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Posted by: Firebird May 28 2012, 02:03 PM
It was a nice day. Sunny, not too chilly for a winter's morning, and the wind was restricted to a slight breeze that would occasionally pick up to lick at people's clothes. All in all, it felt more like an autumn day than a winter one, perfect for taking a walk around the Hold or otherwise just enjoying the weather.

Alley was not going to let a day like this pass her by. It took a bit of bargaining with another apprentice, but she had managed to get the day off from her usual duties. What better way to spend it than to go to the Weyrbowl and see what other people were doing? Maybe she could even earn back some of the marks it took to bribe that boy to take her place hauling feed. It would be fun!

Or maybe not as much as she would have hoped. Not a lot of people were answering her challenges. Sure, a few were, but it was only a few. The same couple of guys were taking her up on it again and again, and that just wasn't as fun. Besides, they stopped paying up after the first loss. Was being six feet tall really that intimidating? At least she got to watch other people wrestle while she waited for a new challenger. Some of them were pretty good at it.

Eh, eventually they'd get back to her. Maybe if she pretended she was worn down they'd start putting up marks again. For now, Alley was just going to watch and wait. Maybe challenge the winner of the next bout.

Posted by: Grayson May 28 2012, 03:15 PM
Sunny, and not too cold. And now Logan was out in the light, thanks to Sarath - she'd insisted that she was bored and wanted to go meet people, and as much as he might grouch, he gave it the right amount of time before giving in.

Yay! Out and about!

The advantage of a not-too-cold winter's day in Nightwatch was that it was cool enough for Logan to not actually mind wearing a shirt, although jackets, jumpers and other warm woolens were for pansies (ie, Anyone Not From High Reaches). He was actually happy about the weather for once, even if it was still maybe a little too warm for complete comfort.

The wrestling matches in the Weyrbowl drew his attention - he'd not really had much chance to compete in the last couple of months with Sarath to look after; he saunted over with Sarath bouncing at his side, taking an almost professional interest in the current bout.

The ex-Guard had been an unarmed instructor among his peers, but he could see a few unfamiliar faces in the group. Maybe one of them would think he - or she - could take on the shortarse? He could but hope.


Sarath looked at the fighters, her head tilting to one side. Is there going to be fighting? I don't like fighting.

Only play-fighting. Even if Logan did quietly hope that someone would be picking up their teeth by the time the playing was over.

Yay! Play-fighting is fun!

Posted by: Firebird May 28 2012, 03:57 PM
A few of the brawlers glanced over at Logan as he approached, Alley included. She noticed the bouncing green dragon first, because dragon. Dragons had to be noticed; it was a rule or something. Especially brilliantly gorgeous dragons like this one. The man she was with was, er, less brilliantly gorgeous, but that was fine. Nothing was wrong with not being eye-poppingly beautiful.

So hm, adult, kinda rough-looking, dragonling in tow... Maybe he was here to join in the fun? Alley hoped he wasn't there to break up the wrestling, because that wouldn't be fun at all. Also spoilsport-y. There wasn't anything wrong with controlled fighting for fun and betting, so why did some people have to get in a huff over it?

But hey, if this man was here to join in why not let him? Alley walked over to intercept Logan's path, smiling. "Hey," she echoed back. "You here for some fun? I bet we can find someone who isn't too tired yet."

She didn't mean to loom. It just happens sometimes with her.

Posted by: Grayson May 28 2012, 05:15 PM
Logan looked up, and then up some more, at Alley. The height difference didn't seem to bother him much if at all - it simply got her a raised eyebrow. "Yeah, I could go for some fun," he replied, his High Reaches accent very much evident. The looming seemed to roll off him as though it hadn't happened - there was no sign of puffing up or trying to look bigger than he already was. If anything, he hunkered down ever so slightly, his eyes narrowing just a hair.

"That is, if there's anyone as you reckon'd be a fair match for the short guy."

One or two of the Guards - the ones in the know - were very carefully not looking. A third was looking avid, but Jorn always had been a gambler's best friend. He was already reaching for the book he always carried.

Mine, are you being devious?

Would I do a thing like that, darlin'?

Wheee! Mine is being devious! I love it when this happens!

The little green dragon bounced happily on the spot, eyes swirling a contented blue-green. She was a marked contrast to the dour Logan, who'd yet to look as though he'd even heard of smiling, let alone tried it.

Posted by: Firebird May 28 2012, 06:47 PM
Alley was used to looking down to talk to people, but this was a little more extreme than normal. The two of them would probably not make a good match-up for a bout, sadly. It would be awkward at best. This guy wasn't very easy to read, either. While she doubted he was brand new at wrestling, she couldn't tell whether he had had significant experience at it either. She'd have to make a blind guess at matching him.

Alley glanced over her shoulder at the crowd. "I don't know about fair, but I bet there's someone here who would make it fun. Won't end it too quickly or too slowly," she said. Now where was that guy... Ah, there he was. "Matt! Matthias! You done being lazy yet? This guy wants a match!"

A man trying to chat up a pair of young women gave Alley an annoyed look that went ignored. When he tried to go back to his conversation she called his name again. Finally he left the women and hustled over to Alley and Logan. "What is so important that you- dragon!" Immediately his tone changed from 'annoyed' to 'fanboy squee' and he dropped down to Sarath's eye level. "Hello pretty girl! What's your name there?"

"The pretty girl's rider wants to wrestle. Give him a good time, yeah?" Alley said.

The man looked up at her. "Sure, sure." He then looked up at Logan. "Let me get back on my feet and then let's go."

((Feel free to do whatever with Matthias. I made him up as an NPC just for this.))

Posted by: Grayson May 31 2012, 05:55 PM
I'm Sarath! The bouncy little green bounced happily at Matthias. A New Friend! Sarath had a new friend, and he was going to play-fight with Hers and wasn't this just the Best Thing Ever?!

Even Logan had to smile, though he tried not to actually let that smile onto his face. He even mostly succeeded.

"S'been a while since I wrestled," the ex-Guard Instructor admitted to Matthias, flexing his shoulders as he stepped away from Sarath. "Do try not ter get any ideas about a man with a green dragon an' a 'good time', though, bub." It was entirely possible Alley didn't realise what she'd said - but if that was the case, Logan wasn't going to let it pass without some sort of comment.

Logan himself intended to go easy, at first at least. He hadn't had the chance to play in a while, shard it, and he didn't want the match to end too soon - that'd disappoint Sarath, and he'd end up meeting even more people if that happened.

Posted by: Firebird May 31 2012, 08:04 PM
They would be new friends forever. Who could say otherwise to such a bouncy green? Hopefully she wouldn't mind Matthias completely trouncing her rider at this wrestling match. Overconfidence? What's that? Matt has never heard of such a thing before.

There were a hundred and one wisecracks that could be made about "good times," but perhaps this wasn't the right time for them. "Well," he said as he dropped into an offensive stance. "I don't think you have to worry about that. I have about a dozen things I'd rather do than make disparaging comments on greenrider stereotypes."

There was talking going on, so Alley took the opportunity to wander over to the nearest bookie in order to check the odds and maybe drop a few marks on Matthias. More importantly, she wandered off to hide any signs of embarrassment that might have appeared at Logan's words. She hadn't meant it like that! Of all of the gaffes to make, that was a bad one. She would have to make it up to him somehow.

After the cover-up and the dropping of marks was complete, she turned back to watch from a safe distance, barely missing Matthias' lunge forward for a grab at Logan's shoulders. Starting signals? What were those?

Posted by: Grayson Jun 5 2012, 05:04 PM
"Good," Logan replied to Matt, stepping away from the dragonet until there was room to spar. "Don't try an' interfere, Sarath, y'hear? This is just for fun. Maybe learn a few new tricks."

And then, without further warning, Matt was lunging for Logan's shoulders; Logan lunged for Matt's in turn, and the wrestling began in earnest with both parties twisting and shifting their weight in an attempt to throw the other.

After a couple of minutes of this, Logan started grinning, a grin of sheer enjoyment that bared his fangs. Matt didn't notice at first, and the struggle seemed fairly even until he looked his opponent in the face and saw.

"Oh shit. You're the..."

"Yup." Logan's lips peeled back to reveal even more of his teeth, and with a grunt he heaved and twisted. Matt, caught by surprise, landed on his back, Logan's boot on his chest within moments. Logan watched the downed man carefully until Matt signalled defeat, and then the shorter man offered the taller a hand up while Sarath's wings flapped excitedly. Yay! Play-fighting!

"Hey! Sarath! Yer kickin' up the dust!"

Oops! Sorry!

Posted by: Firebird Jun 18 2012, 03:51 PM
((I finally just said "screw it, I'll submit it as-is." Sorry!))

Well, there went some hard-earned marks. The fight made up for it, though. One of the great things about wrestling was how quickly who had the upper hand could change. Alley was the sort to egg people on indiscriminately, so she cheered when Matt was forced down despite it being an indicator of a lost bet.

For his own part, Matt took the loss with dignity and accepted the offered hand. "That was a good one, though now I feel silly for not recognizing you sooner," he said sheepishly.

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