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Posted by: Cadence Jun 23 2014, 04:04 AM
((A thread for Sigilian rumors. Please follow the following format:


The Chant: What the average cager would know. (Eg. known by Khazeet, Tarion, Minerva, most commoners)

The Dark: What the average information broker would sell (Eg. known by well-connected factotums, select mimir, information available at the Hall of Records).

The Darkest Dark: What a select few with access to the best information sources would know. (Eg. known by Factors and Factols, Shemeska the Marauder, Jeremo the Natterer)

Of course not every rumor has to have Darks or Darkest Darks (likewise, not every rumor has to have Darks or Darkest Darks that must be delineated at the same time the chant is heard). I'll start below!))

Posted by: Cadence Jun 23 2014, 04:09 AM
The Anonymous Android

The Chant: There is literally a walking set of explosives somewhere in the Cage ready to go off at any time.

The Dark: As part of some Doomguard's advancement rite, a construct was used to carry a payload of explosives to be detonated at a random time. The being is sentient. It's unclear whether the construct is aware or unaware of its...status.

The Darkest Dark: The construct has abilities akin to those of a doppleganger. It can take the form of others, which makes it exceedingly difficult to discern its location. The construct is unaware of its payload.

Posted by: Cadence Jun 28 2014, 06:36 PM
The Cage Assault:

The Dark: There will be

Posted by: Cadence Jun 29 2014, 10:39 PM

The Cage Assaulted

The Chant: Numerous areas in the Cage have been attacked via portal entry. Strange creatures that appear to be made of glowing-green dream material erupted and started to fight anyone in sight. Numerous defenders of Sigil - particularly Harmonium officers - have gone missing.

The Dark: These creatures may be from the Far Realm. They have the ability to possess others Additionally, they have been tricking numerous people into entering various dead-end portals and leaving them to rot, so much so that

The Darkest Dark: The Lady of Pain is expected to hold off invaders and she didn't. Is this just another example of the Lady's aloofness or is there something more serious going on with the Lady of Pain? No one delves far into this answer as terrible things tend to happen to people who investigate the Lady of Pain or her motives.

Factol Rhys has taken a hiatus to another Plane. When the most intuitive of all Factols leaves the city, it does not bode well for the other Factols.

Posted by: Taurus Daggerknight Oct 26 2014, 11:45 AM
Business as Usual

The Chant: Two individuals have been seen meeting fairly frequently as of the last couple of weeks at various high end cafe's and restaurants. One is a human male, and the other a half dragon male. Both are dressed in very expensive looking finery, and always accompanied by a large entourage of guards. These guards bear the faction colors of the Godsmen and Doomguard in almost equal measure.

The Dark: The human is Factor Heward Petrinor of the Godsmen. The half-Dragon is Kaleb Ashfel of the Doomguard. No one is sure about what exactly they have been discussing- as their respective guards ensure that no one gets too close- but the assumption is that its some sort of official business rather than social calls.

The Darkest Dark: The highest bidders in the information market would get an only half reliable tibit; the next meeting between the two is schedualed to be at The Peak, a very posh clubhouse and resort for the more well to do of Sigil located in the Clerks Ward. This place has become especially popular for such people to conduct business or simply unwind in since the series of battles and attacks in the Lady's Ward these last few months.

Posted by: 3l03 Oct 28 2014, 08:44 PM
Hive surprises once again

The Chant: It does! But not like before. I know what you're thinking: 'Trouble in Hive, well isn't that a surprise'. But I'm not selling you blek here! Chant is, it's been unusually nice in the Hive lately. Less theft, less fighting, even less disease. Bah! I heard they even share food and alike. They also tend to leave Hive more often. Well, one thing didn't change of course. The smell!

The Darker Chant: Oh, I know about them. It's true. Of course I still wouldn't go there with a pouch full of jinks, but it's a fact. Strangely nice in there, I've suspecting somebody's up to something. A few informants of mine mentioned to me there is an unusual... sympathy? Sense of solidarity, even among the Hivers.

The Darkest dark: Wha'? Ye' a clueless? Nay, neva' 'eard 'bout it'. Care ta refresh me mem'ry? I've summin, natin' concrete, but double rated. Have I eva' bobbed ya'? ....clink. clink. O, 'old on, I think I'm recallin summin. O' course tha's true, quippas, greensheht's, gleamin' pips, barmies, you name 'em! They bein' nice ta each otha' and it ain't no bobbin', me friend. It's tha' new cult, you see. Been' gettin' popula'. Ye' know 'ow them poor sods can be, aye? Give 'em bitta' 'ope and ye'll coerce 'am ta anythin. They don't ev'n keep that low a profile just not sharin' too much wit ye' high 'ups, ye kno'. But me' jesta's didn't manage ta find their 'eadquatas yet.

Posted by: 3l03 Oct 28 2014, 09:07 PM
The Assembly of Thieves

The Chant: -

The Darker Chant: Chant's all across the planes! If you know where to look for it. It's been said somewhere in the Undersigil there is supposed to take place a conference to which all the most talented and daring thieves of the 'verse are invited.

The Darkest Dark: Ah.. my favourite customer. This one's for free, cutter... passing it as a favour for a friend of mine. Mr V J Gozo is inviting some the most capable thieves of the 'Verse to his mansion in the Undersigil Village, to challenge them with, as he describes it, a glorious task. Bah! Says one who succeeds will be proclaimed the greatest thief in the multiverse. Reputation and good jinks, all a thief ever asked for. And the lawmakers? It's in the Undervillage... Hardheads won't go in there, and I imagine he has means of keeping peace among the guests. And before somebody could do anything to them, they would probably spread around the undeground faster than a pot of soup in the Hive. Oi, do me a favour. If you know anybody like that, daring like a barmy and sharp as abyssal bloodiron, pass it onto him.

Posted by: 3l03 Oct 29 2014, 09:05 PM
Them Nasty Hivers!

The Chant: So much for being nice! They crawled out and flooded the streets! Half the merchants had to pack up and leave because of these nasty Hivers! I mean, do they even bathe?! What are they thinking, roaming the Clerk's Ward, the Bazaar? Being aggressive? Good thing the Hardheads sorted it out before they started their rebellion or whatever that was!

The Darker Chant: Oh no, they still are nice. Just to each other. But it's true, they've been a bit of a bother. Riot? Nah, they're not rioting... my informants tell me, some fancy hat wearing berk have taunted them to this. You know how it is, cutter. Kick a dog few times and it will bite back eventually. Hardheads? Ha! Don't make me laugh. Two came by and ran calling for reinforcements. But they did not arrive until the Hivers were long gone, chasing this hatter to Undersigil. What happened then, is anyone's guess.

The Darkest Dark: Aa, so wha' if they messed 'round a tad? Nating curious 'bout tha', eh? 'Sides, wha' would I 'no 'bout 'Ivas? ..... clink.. Ahh.. 'old on.. I might be recall'n summin. I've git summin fa' ye', as usual. Me jestas say they wa' provoked by some wealthy basha', literally thrown' jink at 'em. But they didn' collect because their leada' forbade 'em. Aye, git this. They listin'd to their leada', 'n not even free jink made 'em stop. Still worken' on tha' puppeteeh's identity, though.

Posted by: Cristiel Nov 2 2014, 06:45 PM
The Chant:

For the few watchers, their numbers have been growing – teetering on the edge of concern. Walking corpses have always littered the streets of the Hive – but this is different. They seem to be appearing at a systematic rate – and no one is quite sure why.

Posted by: Cristiel Nov 2 2014, 10:44 PM
The Chant:

Rumor has it a whole residential block of the Hive vanished over night. Those that ask around the Hive seem quite dismissive the rumors surrounding the event -- but the fact remains: for now, there is now a section of the Hive, entirely abandoned.

While empty for now, it does not take long for the houses to be claimed by other Hivers, in the coming days.

Posted by: Lotus Dec 16 2014, 09:08 PM
The Chant: Word is, a rather unusual meeting took place among normally rather frivolous, and hence, hard to reach, Sensate Factors. Speculations ranging from irrevent and humorous to dark and twisted arose; the subject of the meeting was however tightly kept secret.

Posted by: Lotus Dec 22 2014, 09:11 PM
The Dark: Chant among Factotums of various Factions is, there may soon be a major reshuffling of the political power among factions. Sensates frequently come up in these discussions.

(( Available only to very high ranking members or factions named below, ie Factors, or Factotums with special interest in the case. Otherwise consider OOC unless learned IC ))
The Darkest Dark: Word is Godsmen and Mercykillers expressed their interest in tightening ties with the Sensates. The former is not all that surprising given a few shared grounds in the core phillosophy as well as the Believers' aspirations. The latter is neither given their recent divorce with the Fated.

Posted by: guantanamobayxx Jan 9 2015, 12:54 PM
The Chant: A night hag could be seen chatting up the two newest arrivals, Strifeleaders of Cyric, the Prince of Lies, guiding them toward the Hive, almost fawning over the two humans. Earlier and unrelated, in front of Khazeet's bar, a flaming, powerful Eryines seemed to burst forth from the brazier, intimidating an armored, half-baatezu woman and scaring the wits out of a human berk, before spreading her black wings and flying into the sky with a burst of hellfire.

Posted by: MimiFearthegn Jan 9 2015, 04:24 PM
The Chant

Some berks report that there's been a lot of messengers running back and forth between the prison and the barracks recently. Everyone says that someone they know (whose in the know) said that there's some sort of ongoing dispute between the Factols of the Mercykillers and the Harmonium.

Posted by: Valkyrie Jan 21 2015, 09:25 PM
The Chant: A large explosion rocked the grounds of the Gymnasium, only mere hours ago. Smaller tremors were felt in the area following the first blast. It is said to have originated from the Bathhouse, causing a cave in of rubble and debris that blocked the entrance and flooded the interior for a time. A few gathered at the scene to witness two half-drowned figures exiting the debris once it had been semi-cleared.

The Dark: A few gathered at the scene to witness two half-drowned figures exiting the debris once it had been semi-cleared; a blonde haired woman and a man in full armor and a winged helm. It is said the latter of the two seemed severely drained and that the group partook of some small discussion once it was deemed they were unharmed, the words "Giants" and "Undersigil" among those overheard.

Posted by: Valkyrie Feb 10 2015, 11:32 AM
The Chant: Some berks 'ave been sayin' a house in the Lady's Ward were broken into a cycle or two 'go. Said they 'eard a commotion, an' shrieking cries o' death. Now th'door lays scattered in pieces.

Posted by: Serena Mar 28 2015, 07:01 PM
The Chant: the enchantment and alchemy workshop in the Clerk Ward, owned by Rhistel Aidan, was completely bashed while the owner wasn't in.
Customers entering could have seen how everything had been shattered, and notice a bloody message on the floor, reading: "Your death shall be swift"

Posted by: Nimiane Mar 31 2015, 02:55 AM
The Chant: A shot rung out across the bazaar this cycle, a helmed man placing a flintlock pistol to his head and pulling the trigger. Amidst the blood-curdling scream of the woman by his side, medical specialists rushed to tend the man's life-threatening wound. The body, barely alive, was transferred from the area. The current condition of the man is unknown.

Posted by: Tomekk Mar 31 2015, 09:07 AM
The Darker Chant: Chant has it that the Fated's former-factor was last seen entering the Gatehouse, loudly arguing with himself as he did so; naturally, given his reputable strength, most Bleakers have had little interaction with him. His last act outside of the Bleaker facility was bullrushing his way through a Lower Ward Harmonium patrol.

Posted by: Mr_Otyugh Mar 31 2015, 06:49 PM
The Dark: Several people have gone missing, curiously enough they have not been the usual berks of slum-like nature. It has included even some of richer cutters, there's even a talk of possible rewards, theories go all the way from mass-murderer to something being wrong with a fairly recently opened elusive 'night-club' in the Hive Ward.

Posted by: Neerepha Apr 1 2015, 09:51 PM
((Scene was cancelled due to mutual agreement from both sides, so the Chant has no reason to exist))

Posted by: Orlitoq Apr 6 2015, 07:53 PM
The Chant:
Some bally berks 'round the Cage have been trying to get their mitts on special scrolls... Those same berks whisper that having those scrolls is having the right spell key on the wrong plane. I guess they must be; group tried gathering up as many as they could, and last I heard, one of them barmy berks had their idea-pot fly clean off! He's a deader now, and the group is... different...

Posted by: Miraie Apr 28 2015, 07:51 AM
It is said that those who leave the name and description of a vampire to B&J will be rewarded handsomely. People who ask more questions might find out that the reward is supposedly paid by a man with tattooed arms who reeks of alcohol.

((EM Lagwyrm stuff, yis. Please drop me a PM if any of your characters wish to expose vampires. Shenanigans will ensue.))

Posted by: Hydra Apr 28 2015, 06:14 PM
The rumor has spread, that a woman called Ash is looking for some serious bashers to deal with the recent cases of violence in the Hive.

((Feel free to send PMs or start a new topic if interested))

Posted by: Nerull Apr 29 2015, 08:11 AM
The Darker Chant: Word has it a name has been sent to B&J, of a Dustman named Kapaneus. Delivered by paid Courier.

The Darker Than Black Chant: Rumor has it the Vampire, a Harbinger of Nerull, has issued the Challenge himself.

Posted by: JanusAlldrone May 6 2015, 08:55 PM
A chant: there is a rumour of some rare thing proclaimed to be sold on black market.

A Darker chant: what makes it more valuable and specific more than usual illegal goods is that is rumored to be a holy relic. Not something a greybeard can make without blessing of Power.

The Darkest chant: curiously enough, this relic was supposed to be one of those returned to owners after it was stolen months ago from museum with other holy relics. It is not known who is the seller, but few things are revealed for good garnish. One is that it is a small jewel stone of some drow pantheon. Second is that current seller seems to have weird ideas about how to bid for it, as it seems he accepts any price, as long as it is interesting.

Posted by: The Resistance May 31 2015, 01:06 AM
The Chant: A sensory stone disappeared from the Festhall.
The Dark: A blue-skinned half-fiend seems to be the thief. He is known as The Boggart.
The Darkest Dark: Lately, he has been seen with Factor Rhistel Aidan of the Fated, who is also a wizard and achemist of great abilities.

Posted by: Iggwilv May 31 2015, 06:46 AM
The Chant: Scrolls of Mnemur have been acting erratically. Some people have reported feeling spells of dizziness, light headedness and nausea whilst using large numbers of them.

Posted by: EM Lyrium Jun 12 2015, 01:05 PM
The Chant: Drunken tavern rumors, unreliable at best, claim the werewolves of Karasuthra have been acting "barmy" as of late and planeswalkers are cautioned against travelling alone in such a place, or lingering over long.

Posted by: EM-Adimarchus Jul 3 2015, 05:02 PM
The Chant: Something's always stirring in the Abyss. Some fresh new plot, betrayal or feud between lords, or general mutiny in the Blood War is always brewing. Darkmongers have it that there's gonna be (yet another) war soon over a relatively obscure and (most importantly) unclaimed layer of the Abyss.

The Dark: For those who care enough and have the resources to dig into the matter, details are still scarce...but obtainable. Some Blood War deserters holed up in the Broken Reach report seeing larger than usual movements of Graz'zt's legions. Still others report that it is not multiple legions, but one specific segment of the Dark Prince's vast armies that is on the move, and not toward the battlefields of the Blood Rift.

Curiously, those in the know also point out that the House of Six Fingers has been undergoing extensive martial preparations of a kind not seen since the long-ago invasion of 'The Shaper'.

Posted by: Mander Jul 7 2015, 01:58 PM
The Chant: Many planewalkers have begun acting strangely in recent days, some mumbling with bloodshot eyes, others fighting to stay awake, a few refusing to be by themselves even for a moment. Some mention Scrolls of Mnemur, whatever those may be.

The Dark: Horrible visions and nightmares have begun to afflict those who carry the Scrolls of Mnemur; one well known adventurer was driven to madness and murder in trying to gather more of them to sate the gnawing need. Whatever force is in these artifacts seems to be growing more potent...

Posted by: Iggwilv Jul 14 2015, 07:51 AM
The Chant: Maradini Sarch, planeswalker and successful Merkhant is selling of his business and retiring. He is auctioning off some of his more exotic wares.

The Dark: Many of the great and good of Sigil will be there, and rumour has it that one of the items for sale has even attracted the attention of one of Sigil's Factols. No one is sure which one though.

Posted by: Ariella Jul 19 2015, 04:11 AM
The Chant: News spreads around sigil that the armory was apparently attacked earlier today. By who or what is currently unknown to those not part of the faction.

Posted by: Miraie Aug 24 2015, 06:37 AM
The Chant: There was a fire in the Hive Ward. A plenty of sods died, but these things happen. Nothing to worry about.

The Dark: The house was owned by some Sensate blood. A wizard. Wheat.. Wheat something. Yeah.

Posted by: Miraie Sep 5 2015, 02:31 PM
The Chant: A group of four very diverse berks raised some hell in the Bazaar. Who knows what they were up to. Money's on Xaosmen. There may or may not have been fire. William Hale, Notary I, is frustrated with the conflicting reports. Everyone knows. Even their neighbors know.

The Dark: A few berks whisper they did something good for once. Were the Godsmen involved? Someone saw one of the Hiromo boys near an explosion.

The Darkest Chant: The Xaositects are not the only ones raising hell. Maybe. Just between us, cutter.

The Harmonium Dark: The culprits were small.

The Anarchist Dark: Small? Two of them, sure.

The Mercykiller Dark: We lost one of our own there. A disruptive portal in front of the Prison.

The Xaositect Dark: I don't care about any of that, but some Godsman hin has been sniffing around in the Hive. Watch out. Why are the Godsmen moving on us? Why do they this? Are serious?

Posted by: EM Lyrium Sep 9 2015, 12:17 PM
The Chant: As the turning of the month occurs, attentive cutters to the merchant stock would notice the component faerie dust selling at an increased rate and quantity. The first few days see Layla almost completely sold out, though steadily restocked over the rest of the week. For whatever reason, it seemed to be a sought after necessity at present time.

The Dark: Beings of fey bloodline begin to feel a slight pull toward the beastlands, the whispered notion and an expressed desire stirred in their blood to venture into it's forest for the changing of seasons. A feeling easily ignored, yet present for the entirety of the first and second week.

Posted by: Alersia Sep 12 2015, 11:22 PM
The Chant: Something strange happened within the Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia. People speak of decapiated angels, blood-soaked flowers and that Mephistopheles himself invaded Celestia. All their portals have been shut down (for a brief time).

The Celestial Chant: Several Hezrous, Succubi and Strange Knights invaded Mount Celestia, killed many brave men and desecrated altars dedicated to Torm and Bahamut.

Further rumors tell that the demons came straight from the abyss and slaughtered furious their way towards the altars on which they decipated four archons. Half of the fiends have been slain, but over three dozen knights and mages fell in the process and one woman has been taken as captive before they made their way back.

One surviving knight tells, that this raid was caused by meddling humans in the abyss.

Posted by: Ariella Sep 20 2015, 02:28 PM
The Chant:A large increase of Harmonium guards set up in the Bazaar recently after a patrol done by the factions Factol. Reason for the increase has not been discussed with even the guards below a factor rank. Many Indeps are upset about this especially as they have been kept in the dark.

Posted by: WeWantOneOfOurOwn Sep 22 2015, 05:36 PM
Dead Contract

The Chant: Some affable Dustman namer, a young half-elf with silver hair, is offering double the usual jink for Dead Contracts somewhere in the hive.

The Dark: Berks who sign with that Duster tend to disappear quickly. Chant among those in the know in the hive holds that hired thugs and some collector are in on it.

((Hello SCOD, this is my RP hook for any players/DMs interested in RP with my new Dustman PC Tsorimir. Not sure how this flies with the Harmonium or even Dustmen of rank/Factol Skall's policies. I invite all manner of conflict and consequences. See you in game, maybe.))

Posted by: Ariella Sep 25 2015, 07:23 PM
The Chant: There are some rumors of a fiend resisting arrest and then attempting to assault the factol Sarin. Rumors spread that the factol turned him into a stain upon the floor, however those with a brain know its likely an exaggeration.

Posted by: Altair Sep 25 2015, 11:15 PM
A conflict between two cutters in the bazaar today turned sour when the increased presence or Harmonium guards took notice. Chant is though the Indeps were having none of it, and told the Harmonium to take their trouble elsewhere.

Posted by: Krayt Sep 26 2015, 02:15 AM
The Chant: The conflict that was prevented was overshadowed by an event soonafter where the same Cambion namely Cromwhrail of the Unbended Knee who were staying his blade on the first occation as he was wastly outnumbered involved in the first commotion started a fist-figth with no other than Factol Sarin himslef. The Abyssal priest was taken into custody after being knocked out with one blow of the Factol.

Certainly this bold action would attract the attention of the anarchists as it was quite a public spectacle of defiance.

In his cell the chanting of refusal to surrender was heard throughout the peak and through the anti-peak. The spirit of the half-fiend was burning as vigouros as ever despite his confinement.

Posted by: DigitalDragoon Oct 13 2015, 06:09 AM
The Chant: Some berks talk about Factotum Quinn of the Sensates being dragged to the Gatehouse late in the cycle after a particularly thick fog rolls in. Some suggest he was acting haunted by something shortly before hand, at least more so then normal.

Posted by: Ariella Oct 14 2015, 08:09 AM
The Chant Indeps are said to be hosting an auction at the end of the week with some amazing new items.

((( )))

Posted by: Serena Nov 5 2015, 01:53 PM
The Chant Appears like some high up of the Fated, Aidan something, is looking to invest in private business. Information on what kind of business he'd be looking for ain't specified, but... hey, should that be true maybe it's worth a try?
Given one is crazy enough to cut a money deal with a Taker, of course!

The Dark The chant seems to be true indeed, and it is also said Factor Aidan already put an investment in a business, a Law Firm apparently.
One may want to argue if that would count, though, as the Law Firm, the "Ba'alnior and Associates", is still Taker owned...
Nonetheless, the Factor never came across as one who liked to short-change people... still, he didn't seem one who liked to waste his time either.

((OOC note
What is this about? I am looking for players/groups of players who'd like to be helped in putting together some sort of "business" IG: shops, restaurants, swords for hire hub, slave trading center... anything really, I don't care!
What I am offering mechanically speaking (and provided that IG interaction is successful, of course), is to build the area for said player(s) and pay for it as well; only catch, must be a completely public area.
I will be taking only one of this, for now, not based on first come-first serve but mostly on how the IC interaction goes.

So, you like to roleplay, but the idea of grinding to get the necessary jink for that project of yours makes you want to scratch off your eyes? Me and my Fated are here for you. Use us at your own (IC) risk(?) laugh.gif

That's all, kay, bai.

Posted by: Serena Nov 14 2015, 02:32 PM
Apartments block in the Clerk Ward?

The Chant
Can't be missed by those walking the Cadence of the Planes Boulevard, as a building close to the Great Gymnasium has been undergoing a heavy renovation for the past cycles.
Chant talks about an apartment block, and given the speed at which the works proceed, they may be finished and ready to be put on the market very soon.

The Dark
The name Rhistel Aidan would pop again regarding this other property as well: seems in fact the halfblood Fated may be the new owner of this apartment block; this theory is also corroborated by the fact that the building company taking care of the works is in fact the Floud'n'Floud, already known to belong to the young Factor.

Posted by: Taurus Daggerknight Dec 14 2015, 10:37 PM
The Chant

A Mercykiller Justicar has been coming and going through the Bazaar every few days, often with specs of what appear to be salt caked over his shoulder armor and leathers. He doesn't linger for long lately, and is mostly seen speaking with the same individuals before leaving once more.
Occasionally he'll chat with someone else, speaking of some gathering in the Salt plane.

The Dark

The Justicar in question is Dace Andor. He's often seen speaking with Namael, Quinn, Altair and Vyse, as well as Cornelia and other planewalkers. The topic of discussion often seems to be about some preparations being made against a cult being led by a powerful being (rumor has it that its a Power!).

The Darkest Dark

The cult in question is that of Kakos Kruphai. There seems to be uncertainty as to what exactly he is, but the popular notion is that he's at least a Lesser power of some kind. Furthermore, there seems to be some direct links between him and the infamous Mnemur Scrolls.

Apparently it isn't just the Justicar rallying support from the Bazaar. Several Factions- including the Society of Sensation, the Harmonium, the Athar and even the Doomguard- are said to be involved in this effort. Specifics, however, are hard to come by without talking to their own factioneers.

Several non-factioneers in Sigil are also rumored to be a part of this. Whatever is brewing in the Salt Plane, its big...

Posted by: Altair Dec 21 2015, 06:15 PM
The Chant

The streets of the Cage are abuzz lately with a wide number of rumors regarding the recent excursion to the Plane of Salt, and the cult of Mnemur. A new submission to the Society of Sensations depicts the fall of the demigod Kakos Kruphai, leader of the cult of Mnemur.

The Dark
Berks in the know hear whispers that the scrolls of Mnemur have begun to develop... issues. Some report them crumbling to dust in their hands, some say that they have simply lost their power. Whatever the truth, the scrolls seem to have become rather dodgy and unreliable in last two or three cycles.

Posted by: MadJackValance Dec 29 2015, 08:22 PM
The Chant

A handful of accounts have surfaced of some masked maniac stirring up trouble in the Hive Ward. One berk at the B&J went on an angry, drunken rant about his little brother falling victim to the mysterious figure. One cutter said he'd heard a barmy vagrant prattling about seeing a masked man dressed in feathers, mumbling madly on about "Halcyon" and "The Kingfisher."

The Dark

Speculation abounds! One theory is that the marauder is a professional, hired by one of the rallying gangs in the Hive to disrupt a rival group. Some, usually branded naive, think it's just one barmy berk trying to do good, while more jaded folks posit that it's merely some psychopath running amok in the most lawless part of the city. Gossip prone sorts have even spun the narrative that it's likely a rich, bored adventurer from the Lady's Ward on some sick safari, hunting the destitute.

Posted by: coyotesage Jan 9 2016, 06:46 AM
The Chant
Over the course of three nights, three different bodies have been found in the Old Foul Spirits Inn in a state of extreme decomposition. They say each one was probably a male human and wearing a ratty old green coat.

The Dark
A man - a few would identify him as Ziguard Selten, the addled berk wizard - has been seen going into the Inn on the nights the corpses show up, but never coming out. It's anyone's best guess what the fool is up to this time...

The Darkest Dark
Tess knows.

Posted by: Biohazard89 Jan 10 2016, 09:20 PM
The Chant
The Harmonium flags at the barracks are seen hanging at half rise, and those familiar with such practice would know it is to signify loss and sorrow. Rumors state that the hardheads have suffered losses of some of their patrolmen.

The Dark
Some of the more Nosy Cutters and bashers in the cage that have been sniffing around the Bazaar and the Lady's Ward have heard from some of the namers that Three of the injured patrolmen from the ambush a few cycles ago are among the dead. Senior Notary Vale Reynolt is also mentioned among the deceased. they say he died from his injuries while on the operating table.

Posted by: Nimiane Jan 17 2016, 10:09 AM
The Darkest Dark:
Among demon-kind, for those whom might follow politics of the layers with the eyes of a hawk, there is only a whisper. An idea. A feeling. A layer has been claimed this day. Which and by whom remains a mystery, yet something has undeniably changed. Shifted. Ascended...

Doomguard, Believers of the Source:
Ongoing support for the campaign upon 507th layer Occipitus has been met with success.

Posted by: Ariella Jan 17 2016, 11:07 PM
The Chant: Charges against the indep Altair where dropped today as further evidence was brought forward linking a group of fey to the assault upon the harmonium officer Vale.

Posted by: Darker_Thought Jan 18 2016, 12:43 PM
The Chant:
Strange figueres dressed in red have started being seen around the Undersigil Village. It is not known where they have come from or why they are there but disapearances have started to happen al around Undersigil aswell as The Hive...No definate connection have been made to prove that these figueres are responsible as of yet...A selected few however refuse to go out at night anymore in fear of what walks their street at the darkest hour...

The Dark:
Many names circulate the information brokers of the Undersigil population of what this new group call themselves...The Bloodbrood...The Blooded Creed...The Blooded Lotus... Al names however seem to have one word in common...

The disapearances have had very few witnesses when the act has been committed however a few poor sods claim to have seen the kidnappings...They claim that the individuals in red merely hightend their hand with an inviting motion and the victim seemed to move by themselves towards them. Their expressions...filled with fear as their limbs moved by their own....

The Darkest Dark:
This group seem to dabble in dark magic forgotten to most... No evedental proof has yet to be given but a few vague sources claim they are preforming feats of Blood Magic...And the victims of the kidnappings are used to fuel their wicked rituals of blood and sacrifice...

Posted by: Miraie Jan 20 2016, 11:45 AM
The Chant:
Some folks, especially low and merchant class, appear especially apprehensive towards the Harmonium. There have been no major incidents yet, but the occasional patrol is bound to draw a mean glance or two.

The Dark:
Those in the know suspect the shift in attitudes has something to do with an influential Indep who was slighted recently.

Posted by: EM-Adimarchus Jan 29 2016, 02:55 AM
The Chant:

The cursed realm of Occipitus, vacant for the most part since the imprisonment of its erstwhile master Adimarchus, has a new master of sorts. The Test of the Smoking Eye, designed to select a new ruler in the event of Adimarchus' fall has been passed by an erstwhile Sigil native. Though the abyssal layer still plays host to many demons hostile to the former Factor Sixthfinger, and her control over the layer is tenuous or nonexistent at its periphery (and some confused reports even claim two rulers over the layer, called Lady Forge and Lady Source respectively), there is no denying that the power dynamic in Occipitus has shifted dramatically.

The Dark:

It is whispered that, while Occipitus itself is an abyssal backwater that few fiends of any power or importance have any interest in, the conquest of the layer may yet have wider repercussions in the tangled webs of intrigue that bind the abyss together.

Athux, son of the demon lord Graz'zt, suffered a humiliating military defeat, and his attempt to take the layer for his own domain were thwarted by mercenaries from the Cage, Doomguards, Godsmen, and Maelfina's own forces. While this will certainly check Athux's ambitions for the nonce, especially as this campaign was undertaken without his father's support, it is less clear how the Prince of Darkness himself will act now that his errant son has been put in his place...especially considering that Maelfina is a relatively well-known (Cage-side anyway) descendant of the Prince.

Posted by: Biohazard89 Jan 30 2016, 11:48 PM
The Chant: Influxes of Wood and other building materias is seen going towards the barracks at odd hours during each cycle. Theres even been rumors about some sort of Construction Project being carried out inside the barracks.

The Dark:
Among the various influxes of matierlas, is also a Godsmen Delivery team, carrying some rather armored looking crates. Most likely weapons of some kind is what is speculated amongst the cutters and bashers on the streets. Some even heard the mention of Cold iron and Silver specialist weaponry.

Posted by: Devil's Elysium Feb 29 2016, 03:50 AM
The Chant: A half-blind coat elf has been seen at both Citadel Exhalus and Citadel Alluvius within the past ten cycles, with increasing regularity.

The Questionable Chant: The coat has taken another host. The original has been stored at Abigail's for safe keeping.

The Dark: Whatever he's doing has nothing to do with Doomguard business nor old allies. You want the truth, berk? Keep in mind the Rule of Threes.

Posted by: EM-Adimarchus Apr 1 2016, 04:53 PM
The Chant: Whispers have been bubbling up from the usual scum haunts, ale sinks and hive bub-houses that a very rich blood has been quietly (but not too quietly) seeking out apple-chasers and ne'er do wells looking to make a LOT of jink on a dubious and dangerous job outside the Cage.

Those interested are instructed to meet a go-between at Quake's Place for an 'audition' of sorts.

The Dark: Some speculate that a prison-break of sorts is being planned. The questions of 'where' and 'who' are darker than dark though, as the blood organizing the affair has been consistently mum on the matter.

Posted by: EM Slimy Doom Apr 8 2016, 12:16 PM
The Chant: Word spreads about a novel that arrived in place of a famous storyteller. Purportedly, it was supposed to be the seventh book in the series Adventures of Thanius Havendil. The man is known to be a whimsical rogue with no small degree of skill from previous novels, although the sixth volume was supposed to be the last in the series.

The Dark: Those nearby at the time would tell tales of a number of planeswalkers getting dragged inside the book, and then appearing on the cover alongside the titular figure, as well as inside of the story. The book seems to have either vanished or been claimed by one of the nearby bodies.

The Darkest Dark: Those with access to the book would see that it now appears to be complete, instead of the bare few chapters it began with. The book seems to end on a happy ending, although the epilogue hints that Sharleth still smoulders from the wrong inflicted upon her by Thanius. Those who had vanished inside of the book are described as walking successfully into a rising sunset, away from the now restored town of Glendale. Thanius Havendil is confronted by a shadowy figure, who slays him when he is unaware. Though restored, the townsfolk don't have quite the heads for business that Thanius did, although they also no longer have him embezzling town funding. It seems the town's future hangs uncertain.

Posted by: b00seven Apr 9 2016, 11:32 PM
The Chant Shortly after dinner one recent cycle, bells started ringing throughout the Hive ward, coming from the Gatehouse, for about 20 minutes or so. Seems some alarms had been sprung. Rumors start to circulate.

The Dark Bleakers tell the tale among their inner circles of a high security patient from the ward of the Criminally Insane having escaped. An emergency response unit supposedly subdued the criminal... er patient... and returned it to its cell... er... housing unit.

The Darkest Dark You would have had to have been there berk!

Posted by: b00seven Apr 12 2016, 01:38 PM
The Chant

On this day, halflings throughout the city can be seen lazily lounging around the clerk ward... perhaps not too uncommon a sight.

However, a new fashion trend appears to be catching on among them. Most if not all of the lazy halflings now wear a fairly prominent half moon indention bruise upon their foreheads.

The Dark

Various rumors begin circulating that the halflings have started a moon cult. Sinkers try to convince others that it is a sign of the deterioration of the multiverse.

The Darkest Dark

If asked, and not lying to cover up the truth out of embarrassment, a halfling may admit to having passed out into his mug the night before.

Posted by: Altair Apr 20 2016, 04:10 AM
The Chant: Rumor has it that the Indep known as Altair is undergoing extreme surgery at the House of Healing for his health, expected to last several weeks.

Posted by: Taihou May 15 2016, 06:35 PM
The Chant: A cleanly severed head on pike, clad in standard, but blood-stained Doomguard helmet appears in front off Armoury.

The Dark: Rumour spreads, that there was a battle in Undersigil Village between Harmonium and Mercykillers from one side, and Doomguard from another and the head was probably taken there.

Darkest Dark: Harmonium notary Nica ordered WHAT to be done with corpses??? O_o

Posted by: Mick64 May 15 2016, 07:14 PM
The Chant: There was a rather large brawl in the bazaar just outside of Khazeet's. People report a rather sizable crowd forming to observe a fight between a large blue Slaad, a werewolf and a few humanoids. Details of why the fight started are fuzzy, but the evidence is there. Some of the stones have been shattered, and multiple kinds of bloods stain them at a few places. People also report seeing the bright flash of spells being thrown out, as well as a flying werewolf.

The Dark: A few other people say they saw the same slaad just a few minutes latter battling an invisible force across the alleys of the Clerk's ward. The exact outcome of the battle is unknown, but from the long, winding trail of blood and flesh it seems both parties where at least seriously injured.

Posted by: Altair May 28 2016, 02:00 AM
The Chant: A notable Indep seems to have disappeared from his normal post at the Bazaar as of evening this cycle. Last seen headed for the Clerk's ward, apparently the trail goes cold.

The Dark: Apparently he hasn't been seen at home either.

Posted by: Taihou Jun 11 2016, 07:05 PM
The Chant: Colonel Araki, who had been living at Foul Olde Spirit Inn, had checked out. He also seems to nay to be seen in Market Ward.

The Dark: In extremely rare occassions he may be seen in Market Ward actually. Just veeeery rare and to veeery attentive person.

Posted by: DigitalDragoon Jun 13 2016, 05:20 PM
The Chant: Someone was seen been carried into the Festhall last cycle, covered in blood.

The Dark: It is rumored to have been one of the factors. There are whispers of a factionless having been involved with the grave injury.

The Darkest Dark: Quinn had not been seen around the festhall recently.

Posted by: Nimiane Jun 14 2016, 02:48 PM
Scrawled upon yellowed parchment and bearing the official wax seal of The Reforged Blade Mercenaries, a public notice is swift in it's distribution throughout the City of Doors. Notice boards, lampposts - even the Taigh's own front door - each bear statement written in the scrawl of leadership's feminine hand.


Let it be hereby known;

To attack a Brother or Sister of the Blades is to strike against the Taigh itself.
Consequence will follow for those whom deign to ignore this warning.

user posted image
Ann an sìth, chaithris.

Posted by: Hydra Jun 14 2016, 08:40 PM
Soon after the bounties were published in the Sigis a cutter would have mentioned having in her possession the heart of Araki Yasuyo and Argent as well as the pierced heart of Hindel Ipswich. The said cutter is waiting in the bottle and jug to collect the pay.

((PS. Contact me in PM or ingame))

Posted by: CaCO3 Jun 15 2016, 10:26 PM
The Chant:

A series of small booms, spaced several minutes apart, were heard from the deepest portions of the Slags. The last one was biggest of all, before things went quiet.

The Dark:

A man with a red bandana was seen loitering about shortly before the commotion.

Posted by: WhenWizardsWar Jun 16 2016, 01:35 PM
The Chant: Did you hear about that Red Wizard lady? The one wot with the tower in the lady's ward? I hear she ain't red no more but blue!.

The Dark: Yeah, did you also hear that people are saying she ain't worth as much as she used ta be? I hear, something happened to her swags outside of the cage.

The Darkest Dark: Yeah well I heard, shes got a spot in the deadbook reserved for her if she ever goes near that soddin nation of power hungry wizards.

Posted by: Biohazard89 Jun 18 2016, 08:51 PM
The Chant: Every night a block in the Hive ward hears a Knock in their door but when they open the doors no one is there, all the find is a Basket of bread, dried meat, a Pitcher of Lager and Two Small Tokens on their doorsteps. Each night it is a different block than the night before.

The Dark It is a Grey and White armored figure that is seen wandering the streets, placing the baskets, and then Tokens are those of a Small Red painted Wooden knigth Chess piece, and the other is a small ingraved wooden plate saying ''Every soul deserves harmony''

The Darkest Dark The Armored Figure is clad in markings a bit similiar to that of the harmonium but not quite the same.

Posted by: Biohazard89 Jun 21 2016, 04:35 PM
The Chant: Recently there have been several grusome beatings in the hive. More so then usual, even some killings as some people state. Though oddly enough there are no ''commoners''among the victims.

The Dark: Several local bad elements have gones missing over the last couple of days. only to appear beaten to a bloody pulp and left in the middle of the streets for all to see come morning. Some of the locals speak of horrified screams down the alleys at night, frightende tales from ruffiens in the taverns about someone called the Grey Knight.

The Darkest Dark: To the Locals they would have seen the figure before, leaving baskets of food and drink at the doorsteps of houses. The Nightly deliveries still occur. Every night. exactly an hour after midnight. One block each night always a different one each night. And after his deliveries were completed, he would simply wander off into the smoggy fog that seeps from the lowerward every night. Often but not always folowed by the screams of the wicked and the corrupt. Bandits, Thugs. Thieves, Burglars and the hands that holds the jinksskirts leashes.

Posted by: b00seven Jun 28 2016, 09:57 PM
The Chant For a little more than an hour or so, all psions in sigil lost their power... or maybe they didn't. Some might have been sleeping and didn't notice, it may just be a rumor.

The Dark A large number of signers appears to have gathered in the Hall of Speaker. They barred entry and did... whatever signers do when they gather in large numbers.

Bleaker in the gatehouse may have been aware that an alarm sounded, and there was some disturbance in the ward for the criminally insane.

The Darkest Dark Someone's been scheming.

((Some players seemed upset at events in sigil taking their psion powers away... even very very temporarily. They are back, this was a cookie for the rest of the server in attempts to involve them into larger ongoing events. I wouldn't do anything to permanently mess up anyone's characters. Anyway, i know how sensitive people can get over such trivial things in games, so if you want to be the one psion in the city who was inexplicably immune from this very brief psion drain -which ****SPOILER ALERT****, OOC info was orchistrated to suppress the powers of a psion much stronger than any of you are allowed to be - you have my blessing)).

Posted by: Mr_Otyugh Jun 28 2016, 10:24 PM
((Part of the issue was really that people really didn't get involved, they just lost power and... well that's that. Then they got it back. They weren't really involved. This seemed like an event made for few, so "involving everyone" when really only giving attention to few may be ill-advised in the future. But cool, I get what you wanted to achieve, it's just probably not the best idea for a server environment. What it gives out is "Here's a cool event, but sorry you can't participate. Also you can't do <thing> either. But now you can again!" Anyway, no sweat, what's done is done. But in future probably best to just involve in private events only the people invited rather than everyone. wink.gif ))

Posted by: Lucadia Jun 28 2016, 11:28 PM
The veil of the cloaking device that concealed the second spelljammer is down. What was once appeared in illusion as a house by the Brux portal reveals the Nascent Ormralest. Elven ship with long leafy sails. Several beacons across various points flicker betwween orange and red. Even sound of it roaring to life for a moment before everything went still again

user posted image

Posted by: b00seven Jun 29 2016, 02:42 PM
QUOTE (b00seven @ Jun 28 2016, 09:57 PM)
The Chant For a little more than an hour or so, all psions in sigil lost their power... or maybe they didn't. Some might have been sleeping and didn't notice, it may just be a rumor.

The Dark A large number of signers appears to have gathered in the Hall of Speaker. They barred entry and did... whatever signers do when they gather in large numbers.

Bleaker in the gatehouse may have been aware that an alarm sounded, and there was some disturbance in the ward for the criminally insane.

The Darkest Dark Someone's been scheming.

((Some players seemed upset at events in sigil taking their psion powers away... even very very temporarily. They are back, this was a cookie for the rest of the server in attempts to involve them into larger ongoing events. I wouldn't do anything to permanently mess up anyone's characters. Anyway, i know how sensitive people can get over such trivial things in games, so if you want to be the one psion in the city who was inexplicably immune from this very brief psion drain -which ****SPOILER ALERT****, OOC info was orchistrated to suppress the powers of a psion much stronger than any of you are allowed to be - you have my blessing)).

(((just want to edit this real quick as I wrote it a bit hastily last night after the event just to try to address anyone who was unhappy with it. Consider the following in addition))).

The Chant Several psions deny having had their power effected. While the overwhelming majority appear to have been affected by some strange power, whatever it was was unstable and several psions were not effected by it (if you want your player to have opted out, feel free to consider your character as having been one of these). Regardless, a trepidation spreads among the psion community at the prospect that their powers could be muted in such a dangerous city.

The Dark (OOC for most, IC if you are in the following factions) A large gathering of Signers met in the Hall of Speakers to pool their ability to influence reality in a 'Think Tank' initiative. The extend of their machinations appear to have affected much of the city, and most of the psions within it, enough to stir a potential ruckus. One can only wonder the purpose of their efforts, and whether or not it was met. ((as a faction, they would likely sneer at independent inquiries, but if anyone wants to try to leverage their faction to pry, I think they should, contact your faction dm and see if he wants to play too. Or not, events -ongoing- will otherwise fade)).

Several Bleakers hear rumors within the gatehouse of yet another breakin and disturbance, in the criminally insane ward nonetheless. There are tales told of a particularly dangerous patient needing to receive aid from specially crafted medical golems.

The Darkest Dark The true motivations for these strange events are open to speculation ((and RP for anyone who wants to pursue things further)).

((anyway, apologies for anyone offended. Indeed everyone should have the right to opt out of any EM's/DM's events. If you want to have been so, work with the above, or play along. Up to you... all in good fun and all wink.gif ))

Posted by: Serena Jul 8 2016, 07:21 AM
The Chant
More than a week passed, but now it is clear to anyone paying due attention: the apathy and tiredness that somehow seemed to be spreading through all the Wards of the Cage for the last months, along with the inexplicable suicides seem to have finally stopped altogether.
Whatever the reason, everything is back to "normal" in the City of Doors...

Posted by: Hydra Jul 17 2016, 12:41 AM
The chant
Rumors from the Gatehouse said that some of the patients and orphans had the occasion to taste some nice salmon en croûte, smoked zucchini kabob and a few vol-au-vents last night due to the intervention of a charitable soul.

Posted by: fuzzylogic Jul 20 2016, 12:49 AM
The Chant : There is a new drug being sold in the Hive called Blue Crush.

The Dark: The drug is being sold by a new street gang in the Hive called the Romper Room Gang, lead by an erinyes.

The Darkest Dark: No one knows where the gang came from, but they are well equipped and disciplined. They've already driven out, killed, a gang that was operating in a warehouse in the Hive. Some say they have connections to the illusive Syndicate and is enjoying not only it's protection but also it's armory.

Posted by: WhenWizardsWar Jul 23 2016, 04:39 PM
The Chant: Hey! Guess wot I heard? I heard that the flamin bar tender khazeet's been arrested for murder! I hear he killed dozens of people! Even poisoned someone right in his own bar! Deadbooked her!.

The Dark:Your daft, I heard he was forced to do it! Someone bribed the efreet to murder the woman!

The Darkest Dark:Your all wrong, I was there and I tell you, he was revealed as the Mimir Killer!.

Posted by: Scintilla Jul 31 2016, 02:27 AM
The Chant: "Harmonium caught wind of that Lich earlier in the cycle, chased him through tha wards all the way to one of tha portals in tha Lower. Were pretty smoggy, couldn't see much, but they were swarmin' all over, them lobsters. Set up barricades an' everything. I think one of them was a Measure. That's what I heard. I think."

The Dark: "Apparently this 'Vizier' berk has two accomplices. Tha Lobbies put out arrest warrants on them too, if they ever show their faces again. Be right stupid to trounce about tha Cage at this point. Some tentacled mindfucker an' his bald friend. I heard they got one of them, though! This one quipper swore he saw tha bald one in cuffs bein' dragged to tha Barracks."

Posted by: Scintilla Aug 7 2016, 03:16 AM
The Chant: Earlier in the cycle, the Clerk's Ward echoed with the roar to life of two Spelljammer. Melethkanara, a plant-like vessel, shed deceptive cloak to take to the skies from somewhere in the streets. The Siren's Song, recognized by it's more 'traditional' shape, pulled away from the upper loading dock shortly after and moved to follow. Both ships rose slowly before disappearing from sight, and are absent for several cycles to come.

Posted by: Darker_Thought Sep 6 2016, 01:06 PM
The Undersigil:

The Chant - common rumours

The Dark - What well connected information brokers/Factols would know

The Darkest Dark - What The Lady & The Golden Lords would know.

The chant: Somone be putting up drawings on the backside of some houses around the village painted in blood...The first I heard old man Santo got his house marked...Ye know the slaver merchant...He hired guards he did...Though it didn't seem to matter much...I heard something happend within his house...Something violent....Haven't seen him since...

The dark: They said dark figueres in red robes entered his house that nigh....Yes there was a fight...A few witnesses even... The Doorway once wodden bleak now stained with blood. Guards laid dead...I dunno how they died...Not that they cared to much to investigate...But I heard the guards had no outer wounds...The Blood seemed to have poured out of their bodies from within... Nasty business that....And Old Man Santo wasn't to be found. Nothing was taken exept the old man himself... Seems they were after him and him only leaving his gold behind for the scavangers *Smirks*

The darkest dark: Red hooves hm? The Blooded Lotus is rendering again... I wonder what they be up to this time...And that old fool that was taken...He won't return...or if he do...He won't be what he was. As I heard it... None leaves the Lair of The Blooded Lotus...

Oh also...I did hear one of the witnesses...He did die shortly of the internal wounds he suffered...Cought in the crossfire...The fool... Last he said be be rambling something of... "Robes of blood...wings black as nigh...not...human...*Smirks*

Posted by: Taihou Oct 11 2016, 09:44 PM
The Chant
In Sigil, rumours are beginning to circulate about tremendous increase of people going missing. It also is sayed, that it mostly happens to those, who have need to go outside Sigil.

The Dark
Statistics, if anyone would bother themselves with gathering such, shows indeed drastic increase of people vanishing from everyday life. One scrupulous enough would probably also notice, that most vanishing people are of questionable reputation, or controversial in accordance to certain views. Amongst factions, they tend to belong to Fated, Sign of One or Society of Sensation factions.

The Darkest Darkest Dark
Did someone mention someone starting a vivisection campaign?!

Posted by: EM-Adimarchus Oct 15 2016, 08:15 PM
The Chant: News has spread from the Undersigil Village that a seemingly spontaneous outbreak of vicious cannibalism caused scores of deaths last cycle. The villagers all seem very subdued as parents mourn half-devoured children and neighbors quietly bury their last meals, all seeking answers and precious few finding anything.

The Dark A select few who witnessed the outbreak report the presence of Yugoloth raiders during the incident. Still others note that a large number of villagers are not dead, but missing entirely.

With an open portal to the Gray Wastes in town, the village is understandably on edge at the present time, and violence against 'loth bloods is up considerably in the area.

Posted by: Taihou Oct 30 2016, 02:15 PM
The Chant
In Lower ward series of strong explosions were heared from proximity of Laboratory.

The Dark
Did someone mention explosives brewing contest between gnome running the lab and some foreign noble?

The Darkest Dark
"Know what, His Imperial Highness, Grand Prince Ikazuchi makes excellent amotol! Gnome Mazey, who runs the lab was totally humiliated, when his production produced 10% less impact energy! For a gnome it was shameful display!"

Posted by: rapsam2003 Oct 30 2016, 11:28 PM
The Chant
A winter Fey Hunter attacked Morthos and several others in the Bazaar.

The Dark
The Hunter was after Morthos. Those who stuck around had an opportunity to see the "Raven" mark that a Fey branded on his arm.

The Darkest Dark
Morthos had an agreement with the Fey servant of Vexen that, if he survived a fortnight of the Hunter's attacks, Vexen would meet with him. This was the last hunter, and the fortnight has ended.

Posted by: edmaster44 Nov 3 2016, 11:04 PM
The Chant Rumour is there's a man in the Hive ward looking for a group of individuals with a specific set of skills in 'locksmithing' He needs help in Removing a stubborn lock

The Dark Word on the streets? This guy is a pro himself, rarely seen and never caught they say he has a Mechanical eye and a Bundle of special arrows, one of them can shoot rope..?
The Darkest 'Oi ye heard one of Varrent got himself locked up? Oi they say it's on some Planar Prison, but who knows? eh? He isn't going to see the smog in Sigil for much longer cutters'

Posted by: edmaster44 Nov 6 2016, 04:59 PM
The Chant"Ye heard, there's been some Inner Turmoil Among the Signers, wonder what's going on.."
The Dark'eh funny ye mention that oi heard it's among the Namer's, Strange huh? but they are a strange bunch after all..'

Posted by: edmaster44 Nov 27 2016, 02:03 AM
The Chant"Oi Cutter, ye heard the Chant about them Signers? They say a circle of five gathered in the Undersigil near that Portal, nothing good can come from that"

The Dark"Oh yeah? I heard some figure was walking around them gazing at them raising a black fist in the air then walking into that portal, this be strange times indeed, but eh, Sigil always been strange cutter."

Posted by: Demise45 Nov 30 2016, 03:48 PM
Chant : Several lifeless husks have been discovered in the Hive Ward recently, nothing new in those parts except for the lack of any visible injury aside from the rictus smile that adorns each victims face.

Posted by: Darker_Thought Dec 25 2016, 12:13 PM
The Chant
There seem to be some commotion in the Lady's Ward. A larger number of construction workers are running in and out of Lady V'xtre's home. A blank sign has also been set up outside. Rumours has it that the "Planar Emporium Shop" she has worked for several years to plan out is now in the making.

Since the door is to smal for the construction machines they are being teleported inside by a teleportation circle outside...Strangely enough the machines are quite large...How they ever would fit inside the house is a mystery....

The Dark
It's a shop alright. Rumours has it that it is to have a new unique design of likes rarely seen before. At the darkest hour of the peak they are transporting large objects covered in black cloth inside the telerportation circles which disapears inside the house....One can only speculate what it might be...and with the heavy must be valueable....

The Darkest Dark
The workers seem to have been carefully selected...Only those with close ties to the Kith S' jet merchants organisation....lots of security and secrecy suround the ones going in and out of the house. Must be somethingmore than just the goods they are protecting...Whatever is within this house its owner seem keen to keep uninvited eyes out....

Posted by: Taihou Dec 26 2016, 02:41 AM
The Chant
Oi, cutters! Noticed some strange groups of bashers moving around in Clerk's ward? Seen them carrying some heavy loads of stuff to somewhere near the ol' Ulbart's house... They look too suspicious...

The Dark
Tssk... I think, I had seen behind the tarpaulin cover some bit of actual cargo crates , those bloods were carrying... if I know the mark, I have seen there right, those are high explosives...

Posted by: Darker_Thought Jan 11 2017, 07:36 AM
The Chant
Rumours of a new store opening up heeds the streets. A Planar Emporium in The Lady's Ward of unique design with wonders rarely seen throughout the planes on display for the right buyer...

The store has been set up with it´s entrance at Lady V'xtre's home.

The Dark
It is said that when the store has closed strange whiskers and sounds eminate from the store at times. Faint arcane pulses of magical energy, can for the skilled practitioner of the art who knows how to listen be heard...

The Darkest Dark
It's proberly Lady V'xtre's "other" business meetings...Spawning the "Interplanar trade circle" set up within. Making audiance with strange creatures of the beyond in the name of trade... What is traded however during these sessions...Only Her Serenity knows...

Posted by: RavenousB Jan 11 2017, 08:18 PM

Those in the know may hear rumor that Abbie 'abs' Engleraven and Dax Grayson have officially renounced any loose ties they may or may not have had to the Eclipse Court. Any plots they may or may not have been involved with are rumored to be tied to the renounced organization in question

Posted by: Scintilla Feb 10 2017, 04:53 AM

As of late, a young girl in tattered clothing and her pet 'dog' have been seen around the deconstructed Bazaar. Going by the tag 'Emily', her animal companion is a curious sight - it resembles a black puma with a pair of powerful black tentacles sprouting from its shoulders, and two additional forelimbs. Occasionally, she is seen carrying a small angel-like doll in her grubby arms.

Posted by: Scintilla Apr 6 2017, 10:12 AM

With the return of trade and atmosphere to the newly rebuilt bazaar, the familiar faces of the human girl Emily and Max, the 'pet' displacer beast, have returned anew; the two appearing as inseparable as ever. Much of their time in the marketplace is spent talking with planeswalkers and playing with a small, red ball. Despite the protective nature of the beast, the girl is noted as being eager for interaction with a sense of wonder only the young might muster.

Posted by: edmaster44 Apr 6 2017, 03:56 PM
The Chant:
"Oi, ye heard the latest chant buzzing around Cirphers? They say in the Lower Wards there was a bunch of strange mists, and the sound of a Child Crying Mommy"
The Dark:
"Oh yeah? well Oi also heard from a dusty there was a bunch of severed limbs and some corpses, inside a house full of mist, what ever happened in there, i sure know the dusties and Hard heads sure have their hands full now.....

Posted by: Scintilla Apr 19 2017, 11:31 PM
The Dark:

A messenger arrived at the Armory, escorted by a few Mercykiller guards. Chant has it, a letter "for Pentar's eyes only" was presented on behalf of the Red Death's Factol Nilesia. The delivery is said to have been completed swiftly and without incident, but any cutter worth his salt knows the likelihood of a brewing storm is on the horizon.

Posted by: Ariella Apr 24 2017, 08:28 PM
The Chant:
Rumors spread of an old man teleporting around Sigil challenging people into games. Starting with a riddle contest between team Wild side, Bazaar and Melethkanara. Following that he challenged a group of planeswalkers to a race through a maze. The first contest ended with team Wild Side claiming first place, While the second ended with Evageline, Danae and Alvin winning. At the end of each he informs people around the Bazaar that there is a grand prize, to the first one who works out his name. Chances to learn clues to the mans identity can be found in his mini games which come with both rewards and punishments.

Posted by: DaftyXIII Apr 28 2017, 03:01 AM
Entropy through manipulation

The Chant:
a new Sinker vampire female put in a SIGIS artical for her own reasons unrealted to the doomguard with claims, that she was lead all to be true. now she's labeled a anarchist.

The Dark:
whats more fun than watching the truth exposed and one by one, all fall to entropy? Now being feared by many to the point labeled a anarchist by a number of folks. what are they hiding?

Posted by: DaftyXIII Apr 30 2017, 06:06 PM
Chaos at the Bazaar

The Chant :
A vampire Doomguard Accelarationist walks along side another Faction member to the Bazaar. The other only would sing and praise the Vampire Accelarationist of what she accomplished by officially passing "the three". the other would try to be chased out by one other individual, so the Vampire Accelarationist would defend the other with only words exchanged no hostility from the Doomguard was made to others, but others too the Doomguard.
The crowd grew restless and more and more joined into trying to push them out, they where desperate. . . even the law to the point of breaking what they so hold dear. False accusations flew left and right.

The Dark :
Its amazing what can be done with only words isn't it? especially when its the truth said . . .

The Darkest Dark :
Ruby the Doomguard Accelarationist, was arrested by the Mercykillers and the Harmonium over charges of inciting a riot and using 'mind magic'. No mind magic was used by the vampire or her companion.

Posted by: Bloodlines May 1 2017, 05:49 PM
The Chant

Today, the body of a beggar was found on one of the terraces of the Clerk’s Ward. The beggar, given the nickname Mutt by some of the locals, was stabbed through the chin by a long, rudimentary knife. A few witnesses say that they saw the same beggar running in a panic earlier that day, as if in a flight for his life.

Other witnesses mention a woman as the last person Mutt had been speaking to, and later accounts connect the same woman, who looked visibly shaken, leaving the nearby area of where the body was found.

Further details will require investigation.

The Dark Chant

The beggar had only arrived in Sigil recently and had been muttering something about a person named Annabelle.

Some witnesses describe the woman as having short dark hair and dressed in red.

((Feel free to contact me. This is a player-started thing so no current EM/DM involved. If one is interested, please message me, preferably in game. Feel free to post an IC response here or we can do this in game. I'm CST.))

Posted by: Am Not Here May 4 2017, 12:58 AM
chaos at the bazar

the other chant : it is also rumored the music of the doomguard bard caused pain and discomfort to the listeners, and that at most only some of the presents, whichever their affiliation was, were distressed. The others merely tried to keep things from blowing (not too much at least) and overally didn't care about the preaching excuse. after a time of arguing the two sides dispersed without any real damage to things or people.

the doomies were seen grouping in bazar again after that first ruckus, doing their show. most cutters seemed to not give a care, so long they just rambled their talks away from personal space

the other dark : word also is as the arguements continued it seems one of the doomguards, rruby's companion maybe?, approached an annoyed angry mercenary close up , when the basher's expression dulled out, until another cutter whom was standing between the basher and the doomguard, brought the merc back out of that temporary stupor in some manner.

later on those same doomies and a few others were again seen sticking around a distressed planeswalker until some of the same people who confronted them earlier eased that person out of the situation

some slogan made by the doomies seemed to address their faction as a faction of peace. though someone would argue it was ''faction of piss'' instead

the other darkest dark those more attentive might have heard that cutter, a winged halfling, reprimanded that vampire doomie for mental domination after she got close and touched that merc, and the hin in question using mind blank to free him from obeying before any damages. besides, is also voiced the vampire doing that also openly ordered the dominated merc to destroy whisper's stall

Posted by: DaftyXIII May 5 2017, 03:56 AM
Truths be told, Lies weaved, and Conspiracies made

The Chant
Several cycles ago a vampire released a SIGIS article, lead to be a Conspiracy. From there chaos unfolded, and madness takes its toll on the Vampire.

The Dark
The SIGIS was planed to make all other plans cease and new ones made, but like all Conspiracies they hold a grain of truth. It’s found out that the drow Ryuthiiri would have Kaltia assassinated. This truth was discovered many cycles ago, and told by another many cycles later. No one single person knows the real Dark, nor will they ever. It's lead to be believed Ryuthiiri would have Kaltia dead for all the deaths of the doppelganger associated with Kaltia. Even Ryuthiiri doesn't know the real dark, but acts upon it all the same. . .

The Darkest Dark
Altiar is a victim of Kaltia’s doings, and Kaltia a victim of a Sensate raksasha, as are many from past events and more to come. . . Overall, as the SIGIS was made to lead other to believe "no one is as innocent as they seem"! This is the only truth that everyone knows, or should know by now. If Kaltia is assassinated, the madness won’t stop there! It'll only encourage more. This "performance" is soon to come to a close it would seem, if this Darkest Dark is the real Dark.

Posted by: edmaster44 May 10 2017, 12:19 AM
The Chant
"Oi cutter, heard about those Fire Ones? eh what's the name? Efreets? Yeah that! Apparently this one is hosting some sort of big game hunting event, That is gonna take place in ..Karasuthra? Apparently, there is gonna be some huge reward too!


A count down for when it is going to start, On Thursday 2EST.

Posted by: Tingly May 15 2017, 07:24 PM
The Chant
Sections of the goblinoid tribes in the Undersigil have renounced their faith in Maglubiyet and joined together, carving themselves an area of the Undersigil to themselves.

The Dark
This burgeoning new tribe of goblinoids seem mightier than one might expect, wielding abyssal power and summoning Tanar'ri to their aid.

The Darkest Dark
The humble beetle merchant of the Great Bazaar has some sort of connection to these goblins.

((Feel free to contact me if you want to investigate or otherwise act upon this chant.))

Posted by: Tingly May 24 2017, 07:46 PM
The Chant

A demonically influenced tribe of goblinoids has seen a steady expansion of influence within Undersigil. Emissaries of theirs have begun to come out into Sigil proper; specifically the Hive, where they seek out other goblins and tempt them into joining the tribe with sweeping promises of great power.

((Feel free to PM me if you want to act on this chant.))

Posted by: Tingly May 25 2017, 12:20 AM
The Chant

The demonically influenced goblinoids have come to an abrupt end; no longer do their emissaries come to the Hive, nor do they push outward to take the Undersigil for themselves. Some muse that they must have come to an end typical of their kind; hunted down and exterminated by a group of mighty adventurers. Others believe that their unbridled ambitions drew the ire of the Lady. Either way, word of the burgeoning new tribe gradually fades from common chant into a footnote of history.

Posted by: Rayanne May 28 2017, 03:15 PM
The Chant
As the chant goes, a rumor concerning a prophetic while wolf, that has taken refuge in Sigil after having escaped a circus in The City of Brass, is currently circulating the bazaar.
Its foretelling powers are supposedly activated by rubbing its paw with a piece of platinum or gemstone.

Posted by: Bloodlines Jun 6 2017, 11:39 AM
The Chant

A few days after an incident on her prime world, with the advise of a few adventurers, Lilian Delacroix joins the ranks of the Free League. While spoken to by a few members of other factions, to include the Dustmen, Lilian had found her life of politics tiresome and preferred to turn to a life of commerce. It is said she is doing well for herself now. Apparently, two men by the name of Ross and Lenny are working for her as hired muscle.

Posted by: Bloodlines Jun 11 2017, 11:59 AM
The Chant

The hags Salena and Alena were arrested under eleven charges of kidnapping, several counts of murder, domination, and a myriad of other charges. In addition, ten of the hags' victims testified against them.

The trial is quick with few public witnesses and the hags are now in the custody of the Mercykillers. A SIGIS journalist that documented the case mentioned the hag Salena screamed that their fallen sister would one day be avenged.

Posted by: Mezzy Jun 18 2017, 02:57 PM
The Chant

The Dead Shadow Genies' shop is slowly expanding. From enchantments to varioues potion brews and magical wands to rare items found out in the Planes from the travel of the Dead.

Chant has it this dead genie is one of those bringing bodies back to the Mortuary. Mabye you're one of those lucky sods who still think you're alive? But, the 'verse is not a kind place, and many have ended up in the Deadbook. It's said the dead genie sells items left behind by those unlucky cutters whos destiny had come to an end. Is that why the items to this Dead are all Dead too?

The Dark

There's some chant floating the streets of Sigil resently about the Dead Genies' "Mysteries". It's whispered about how the dead genie is a shadow broker, an information broker. How he does get his hand on this dark is a mystery. However, some speculate the dead genie has some strange connection to the shadows, and as the saying is, can't keep no secrets when there's portals all around you, and even more shadows.

Posted by: Tingly Jun 18 2017, 11:45 PM
The Chant

A group of strange beholders led by a Hive Mother began making their way through the wards while magically charming hapless Sigilians in what they described as a 'protest'. Allegedly, this protest was against the unjust arrest and jailing of one of the Hive Mother's children, a beholder by the name of Sklorshippl. It's said they picked up voluntary protestors from the ranks of the Chaosmen, Sensates and Signers before being confronted by a group of Hardheads.

The Hardheads claimed that the beholder they were protesting on behalf of did not exist, but this didn't seem to dissuade the beholders. Reluctant to fight charmed sigilians, the Hardheads were aided by Planeswalkers on the scene, who quickly incapacitated the protestors with their magical abilities. The beholders grew violent and were quickly slain. The red-tinted fist of Sigilian law rules the cycle.

The Dark

During the incident, the Hive Mother claimed that it was a Signer, and that by magically charming Sigilians it was "Exercising a factional right to imagine people following them". Wary eyes are drawn towards the Sign of One, openly wondering how many of its members share this sort of sentiment.

The Darkest Dark

After the incident, a foolish Hardhead has let slip that a beholder named Sklorshippl does seem to be held at the Barracks. With no record of its arrest or arrival, the Harmonium is at something of a loss on what to do. At this news, the flames of dissidence are being stoked...mainly in bashers who were already quite dissident.

Posted by: Grendel Jun 21 2017, 10:40 AM
The Chant

A group of Planewalkers were drafted into a business arrangement earlier this cycle by a man seeking scouts to travel on an expedition through an unknown portal which recently appeared in the Bazaar. After some hours they returned; the original patron missing and his bodyguard dying in an altercation soon after.

The Dark

The portal in question led those involved to an isolated place with numerous people and a plague of Undead. The battle that took place saw the end of the restless dead's attacks on the local populace, though not everything ended on such a high note...

The Darkest Dark

Those involved directly can testify to the lopsided nature of the expedition; hardly a thing seemed to go right and some manner of labyrinthine plot involving the townsfolk and the Undead made things more complicated. In addition to this, the patron that commissioned the expedition in the first place is somehow responsible for all of this.

((Further information may be gleaned from one of the involved parties; several of them are known to frequent the Bazaar and the Metal Cup.))

Posted by: Taihou Jul 10 2017, 09:57 PM
The Chant

It is sayed, that in absense of Radiant dragon Junathoraxus, novice adventurers are still welcome to come and ask for help the one, who takes care of local matters in dragon's absence. All they need to do is come to Mercuria through portal near Civic Festhall, pass the gatehouse, where righteous angels are still keeping a shrine to celestial Hebdomad and seek that person. Of course those of impure heart or lower-planar discent will not even be allowed to the doorsteps, while those, who's causes are good and who's life is guided by the virtue, who despises sins may find assistance.

The Darkest
"Why is it so cold in here?!"

Posted by: witchinghour Jul 17 2017, 11:26 PM
The Chant

Word has it that on the borders of the Clerk's Ward and Bazaar someone has been stirring the peoples up, spreading the news of some berk trying to steal swords from an Auction! Heard they were pretty valuable n' even angelic! And some lemon castin' divine spells upsetting the local fiendish sort, even almost come to blows between all the chaos this cycle!

"This wouldn't happen if the Harmonium were still in the Bazaar!" Cried quite a few voices in their discussions.

The Dark

"Oi heard tha' Knight o' the Post Ran away! No one got 'em! Wot is this.. tha Hive?!"

"Oh but the Lemon was talked down pretty easily. Poor thing needs a tout! Lucky no one bobbed her off the street!"

Posted by: edmaster44 Jul 21 2017, 05:24 PM
The Chant
"Oi cutter ye heard? Those godsmen from the lower ward are looking for a few cutters for some kind of expedition to some other world, Oi heard they nee' the extra muscles and man power..., if ye ask me, it sounds mighty dangerous, pay must be goo' too.. "

((I apologize again for the many delays, Real life and what not, I present to you! A count down calendar, i'll be sure to post more stuff on the forums in regards to this Expedition.

Posted by: Grendel Aug 14 2017, 06:56 AM
Incunabula Opens

The Chant

For some time the Hive Ward has had brief rumblings from beneath the streets with several officials of Sigillian City Planning & Zoning traveling through the area, escorted by capable individuals on some errands leading to a house somewhere within the twisting streets. As of late their presence has diminished and the strange shaking has ceased.

The Dark

Shady individuals have been spotted in the alleyways of the Hive Ward recently; this itself isn't out of place but they all seem to travel along the same routes, heading to and from the same local region of streets. Those observed traveling thus disappear shortly thereafter, however. The local crime rate, specifically of those inclined towards breaking and entering as well as theft, has dropped by an infinitesimally small margin, though they seem to steer away from the same area.

The Darkest Dark

Arcanists and scholars have heard rumours or received personal invitations of late, prompting them to visit a new residence within the Hive Ward.

Posted by: Melmoth Oct 14 2017, 10:37 PM
A Dark Wanderer

The Chant: A sentient Undead in dark robes appeared in the Bazaar recently, seemingly knowing his way around. He inquired about the "recent changes" in the Bazaar itself, and had some seemingly amicable interaction with a couple of well-known denizens (a hin mage of power and a demon girl).

The Dark: It seems the creature is an arcane Lich who used to be a rather common sight in The Cage a while back, and rumored to have a hideout with his associates somewhere in Undersigil.

The Darkest Dark: He was often seen with a slender human female, a stocky dwarf and a tall, fully armored figure among others. Apparently, they all more or less suddenly went missing during some sort of dangerous undertaking, about four years ago. Another Lich or Undead of similar power might have been involved.

Posted by: Dusty8675 Oct 20 2017, 01:19 AM
Fight at the Three Dragons INN?

The Chant A fight was over heard at the Three Dragons INN in one of the back rooms. Overtime once the fight stopped others rushed too the scene. They found no one present. but noticeable a table was flipped over and there was a faint presence of odd smell that would seem to relax another from the smell in a usual way.

The Dark It would seem a few patrons did noticed two females at two different times exiting the Three Dragons from the same room the fight occurred in. There is no outlining details noticed beyond that to the patrons. However one did seem to recognize them one with more detail. She's was described as a female human wearing an eye patch, he also heard her use the name "Cere" before.

((edited my post with more detail on "Cere"))

Posted by: Rayanne Oct 20 2017, 02:01 AM
Addendum to previous post:

The Dark
It might take some persuasion, but the persistent inquirer would find out that the resident of the room at the time of the scuffle would be one Seleya Sekthet. The woman has since left the room and the inn, citing a "traumatic verbal fight with a linguistics tutor over the price of services."

Posted by: witchinghour Oct 22 2017, 04:40 PM
The Chant

The House of Healing has let its volunteers and workers out on a few days break as some custom for all their hard work. Don't worry! Any and all patients are being taken care safely in the meantime! House calls were available by contacting the caretakers.

The Dark

It sure smells lemony as the the bloody hells! Perhaps the building was going through a thorough cleaning

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