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Posted by: bfkitsune Jun 4 2012, 03:49 PM

Why put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the day after tomorrow?

[where are we?]

Name: Kaleo (or Kale)
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heteroflexible. He prefers women but he can sway both ways, bby.

[what the hell]

Craft: Minecraft, wherhandling
Rank: Journeyman

[is going on?]

PB (if applicable): None
Appearance: At first glance, Kaleo doesn't look like anything special. He's rather short at about 5'9", but his muscles are well-developed after working with his wher in the mines, and carting around buckets of firestone and other materials. His hair is brown and kept on the short side of moderate - it's long enough to get in his eyes while he works, but not long enough to pull back into a ponytail (unless he gets too lazy to cut it, which can happen), and it's straight save for the ends in the back which have a bit of curl to them. His eyes are a bright green, you can almost always find a smile or grin on his face, and his skin has no business being so tan when he spends his days working in a dark mine. He also has one earlobe pierced with a curved piece of bone in it.

He usually wears neutral and muted colors - green is his favorite - with the occasional extra bit of leather thrown in if he can manage it (because leather is sexy, right? Right.), and usually always wears a pair of old leather boots with thick soles that add another inch onto his height. When he sits, he slouches, and his gait can only be described as blatantly unhurried. Why are you rushing around everywhere? Where's the fire? That'll still be there in five minutes, no need to run around like a wherry with its head cut off.

[the dust has only]

Personality: He takes everything in stride and it's nearly impossible to make him mad or upset him at all. Kaleo is very mellow and laid back, almost ridiculously so. That isn't to say he's lazy - he's almost a completely different person when he's working or has something he needs to do - but when he's not busy, why rush? Why worry? Yeah, an Incursion could happen at any minute but that minute isn't now. Cross that bridge when you come to it, and for now, relax! Kale suggests the hot springs. Definitely the hot springs.

While working (or during an Incursion), he suddenly has an incredible work ethic. He likes to try to be one of the first ones in the mine in the morning and one of the last to leave, and he tries to locate and unearth as many useful resources as he possibly can - not because he's competitive, not because he wants to help Nightwatch in any way he can. He's like this in every facet of his life - he relaxes so much when he isn't working because if he's too stressed, he can't focus enough and his performance suffers. His sanity too, but everyone is like that - that's why he encourages others to relax more. All work and stress is only detrimental to your health, and he realizes that.

Kale loves whers and firelizards, has a soft spot for children, absolutely loves the beaches and hot springs, and is terrified of flying. Yes, he may have gotten a wher as soon as he possibly could to prevent Impressing to a dragon, but he wanted to get one anyway. Just... Sooner rather than later. Just in case.

[just begun to]

  • Born in Nightwatch Weyr not long after it was founded, maybe a couple Turns. Mother was a minecrafter, not sure about his father and his mother isn't sure either.
  • Became an apprentice in minecraft at 9 Turns.
  • Went for a joyride on a dragon once when he was 11 Turns, and the rider thought it would be hilarious to fly over the ocean and toss Kale off. Luckily he was unharmed (it wasn't that high), but it was enough for him to swear off flying for good, if he could help it.
  • Became a senior apprentice at 17 Turns and acquired Kalesk's egg shortly after.
  • Walked the tables and advanced to journeyman in his early 20's (received a firelizard egg as a congratulations present from his mother) and has worked in the mines with Kalesk ever since.

[form crop circles]

Wher Name: Kalesk (or Lesk to Kaleo when he's lazy)
Wher Color: Brown
Appearance: Kalesk is a large, handsome wher (in his opinion); standing exactly 5' at the shoulder, he's as big as a small bronze. His hide is a medium brown, not too dark but not too light either, and faintly dappled all over with a darker shade. The dapples are more pronounced along his feet, spine, tail, neck, and top of his head. He's rather bulky as well, with powerful muscles that built up over time hauling around heavy carts for the last eight or so Turns. Kale can ride him for a while, but he prefers having lighter cargo.
Personality: If Kaleo is lazy some of the time, Kalesk is lazy all the time. He'd much prefer to just lay around all day rather than work so hard in the mines, but he does it anyway. Not that he likes it, of course; he just does what Kale asks. It has nothing at all to do with bribing him with a nice swim or a good bath or oiling or anything, of course not.

While he's lazy with work, he loves to go for a run or a swim, and he is more than happy to be the first to Chase a female, regardless of color. It could be a white for all he cares, really - he just prefers pleasure over work, and what's wrong with that?

He's not the brightest wher nor has the biggest vocabulary, but he enjoys being around other whers (especially females) and likes to chat with them. Dragons are cool too, but he very much prefers the company of a wher over a dragon (they're obviously better anyway).

To be honest, Kalesk prefers patrolling over working in the mines. It's much more exciting, and there's a lot more room to move than in a small, cramped cave.

Pet Name: Beaches
Pet Color: Blue
Appearance: Bright blue (think of the color of pools) with a darker blue dorsal stripe running from the top of his head to the forked tips of his tail. His throat and underbelly are a pale blue, as are his muzzle and his left forefoot.
Personality: Beaches is an affectionate and curious little creature - don't be surprised if you suddenly have a flit climbing into the back of your shirt or into a pocket. He likes to ride on shoulders or curled up around the back of someone's neck (or on Kalesk). He doesn't do too much, although he has a fascination with shiny things and keeps a hoard of them stashed somewhere in Kale's place. He isn't sure where, or if all of Beaches' treasures are in one place, but so far he hasn't nicked anything too important so Kale has let him be.

He always accompanies Kaleo and Kalesk into the mines, offering bits of flame to light lanterns if need be, and just in general being another set of eyes, albeit a small pair attached to an average-sized blue flit of limited intelligence.

[in the carpet]

OOC Nickname: BFK
Other Notes: Uhh, not sure owo Blight level 0 to 2. I'm not sure how often he patrols, but mostly he works the mines so I dunno how much exposure he has to Deep Ones. Whatever you think is best? O:

[sinking feeling]

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