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Posted by: Vehk Jul 9 2017, 04:30 AM
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Word has spread throughout the Cage in recent days; chant is that the Devils are recruiting mercenaries as auxilaries at an even higher rate than usual, and more of the hellspawn are being seen around the city as well. Something big is in the works, there's little doubt, and some rumors of an artifact being up for grabs reach the ears of more curious cutters. The puragaus Kyzburkzurl seems to be the Zu to contact about enlistment and payment..

///This is a thread for members of the Hell faction to schedule for in game meetings and post their character names for folks wanting to know who to seek out for infernal RP. If you'd rather your character stay incognito for cloak and dagger stuff, that's fine too!

Kyzburkzurl, Player Account: Vehk.

Posted by: AkdoolTheSlimy Jul 9 2017, 04:10 PM
Witness accounts state that a vampire, Aeresika, has been regularly contacting the Puragaus, and rumors state that she works for him, actively defending him and his interests, though there hasn't been clear evidence of it thus far.

///Aeresika Mirneseph, Player Account: AkdoolTheSlimy

Just posting a note here, saying I'm affiliated with the group. Not a whole lot else to say at the moment, though.

Posted by: Grendel Jul 16 2017, 04:00 AM
With another cycle passed, another of Hell's denizens enters into the Cage; though in this case it is not strictly Baatezu but one of the Hellforged, more specifically a Coal Devil. This creature seems to be focused on settling and collecting debts for the moment, though it often takes time to converse with the unfortunates scattered about Sigil.

To those introduced to it, the tag it currently uses is Axaviqtros Of Ebon Chains, as well as those spreading rumours of it's activities. Though the likelihood of recognizing it as Baatorian in origin is likely limited to those of obscure knowledge, given the rarity of a Hellforged departing from the Nine Hells.

Posted by: edmaster44 Sep 12 2017, 03:21 AM
The Darkest of Dark about these Infernal forces..., they managed to bolster their strength with a being who pledged itself too the cause, a Fallen Celestial who was imprisoned in Carceri and escaped, but as it goes, it is better not to take these things in face value, your average berk loves too stir the pot a bit..

Posted by: frozen_heart_of_cania Sep 14 2017, 06:21 PM
Many were the darks sweetly whispered by her mesmerising lips' unearthly voice, even if but a drop in the ocean of mysteries shrouded behind the brachina's impish smile. Like that of - as she called him - Thantos the Redeeming, Once Herald of Light Disgraced. The she-devil's carefully knitted intrigues had, among numerous other darks, been secretely reaching out to Cage's Baatezu for long, to inevitably converge to the Forces some time ago. Some few had now viewed the full glory of her devilish form's dark splendor, many more often crossed their paths with her unknowingly.

((hoping you'll guess which PC that is on your own;) ))

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