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Posted by: Ferret May 1 2012, 07:41 PM
Lorsk ordered. Taavesk obeyed. It wasn't just a rhythm that the two had fallen into over the past eight turns. It felt like it was the very nature of things. It helped that the gold very carefully never ordered the bronze to do anything that he wouldn't be willing to do.

Taavesk put his nose to the wind and sniffed deeply. Blood, sweat, fear, all these mixed in with smoke and the acrid stench of gun powder. Things he knew well. Someone was attempting to attack the whernappers, people with more technology and the drop of surprise. Attacking during daylight was a good move; most whers wouldn't budge at this early hour.

Ichor trickled down from a wound in Taavesk's shoulder, completely ignored by the wher. Whirling red eyes focused on the attackers as the massive murderbeast used his body to block off the tube. He roared again, the sound vibrating along the rocks and carrying itself through the earth. Every muscle in his body commanded him to attack, to tear and rip, but his intelligence held him back. Attacking now would give them an opening to go through.

He roared again, another explosion of sound that echoed uneasily in the cramped quarters. It was not the best situation for guns, where bullets could easily ricochet off of rock and stone. That was the best thing Taavesk had going for him right now.

Well, that and being a fucking huge murderbeast.

Posted by: Nozomi May 1 2012, 08:26 PM
V'tyai, dragonless and uninjured, headed off towards the lavatubes. He'd managed to grab his rifle before leaving, jogging off to try and find the last whers. He slung it up higher just as that first roar burst through. He froze, jaw tight. The others were nearby but it was Warden that ran off after the noise. A wher meant that there was a thing to guard. Also, he really hated about half of the group he was with. Being eaten by a wher seemed to be a better alternative to sticking around.

Especially at the murderbeast.

He knew that roar. At least, he thought he did. Over the years, he'd gotten used to dealing with thing like seeing all of the bronzes in the entirety of the Weyr as Taavesk. It took him years to stop running to them and making sure that they weren't him.

This was Taavesk.

Remember that discussion all children had in Weyrs about not running to harass whers or getting in the ways of gigantic beast with teeth? V'tyai had gotten that talk from his mentor in the kitchen. He forgot all about that lesson when he realized he knew that wher and that roar. V'tyai almost dropped his gun, his hand loosening a split second before he booked it towards the roaring wher.

"TAAVESK!" He hadn't shrieked in years, not in eight of them, but he shrieked then. Loud, undignified, and probably right into the jaws of death.

Posted by: Ferret May 1 2012, 09:09 PM
Someone in the tunnels. V'tyai's body heat made him a bright target in the darkness, a flash of red against black. Taavesk's growls were deep reverberations and he tamped his feet down against the ground in preparation for a pounce. And then suddenly man was running at him?

This was sufficiently unusual enough to give Taavesk pause, especially when the figure dropped his weapon and started running at the bronze. Well, fine. If the person wanted to die THAT badly, Taavesk was happy to be the provider. The man's smell hit him like a training, bringing passengers of the past with it.


That cut Taavesk's growls off completely, leaving only hesitance where there had been aggression. The bronze didn't deal with things like this easily. He always left this think-y stuff to Taavi. Tentatively, he took a step forward, snuffling his nose in the man's shirt.

Home? he asked in his rarely used gravely voice. The single word was outnumbered by the images and sensations: smell of fresh bread, the bed filled with pillows, dragons everywhere. V'tyai and Yusuth flying in the sky while Taavesk and Taavi stayed on the ground, idly following the path of dragon and rider. Everything was jumbled together in one package, laced together with uncertainty, like a garment sewn together by an unfamiliar hand.

Posted by: Nozomi May 1 2012, 09:27 PM
That fucking, fucking growl, he knew that growl. V'tyai didn't stop running even with that growl, weapon gone, mind kind of flying high with it. There was a Taavesk and he was not growling anymore.

"Fuck, fuck, Taavesk!" The wher spoke and V'tyai almost started crying right then and there. He instead flunch himself at the wher and grabbed at him for some sort of twisted, fucked up hug from dragonrider to wher. He squeezed and as hard as he could. He couldn't mentally connect with the wher the way the telepathic lizards could, he just clung and sputtered words outloud. "Yes - yes, home. Fuck - is Taavetti here? Taavesk, where is Taavi? He's alive?"

how was he able to make all these coherent words he didn't even. Somehow, he made them, and he clung and he wanted to know the answer and needed it now.

Posted by: Ferret May 1 2012, 10:09 PM
As Vit looped his arms around Taavesk's neck like some sort of extremely macabre necklace, the wher tried to take a step backwards. This was all really weird, even for him. He was used to people----everyone, really, except for Ark----running away. And now he was getting a hug. Even if it was from someone very important to His Person... the growling quieted down to a deep rumble that was, more or less, his version of a purr.

Lorsk ordered. She wanted this tunnel guarded.

But it didn't need guarding from V'tyai.

Taavesk backed away, shaking himself free of the hug. As quickly as he could, Taavesk tried to turn himself around. Given the tight quarters, this wasn't fast enough. There was still enough time for V'tyai to notice that those normally orange or red eyes had shifted towards a worried yellow. Without another word, the bronze started to hurry down the maze of tunnels, following some invisible line that connected him to his handler.

It ended in the cells. Most of the doors were locked, except for the last one, at the end of the row. Taavesk pushed the door open with his nose and sat next to it, staring at V'tyai as though to say, 'well? Go in already'.

Taavi was sleeping. In his fellis-addicted state, it was hard to tell the difference between 'sleeping' and 'dead'. (Except, presumably, Taavesk wouldn't lead Vit to a Taavi corpse). The man's chest went up and down slowly as he curled up with his head on the one pillow that decorated the bed.

Some prickling in the back of his mind started to wake up. "...'Vesk?" he asked in an unmistakably Taavi-tone.

Posted by: Nozomi May 1 2012, 10:32 PM
The very last wher Vit would expect to harass him or hurt him would be Taavesk. He didn't bother with that 'being worried' thing or trying to decide what that rumble meant. V'tyai knew what that noise meant, how Taavesk fell still, all of it, like falling back into a comfortable chair. He did let him go when Taavesk stepped back, struggling back and up with a roll of his shoulders.

V'tyai followed. He kept his hand on the hide of the murderbeast, through the semi darkness and without regard for those behind him. The yellow frightened him and, once he stood in the hall of cages, he believed that, yes, Taavi may be dead. He didn't want to look. His stomach felt slick and twisted, knotted all up with too many butterflies and other crawling insects. The brownrider did not want to look.

He wanted to cry.

He shuffled to the doorway of Taaavi's cell, hand tight on the door. For a moment, there was silence. Nothing. He jumped when the shape on the bed moved, swallowing convulsively. Taavi spoke. The world stopped. Everything in the world went dark except that voice in the bed and the single pillow. Taavi liked a nest of pillows. He didn't like just one.

"T-" His voice broke off, voice strangling in his throat. Vtyai cleared his throat, eyes blurred, hot, completely useless until the tears started to slide down his cheeks. He moved closer, trembling hand reaching out to touch where he guessed Taavi's shoulder to be. Fuck. He was crying. He didn't wipe them away, he just pressed the tips of his fingers to his weyrmates shoulder. "Taavi."

Faranth. Fuck. Oh everything, Taavetti was here.

Posted by: Ferret May 1 2012, 10:52 PM
There was someone else here. Taavi knew it the same way that a spider knew when there was a spider in its web. There was no light in this particular cell; it would've been wasted on its occupant anyway. Alarmed by the intrusion, Taavi sat up. As he did so, his skinny----far skinnier than it should have been---- shoulder brushed by Vit's fingertips.

That wasn't Ark's voice. Even if it was, Ark knew better than to come into the cell. Taavesk liked Arkady, as much as he liked anyone who wasn't Taavi, but there were limits to the bronze's patience. So wh... Taavi blinked in the darkness, tears welling up in his eyes. Even if his groggy mind hadn't caught up yet, his memories knew the loss.

"Vit?" he asked, hands going up to find his weyrmate in the dark. Hip, waist, up the chest, and then to rest on the other man's shoulders. In his dark fellis-addled memories, he recalled waking up like this not too long ago. He woke up in Vit's arms only to turn around and have the other man collapse into dust.

That had been a bad day.

He squeezed cautiously. Vit certainly seemed solid now.

And then there were days when he saw Vit. He couldn't see him now but what did that mean? It only meant the hallucinations were getting more vivid. His mind was finally catching on that he couldn't have happiness so long as he recognized hallucinations and...

fuck. he wanted happiness for a little while longer. With a choked noise, Taavi threw a hug around the other man. If he turned into something awful, the hug would still be worth it.


Or not?

There was just one way to be sure.

Quick as ever, Taavi's hand snaked down and grabbed the other man's ass.

"...this... isn't real, is it?" he asked, suddenly worried because that was a lot more muscular than he remembered. ohfaranth. What if he was groping another guy. FUCK.

Posted by: Nozomi May 1 2012, 11:13 PM
It was Taavi.

Taavetti, stupid smiling Baker with issues in flirting and feelings, who'd been in the closet for far too long and sent him into crazed spewing of foul words from a single sentence. That one, he was here, and his fingers felt far too thin and fragile on V'tyai's shoulders. He couldn't see his face or anything else about him, but he'd know that voice absolutely anywhere.

A quiet sob caught in his throat again, jaw tight. V'tyai tried to speak, really he did, but before he could, there was a Taavi throwing himself onto him. V'tyai's arms tightened around the too frail baker, pressed his face against the other mans neck. He smelled like cave and stale water, of Taavesk and nothing like he should, but it was fucking Taavi. Even without the muscles, he felt like Taavi.

"What the--?!" Of course, the words he had to speak after eight years of sadness had to be near-swearing, V'tyai jumping in his grip, one hand in Taavi's hair (he needed a soak in the hotsprings), the other frozen in the air behind him. "Are you seriously grabbing my ass? It's been eight turns and we're staging a rescue and you're grabbing my ass? Jays and shards, you moron, yes, this is real."

The last few words lost their bite when they involved him grabbing the other man into another hug, tighter than before, and more tears pressed wetly against his neck. He didn't even feel mad. He just wanted this to be for real.

Posted by: Ferret May 1 2012, 11:29 PM
Now the tears came as Taavi pressed his face against V'tyai's shoulder. "It... I just... had to make sure it's you," he managed to get out in a slightly muffled voice. His hand quickly retreated to safer territory on the small of Vit's back. Wet tears----presumably Vit's----splashed against his neck, which caused a sort of positive feedback loop of weeping from Taavi.

But, fuck, it really was Vit. He tried to tighten his grip more, refusing to let go again. If he let go, he knew, with the certainty of a child who knew that a monster lurked in their closet, that Vit would be gone forever. If he left go. Wiping snot on Vit's collar, Taavi tried to explain. "Usually, you say things like 'Ohh, Mr. Taavi'. Sorry. I just... needed to make sure that you're really here."

In his lucid moments, he was aware that he was a prisoner. It was just that it didn't seem important. It was like trying to contemplate the sun. It was there. He wasn't. And that was about the last he thought about home until now.

Right. He squeezed his eyes shut, struggling to get his thoughts into line beyond 'holy fuck, Vit is HERE, REAL VIT NOT FAKE VIT AND HE IS HERE'. It was like trying to run through shoulder-deep water.

"Who else is here?" he meant 'who else from home'. He was pretty sure he knew all the other prisoners.

Posted by: Nozomi May 1 2012, 11:51 PM
"My ass has changed in the last few years." He mumbled against Taavi's neck. Stupid as it sounded, having the figure that he knew to be Taavi grab at him only cemented the knowledge that this was his weyrmate even more. Only he would decide to confirm a persons identity by manhandling them. He breathed in deep, refusing to move from the chest-crushing embrace, his fingers curled and tight and close. Even the other mans description of their 'usual' going-ons failed to make him pull away. Shards, Vit even snorted in something not quite laughter, his head shaking. "I'm not going to say that. Ever. But - shards, I thought you were - you were dead. They said and - no. No, grab my ass if you want and damnit, I am so sorry, Taavi. I am so, so sorry."

He clamped his jaw shut, hard, to keep from continuing on in his apologies and blathering. That didn't mean his grip relaxed any. V'tyai nodded quickly, before realizing it didn't answer any of Taavi's question. "Ah - I hate most of my squad. Rhae, M'del - there's, fuck, C'ross and Doktorr and Desdelle and we need to get out of here. I'm not letting you go."

Regardless of their tight clutching, even with his declaration of never letting go in a much more plausible manner than a man on a sinking ship, V'tyai turned a little so he could kiss Taavi's cheek. His mouth was too far away right now. He just kissed what he could, because he could, trying to get right back on track where they had been - that rescue thing. Right. Getting out.

Damnit, he just wanted to cling.

Posted by: Ferret May 2 2012, 12:54 AM
"I noticed," Taavi said, because things were never so dire that he couldn't make some sort of a joke about someone's butt. "Sorry. Was that badly timed?" His hand traveled up Vit's back again to wipe at the bronzehandler's eyes, trying to clear away the tears. It wouldn't change his vision at all, but it made him feel less... well... weepy. "If it helps at all, I thought I was dead for a time too. I picked a flower. I was saving it for you..." he glanced around, or at least seemed to.

"Can't quite find it now. Sorry, honey."

Just... ohfaranth Vityai was HERE. The real one, not the weak watery one that his imagination could produce. Vit's next words cemented it. Taavi cracked an unseen smile in the darkness. "It's definitely you then. Only you can hate almost everyone in such a wide group"

Right! Escape! There would be plenty of time for this later. Right now, they needed to get out. And bring the others, of course. "There are some others here. There's... Taimur, he's just a kid, Vit. Him and Taisk. And Morrow. And Morrosk. And Renald. And Renask, although I think she tried to eat Taavesk once, so I don't mind so much if we leave her... and some new people and whers..."

Taavi struggled to his feet, one hand on the wall for support and so he could find his way. Taavesk 'spoke' up then, politely reminding His that the smell of gunfire was heavy outside. And it was still very bright out. Bad time for whers and their unarmed drugged handlers.

"Or we can wait," he added. No reason to put everyone's lives in danger.

Posted by: Nozomi May 2 2012, 01:33 AM
"Everything you say is badly timed. All of it." V'tyai snorted, voice lacking heat or resentment. He didn't move away, refused to release his fingers from the hold they had on the bronzehandler. He nodded at absolutely nothing, chewing down hard on his lower lip for a few seconds to try and think beyond Faranath between, Taavetti! It didn't work overly well.

Ugh, fuck, 'honey'. No one else ever called him honey, he got snappish at taavi if ever used in public. No matter what was going on, it had to be Taavi. He heard Taavi, he knew it was him, but he clung to every little part of him that screamed 'this is him!' like a lifeline, just in case he ever had to present the case in some sort of Weyrleader court.

And a flower.... Vit glanced around in the darkness, unable to see the man in front of his nose let alone a flower. "That's alright. We can find the flower later. When it gets darker out and we don't have to worry about getting short through the forehead. I dropped my gun." Running to Taavesk, screaming like a little girl after a lost canine pup could have been added and be completely accurate, but he felt best to leave it off. "We'll get everyone out."

The urge to say something, do something raged, pushing at him to not be a stoic, insulting idiot. The last words he had said to Taavi before had been 'shut the fuck up'. No matter what sort of translation the words had between the two of them, they could have been the last things he ever said to him. Ever.

In the dark, he found Taavi's cheek somewhat awkwardly, calloused, dirty palm pressed against his cheek, the other dropping to his wrist for a squeeze. V'tyai cleared his throat, voice rough when he spoke. "You are a horrible, beautiful man and I love you. I never wanted my last words to you being telling you to shut up. And if you mock me for being mushy and accuse me of not being real because of it, I will never tell you nice things ever again and just - just stop looking at me like that."

Granted, he couldn't see Taavi, or his face. he refused to even acknowledge that his voice broke at some point in there. Assuming they would have a romantic relationship after this may have been a leap but from the reaction now... Even if things didn't go back to normal, he didn't doubt Taavi would want to stay with him, at least until he learned how remarkably fucked up the angry brownrider was. If he wanted to leave when he found out, Vit would let him go but until then... until then, he wanted to keep the chatty bastard close.

Posted by: Ferret May 2 2012, 01:55 AM
Words came easily to Taavi. The right words, the wrong words, funny words, terrible words... they all flowed as easily as water down a particularly smooth river. Emotions that other men struggled with were simple to him. Feels were just that: feels.

Now Taavi knew how nearly every other man in the world felt. The second that Vit's hand was on his cheek, he knew and, for a second, he was a sixteen year old kid again, stammering out how he liked someone else and maybetheycouldpossiblygooutsometime? ohfuck. Vit doesn't talk like this, he realized with a horrible moment of clarity. Vit didn't talk about feels. He didn't say 'I love you' or comment on Taavi's appearance (well, sometimes... but not like this, all emotional and shit). His arms tightened around Vit again, fearing the moment when the other man vanished in the dark.

It didn't happen. In fact, some old Vit spark came back, threatening Taavi if he dared voice his thoughts.

Taavi nodded sagely in the darkness and, once again, grabbed the other man's ass. "Just had to make sure," he said, trying to sound very nearly almost innocent instead of on the verge of tears. "I just... I..."

oh fuck. Sixteen year old Taavi was back, complete with struggling with feels and trying to find the best words. "I love you too," he said, before pressing his lips against the other man's.

Well, at least once he found Vit's lips. That was a bit awkward.

Posted by: Nozomi May 2 2012, 02:17 AM
Chances were high that had it not been for the darkness, Vit would have not been able to make the declaration as clearly as he had. He preferred to show he cared through other things - such as telling someone to shut up before kissing them. The last time that happened, he'd said goodbye to his weyrmate for eight years.

He snorted, ignoring the hand on his ass for the most part. Let Taavi grope is he wanted to, if it'd convince him. (And even Warden-V'tyai would admit to missing the man being a cheeky bastard.) "Never saying anything nice to you ever again." Vit mumbled before Taavi kissed him.

It took an attempt or two but there, Taavi's lips on his and spoken feelings quieted. He'd said them, they both had, and too much mushy could kill. V'tyai clung at him, returning the kiss with as much attention and interest as he could manage. Who cared if they tasted like cave and fear and old? His hand slid back around Taavi's head, stroking over his hair, careful not to tangle or twist any further.

Really, he just wanted to hug and keep his cling on. "We need to feed you," He muttered against the kiss, just to be himself and to have more of an an excuse to keep close. "You're so thin. They've been alright to you?"

Posted by: Ferret May 2 2012, 02:50 AM
"All I heard was, 'also you are completely gorgeous, Taavi'," the bronzehandler muttered with a forced chuckle. Well, now he was almost one hundred percent certain that Vit was here. Like really here. Briefly, he entertained the thought of just waking up one of the other prisoners----had Ark come by recently with the water? He couldn't recall, but he was pretty sure his own waterskin was fairly full-----and asking if they saw Vit there.

He decided against it.

If this really was some sort of extremely complex hallucination, he wanted to hold onto it because it felt so real. Of course, they always did. That was what made them so convincing.

"Do you think they'd still be alive if they did mistreat me?" he asked, one hand trying to feel around for the waterskin. Suddenly, he was extremely aware of his cracked and dry lips. A drink of water would be just the thing. It had the added benefit of keeping the hallucination going, if this was one.

"I'm fine, really. I just don't get very hungry these days. 'S probably the stress," he offered, instead of blaming the fellis juice, which was probably more accurate. "They've actually been pretty nice. Ark's nice. He treats Taavesk well and Taavesk very nearly likes him, I think."

Well, from what he could tell. Taaveskian was a very... simple language, so simple that the nuances escaped Taavi sometimes.

Posted by: Nozomi May 2 2012, 03:10 AM
"I told you, no more nice things." He huffed out the words. What he meant was 'You are ridiculously gorgeous and I love you'. That is not what he said, but he meant it never the less. He dotted one more kiss, a peck really, before Taavi started reaching for ... something. Vityai couldn't tell and, to be honest, it only then really occurred to him that he'd not been able to see anything since coming in initially. Vit slid his hands down Taavi's sides, squeezing, keeping a bit of the cling going still. Taavi reached and hunted for that water skin, Vit just decided to keep close.

The last thing he needed was for Taavi to be another hallucination that yelled at him, or fluttered away into the dust. He couldn't have that. Not again.

"Why do they keep it so dark in here? There were at least some lights out in the hall..." V'tyai tapered off, squinting towards the entrance. He thought there'd been lights, anyway. Right now he had a Taavi and shardit he needed to stop getting distracted by that fact. It'd be fabulous if he were twenty four again and could blame it on him being horny or something equally silly but, no. This was just about Taavi. "Still. Going to feed you. Can't really taste things anymore but I can follow those fucking directions you had issues with. Who's Ark?"

Posted by: Ferret May 2 2012, 03:33 AM
Suddenly questions. Vit had a lot of them and, granted, they were all completely legitimate. There were just a lot of them, jumbling up into Taavi's brain, especially since his brain wasn't used to anything more complicated than talking about balls and cells and crack science. Again, he squeezed his eyes shut and just rubbed a hand against Vit's shoulder. Just reminding himself that the man was here, right now. Ok. Ok. He could get his thoughts in order, right?

"Um. The light's not really necessary," he said, trying to think of the best way to break this to Vit. He had a feeling that a game of 'hey, guess which sense I lost!' wouldn't go over very well. But what else could he do? If he said, 'well, Taavesk doesn't need it and it's not like I do a lot of walking around', Vit would still find out anyway.

And eventually, he'd wonder why Taavi never just wandered off, since the door was open... "I don't... really see very well anymore, Vit. As in 'at all'." His grip tightened on the other man, just in case he felt like rapidly backing away from the blind man in case he caught blind or something.

"When I do see things, they're not really... you know... there," the long pauses were taken up with hand motions as Taavi gestured with that free hand. Taavi considered the bandage comparison. People were always arguing about whether or not it was better to take off a bandage quickly or slowly.

Taavi always cheated by sticking the band-aid under water and letting it slowly work off.

Maybe he could slowly ease Vit into realizing that his weyrmate was now Blighted as fuck?

"Ark. Um. Arkady. He's... kind of a guard, I think? Don't lie, Vit. You love it when I try new things in the kitchen. Except when it catches on fire."

Posted by: Nozomi May 2 2012, 09:20 AM
V'tyai leaned into the rub, eyes closed like a cat with particularly good scritches. His fingers curled involuntarily, an almost smile playing at the corners of his lips. Regardless of where they were and what had happened, he was here and everything the bastard said or did just reminded of the fact. So lost he was in that, that Vit didn't notice the silence and for a second he didn't quite process the words Taavi was making.

Blind? That... explained a lot. Too much. Even with Taavi handwaving in the blackness of the cell, V'tyai managed a shuffle to press his face against his collarbone, or general vicinity of. "We'll get you a seeing eye flit," he muttered, one hand fisting up in Taavi's shirt. Not letting go. "I've gotten ass-ugly and even meaner'n before, so maybe you won't want one to avoid realizing that first part."

Ahhh, self deprication, the instant fallback of the insecure; it was always better to recognize and laugh at your faults before someone else whose opinion mattered did it for you. He had lines and gray and too many scars with the fellis and wine doing a number at his sheer exhaustion and so many things. So many.

"What do you usually see?" Vit did not look up from where he'd buried his face, leaning as close as possible without putting substantial weight on the other man. "And those khlah brownies were fucking horrible. So were the bubbly pies filled with beans. ...cinnamon roll with bacon wasn't half bad. Ish."

Posted by: Ferret May 2 2012, 04:46 PM
Taavi was silent for a while, trying to keep back tears. This was just... it was too good to be true. And, in his experience, that usually meant exactly what it sounded like. It wasn't true at all. It was probably best to play along, right? Maybe? Fuck was he playing along with his own hallucination or what now. "Now, when you say 'ass-ugly', do you mean as awful as someone else's ass or your own? Because I adore your ass." Well, all of him, really. Vit had definitely changed, from what the bronzehandler could... uhh.,.. handle. Would hallucinations automatically update like that? Not in Taavi's experience.

"Usually? I see you. And home." See? Or rather, see what he didn't see? He wasn't seeing which meant this was probably real and he really needed to move on from this. He really, really did. He was like a canine chasing his tail in circles, never really getting anywhere and, somewhere, someone was laughing at him for it. "I wake up in our bed. It's evening, so I wait there for you. You call me an idiot for waiting and not calling you."

He smiled in the darkness. How many times had that actually happened? He couldn't really remember anymore, but he was pretty sure that hallucination was based at least a little bit on fact. "Just... normal days, really. We go through a perfectly normal day. We bicker. We bake. Sometimes you even say nice things."

The smile faded, as though consumed by the dark.

"And then I realize it can't be real. Or I see you get eaten by something awful. Or Yusuth. Or Taavesk." He shivered. No, he shook. 'Shiver' was too mild a term for it, and his hand tightened again on V'tyai. "I don't want to talk about this anymore."

Posted by: Nozomi May 2 2012, 05:27 PM
"I mean I drank a lot for a long time and some other things while fighting horrible monsters from between and I look old and... probably like someone elses ass. My ass was one marvelous." He snorted, uncaring that it happened to be against Taavi's shirt. The last thing V'tyai wanted to do in the entirety of Pern was move away for something as stupid as having to laugh in a less than dignified manner.

He listened instead to Taavi's little story, the things he'd hallucinate. There was that familiar little stab of guilt when it was mentioned that even his hallucinated self rarely said nice things. He didn't move, though, hearing the smile in Taavi's voice.

"Well, you were always an idiot for waiting for me like that. You'd end up being late on your shifts and I'd be the one getting chewed out for it." Nevermind that he'd done the same thing for just as long. Being a few minutes late when they saw each other so rarely had not been much of a price to pay, at least not to V'tyai. He nuzzled against Taavi, arms going up and around his neck for a secure loop. "Do you remember the time I didn't see you under the millions of pillows and blankets? Ended up with an elbow in your lap. I had to call you into your shift as sick because you refused to poke your head out when I came in."

He leaned up against the shaking wherhandler, on his toes to kiss his ear and murmur, softly, tenderly, with as much affection as he could muster: "I promise, Taavi, you'll be the only person allowed to have your mouth on any part of me. All intruders will be shot on sight."

Posted by: Ferret May 2 2012, 06:34 PM
"In all fairness, I can't imagine I look particularly good either." Or smell that good, now that he thought about it. All the water in the lava tubes tended to whiff a little, thanks to the old volcanoes in the area. At least Vit was nice enough not to mention that. The less classy half of him wanted to add that Vit certainly didn't feel unattractive; in fact, it felt like the dragonrider had been working out. Either that, or it was just a reflection on the weight Taavi had lost.

"Vit. We haven't seen each other in eight turns, I smell bad and probably look worse. And you haven't stopped hugging me since you saw me. That's beauty." Sappy? Yes. It was sappy as fuck, a fact that Taavi would admit.

It didn't stop it from being true. His fingers wound their way through Vit's hair. Forty-eight turns old now. He imagined that the other man was probably graying. Maybe even a lot. Didn't matter. Vit waited. Schedules were hard to sync up sometimes, and both men had always waited for the other, for just a few moments of complete peace in each other's arms.

Taavi snickered and, for a second, sounded younger than his forty-eight turns. "Well, you have sharp elbows and my crotch is a very large target area. If you just avoided flopping around like an epileptic fish, we wouldn't have had that problem. I also very distinctly remember asking you to kiss it better."


It took a grand total of thirty seconds to go from 'touching moment' to 'oral sex joke' moment. That was probably a new record.

Posted by: Nozomi May 2 2012, 07:21 PM
"I haven't really seen you yet," V'tyai admitted without budging. Actually seeing Taavi would only be the cementing factor of yes, he was there but until he had to move away into somewhere light, Vit felt more than content to just keep clinging. His hands moved to press both hands flat against Taavi's back, the shorter man tilting his head to press his cheek against him instead of shoving his nose against the other man like a puppy. "But you're still beautiful. And horrible. If I let you go, you might disappear."

There, he'd said it. They stood in the dark and said stupid, squishy things, decided to be mushy, and like hell was V'tyai about to mock either one of them for it. Taavi might grab his ass for it. No helping it. He leaned back into the fingers in his hair, tilting back and away for the familiar touch of Taavi's fingers on his scalp.

Just because he had his head tilted back didn't stop his slow grin and quiet, dark laugh. One of the hands on Taavi's back twisted his dirty shirt for an idle tug, smile not dulling. "And I distinctly remember kissing it better. Possibly twice. You weren't complaining then."

True love meant being able to make sex jokes in the middle of horrible things. Vit so didn't care.

Posted by: Ferret May 2 2012, 08:43 PM
"Promise you won't scream? I mean, I typically enjoy all your screams," because interrupting touching, emotional moments with sex jokes was totally cool, right? "But... I've probably changed. Heh. One of the other handlers here, Taimur? He pointed out that I'm old as balls. His words, not mine."

Typically, Taavi supposed that a question of, 'so there wasn't anyone else ever?' would've been appropriate. After all, it had been eight turns. It was absurd to think that Vit would wait for him or something. At the same token... well... he was Vityai. This wasn't a slur against the man-----actually, it was more of an opinion of Taavi's own awesomeness, which he rated as over 9,000----but... Vit was... very particular.

That and Taavi really didn't want to hear the answer, in case it was 'yes' and Vit pulled away.

"...yeah. Me too. I expect you to vanish at any moment," he admitted sheepishly. With Vit pressed against his chest like that, it was only natural to lean back so they were lying on the bed. It was more comfortable, even if it was sorely lacking in the mountain of pillows that Taavi felt were necessary.

He chuckled. "That's very true. What can I say? No one can make me shut up quite like you." Or at least make him stop complaining. Taavi rarely ever truly shut up.

"...Is Yusuth doing alright?"

Posted by: Nozomi May 2 2012, 10:11 PM
"I refuse to comment on the state of your balls." V'tyai said, his face and tone a complete :|. But then they were lying down, reclined a bed he really didn't want to imagine the state of. He curled closer, an arm draped over his waist, cheek pillowed on some shoulder-esque part of Taavetti. When he closed his eyes, he could pretend the hallucination Taavi described is something ongoing right there. (Except the smell and the volcano and the fact there was a Murderbeast guarding them from more murderbeasts.)

His hand crept up Taavi's arm, fingertips brushing along the hem of his sleeve. Thumb and index finger rubbed against the fabric and then up, pressing under the sleeve to touch actual shoulder. Fuck clothes. he wasn't going to get naked right then and there but skin... skin was good.

"I won't scream. Probably. Then you can do that shit-eating grin thing and I'll forget to scream." Vit grinned himself - amazing how things were easier in the dark - and hugged Taavi closer. What was that about not stopping the hugging since he'd been there? Right. well. On with that.

The grin softened at the edges with the topic of his dragon. V'tyai cleared his throat and gave his head the slightest of shakes. "He's still not giving a flying fuck about anything. Or flying, really. He lost one of his eyes and part of his tail to a Deep One. We..." He tapered off. The fingers on Taavi's shoulder tapped out a quick beat before Vit continued on. "He's been testy lately, the bastard. But he missed you enough that he stayed with me after ... everything."

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