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  1. Pinned: Let's Fix The Wiki!
  2. Pinned: When Reporting Bugs, Please Add...
  3. Pinned: Missing Characters?
  4. Pinned: Exploits And You!
  5. Pinned: Self Help
  6. Dragon Borks
  7. Character Duplication
  8. I Have Question
  9. Enhance Arrow Does Not Add Enhancement
  10. Earth Transition Crashing
  11. Imbue Arrow Incorrect Damage
  12. Persisted Avoid Planar Effects
  13. Can't Get The Full Module...
  14. Battletide Dc Potentially Broken
  15. Dragon Bite Enchantment Bugs
  16. About Enhancement, Physical Damages, No Damage
  17. Baatezu Female Eyes...
  18. Female Dmcb Armors Missing
  19. No White Wings
  20. Song Of Requiem+hymn Of Requiem
  21. Dragon + Arcane Trickster Not Unlocking Epic Spell
  22. Problem Logging In With A Specific Character
  23. Bard Can't Cast After Taking Marquis Cambion
  24. Feat Requirements And Taking Great Smite
  25. Bug...i Begin To Hate This Server...
  26. The Third Great Bug!
  27. Stone Golem Strangeness
  28. Why Do Bugs Love Me?
  29. Can't Take Great Charisma Feats
  30. Portal To Water In Greenhouse
  31. Bite Attack (huge Shadow Dragon)
  32. Kensai abiliites missing vfx
  33. Ki Projection (kensai Power)
  34. Beholder Eye Beams
  35. Wererat Not Reiceving Natural Weapon For Hybrid
  36. Prism Of Mirrors
  37. Acid Aegis
  38. Alya The Red ((huge Bug With Loss Of All Levels))
  39. Crash On Arrival In Server, Possible Texture Issue
  40. Half-dragon Class Screws Race
  41. Missing 2d Textures
  42. Krampus Is Not Working Properly.
  43. Big Bug Thread 2017
  44. Soulknife Single Blade Sort Not Long Sword
  45. Austere One Doesn't Count As Monk Dmg
  46. Cannot Unlock Epic Spells With Prestiege Classes.
  47. Barb Greater Rage Bug
  48. Char: Alya The Red Impossible To Login..
  49. Half-outsider Template Stat Bug
  50. Celestial Envoy Fist Of Havens Not Auto

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