiguration: OSixth year was by far Auden’s most exciting year. Tommy graduated from his Muggle schooling and decided that he wanted to travel the world. So, just before Auden went back to school, he set off for France and vowed that he’d write Auden whenever he had the chance to sit down, and he would return her letters as often as he could. The news also reached her by owl that she was made Captain of the Ravenclaw House team, much to the dismay of some of her older teammates. She did her best to bring the team into shape and they lost against Gryffindor for the Quidditch Cup by a mere ten points, and she was the one who had caught the snitch! Oh well, she’d soon gotten over it and had returned home to find Farrah moved in and her need to study for her NEWT exams overwhelming.the present day?!her seventh year has come upon her quicker than she would have liked, but at least it's almost over and she has finally decided on what she wants to do with her life. Auror Offices, here she comes! as much as auden is going to hate leaving Hogwarts, she still has a few months left before she has to say good bye to everything, and she's only too aware of the dangerous world that will be out there to greet her. BANNER BY TRUE TEARSTEMPLATE BY FEDORA @ CAUTION 2.0 AND A THOUSAND FIREFLIES
auden e. wood
Posted: Mar 25 2012, 05:54 PM


She is complete!
sirius o. black
Posted: Mar 25 2012, 10:25 PM

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