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Nightwatch Weyr > Beaches > Dance Like No One's Watching [OPEN TO ALL]

Posted by: Firebird Jun 19 2012, 07:17 PM
((Cowritten by me and Tawny.))

Autumn had to be one of the nicest, if not the nicest season on Nightwatch Isle. Today had been especially lovely, bright and clear and warm but not too hot. Just after lunch the beach near to the Weyr had become rather busy. Dragons flew over with tables strapped to them and whers (wearing goggles) dragged bundles of wood down to the shore. Something was definitely happening, and the atmosphere spoke of that. Nightwatch was a hard place to live, and as such most of the residents really loved a good party when the chance came around. What better excuse than the successful rescue of the lost whers and their handlers? Those who had gone on the mission to recover them had received special invitation to the gathering, penned carefully by Weyrleader K'in; not all of them would be able to attend, but all of them got one in any case.

Down in the kitchens bread and meatrolls and various other tasties were being baked, whilst on the beach fires were started and several whole hogs were started spitroasting. Times were lean, but the Weyr and the Hold had pulled together, and many individuals - especially those from the wherhandler community - had dipped into their own pockets too to make sure this was a party to remember. Around mid afternoon a sleek white dragon with odd black markings alighted on the beach rather weighed down with bags that clinked promisingly, and a large stock of wine bottles was transferred by willing volunteers to the already promising drinks tables.

The rich smell of roasting meat started to fill the air, and more dragons swooped over from the Weyr and Hold with a wide variety of dishes both sweet and savory fresh from the kitchens. Harpers and dancers and other entertainers made their way over one way or another, and the sea sighed gently against the sand.

The party was ready to begin.


Everything seemed to be coming together well at first glance, but appearances could be deceptive. Luckily one of the folk most dedicated to getting this thing sorted here on the beach was just over there; K'in raised and hand in greeting and headed over to the tall teen. "Alley! Just the woman I wanted to see, how's it coming together?"

Alley set down the load of firewood she had been carrying and turned to face him. "It's doing well enough, sir. I've had to take a couple of people by the ear for snacking and a bluerider kidnapped one of the haulers to help with the med-tent, but that's not too unusual." They had more than enough to make up for the occasional misplacement of food or workers, after all.

"Capital," K'in rubbed his hands together and looked around again, enjoying the scene of bustling (relative) order. "You've done very well down here, I must say," he continued, "hope to count you a rider some day if the handlers don't tempt you first!" There didn't actually seem to be all that much more to do from the perspective of somebody having only just landed. "Anything else need doing before we get flooded with hungry and thirsty revelers?"

Alley wiped her hands on her pants and gave the general area a quick glance. "Nothing big. Some people are trying to clean sand off the tables, but this is the beach; if there isn't a thin layer of sand everywhere then something's wrong. We could set out that wine, maybe."

"Now that's what I like to hear," K'in said with a dazzling grin, turning towards the drinks table and picking up one of the few bags full of bottles that hadn't already gone over. "I'll have to replenish my supply after this," he observed, "but I think today will be worth that! Anyway, it is good to have something to celebrate." And good to be able to say they were going to damn well celebrate it. They couldn't afford to do this kind of thing much, but they could afford not to do it at all even less.

Alley picked up a couple of bags of her own, one in each arm, and started off for a table that wasn't already loaded with food. "It's always good to have something too celebrate, especially in these trying times."

K'in smiled and nodded. "My thoughts exactly, Alley." You never knew when the next storm would break.


Since people were mostly still busy with their own things, Norion took the opportunity to sneak a grilled wherry skewer from one of the tables. There were plenty to go around so why not? It wasn't like there weren't other people who could haul torches from the storerooms. They didn't even need torches yet, anyway. Her time would clearly be better spent watching for early arrivals.

And early arrivals there had better be. Norion hadn't spent three hours pinning up notices for nothing. Hard work, that, and dangerous too. Why, who knew what could have happened if her hand slipped during the pinning process? A scratch was a horrible thing to have.

Still, it was better than being made to work in the medical tent. At a meeting this big, it was inevitable that someone would hurt themself and she didn't want to be the bandage gofer. Though knowing her luck she would end up there anyway, once she got bored enough to try juggling torches.

((Let the party begin! Feel free to have anyone you want join in the fun. If they didn't get an invitation from K'in, they probably saw a notice pinned up somewhere or heard about it through the grapevine.))

Posted by: Tawny Jun 20 2012, 12:18 PM
Was Lorux ready to party?

Was a dolphin's arse watertight?

Oh yeah! He might still not be able to drink but he didn't intend to let that stop him having fun; there could be plenty of food and dancing even if there couldn't be boozing and sex too. With a bright red shirt, black britches and black knee boots he felt very swish as he sauntered down onto the beach with Moth padding along beside him. Grabbing himself a roll he got it stuffed full of pork and stuffing and apple sauce and then cast around for some company.

Moth stared around in awe, her bright glowing eyes hidden behind a pair of smoked goggles. This was amazing! So many smells, and people still moving around doing important things! <Is there food for us Mine? Will there be games and dancing for us as well? What about wrestling! Somebody said I was good at that once didn't they?>

Lorux grinned and gave his lovely girl's head a stroke. "Dunno about food for you, doubt they're catering for dragon appetites even though you 'ent full grown yet, but you can try a bit of whatever you like, how's that?"

<That's great!> Moth chirped and then, looking around again, <Do you think my sisters might come? I hope they will!>

Posted by: Grayson Jun 20 2012, 04:54 PM
Mine! Mine! Will there be food, Mine?

"Yeah, Sarath, there's gonna be food." Logan stumped on towards the beach, his hands stuffed in his pockets and his dragon bouncing along behind, in front of and generally around him. "I can smell it. There's food."

Whee! Food! Will there be more play-fighting too? That was fun!

"Dunno. Depends on if anyone gets smart." Logan could have done without a party, but Sarath insisted on him being sociable - and the moment he got wind of the party, he knew that she'd make sure they went. Something about getting him out of his shell, but he'd always been happy ignoring people and doing his own thing.

Were not!

"Sarath, yer eavesdroppin' again." Not that Logan really minded, but it was the principle of the thing.


"Liar," Logan told Sarath affectionately, as the trees ended and the sand began. Sarath bounced off to go and greet all the people and all the dragons, while Logan strolled towards Lorux, Moth and the food. If he had to be here, he might as well eat something.

"Hey," Logan offered to Lorux, even as a passing green blur mindspoke both Lorux and Moth.

Hello, male human weyrling and big green weyrling with thingies on her eyes! I'm Sarath!

"Sarath, darlin', most of the Weyr probably knows you're Sarath by now."

Hooray! I have lots of friends!

Logan stared after his dragon as she bounced off towards someone else she thought she recognised, then turned to Lorux with a faint smile, shaking his head. "Yeah. That's Sarath for yer. She'll quiet soon. Lorux'n'Moth, right?"

Posted by: Kestalý Jun 20 2012, 06:16 PM
Party! People! New friends! Maesk wriggled excitedly as he followed Maebyl away from the cooking pits after dropping off their last load of game and fruits. He made a rather comical sight, the woman knew, glancing at the tank-like Bronze from the corner of her eye. Huge Wher acting like a hyperactive puppy, with a wide-eyed white-and-orange feline clinging to his neck from shoulder to skull. Not a common sight, but amusing just the same.

"This way, boy," Mae directed, headed for the tables with ready-to-eat food. "I'm hungry." She'd made sure her bondmate had eaten something himself during their hunting spree, so he wouldn't be a possible nuisance during the party, but she'd made herself wait. And maybe they'd run into someone they knew on the way.


Kryssiemine? What are we celebrating, again?

"The fact that we were able to rescue the whers and handlers," the Healer replied absently, scanning the people already there for a familiar face or two. She'd dressed for the occasion, acquiescing to don an dark purple, off-shoulder blouse with short, flowy sleeves, navy calf-length skirt with black embroidery (with pants underneath, of course) and thick cream shawl against the cold. "Hmm, do you see any - ah, there's Lorux! C'mon, Es." Pushing her hair back over her shoulder - left loose but for a set of braids and the top half pulled back in a plain barrette - Krys tugged loosely at her dragon's horn, the most recent growth-spurt leaving it at a convenient hip-level for just this purpose.

But - he started, shaking his head to gently throw off her grip.

She either didn't notice (unlikely, seeing that they almost always kept their mental bond open) or ignoring (extremely likely) his reluctance. "Moth's there, too," she added, as if that would encourge him, and trotted off, Estrith grumbling halfheartedly at her heels. "Lorux, hey!" Krysctyl called, slowing to walk the last few paces. "Hi," she added, extending both smile and greeting to the other weyrling pair. "How're you all doing?"

The little White at her side remained silent, until a subtle nudge-kick on his flank prompted him. Hello, Moth, he sighed, mentally rolling his eyes at His even as he nodded at the other Green and reached forward in silent offer to touch noses with his clutchmate,

Honestly, the things he does for His.

Posted by: Tawny Jun 21 2012, 10:32 AM
Yay people! Lorux waved his free hand in greeting, gulping down another big bite of roll in order to say; "Hey there, that's us, an' you're Logan, right?" Just about everybody did indeed know Sarath by now, she was kind of hard to overlook. "Good t'meet you properly," he added to the other weyrling, "having a baby dragon kinda cuts down time for socializing, doesn' it?" Moth was much better now, in as much as she just needed to be with him the whole time rather than always needing things done for her.

Oh dear, Sarath had seen her goggles, although it was hard not to see them. She stuck out like a sore wing. The large green shrank in on herself. <Oh. Um. Hello. You look very well Sarath.> She was the right shape and the right temperature, and she smelled healthy; if there was anything wrong with her colour Moth didn't know because she couldn't see colour.

Feeling Moth start on one of her 'I'm so weird and useless' thought spirals Lorux gave her eyeridges a scratch and sent her a feeling of affection. He was still giving her scritches when he heard a familiar voice, and turned with a grin to the white rider. "Wotcha Khrys! We're good thanks, an' you? Looks like being a bloody good party, doesn' it? Shame we can't drink still!"

One of her clutchsiblings! Moth perked up a little and nosed at Estrith. <Hello, I'm glad you came... are you glad you came?> He didn't seem all that thrilled. Maybe he didn't really want to see her and was just being nice.


When Ziv arrived he made straight for the drinks table and got himself a large goblet of white wine. He then cast around, feeling uncharacteristically at sea. Parties. He loved parties, and Nightwatch didn't have nearly enough of them, and this one was to celebrate bringing him and the others back home. Their saviours were guests of honour, and he was going to do his best to avoid any of them he spotted.

After a few moments he spotted Maebyl, and without a better idea in mind he sauntered towards her with Duney slinking along by his side. "Hey there," he said with a lift of his goblet to the bronze handler, "how're you two?"

Posted by: Kestalý Jun 21 2012, 05:10 PM
((Waiting to post with Krys so Gray's not left out.))

Maebyl paused and looked around at the call, offering the other handler a smile. Her costume wasn't much of a deviant from her norm, just with longer sleeves and a decorative gold vest over bright crimson; she'd bowed to leaving her usual weapons and accouterments at home, for once, save her belt, bare but for her knife and daggers. "We're doing well, thank you," she replied, and gestured in invitation for him to follow. "Walk with us, I'm afraid my stomach's going to eat itself if I wait much longer to feed it. Hello, Duney," she added, glancing down at the Green with kind eyes. She'd be a right hermit if she didn't know the ex-wild Wher, though admittedly she only knew her and her handler more by sight and reputation than anything. "I'm glad you're both back safe, I regret I couldn't go with the rescue team, but Maesk is a bit large to haul oversea. You're both doing well, I hope?"

Maesk, for his part, didn't hesitate to bound up to the little Green and offer her a wriggle hello, eyes whirling excitedly with bright blues and greens. Zsk safe, Pack safe, he yipped, nudging her happily to convey his satisfaction at the successful rescue. Zsk nohurt, yes?


Syrhyna stretched and shifted to lean more heavily on West's shoulder, watching the bustling of last-minute preparations and early arrivals from their place near the water through tired eyes. The night before had been more sleepless than usual, and rest had eluded her attempts to nap earlier before it was time to get ready. It was her hope that the high energy and good (sugary) food would pick her up, some klah and probably a bit of wine was looking particularly appealing. It was a party, after all. Maybe later.

The Greenrider's eye passed over trio of Weyrlings with a smile. Krysctyl was pleasant company, if a little shy; she'd been very polite when asking if she and her dragonet could ride with the elder bondpair to the beach, and almost overly profuse in expressing her gratitude before running off with bright eyes towards the others.

Estrith squawks very nicely, Westavirith added, rumbling in amusement. There hadn't been room for both humans and the White to safely ride among the Green's sharp spines, so she'd simply picked him up and carried him in her paws. He hadn't been happy about the situation, to say the least, though his Rider seemed to find his plight rather entertaining.

"Yes, well, good to know he'll grow into a fine songwherrie," Rhyn returned lazily, chuckling and letting her cheek fall against warm hide, scratching idly at the purring Green firelizard draped over her shoulders. Beneath her usual many-pocketed coat was an unusually feminine ensemble of a bright blue dress with abstract white swirls and long sleeves, modest neckline baring only her neck and collarbone. Her hair fell in loose golden curls over her shoulders, framing her stone necklace, and small blue crystals winked at her earlobes. "I guess I'll head down in a few minutes. They asked so nicely in that note, it would be rude to just watch the whole time, hmm?"

Aye. Good of them to personally invite the rescue team members - or more personally than reading a flier, anyway. I wonder who all will be coming\?.

"What dashing hunks of male dragonhood will be coming, you mean."

Of course. Who else would be so important? The dragonelle crooned, huffing a laugh at the good-natured smack in response.

Posted by: Grayson Jun 23 2012, 08:26 AM
"Yeah, m'Logan," the ex-Guard replied to Lorux, then nodded politely to Krysctyl. "Hey." Surly and short on words seemed to be Logan's default state, but at least he was making some sort of effort.

Sarath, meanwhile, ran back to Logan's side at the sight of another Weyrling. Her mindvoice, as usual, was stuck on 'talk to everyone in the area'; the idea of personal boundaries didn't seem to have occured to Sarath. Hi! I'm Sarath! Are you my friend too? Before she'd even had an answer, she was inspecting Moth's eyes and their goggles again.

Mine, can I have some things like Moth's got? They look good! Moth's, will you make me some too? I really, really want some, Moth is so lucky! Big blue-swirling eyes focused on Lorux, Sarath somehow managing to look both hopeful and pathetic. Can my new white friend have some too?

Logan stared at his dragon, then shrugged to Lorux. "Er - feel like makin' another set'a them goggles? 'Cause I ain't gonna hear the end of it if I don't at least ask yer out loud."

Yay! Mine's asked, and people always do what Mine asks them to!

"Sarath, I... Will ya get yer nose outta my pocket? Maybe Moth an' her brother feel like playin' tag."

Please feel like playing tag, Moth and... Estrith? Yeah, he looks like Estrith's s'posed to. Please. I ain't sure I can cope with overexcited Sarath much longer.

What does overexcited mean? Oooh. I'm overexcited! Yay overexcited! Let's play tag, Moth'an'Moth's and Estrith'an'Estrith's!

The little green bounced off towards an empty area of sand, followed by her rider's plaintive, "Sarath, that was private thinkin'!"

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