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Posted by: Darastrix Apr 15 2012, 01:22 AM
Fall at last, thank Faranth. Zira had not enjoyed the long, hot tropical summer. The fall and winter would be nothing like he was used to at High Reaches, but it would still be a vast improvement over the past few months. He was sprawled comfortably in his weyr in just the right spot so that he could get the breeze blowing in from the weyrledge. Bliss.

Cielath was likewise sprawled on her ledge, tail twitching restlessly as the slightly cooler weather had an effect on her similar to cooling temperatures on a feline. She wanted to run! No, wait. She wanted to fly! But she didn't want to fly by herself. That wouldn't be nearly as fun.


Zira opened one eye and peered at his dragon. "Mm?"

Do you mind if I have a Flight?

The capital letter was lost on her rider. Telepathy wasn't mind-reading, after all (and mind-reading wasn't quite that literal), and he was teetering on the edge of a doze. Of course not, love. I think I'll stay here, though; I'm rather comfortable.

Riders don't ride during Flights anyway, silly. With that, Cielath launched herself into the air.

Zira stretched and closed his eye again. Right, of course they didn--wait, what? Ciel, what are you--

He was cut off by Cielath's cheerful bugle as she swooped through the air. It's a beautiful day, everyone! Cielath Rises! Come fly with me! biggrin.gif

Zira's mouth dropped open. Cielath, you don't Rise! he sputtered You don't!

Oh, everybody knows that. But I want to know what it's like to be Chased and I can cuddle whoever catches me!

Zira just groaned and buried his very red face in his hands.

[[ OOC Note This thread is SO not srs bzns. XD All dragons are welcome to join in and play along or just give Cielath their best linefaces. Riders, too. ]]

Posted by: Meesh Apr 15 2012, 02:31 AM
For the record, I am not being desperate, I just follow my instincts The voice of the brown was wry and projected itself to pretty much everyone in the Weyr. With a bugle of challenge, Isith rose out from his ledge to meet the sky. His wings flapped as he looked the- frankly much smaller- white Cielath as she flew through the air. I thought white's didn't fly with the impression of a mental shrug, he finally nodded Welp, White or not, Isith chases His roaring bugle was addressed, not just to any potential competition, but the whole of the Weyr in general.

M'del, recently awoken, was not amused by this. You've never won a Flight in your life Isith. Let's be honest here, what dragon would want you
Ever the encouraging partner, I see
You know I love you, Isith. Which of the Greens has risen this time?
Who said anything about it being a green?
What, one of the males? I thought you didn't chase ma-
No, idiot. A white. Cielath

Cutting off any further communication with his rider, Isith issued another bugle to the sky. Fly well, white lady. Well, why not?

Posted by: Firebird Apr 15 2012, 10:31 AM
It was a nice day. Finally, the yoke of summer heat had given way to cool breezes. Naturally, O'ver was spending it inside looking over medical records. No play for this rider. Instead, he was trying to predict how much medicine they would need to buy based on previous illness history. Anyone who tried to move him or suggest that it would be better handled by the non-riding Healers would be met with a stare and a shooing gesture.

O'ver was not interested in frivolity right now, thank you very much. Too bad Wilkith was. A white Flight seemed perfect, and wouldn't it be a shame for this lovely thing to only have one chaser?


The rider didn't even pause in his reading. Go ahead. Who is it?


Give her a good run and be respectful of your competition. O'ver leaned down to make note of a small outbreak in the Hold last year, then looked up suddenly as the name caught up with him. Wait, isn't Cielath a-

Wilkith took off from his weyr's ledge and bugled to the distant white. Cielath! Such a lovely day for a Flight, especially for such a lovely lady! he called out to her and anyone else in range. I Chase! Let us see all of the sights of the Weyr as we fly!

Posted by: Oshuu Apr 15 2012, 12:05 PM

“What is what, love?” Volana looked up from the riding straps she was currently cleaning. It was a very pleasant day, the cooler air a fresh (and welcome) change. Her brown had been sprawled lazily, soaking up the sun as he watched the comings and goings of the Weyr. His attention snapped upwards all the sudden, his eyes whirling a variety of colors as he watched the sky with an uncharacteristic amount of curiosity. “Fusrodath?” Had he not heard her?

The handsome brown got to his feet and shook himself out, his wings shivering as watched the white take to the skies. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. CIELATH RISES? Volana couldn’t tell if that was a statement, or a question. She supposed it didn’t matter much. Shielding her eyes from the sun, the dark-skinned woman followed her brute’s gaze. Sure enough, a pretty little white had taken off, with a brown and a blue already racing to meet her. SHOULD I CHASE? I THINK I SHOULD CHASE.

Volana gave a shrug. With black and red dragons these days, it wouldn’t surprise her if some rogue white actually had the ability to Rise after all. “If it makes you happy, love. Behave yourself!”

The brown gave a gleeful noise, springing off his ledge and into the air, his wings unfolding with a snap as he eagerly chased after Cielath and her other suitors. GREETINGS BROTHERS, CIELATH. BRAVE FUSRODATH COMES TO FLY WITH YOU.

Volana couldn’t help but chuckle softly, wondering just how many folks her over exuberant dragon was projecting to. Perhaps she should wander down from her own weyr and try to find the white’s? Poor thing. Probably wasn’t expecting this when they Impressed to a white dragon.

Posted by: Darastrix Apr 15 2012, 01:11 PM
Cielath gave a delighted trill and made a few playful loops in the air, calling to her rider. Look, Zira, look! I have Chasers! This was clearly the Best Day Ever.

Zira stumbled to the ledge and stepped out on it, staring up with a mixture of surprise, confusion, and yep, more embarrassment. But mostly the first two, because THERE WERE TWO BROWNS AND A BLUE CHASING HIS WHITE AND WHAT WAS THIS HE DIDN'T EVEN.

Erm. Have fun, Ciel, he thought dazedly.

Cielath let out another happy bugle and made a hairpin turn, zomming back past her chasers, eyes swirling a merry blue and green. Such handsome dragons. She had no desire, but she knew attractive when she saw it, and she thought they all looked lovely. Oh, and Wilkith was so charming. She thought it was too bad the males didn't Rise, from what she'd seen. The attention was so nice. Everyone should get to feel wanted and have nice things said to them like this.

Isith, Fusrodath, hiiii! She directed a pleased, affectionate croon at the blue. So sweet of you to say, Wilkith. You're looking handsome today, too. :)

She did a barrel roll away from the males and dove for the ground, sweeping back upward before she hit the point of no return. For all she could be awkward on the ground, she was graceful in the air, and she felt like showing that off a little.

Posted by: S'yal Apr 15 2012, 01:47 PM
<< Mine? >>

"Mrph. What, Incitatioth?" L'in asked, hardly sprawled face down on the ledge of his weyr. He was tired, and he was trying to take a quick power nap on the ledge of his weyr. It felt nice, and it was still warm out. There was no reason to not take advantage of all of this! "I'm tryin' to sleep."

<< I thought we Whites didn't Rise or Chase? >> Incitatioth asked, his eyes focused on Cielath as she darted through the sky. Why were those browns and blue chasing her? Whites didn't Rise! ... Had everyone been lying to him!? The thought made him very sad. << Cielath is flying up there! I want to fly too! Be back soon, okay? Don't get eaten by a herdbeast! >> Incitatioth snapped his wings open, ignoring the battering feelings of what the fuck coming from his rider.

<< Cielath! I want to play too! I'm coming, I'm coming! >> He bugled, his voice a mere squeak compared to the bigger males. He launched himself from the weyrledge, the quick white zooming to join the chase. He twisted to avoid colliding with Fusrodath, squealing in greeting to the big brown. << Yay! We're flying buddies! I like to fly! I like to fly a lot and once L'in told me 'Incitatioth if you don't get your white ass down here'-- Oh, wait, he's saying that now! >>

L'in was on the weyrledge, screeching at the top of his lungs and waving his arms for Incitatioth to get back and shard it all, you don't even know what to do with a female! He wasn't even going to question Cielath being a white. For all he knew, she could Rise. Nightwatch was weird, man.

When Cielath showed off her grace, Incitatioth dived to follow, his eyes gleaming green with all the excitement of the flight. Why didn't he Chase ladies more often? This was a great deal of fun! Except, he wasn't quite sure what he would do if he actually caught said ladies. Maybe cuddles. He wanted to show off as much as she did, but he had the sneaking suspicion that it'd be very rude to start showing off in the middle of her flight.

Posted by: Firebird Apr 15 2012, 02:26 PM
Wilkith bugled a greeting to Incitatioth and banked into a wide turn instead of trying a hairpin and barrel roll of his own. He knew well enough he wasn't the most agile flyer, and trying to mimic a smaller dragon's actions would just end in hilarity. This would point him in the right direction well enough.

Beautifully done, but speed and grace aren't everything! he called out as he started a dive of his own. Were this a serious chase he would have been matching the white's movements more closely, but as it was he felt attempting to do such would make him clumsy. And, well, being clumsy just wasn't very impressive. Best to do graceful soaring and make the dives shallow.

Of course, it didn't hurt that doing that meant he didn't have to fly as far to reach the same place. Let the others tire themselves with circuitous routes! The weather is good and the wind is strong! Let us fly all day and night as well!

Posted by: Meesh Apr 15 2012, 05:03 PM
The merry tone of this flight surprised Isith, the burly brown being more used to seriousness and business during flights. He flapped silently for a while, not really sure what to say. Should he respond in kind, lightly and with jokes, or should he be serious as usual. He knew whites didn't really mate, so it wasn't exactly a mating flight....more of a cuddle flight

Well, might as well say something or risk sounding rude. Bugling excitedly as the white moved into a dive, he folded in his wings to follow. You have excellent diving skills he told her somewhat awkwardly, wings flaring out as he pulled out of the dive and after her. Mimicing her every move was hard, especially since he wasn't as agile as the smaller brown, but he was determined to manage. If a white could do it, so could he! Right?

Posted by: Oshuu Apr 15 2012, 07:31 PM
Fusrodath let out a pleased rumble when the white acknowledged him with a pleasant greeting. Everyone seemed so…upbeat today! The brown had taken part in many Flights in his day, chasing Queens before he transferred to Nightwatch and many a green once he met his new home. Of course, he didn’t remember many of them, but a nagging feeling told him Flights weren’t always this…nice. But that was okay! Fusrodath liked nice!

Banking hard, the large brown swept in a wide turn, truly too large to follow after such crafty maneuvers. YOU ARE SO CLEVER! he crooned to the little white leading the charge, forced to hang wide and catch up. When she tipped downwards, he saw his chance and folded his wings, for who was bravest than Fusrodath? He darted past the blue, Wilkith opting to keep his dives shallow. That left only Isith, but he was not concerned about his fellow brown.

Snapping his wide wings back open, he caught the updraft and soared after Cielath, bugling again as she put on a show for them. Whatever he was about to say was interrupted, a second white appearing beside him and joining the Flight. HELLO INCITATIOTH, he rumbled, eyes whirling a multitude of colors, blues and greens and yellows, flashes of oranges and purples. CAN YOU KEEP UP? It was asked with good nature, the brown’s wingbeats stroking harder as he fought to surge ahead and put himself in front of the pack.

Down below, Volana continued to make her way through the Weyr. Who did Cielath belong to? Hmm. Z something. Zira, perhaps. But where was that rider to be found? Before she could figure that out, Fusrodath bellowed out to another white. Another white was in the Flight?

“There must be something in the water,” Volana murmured to herself, chuckling quietly. “Welcome to Nightwatch Weyr.”

Posted by: Kestalì Apr 15 2012, 09:03 PM
... Cielath, dear, what the shards are you doing? There was no anger in the new voice, but rather profound befuddlement and disbelief. Really, Ciel! This is just... bizarre!

A lithe white form dive-bombed from the sky to zip past Isith's belly, close enough to touch if he were fast enough. Nalunath bugled a greeting to the other dragons as she fell into place near Incitatioth, bafflement giving way to trilling laughter after a few moments. Oh, well, if any of us were to try, I suppose you'd be the one. Would you mind if I joined in the fun, sister? I haven't had a good fly in a while. Hello, Incy, she added, brushing the male White's wingtip with her own.

Luna? What's going on? Three voices clamored in her head in confusion, two coming from the same source.

White Cielath has decided to try having a Flight, she replied calmly to her rider, Rosaryn, and their weyrmates/brothers K'vyn and Alamanth. They... Weren't really appeased. Since Mine is busy in the Infirmary, I figured I'd tag along. Don't worry, I know exactly what Whites can - and can't - do, I'm just here to point and laugh. Cheers! Cue mad mental scrambling by Bonded and Co. and a disturbing rendition of snickers escaping Luna's throat.

Ah, it was good to be a dragon.

Posted by: Atlas Apr 15 2012, 11:09 PM
V'las squinted at the sheet of paper in his hand. It squinted back. He narrowed his eyes and shook his head as the words bled together to form a skeletal silhouette that danced merrily around the page.

Good heavens.

He narrowed his eyes. One of the more unfortunate duties that came with being a wingsecond had to be dealing with the paperwork, but today it seemed especially hard to concentrate. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the wine he'd had for lunch. Or maybe it was the fact that Yintath just wouldn't shut up.

I say, V'las, I do believe that young Cielath has taken it into her head to Rise.

"Very nice," he rasped.

Without me.

"Seems a damn shame."

Doesn't it? From his spot on the ledge of their weyr came an indignant snort. The white shifted, then raised his scarred head and fixed the distant chasers with a calculating stare. After a moment's deliberation, he announced, Be back in a jiffy, old sport, and launched himself into the air.

This wasn't a Flight - it was a Hunt, and he wouldn't miss it for the world.

Yintath glided toward them, nodding genially at the other chasers as he twisted his battered wings to better catch the air. There was an almost manic twinkle in his eye that echoed in his voice as he bugled, Jolly good show, chaps, and may I say what a beautiful day it is for a Hunt flight? Brilliant idea, Cielath, simply brilliant. And Nalunath! How good to see you. Are you joining us as well, then?

Posted by: Darastrix Apr 17 2012, 03:51 AM
Incy, hi! Cielath trilled with delight. Oh, this was getting better and better! More dragons, more fun, more snuggles later!

Wilkith, well, that was a little less charming since speed and grace were what SHE was all about in the air. She might have gotten miffed about the backhanded complement, but the two browns soothed her slightly ruffled feathers nicely, and she crooned to them as she flew on.

More whites! Oh, but it's so fun, Luna! she called. We should all do this every now and then. You get to fly and play and the chasers say such lovely things!

She pulled a happy little loop-de-loop and brushed past Yintath to give him a trill of greeting before she zipped off toward the weyrbowl.

Zira rubbed his forehead with one hand as he leaned against the wall. Well. At least he wouldn't be the only whiterider with a dragon mixed up in this "Flight," though he was still the one whose white instigated it. He wasn't sure whether to feel relieved or insulted on Cielath's behalf that none of the dragons from their wing had joined. They'd all hear about it regardless, so he just settled for mildly put out.

Ciel, what are you going to do when you decide to let one of them catch you?

Cuddle in the weyrbowl, of course!

Right. Of course. And shard it all if he didn't feel a little jealous at that. Cielath could just get it in her head to Rise, get dragons to Chase, and she'd pick one (or possibly more since it wasn't a mating flight and cuddling in a pile was easy) to snuggle with. Dragons had it so easy in some respects.

Posted by: Oshuu Apr 18 2012, 06:06 PM
There were whites! Whites everywhere! Fusrodath gave a little squawk of surprise when two more joined the party. Another female white, even! And here he’d always been told females fought if they Rose together. Perhaps whites were just nicer than everyone else.

Perfectly content with that half-baked explanation, the dragon set his mind back to actually chasing the dragon who’d Risen initially. Cielath preformed a complete loop-de-loop, brushing by the lot of them before turning again, dipping back towards the ground. Fusrodath was quick to follow, his large wings dipping as he banked and followed down after her. To be quite honest, the brown still wasn’t sure what he was expecting the white to do once she go tired, but it must be good, right? Winning a Flight was always good.

Always good indeed, love, Volana agreed from wherever she was, never far from Fusrodath’s spot. She was still looking for the whiterider in question, but until the shenanigans stopped and her bonded settled again, it wasn’t even worth asking where the person might be found. Fusrodath was never known for his multitasking.

Posted by: Meesh Apr 18 2012, 07:20 PM
The loop de loop made him give an almost-squawk of surprise. Was he supposed to try mimicing that? Isith could probably manage a wider loop de loop, but his wings were far too large for a loop de loop that tight.

But then again, to win a flight, you had to impress the females, right?

Shaking his head out of that thought- no need to make a fool of himself- Isith continued zooming after the white. He was a lot bigger than her, and thus couldn't keep up with her speed, but he did have one advantage over her that he knew of, and that was stamina. Even if he couldn't catch up with her now, he would be able to eventually, right?

The thought gave him renewed energy, and he continued flying, offering another buggle of challenge. A good flight to all, so far

Posted by: Firebird Apr 19 2012, 09:58 AM
What's this? Two more whites joining the Flight? This was interesting indeed. Wilkith wasn't entirely sure why there were whites Chasing (or for that matter Rising), but he only cared as a matter of idle wondering. It was probably something in the water, or possibly just a new method of playing for them. It was hardly the most serious Flight.

Brother and sister, welcome! It is a beautiful day to fly, he greeted as he flew towards the Weyrbowl after Cielath. Yeah, he wasn't even going to try that loop de loop, not with his build. Another blue could manage it, but not him. Best to just continue on a direct path. It would be faster, anyway, and he needed all the speed he could get.

That didn't mean he couldn't acknowledge it, though. Very nice, lady Cielath! Your agility in the air is unmatched by any of us!

Posted by: Darastrix May 8 2012, 02:40 AM
Cielath zipped around the bowl, absolutely delighted with the turnout. They were going to have to have these Flights more often. Maybe Incy would like to Rise next time. Sure, males didn’t usually Rise, but whites didn’t usually participate in Flights, period, so she doubted that little detail mattered much. Now…how was she going to choose? She’d been going all-out with the speed and showy moves and she was getting a little tired now. But they were all so handsome and flattering and she hated to hurt anyone’s feelings and oh.

Oh! She didn’t HAVE to pick only one. She wasn’t going to have to climb up high and pick one to fall with her and do…whatever. She could just land! (Honestly, why didn’t the greens do it like that? So much easier. Maybe the reds would have more sense when they got old enough.)

You’re all such lovely Chasers! she trilled, making a turn to look back at all her suitors. So I choose you all! Come land with me and cuddle! With that, she dove to the floor of the bowl and landed, looking up expectantly.

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