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Posted by: tuathade Jul 28 2011, 10:55 PM
Flight & Clutching Guidelines


So as you all know, Nightwatch Weyr has neither golds nor bronzes. That's right: none. At all. So how is this going to work?

It's very simple, really. It turns out that greens were genetically engineered to be rendered infertile by firestone... But if a green does not chew firestone, in the absence of a gold, their own reproductive instincts will kick in. Like their firelizard cousins, green dragons gain the ability to clutch.

Granted, greens are not golds. Their clutches tend to be smaller - much smaller. Like, two to nine eggs small. Sometimes there are duds. Sometimes there are Flights that simply do not result in a clutch. And if a green chews firestone, the clutching ability is permanently lost to them. Therefore, every greenrider is forced to make an important choice: to flame, or to clutch.

Bear in mind that even clutching greens are not exempt from their duty to defend the Weyr. If the green has a clutch on the sands at that very moment, that is the only time that they will be relieved of their duties. The rest of the time, there are flamethrowers. There are teeth and claws. There are other weapons. And shards and shells, some of the Deep Ones are flame-resistant anyway.

Posted by: tuathade Jul 28 2011, 10:56 PM

Turn on the Barry Manilow, it's getting steamy in here.

If your green chews firestone, she can rise whenever you want. You don't even need to run it by an admin. Just make it happen. If your green is a clutcher, you can still run a Flight whenever you want... as long as it doesn't result in a clutch. (Not all greenflights will be fertile. They're not golds, they weren't actually designed for this.) IF you want your green to CLUTCH... you gotta check with an admin.

In general, if a green has already clutched in the past month, or if your green has clutched in the past three months, the answer will probably be "wait a little longer." Otherwise, I will most likely say yes. If multiple players express interest, I'll make a waitlist of greens waiting to clutch.

Flight winner is solely up to the discretion of the green's player, and confers no IC or OOC power. Let me reiterate: WINNING A FLIGHT CONFERS NO IC OR OOC POWER. It does, however, offer some neat clutchdaddy RPing opportunities. Also, if the player of the clutcher wants, they are welcome to work with the clutchdaddy when writing the eggs - this is by no means an obligation, though. If clutchmama wants to wing it solo, then go for it.

Posted by: tuathade Jul 28 2011, 10:56 PM

But who was clutchfather????

  • Roll number of eggs and color distribution.
  • Supervise the clutchwriting process.
  • Reserve the right to claim an egg or two out of a member clutch, so that people who request staff dragons only have a fair and equal chance.
  • Reserve the right to veto inappropriate clutch themes or dragons.
  • Reserve the right to take over and write the clutch if the babies are not completed in a timely fashion.
  • Decide clutch themes for their dragon's clutch. No fandom clutches except with special permission; one or two MAY be approved on a case-by-case basis, but check BEFORE you write! This is to keep people from feeling left out - if you write a Glee clutch, for instance, and someone gets a dragon based on a series they have no interest in, they're going to be unhappy. On the other hand, overall genres are fine: comic books, or fantasy, or science fiction, for instance. That offers enough variety that people will be okay with it. Likewise, clutches based on concepts rather than specifics (I.E. Final Fantasy archetypes, or Hogwarts houses, rather than specific characters) may be accepted at staff discretion.
  • Decide how many (if any) dragons they want to write. If you don't want to write dragons, and you just want to RP the clutchmama, that's fine!
  • Have access to a hidden clutchwriting board, visible only to staff and the current clutchparents. Candidate forms will be posted in a sticky in this forum for perusal.
  • Match and write dragons.
  • Participate in the Hatching RP and give out said dragons.
The option for staff-only dragons has been added to the Candidate form. If you request a staff-only dragon, your Candidate form will not be posted in the clutchwriting forum. It will be posted in the staff board only. That way there won't be any chance of a mix-up.

Also, if you are writing the clutch, your Candidates cannot Impress at that clutch. Sorry, no writing your own dragon. Make an adult rider if you want to do that; it's not like we limit them.

Also adding a new clutch guideline: double clutches. Nightwatch has a lot more Candidates - and a lot more interest - than I was ever anticipating, and I don't want people to have to wait forever. I will not be increasing the green clutch size, but it is now possible for two greens to Rise and clutch at the same time. This means more eggs, but spread across more writers. It also makes sense, given our canon; there are a LOT of clutching greens at Nightwatch, and they aren't territorial about Flights the way that golds are. Everybody wins.

Posted by: tuathade Jul 28 2011, 10:58 PM

AKA that thing Pern fans won't shut up about.

Hatchings at Nightwatch will be small, frequent affairs with little ceremony. We are at war. The Weyr does not have the manpower, the time, or the resources to spare gathering everyone together to ooh and ahh and have a big feast every time a green clutches more cannon fodder.

In this vein, instead of ALL Candidates gathering for each Hatching, all Candidates instead attend the Touching, if there is one. A small group of likelies are selected by the clutchparents and tapped to stand for the clutch. Somehow, it seems that Nightwatch's dragons have an innate sense of who will be 'right' for their clutch... or perhaps the nature of the dragons themselves has changed in response to necessity. Either way, the system is near-infallible, and betweenings are at an all-time low. Friends and family of selected Candidates are welcome to attend the Hatching itself, but they tend to be brief, quiet affairs, more about the joy of Impression than about pomp and circumstance.

OOCly, if you are tapped to stand for a Hatching, you are guaranteed to Impress.Yes, I realize this takes out some of the whole "omg who's going to get a dragon" suspense. On the other hand, you're assured that you will get an awesome dragon and you won't be left standing. All characters, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, have an equal opportunity of getting brown, blue, green, white, black, or red - so let that be a surprise for you!

Admin will endeavor to be fair to all concerned in terms of Candidate selection. In all honesty, this works exactly the same as a regular Hatching, only instead of the picks being announced at the Hatching itself they're announced ahead of time.

If you do not RP, you will never be tapped for a Hatching. Full stop. Let this be incentive to get active.

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