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Posted by: tuathade Dec 14 2011, 02:14 PM
Pet Availability

Characters may begin play with ONE pet of their choice.
Additional pet slots can be purchased in the

    Golds: 0 available
    Bronzes: 0 available
    Browns: 3 available
    Blues: 4 available
    Greens: 4 available
    Whites: 0 available
Bear in mind that firelizards in this canon are unusual and something of a luxury. Simply finding a clutch by chance is not impossible, but unlikely. Most firelizards would be either purchased or gifted from someone who owns a green or a gold.

    Unlimited. Nightwatch likes dogs.
    Unlimited, but most will probably be semi-feral. These guys aren't all the way domesticated yet, they're not snuggly housecats.
    Unlimited. But do keep in mind that horses are big, require a lot of space, and would thus probably have to stay at the Hold.
    Go for it. If you really want a pet tunnelcat or a goat, that's your decision. Just make sure it's something that your character could reasonably have. (Let's face it, how are you going to get a herdbeast into one of the weyrs near the top of the bowl?)

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