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Posted by: tuathade Dec 5 2011, 02:42 PM
Pern Veteran's Guide

I know the secret handshake!

So you've played at Pern games before! Or maybe you've just read the books, and consider yourself familiar with the canon - either way, awesome! We love you, and we hope you will have a fantastic time here at Nightwatch.

Consider this thread a quick reference guide to streamline the process of making your first character and leaping straight into the RP.

Your first stop should be the thread, which will give you the quick rundown of who we are. (You got Lovecraft in my Pern! You got Pern in my Lovecraft!) From there, this thread is a quick and dirty rundown of the ways in which we deviate from common canon/fanon. For god's sake don't try to read all the information threads in one go. You'll give yourself an aneurysm.

Posted by: tuathade Dec 5 2011, 03:31 PM
Common Canon Divergences

Todd fans versus Anne fans. Cage match. Right now.

    Very yes. 200 turns ago, in fact. Pern's progressed quite a bit in technology since then. There are now printed books, some advanced medical procedures (but not a lot), gunpowder, and more. Unfortunately, due to the planetwide crisis, luxury goods are not freely available to anyone but the very rich.
    Will never occur on Nightwatch. The Red Star has been knocked out of its orbit, and it will remain so. Don't worry, there's plenty of other ways for dragonriders to fuck themselves up - we have horrible nightmarish eldritch monsters called Deep Ones now.
But Oh Noes, The Shiny
    There are no PC gold or bronze dragons. There will never be any PC gold or bronze dragons. Ever. If you must have a gold, either get a wher or a firelizard.
Sex-based Impressions
    Don't exist. Ditto sexuality-based. Bisexual men, lesbians, asexual or pansexual or genderfluid, it doesn't matter. It doesn't change what you Impress. Green, blue, brown, or white. Or mutant you heard nothing.
Feet or Meters
    A fairly reasonable hybrid thereof. Whites are TINY, and greens are still pretty damn small, but browns can get fairly impressive in size.
    No, you're not required to bang the rider whose dragon is banging your dragon. Sorry. Flightlust is still intense and can be overwhelming, especially to those who don't often have strong sexual feelings, but the rider is always in control. They can choose who they bed, or if they simply want to lock their door until it's over. As a site, we feel pretty vehemently that no one should ever have to be forced into a nonconsensual sex plot.
    Nightwatch doesn't do formal Touchings, although the clutchparents can invite Candidates along for informal Touchings at their preference. Hatchings are quick, frequent, and tiny clutches - and most of them will be member-driven. They are not big weyrwide affairs. They're honestly run more like the way that flit hatchings are run at most other places. See the for more details.

Posted by: tuathade Dec 5 2011, 03:32 PM
What Now?

oh god I'm scared don't leave me

From here, don't worry about reading the whole Information section in one go. You might want to take a quick glance over the and, just to familiarize yourself with terminology and recent events. are, of course, required reading. (They're short, I promise.) Or you might want to check out the thread, to see how Nightwatch differs from a traditional weyr.

Make sure to have a look at the forum before you play! Also, please feel free to check out our guest-friendly, everyone-friendly It's awesome. No really. There's no such thing as a stupid question.

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