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Nightwatch Weyr > Weyrling Barracks > Water, schmater. We've got sun!

Posted by: Kestalý Mar 20 2012, 02:55 AM
The note had simply said to wait outside their weyr in plain sight; she figured Estrith was distinct enough in build and color - no other Whites his size at the moment, after all - or their mentors-to-be had been give a mind-picture from one of the clutchmothers or something, so as was her want when such things were out of her control she didn't worry about it too much.

Estrith, on the other hand, wouldn't stop asking. She swore he did it on purpose. Barely a day old and he already knew how to drive her nuts.

Call her crazy, but it was awesome.

Cue cute head-tilt. ... Miiiiiiine. Who and where are our mentors?

And exasperating.

"For the hundredth time, I have no idea!" Huffing, the Healer began aimlessly pacing about the entrance to their weyr with a restless energy, swinging her arms in semblance of stretching.

The baby White watched her progress, head stretched out on his paws as he lay bathed in the sun. You are being silly, he said after a moment, and crooned at her. Come lay with me. Kryskittlemine, he added as an afterthought.

She stopped and turned to face him, one hand on a jutted hip while the other fluttered about in emphasis of her words. "Seriously, Estrith, where on earth did you come up with that nickname?" She wore a smile though, and he was too much a part of her now to think she was upset about it.

I dunno. He offered a flick of his tail in place of a shrug. I just liked it.

A slight laugh, this time, and the Healer finally allowed herself to flop down and sprawl beside her dragon. A bit of shifting and wriggling soon found Estrith's flank becoming an impromptu pillow, and Krys draped one arm over his back so she could scratch his head; he purred in response, the vibration running from her head down into her stomach. The sun poured down on them, quickly heating her hair - which she'd flung over his spine out of her way - until it was actually hot and warming every inch of skin exposed by her sleeveless vest and loose, cropped trousers.

Undoubtedly she was going to have a sunburn by the end of the day, but right then she was far too comfortable to even think about moving to do something about it. Or keeping her eyes open to see who might approach. Let Estrith keep watch; she'd be quite happy to be lulled into a nap until such a time as either she was told to get up, or the sun moved/lowered enough that it no longer worked as her own personal heater.

Posted by: Spiffy Mar 20 2012, 06:09 AM
Lanalene lounged against a rock in plain sight a couple of dragonlengths away from the weyrling barracks. She'd been there a while, actually, having arrived way before she had instructed her new mentee pair to meet her there.

Now, this actually served a purpose, other than just trolling her new pupils (which they'd have to get used to eventually so why not start now). One, it was a bright sunny day, and a perfect opportunity to fix her old flute at leisure. So she lounged in the sunshine, fiddling with the little reed instrument she has made a long while ago in her apprentice days. She had a better one, but as her first instrument it held some value beyond that of marks to her. Cimmeriath was over by the lake, asleep and quite contented.

Oh, the purpose of being not-late in meeting her pupils? Oh yeah, that was just trolling. You see, the new Weyrling pair were being tested already. And the test today was... you guessed it, patience. She wanted to observe her pair's reactions to waiting. And since she'd made every effort to not look like a dragonrider and just a harper with nothing better to do than sunbathe, hopefully they would think that their dragonriding mentors hadn't arrived yet. That was the plan. And it seemed to be working, much to her delight.

The two seemed to be conversing, though Krys wasn't using mindspeech. Lana was sure it would come in time. It did mean that she could hear half the conversation however, and it sounded like they were getting frustrated with something. Probably with her, teehee. Lana decided to give them a few more minutes, and was rewarded with the gurl settling down with her head on the dragonet like a pillow. Ah, very good, the two were obviously comfortable with each other's presence by now then.

Lana had better do something soon, or the girl would likely fall asleep.

"You two seem to be getting along fine," she called across the intervening distance to the young pair. "Though he'll be getting too big to do that with soon, I warn you," she added, looking up at them with a smile and a wink. See how quickly they cottoned on.

Posted by: Kestalý Mar 20 2012, 06:49 PM
It wasn't so much she couldn't mindspeak, but more that speaking came more naturally, and she was used to mental bonds being more an emotional-sensory exchange than actual words. Trying to think what she wanted to say instead of just saying it was... Well, alright, it actually was pretty strange, and Es complained when she kept trying to "edit" what she was trying to say.

So yeah, on second thought, it probably would come with time.

The voice didn't startle Krys, who was already half-asleep due to sun and simple comfiness, and she just cracked open an eye and rolled her head slightly to face the speaker with a languid smile of greeting. "Aye, but there'll always be his tail," she called back after taking a moment for her slowed mind to process the other's words.

Says you, Estrith sniffed, twisting his head around to lick her knee, which elicited a jerk and a squeak of surprise from His. Which had been his goal. She made the most amusing sounds!

Deciding sitting up to speak with the woman would be a good thing, Krys reluctantly pulled herself up so that the White was now more backrest than pillow; in retaliation for his actions, she also surreptitiously tucked her fingers in the corner of his mouth and gave the fleshy hide a firm tug . "Are you our mentor?" she asked curiously, though not actually knowing. Es pulled away with a grunt of protest. "That's a pretty flute," she added, eyes lighting slightly. She'd always liked flutes - was of the firm belief they'd be her preferred instrument had she become a Harper instead of a Healer - but though she wouldn't cause any bleeding ears she was definitely far from trained in anything to do with music despite her love for it. "Are you a Harper?"

Yes, probably too many questions at once, but... Well, that was Krys for you. She was either too quiet or too chattery, and she hadn't quite learned where the "Medium" switch was located.

Are you going to show us where the food is?

And Estrith, it seemed, was still figuring out how to turn "Polite" to on altogether. Sigh.

Posted by: Spiffy Mar 21 2012, 10:16 AM
Oh, this girl was all questions! But that was good, showed a keen mind. Lana just smiled at the first response, choosing instead to reply to the questions.

"I might be. If your mentor is one Lanalene of blue Cimmeriath, then yes, I am. Were you waiting for her?" she asked in turn, with a wink.

"That I am, and thank you" she said, twiddling the flute in her fingers. It wasn't the finest flute on Pern by far, but it was still special to her. "Do you like music?" she asked in turn.

The direct question from the dragonet surprised her a little, but not because of it's directness. More because baby dragons often preferred to talk to only their riders, especially in the early stages.

She sighed with a giggle. "Typical baby dragon, either thinking of food or unconscious," she remarked. She pulled herself to her feet without too much difficulty and approached closer, standing above the pair. Then she addressed Krys. "How long since he was last fed? How much? And has he been oiled since then?" Barrage of questions again.

Posted by: Kestalý Mar 22 2012, 07:17 PM
Krys shrugged, eyeing the woman consideringly now, though still with a smile. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was the name. Why do I have the feeling it's not just our physical muscles that're gonna get a workout with you?" Standing, she tugged gently at one of Estrith's headknobs and, sighing, he reluctantly stood with her. "Yes, I love music, though I've never had any formal training. Flute," she added, "as it happens, is my favorite instrument - and about the only one I can play!"

The comment on baby dragons got an indignant snort from the little White. I think about plenty of other things! he protested, and turned his head to press his brow firmly against Krys' leg. Don't I, Krystkittlemine?

"Oh, yes," she replied evenly, watching her newly-revealed mentor approach. "Food, sleep, and cuddling. How on earth do you have any time in your day for anything else?"


"Just teasing, Es." Oh boy, and here came the questions. Shifting her weight, Krys replied, looking slightly sheepish. "He ate a bucket of meat at the Hatching, and another this morning a couple hours after sunrise when we got up. He wasn't as hungry as the other hatchlings for some reason - though he would've eaten more if I'd let him, but I didn't want him to eat too much if he wasn't that hungry to begin with - and they didn't tell us where to get more and it was sort of too chaotic to try and find out, so I asked the kitchens if I could keep one of the left-over buckets in cold storage overnight and they said yes. He's still hungry though, and though I know he needs to be oiled, I haven't yet been able to ask anyone where to find the stuff for it so he hasn't, yet." Stop for quick breath.

The Healer bit her lip, the shadow of guilt in her eyes. "It's not gonna hurt him that it wasn't all done right away, will it? I was going to find someone to ask today, but then I got your note and Estrith said he could wait, and I figured even as a baby he'd know about that sort of thing better than I would, so..." She trailed off, looking pleadingly at Lanalene. She wanted to get this right, shardit, and she was probably overworrying and ocerreacting but please, oh please tell her she wasn't in trouble and didn't hurt her baby!

Posted by: Spiffy Mar 28 2012, 10:43 AM
Lana smiled mischievously at Krys's 'feeling', tapping her nose with a long slender finger, but didn't otherwise reply.

She smiled happily again as the two young ones bickered. Ah, those were the days. It'd be good if the young ones could bring that side of Cimm out again...

"Mmm," she said, after taking in the barrage of information from the girl. Fed twice, not oiled, still hungry, check. "Yes, I had heard that this one was rather chunky out of the egg. But still, he's going t be plenty hungry from now until he matures, so we'd better get you clued up on feeing him sharpish. When that's done I'll get you sorted with the oil and cleaned, kay? Good." She was a little suprised that someone hadn't already got them all together as a class to explain where to get the food, but the girl seemed to have worked out a solution on her own, which was good. And she seemed pretty keen to learn to do it the right way, which was an excellent attitude to have.

That said, she sent a strong mental prod out to her blue. Oi, you, wake up, you're needed. The blue grumbled as he woke, turning grumpy mind to his rider. What for? he said, flatly. [I]You need to meet our new young ones we'll be looking out for. We'll be heading for the feeding pens, if you could meet us there dear," she added. It shouldn't take either of them that long to get there, and Cimmeriath may be needed to catch a herdbeast for them.

"It's ok, you did well," she said, seeing the worried look on Krys's face. "It won't hurt him, no. His skin should be soft enough from straight out of the shell to get him through the day, though he will need some oil soon, or it may start to crack a little. Has he been particularly itchy today?" she asked. "They may think they know best," she said with a wink, "but remember that they are still babies, and your common sense is still the best thing to run by if there's nobody around to ask. And you can always contact Cimm through your white - what's his name, by the way? - and he should be able to direct you. Speaking of whom, we're meeting him down by the feeding pens. I'm sure you'll have lots of questions, so feel free to ask them while we stroll down there," she added, starting off down the track to the pens and the black dragon who was stomping his way there too.

Posted by: Kestalý Apr 17 2012, 02:32 AM
The Healer breathed a sigh of relief. "He has been a little," she answered the question about itching. "Just a small patch on his shoulder. I put a damp cloth on for a while this morning and he said it's gone, so I think it was either really minor or just some dirt."

Mmm, oil sounds nice though, Es commented, trying to cuddle against her legs as they walked. And no, it wasn't working very well, how'd you know? o.o

"You've never been oiled before," Krys replied, amused. "How would you know?"

I'm a dragon, was his smug reply.

"Uh... Huh..." was hers, unimpressed. She turned back to Lana with a smile. "Aye, I know, but his instinct was the best I had to go off of at the time. Don't worry, though, I won't rely on it, especially once I know what I'm doing." Head bumped hand, then, and scritches ensued. "That's right, we haven't introduced ourselves, have we? I'm Krysctyl - it sounds normal, but is spelled really weird - and this is Estrith."

The girl fell silent for a few moments, thinking about which of the many questions she should ask first, then spoke up again, tone polite and respectful. "About how busy will I be with training, do you think? I don't mind work, but I'm a Journeyman Healer, so if I won't have time to work shifts I'll need to let my superiors know ahead of time. Though I would like to continue practicing my craft if at all possible," she added, "even if it's only part-time. And also, uh..." Krys glanced back to her weyr at the wary, aggravated feeling that flashed through her mind, though it wasn't her own. Leaf could between out of the inner rooms if she wanted, but she wanted to be with Krys, and that meant Estrith would chase her - and it was making her miserable."Do you know how I could convince Es that my firelizard isn't a snack?"

Why would you want to do that? the White demanded, clearly baffled and not bothering to keep his voice to... Private channels, so to speak.

"... Maybe because she's isn't?"

But it's so small! AKA, Estrith didn't give a shard who heard him. What ever could a scrap of a thing like that do to be useful to you, KryssieMine?

A groan was his answer. "See what I mean?" she sighed.

Feel the love, man. Feel the love.

Posted by: Spiffy Apr 19 2012, 12:54 PM
"He'll be alright for another few hours then."

She smiled as the two started arguing again, Lana only privy to half the conversation, but she could guess how the rest went.

":Don't worry too much about it; you'll learn it quick enough, even if just from repetition three or four times a day and nothing else," she said with a smile. Weyrlinghood was hard work, and even more so at Nightwatch, even if it lasted half a turn less than traditional. Sadly, Nightwatch needed all the fighters it could get, as fast as it could get them, what with the rate that they were falling to the Deep Ones. Those that survived their first few turns as a dragonrider here had a better chance, but not by much. You could learn as much as you liked about the Deep Ones and yet they still manage to be unpredictable. This she had learned herself.

She raised an eyebrow at the girl's introduction. "Nice to meet you two, Krysctyl, Estrith," she said, committing the names to memory, "you'll have to show me how it's spelled sometime.

Lana frowned at the first question. She expected to keep up a craft through Weyrlinghood, and Healercraft at that? "You'd better be bloody dedicated if you want to keep up healercraft through Weyrlinghood," she said, bluntly. "Looking after a baby dragon isn't easy, especially for the first few months. They grow quickly, and need more or less constant feeding, oiling, and general attention, even through the night. And I'm pretty sure that the healers wouldn't want a baby dragon getting under their feet, if you'll excuse me Estrith. I'd contact your superiors if I were you and ask for a few months off. As for the flitter..." she paused, brows knitting together as she thought. Then she was suddenly privy to the dragonet's thoughts too.

"I do. This could be a problem. I'd suggest making sure he's kept well fed so that he's not tempted to 'snack', but dragonets seem to think they're hungry all the time, so that probably wouldn't work. You could try bribing him with nicer things? Flitters are really rather bony, three's not a lot of meat or tasty stuff on them," she said, wanting Estrith to hear her later words even if she was talking directly to Krys. Hopefully he'd get the idea. She could always try and get Cimmeriath to 'tell' Estrith not to eat the flitter if that didn't work. Size and colour played no part in Nightwatch politics, but it was still ingrained into every dragon of the Weyr.

Posted by: Kestalý Jun 21 2012, 12:49 AM
... Bribes could work, The White sounded intrigued at the possibility of getting more for doing less, especially when it might involve food. Only the best, though. I need to be compenseled... Compensaltered...


Yes, compensated! I need to be compensated for giving up such a deleble... Deleteled...?


Yes, delectable snack. Estrith raised his head regally, suitably proud at his expanded vocabulary.

"Oh, boy." Krys smothered a laugh with a long-suffering sigh and looked at Lana. "Well, I guess I have my solution. Thank you for helping with that." To show how grateful she was, there was only the slightest bit of sarcasm in there. Really. "And I guess I'll let the other Healers know I'll be unavailable for a while," she added on a sigh, real this time. "I didn't know oiling the Leech's flaky bu - er, tail would take up quite so much of my time." She smiled sheepishly. Not that she wanted to appear as different than who she really was, but her original choice of wording might have been just a little too familiar for a first meeting, especially with the one who was going to be training her for the next Turn or two. First impressions, and all that.

Current concerns abated, at least for now, the Healer-now-Weyrling finally gave in to the physical and mental puppy-dog eyes Estrith had been beaming her way for the past five minutes. Pausing, she stooped and scooped the little White into her arms, shifting so he was cradled like a cross between a cat and a human infant.

He snuggled close, curling to tuck his head under her chin and drape his wing comfortably over her shoulder out of the way, the other curled and propped on her arm. This is much better, he purred, and flicked his tail happily.

"Only for now," Krys hummed, walking quickly to catch up with her mentor. "You're a good weight already, you little leech, you'll get too big to carry pretty soon." Not an unfair projection, considering he was thickly built and practically Green-sized to start with.

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