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Posted by: bfkitsune Jun 7 2012, 09:19 PM
Where are you going, Mine? While her pace was hurried to keep up with her handler, Nanisk's tone was light and curious, her eyes swirling a deep blue-green in the dim hallway.

To the kitchens, Nani. I'd like some klah and maybe a snack. On Kona's shoulder, Truffle honked as her head twisted around, curious blue eyes darting back and forth. The way her head whipped around so fast, she looked more avian than firelizard. Dumb firelizard.

Oh, okay! The small wher rumbled happily as she trotted along beside her beloved handler.

Kona quirked a brow as she glanced down at Konanisk. Are you hungry? The redhead ignored the sudden influx of hungry sensations from her dimglow flit who squirmed across her shoulders, wings flapping and messing up her hair as she honked loudly.

Oh, no. Not hungry, she replied, the forked tips of her tail twitching and she shuffled her wings to a more comfortable position on her back.

Alright. Both wher and handler were content to ignore the obnoxious firelizard, and Kona reached down to rub Nani's closest headknob a bit before they entered the dining hall and headed towards the back. While 'snack' for most usually meant grabbing the nearest edible thing that required little to no preparation, to Kona it meant something like cookies or something equally delicious. Perhaps a little healthier than that though...

Posted by: Tawny Jun 8 2012, 12:43 PM
Lorux was hungry.

Very hungry.

They'd headed out to the cliffs together, so that Moth could practice glides over the water. This had been all fine and dandy, but an ill timed gust of wind had lost him his sandwiches, a tragedy that would surely be remembered throughout the ages. As they'd only just got there though he hadn't wanted to head back, and so he had assured Moth that he wouldn't waste away over the course of a couple of hours and they had stayed.

All in all it had been very sucessful, she'd only crashed into the water once this time and had managed some nice gentle turns. While she'd been up in the air (or making her way back up the cliff path) Lorux had forgotten his hunger, but the moment they'd turned to come home he had remembered.

He was pretty sure he was going to waste away and die if he didn't get something to eat pretty damn sharpish.

<Don't be silly Mine, that's not physically possible,> said Moth, now taking up the other argument as they entered the Weyr through the weyrling barracks. Tucking her wings in tightly by her sides the large green padded along behind her rider, checking her size against a score in the wall as she did every day; so long as her shoulder was below that, proportions dictated that her length and width wouldn't be so great that she didn't fit down the main human corridors of the Weyr.

"Maybe there'll be some leftovers," Lorux said hopefully as he hurried on towards the kitchens, "Or maybe some bread an'dripping. That'd be nice. Oooh, or some fruit pie!"

<Or a wher.>


<I can smell a wher inside,> Moth clarified as they came up to the door. She didn't think she had ever spoken properly to a wher before, which was silly really given she saw in the same way.

Lorux had spoken to plenty of handlers when Moth had been smaller, trying to get a feel for how those eyes of hers did work. He’d usually done that while she’d been asleep though; it would be good for her to talk on her on behalf. Deciding that the presence of a wher behind the door was positive (Lorux thought most things were positive) the curly-haired young man shoved the door open and greeted the pair inside with a broad grin. “Wotcha! Any good grub up?”

Posted by: bfkitsune Jun 8 2012, 03:30 PM
As Konani was too distracted trying to pry an unsettled (and hungry, and honking) Truffle from her upper arm, neither she nor her bonded heard the one-sided conversation in the hall until the door swung open. The trio froze and looked to the pair in the doorway with surprise - until they saw Moth's bright red eyes. Nanisk quickly  ducked behind Kona, her eyes swirling yellowish, and Truffle bugled indignantly before flapping up on top of a shelf.

When they weren't immediately assaulted, Kona lifted an eyebrow at the red-eyed dragon and the grinning man. Well, this was... odd, to say the least. "Um.." 'Wotcha'? What was that...? "Hello.. I'm Konani, and this is Konanisk." A slender hand reached behind her to rub one of the white's headknobs reassuringly. "And you are..?"

Why were that dragon's eyes so red?

Posted by: Tawny Jun 8 2012, 04:44 PM
Lorux beamed and sauntered over to Konani, holding his hand out to her in greeting. "Name's Lorux; gunsmith, explosives expert, seeker of deliciousness at odd hours! This lovely lady 'ere with me is Moth; she's not mad at you, she always looks like that." Stream of information passed on the greenrider cast around thoughtfully for any likly looking pots, bowls, plates, or baskets.

Hanging back in the doorway Moth watched the wher duck behind its handler and sagged. They didn't like her. She hadn't even said anything and they already didn't like her. <Umm... hello,> she said uncertainly to Konanisk. When nothing much else came to mind she added; <You're quite small.>

Posted by: bfkitsune Jun 9 2012, 01:55 AM
It only took half of his introduction to dispel her concerns, and when she took his hand in hers she had a bright smile on her face as well. "Pleasure to meet you, Lorux, and Moth as well." Red eyes... Still, it wasn't her fault at all if they were permanently stuck like that. It must make introductions hard when people - like her - immediately assumed an angry green was headed their way. "She's very pretty."

Oh, um, yes, Nanisk replied hesitantly, still watching the green Very Carefully.

Kona glanced down at her wher and rubbed one headknob before giving her a gentle nudge towards the dragon she seemed so nervous about. "Go on, say hello -- don't mind her, she's rather shy." This last part was said to Moth as well as Lorux. It was true, anyway.

Giving one final look to her handler, Nanisk edged around Konani and a little closer to Moth. Not too close, of course - personal space was of the utmost importance (her handler excluded, of course). I'm, ah, Konanisk. Nice to meet you... A pause, and then; You're quite big.

Posted by: Tawny Jun 9 2012, 10:20 AM
[Double post wht?]

Posted by: Tawny Jun 9 2012, 10:21 AM
“Thanks! She is a lovely thing isn’ she? Your Kon-an-isk,” he pronounced the unfamiliar name with some care so that his lazy drawl didn’t warp it, “is real pretty too. Do like whers, much better f’keeping indoors than dragons; won’t be too long before my Moth won’t be able to come down these corridors anymore!” Lorux was still beaming, apparently about as cheerful as it was possible for a person to be without the aid of mind-altering substances. He was also still on the hunt for Food, and started to poke around and peer into cupboards. “Not used t’being unattended in ‘ere,” he said with a conspiratorial glance at Konani, “Usually I gets chased out with a rolling pin or somefing like that! You know y’way around in ‘ere at all or shall I jus’ keep prodding?”

Moth, now feeling very large indeed, stepped the rest of the way into the kitchen. <It's nice to meet you too, and I am rather big,> she agreed, not sounding entirely happy about this. She felt like if she didn’t tuck her wings right in by her sides, and curl her tail around her feet, and keep her head ducked down that she would knock things over. <I wish I was a bit smaller, but small and elegant like my pretty sisters not like you,> she added with a sigh, completely oblivious to the fact that her comment might cause offense.

Posted by: bfkitsune Jun 9 2012, 01:38 PM
Konani beamed at the compliment about her beloved wher. "Yes, they really are - well, maybe not the bigger ones so much, but Nani here is the perfect size. She's full grown too," she added while getting herself some klah. Mmmm, klah. "And yeah, I'm in cookingcraft - desserts and other baked goods, specifically - so I know my way around here like the back of my hand. I won't chase you out with a rolling pin, though, no worries; what were you looking for?" Since he had obviously hinted that he'd like help looking for something - although it was hard to help someone when she had no idea what he wanted in the first place. Always made it rather difficult.

Nanisk wilted. <Oh, um...> What was she supposed to say to that? Did Moth think she was ugly, or inelegant or something? Well, it didn't matter too much, she supposed, because Konani loved her very much and thought she was perfect, and that was all that mattered, right? What Hers thought was important, not a silly dragon with red eyes.

Red eyes were still kind of scary though...

Posted by: Tawny Jun 11 2012, 07:30 AM
"Oh, yeah, them golds are pretty bloody big aren't they?" Lorux agreed with a nod; he hadn't had anything to do with any of the gold handlers, but he'd certainly seen their beasts around! "Sounds like you're a good sort of person to know!" the curly-haired man went on. "What was I looking for... uh... well just food t'be honest, I was going to grab some of whatever's going; lost my sandwiches t'the fishes so I haven't had anything since breakfast, an' I'm pretty sure that was sometime last year by how hungry I am!"

Moth shifted uncomfortably, aware that this encounter wasn't exactly going swimmingly. Why did people never like her? <Umm... so... what sorts of things do whers do?> It felt like a very weak question, but she was curious about the stocky lumpy creatures and she had to start somewhere.

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