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Posted by: Kestalì Feb 20 2012, 04:57 AM
Those sharding nightmares never let her get any sleep at a decent hour - decent for unconscious, anyway. It was to the point that she'd become rather a nightwherrie, managing on average a few hours broken sleep early on or more towards dawn, and wide awake for the rest.

Catnaps had become her best friend, and to be honest she rather liked the night, despite the inherent dangers. There was a certain peace and tranquility she loved that just couldn't be found during the day. Daylight was for action and fun and energy. Night was a time for stillness and gentleness and inner reflection.

And goodness knows she needed all of that nowadays.

This night found her wandering the Weyrhold's outer walls. After the briefer-than-usual period of early sleep, she'd awoken restless and edgy from a dream she couldn't remember except in emotion and concept.

Waiting, anxious. Bound, dread. Racing, fearful.

So Rhyn had nudged and bothered West until she groggily flew her down to the Weyrbowl, they having chosen one of the highest flight-access-only weyrs. It made takeoffs easy - just dive and swoop and go - and ensured the Greenrider would not be disturbed during Flights or when she wanted to be alone.

Westavirith had offered to accompany her, but was kindly told to go back to sleep; the Green did so without complaint, though she did order (*cough*bully*cough*) Leaf out of her warm wool cocoon-nest and after Syrhyna to shadow the woman out of sight. Just in case.

Rhyn didn't have the heart to spoil their thoughtful plans, and pretended not to notice the Green flit.

Pausing close to one of the staircases leading back to the ground, the once-Trader lifted her face to the wind, moon- and starlight, letting the clean air fill her lungs and billow her loose shirt around her skinny form. It was a warmer night, hinting of summer, and the crop-sleeved shirt and long pants were all she needed, though a jacket was tied about her waist for if the air turned.

Peace. Tranquility. Gentle, soft. Almost aching.

The night blanketed her, the wind caressed her, the stars called down to her.

It wasn't so bad being a nightwherrie.

Posted by: Tawny Feb 20 2012, 05:59 AM
Since the raid sleep had been very evasive, more evasive than it had been before that was. To start with it had been impossible to really sleep at all; either the clamour of voices or stabbing pains of one sort or another had kept him awake for days with periods of unconsciousness thanks only to sleeping draughts. Once he actually managed to start sleeping again the dreams had been... interesting to say the least. He'd had his share of nightmares over the turns but this one ranked amongst the worst of them; the agony and the wrongness, unable to move or to block out the horrible sensations and the sound of the Deep Ones.

It always went the same; the awful dream and then abruptly waking face down tangled in his covers, throat dry from screaming into his pillow, shaking at sweating and paralyzed by terror even once he knew it was just a nightmare. Eventually - as ever - he remembered how to work his limbs and freed himself from his covers and crawled out of bed to splash his face with water and ground himself in reality.

There always followed the dilemma of what to do next; sleep obviously wasn't an option, he knew he'd just slip back into the same dream, so he had to find something else to do. Feeling too groggy and distracted for any paperwork C'tis pulled on some clothes and stepped out onto the ledge. Malcarreth was already sitting there alert, woken from his own sleep by his rider's distress. Offering a low rumble and a gentle nudge the blue dipped his shoulder to allow C'tis to climb onto his back. They weren't planning to go far or do anything interesting so they didn't bother with riding straps; C'tis just gripped Malcarreth's neck with his thighs and held onto one of the bone spines that had replaced his neck ridges. A very short flight later Malcarreth touched down lightly in the Weyrbowl and left C'tis to wander under the stars and try to clear his head.

Aimless feet eventually carried C'tis up onto the walls of the Hold, his rank knots and distinctive face easily earning passage past the guards. There was a nice view from up here, a sense of space that was so different to the oppressive fog of the Dusk, or the crushing blackness he had experienced whilst in contact with the Nightfish. Giving a shudder that had nothing at all to do with temperature C'tis lent against the parapet, enjoying the light breeze... and abruptly realising that he was not alone. He recognised the rider and was vaguely aware that her name heavily involved the letter y, but she wasn't in one of his wings so what her name actually was escaped him.

He hadn't exactly come up here for company but he supposed there was no point in being outright rude, so C'tis offered y-something-name-shiny-scar-face a nod of acknowledgement; if she wanted any more than that it was up to her.

Posted by: Kestalì Feb 20 2012, 06:45 AM
Age hadn't dulled her hearing, and Rhyn blinked and turned at the sound of another body shuffling, faint and muffled by the wind to where she wasn't sure at first that she'd actually heard it. Their eyes met in time for her to catch the greeting nod, and she smiled kindly, easily back, doing a simple, entirely impersonal once-over glance of face and build. This was someone important, she was pretty sure, but she'd never been good with names unless she could attach it to something unique right off the bat.

Syrhyna didn't mind the company, really, but decided to make sure the other was equally impartial (or not)."As good a night as any for insomnia, aye?" she commented, voice soft. "Am I bothering you, sir? I can go elsewhere if you'd rather be alone." She'd had nights like that herself, where company was but a burden and a chore, and would understand if the Weyr leader - not Weyrleader, she knew that, but a leader all the same - was in the same sort of mood.

Posted by: Tawny Feb 20 2012, 07:09 AM
C'tis grunted eloquent non-committalness. "Apparently it is, and you were here first," he elaborated, "it would hardly be fair of me to tell you to bugger off now would it? What's your name anyway? I'm C'tis, if you weren't aware." Best he find out what she was called sooner rather than later or she'd be stuck irrevocably as shiny-face in his mind, and he'd probably end up referring to her as that which was probably politically incorrect as it was clearly a Blight effect, albeit an unusually aesthetically pleasing one. Never did know what people would be sensitive about or get all up in arms about; he didn’t want to have to deal with a long lecture if one of her COs was the sensitive sort who would object to having one of their riders referred to like that.

Posted by: Kestalì Feb 21 2012, 09:35 PM
Rhyn grinned, reminded strongly of a former member of her old Trading caravan. Gruff and prickly outside, soft and squishy inside. She wondered, just how much mush might be under this one's shell? "Sure I was, but I'm more amenable than most and don't mind moving. Besides, I'm new, so for all I know this is your special "thinking spot" and I'm utterly ruining an intense reflective moment that could lead you to find your inner peace of self and become enlightened to eternity and the reason for existence." Yes, she did get rather silly when she was tired. "Anywho, pleasure to meet you, C'tis, I'm Syrhyna. It's a mouthful though, so everyone just calls me Rhyn or Rhyna." A shrug. "Sorry in advance, by the way, if next time we meet I have to ask your name again; they've never been my thing, and the aging process has just made it worse. Or so I like to say."

Then she fell silent, waiting to see how he'd reply. Some people didn't like chatter or silliness, especially late at night, and the company was sort of nice, so she'd go quiet if he preferred. But then again maybe he liked chatter. Either way, maybe she'd find herself a new friend, of sorts. And he was her age, it looked like from a quick once-over glance - or at least well-weathered enough to look it - and the sight of the prominent facial scar had her hand twitching in sympathy, though she didn't touch her own. They had something in common, then, aesthetically at least.

Posted by: Tawny Feb 22 2012, 05:31 AM
Ah, yes, plenty of y's in there but nothing a Harper couldn't handle. "I assure you, Syrhyna, that I do not have intense reflective moments, nor special spots where I go to experience them. I know my purpose in life perfectly well; it involves shooting, shredding and setting fire to Deep Ones, and trying to make sure as many people as possible in my wings survive doing the same for as long as possible. It may not be very conducive to inner peace, but a good blast of flame is certainly illuminating if not enlightening." If she was going to play silly buggers with him fine, he would play back for the time being, wasn't like he had anything better to do for now. Anyway, perhaps the presence of another human would help keep the voices at bay; he could hear them just whispering now, and hoped they grew no louder than that.

"If my name's too complex for you to recall, then Weyrcaptain will do in future," C'tis added, raising one eyebrow. "That ought to be easy to remember, so long as I keep my knots on, and failing that you can always plump for 'sir'." Names weren't actually his strong suit either, but he did his best to conceal that and actually did fairly well; giving somebody a Look any saying 'oh, it's you' was pretty effective in name dodging, for example.

Posted by: Kestalì Feb 23 2012, 06:12 AM
Oooh, goody! This one could play back! "A perfectly acceptable replacement, my good man. Exceptionally admirable, indeed. I find fire particularly entrancing, myself, though West and I must content ourselves with a quaint hearth and leave the really fun pyrotechnics to you big boys." And many Greenpairs, too, of course, but that'd ruin her flow.

"Ahah! I knew I remembered you from somewhere! Weyrcaptain C'tis, I remember now." What wonders a little jog of memory lane could do. Smiling, this time sheepishly, Rhyn shrugged again. "You'd be surprised how fast I can forget things sometimes. I have faith you'll stick in my mind this time, though - unique details are a big help, especially sensory ones, and I've got plenty of those now." Turning her back to the wall, the Greenrider jumped and pulled herself on top of the crenellated sections she'd been leaning against, drawing up one knee to anchor her elbow as she nestled her chin in hand. Her eyes sparkled, and she tapped her nose thoughtfully with the nearest finger, her pinkie. "Now, let's see. You ride a Blue, I recall that much now I've got a face to go with the name. His name is... Uh... Malerreth? Malaceth? C'mon, am I getting warm? I know it starts with 'M', it's got an L in there, and I'm pretty sure it ends with "th"." Because dragon names so rarely end in 'th'. Uh huh.

((Why do I have the feeling that Rhyn and Krys have pulled a switcharoo on me? >.> She's waaaay too hyper for a fort-year-old, seriously!))

Posted by: Tawny Feb 23 2012, 07:11 AM
"I am not your good man," C'tis responded sourly, now looking up at the greenrider perched on the wall, "Nor am I anybody else's good man before you ask that." She was mocking him, he was sure of it. C'tis spent the bulk of his time being sure that ninety nine percent of people were mocking him or planning to stab him in the back, so his reaching this conclusion was hardly a surprise. At least she looked genuinely sheepish he supposed, but then so many people in the world were such good actors....

She was just messing around with the 'th' thing, even he wasn't crazy enough to turn that around into an insult of his intelligence or something. "His name's Malcarreth," C'tis supplied, "he's the one with the glowing ichor green scars, and the bone spines all down his neck." She'd referred to her dragon as 'West', but he wasn't sure what the rest of the green's name was. Oh well, either she'd tell him or he'd just refer to her as the same if he had to refer to her by name at all.

"Were you out here looking for an epiphany then?" he went on, looking back out over the wall rather than at her, because he really disliked having to look up at people. "Finding inspiration in the beauty of the starlight or something? Is this your special thinking place?"

Posted by: Kestalì Feb 23 2012, 07:57 AM
She frowned now, tilting her head inquisitively at him. "Take it easy, big guy, I was just teasing! No need to be grumpy about it. Besides, you wouldn't be Weyrcaptain if you weren't a good man, now would you?"

At the correction of her name-guessing, she snapped her fingers and grinned once more. "I knew I was close! Aye, I've seen him. The spikes look like they make riding difficult, but they do look pretty cool, and the green too."

The mention of epiphanies earned him a chuckle. "No, no, no epiphanies lately. I do like to come out here a lot, but only because it gets wind and a nice view, and at night just because because the day's busy and I'm always awake anyway. I'd go somewhere closer to the Weyr if I could find someplace similar." Rhyn pulled her other knee up, and, since he obviously wasn't interested in eye contact, wrapped her arms around her shins and let her cheek fall to her kneecaps, staring out and up over his head. Her voice grew a little softer. "I do like the stars, though. They have a sort of peaceful atmosphere to them, I think, and the wind. Quiet, gentle. Calming. The nightmares just sort of fade away, I like to think the wind catches them up and carries them out to drown in the sea."

Realizing she was rambling, Syrhyna fell silent, closing her eyes and just breathing in the clean, cold air that blew over them in fits and starts. Less salt right now, with the colder inland air blowing out to the warmer, heat-retentive ocean, but there was still that unique tang found only in island and coastal regions.

Posted by: Tawny Feb 24 2012, 07:15 AM
C'tis glanced up at Syrhyna and raised an eyebrow. "Clearly you mistake the role of a Weyrcaptain," he said, turning away again to look towards the sea. "My position means that I have to be a good soldier, and a good commander. Being a good man wasn't part of the job description, fortunately."

Her comment about spikes almost made him smile given the conversation he vaguely remembered with Rochelle, but he suppressed the expression firmly; he didn't know this woman and wasn't going to be going all personable for her at the drop of a hat. "Luckily the spikes stop before the place I sit. If they didn't it would be a right pain in the arse." He was pretty sure he was stealing the glasscrafter's line there but she wasn't here to call him on it.

Ha, the wind catching nightmares and carrying them away. "Well if that's the case I think that maybe Nightwatch in general could use a hurricane or two," C'tis commented with a derisive snort. He supposed he understood what she meant - the peace of this place put a distance between you and whatever horrors your unconscious mind had been throwing at you - but he wasn't going to admit that. He certainly wasn't going to admit that it was nightmares that had drawn him out here too.

Posted by: Kestalì Feb 25 2012, 07:44 AM
The Greenrider just shook her head. "I beg to differ - at least when it comes to Nightwatch - but it's too nice a night for an argument, so I'll logic you to death about it at a later date."

Syrhyna had no such inhibitions with familiarity or lack thereof, and laughed freely, if briefly. "Lucky you, indeed. West just has sharpened ridges, and I still have to grind them down all the time so they're not a pain in my arse." Pausing, she shook her head. "Hey, think our dragons might be long-lost twins or something?" She suggested, half-jokingly. "They're starting to sound almost eerily alike - sharp spine-things, glowy scars, and... Er, stuff. Or, well, ours are just shiny. But still! That counts, right?" Raincheck for seriousness, please.

A sigh, almost wistful. "Yeah. Though a hurricane'd be pretty bad for real, but wouldn't it be great if you could just fly through one? See what happens inside?" She made a gesture with her hand like it was flying through the air, then dropped it and her legs and cocked her head, grinning slightly. "Don't look now, but we have ourselves a little spy." She nodded to a few crenellations down from him. where a green tail and wing were disappearing, only for a dark green head to slowly peek back out, blinking sleepy pastel-teal eyes at them. "I'm surprised she's still awake, Leaf's usually zonked by now no matter what West or I try to get her to do. Only time she's not zipping around poking her nose into everything she shouldn't be." A vague feeling of indignation came through their bond, the Flit not awake enough to really care all that much.

Posted by: Tawny Feb 25 2012, 11:45 AM
C'tis gave Syrhyna a Look. "Very funny," he said without even a trace of humour. Why was she trying so hard to compare her green to Malcarreth? There must be a reason, there was always a reason. What did she want? Maybe he shouldn't have stayed here... but he wasn't going to rush off now, that would be letting her win.

Still, maybe it did mean nothing at all, the way this one was rambling on the Blight had obviously done more than make her shiny as a gold's fat arse.

When the firelizard came into view it was treated to a neutral glance; he did like the things but he wasn't going to go all gooey over somebody else's. "She's very pretty," he said after a pause, because she was and there wasn't any harm in admitting that. "I usually have to stop my firelizard from biting and setting fire to people rather than nosing around," he added, "Fang isn't the biggest fan of the human race in general. Not sure where he is at the minute; either sleeping, hunting, or terrorizing the lower caverns I imagine."

Posted by: Kestalì Feb 25 2012, 06:07 PM
No reason at all, really. Rhyn just liked finding connections - it made her feel more connected to people, maybe, even if in reality it meant nothing - and pointing out cool or interesting things, and tended to just chatter way too much to anyone who showed an inkling of interest. If she wanted anything, it was friendship, but she never tried to force it. Consciously, at least. No, the Greenrider was just talking, rambling really, and mentioning things as they came to mind.

Now, though, she sensed that maybe she should cull her chatter a bit, and averted her eyes towards the shadowed Weyrhold. "Sorry," she murmured. "Was just joking, didn't mean to offend you." Forty years of talking peoples' ears off had at least given her an eye for when she should maybe back off, and she was actually enjoying his company and wasn't keen to chase him off. "You know, you can totally tell me to shut up if I'm talking to much," she added after a moment, a trace of self-humor coloring her tone.

The mini Green chirped appreciatively at the compliment, then leapt up and lazily glided over to land on the arm Syrhyna held out for her as she listened to his description. "He sounds like a right handful," she commented with a smile, cuddling Leaf close and nuzzling her head for a moment before looking back at C'tis. "What's he look like?" That was a safe topic, yes?

Posted by: Tawny Feb 25 2012, 06:24 PM
C'tis did not like finding connections with people. Connections were scary, made you vulnerable. The people he had actually truly managed to reach out to over the turns were a select bunch, and really the only one who had managed to get close was C'ren and that was probably just because they shared the same triad of usual emotional responses and had also spent eight turns flying together. He wished it was C'ren out here now so that he could maybe even broach the subject of being short on sleep, even if he couldn't bear to explain about the nightmares.

C'tis grunted and shrugged. "Whatever, I'm sure you're free to talk about what you want, though I don't promise to give a shit. If I did want you to shut up though I would tell you, with or without your permission." Shiny-faced bint. Yes yes he probably shouldn't even mentally mock Blight effects but hey, he was a bad person so why wouldn't he?

"Fang," safe subject, "right. He's sort of.... periwinkle or lavender blue coloured, darker on the back than the belly. Tatty wings, scores of scars, and one missing headknob. You might have seen him around terrorizing children, he likes to do that. He's not as hard to handle as when he was younger at least, he knows well enough I disapprove of him actually hurting people.... Well. Most people."

Posted by: Kestalì Feb 25 2012, 07:56 PM
Tone wry now, she glanced at him. "Good to know, then. I'll keep it in mind." Still, she'd hold the chatter. For now. No need to antagonize him more than she may have already.

Hmm. "That's good, at least. That he's calmer, I mean." Was that light-headedness that was making her vision swim ever so slightly? "Aye though, he sounds familiar, and seems quite the character." More polite responses now, instead of her usual open comments, as Rhyn slid off the crenel and sat leaning against it instead, still petting Leaf. She was careful to keep voice and movements easy and casual, wary her Blight may be starting up. It was her problem, no need to bother him with it, and she had Leaf to use as eyes if needed. Provided the Flit could stay awake, that is.

Posted by: Tawny Feb 26 2012, 11:19 AM
C'tis folded his arms across his chest and pursed his lips. "What are you doing woman?" She didn't look especially well. He hoped he didn't have to do anything about it; he was really terrible at being nice and cuddly and sympathetic. This was not to say he'd just leave her out here if she was in trouble, because he wouldn't he just... well he'd rather not have to deal with anything personal or to have to deal with physical contact with a stranger and so on.

Posted by: Kestalì Feb 26 2012, 07:14 PM
Why now? Oh, why now? "Sitting," she replied primly, cracking an eye open briefly before quickly closing it again. Um. Not a good idea. She hoped he wouldn't insist she look at him while speaking, she didn't think she could keep her dinner down if she had to watch the world spin around like that for more than a few moments. Talking was good though. It only distracted her a little bit, but it was enough to ignore the vague sensation of shifting that was seemed to creep up through the stone.

Didn't mean she couldn't distract him from noticing any paling, or the slow, deep breathing she automatically adopted to resist showing off her stomach lining later on. "Are we using gender-pseudonyms, then?" she asked, pitching her voice to be light-hearted. "Should I call you "Man"?" A mental nudge at Leaf resulted in the flit gurgling unintelligably and burrowing deeper into her arms, refusing to open her eyes or look up. Ugh. No eyes for her, then.

Posted by: Tawny Feb 27 2012, 06:21 AM
Well whoop-di-doo, trust his luck. Ugh. He should be tolerant and understanding and sympathetic and all that stuff whatever the cause of her sudden... whatever this was. He was not good at any of those things though; he was good at contempt, annoyance, and anger, and that was about it so far as emotions went. "You can call me 'man' if you like," C'tis grumped, currently going with ‘annoyance’, "but I don't promise not to shove you over for it.... Do you need water or something?" He could stretch his limited supply of human decency to getting Fang to bring her a drink at least, and maybe even deal with hanging around here until she stopped looking so awful; he'd feel terrible if he left her here alone and then something happened to her.

Posted by: Kestalì Mar 4 2012, 04:37 PM
Huffing, the Greenrider addressed the flit now sound asleep in her lap. "Darn. I think I'm busted." Titling her head in C'tis' direction, she smiled sheepishly. "I'll have to restrain myself then, purely because tipping over probably isn't a good idea at this point. And I'm good, thanks; it's tempting, but experience has taught me not to put anything in my mouth while in vertigo if I don't want it coming back up."

Eh. Sympathy was nice, but she'd sort of trained herself not to expect much, since a great many individuals had far worse Blight effects than hers and she'd rather fewer people know anyway. "You don't have to stay," she said after a moment, risking a brief peek at the world. Oh goody, the stone floor was moving just out of reach. "It'll pass soon enough." Close again there, eyeballs, you really need to fix this perception issue.

Posted by: Tawny Mar 4 2012, 05:02 PM
C'tis raised his eyebrows. "Really? I'm not obligated? Well thank you, rider, how magnanimous of you." Although he snipped, he stayed where he was; leaving her alone didn't seem like the right thing to do especially if she actually was going to pass out. "Does this usually last long?" he asked after a moment, wondering if he should just sling her over his shoulder and take her inside if it would be a while. Of course he'd still have to find somewhere safe to leave her but if all else failed he could dump her with the healers, they'd keep an eye on her.

Posted by: Kestalì Mar 7 2012, 03:05 AM
The retort right tickled the Greenrider, for whatever odd reason, and up burbled a string of what sounded like a strange cross between a cackle, a chuckle, and a hiccup all rolled into one. A queer laugh for a queer woman; yup, that's Syrhyna alright. "You're very welcome, dear Weyrcaptain, always happy to oblige!" Rhyn would've added a bow had she been more sure of her balance; as it was, she stomached the gut-clench of raising her arm and giving off a rather jaunty salute.

C'tis' question prompted a tiny shrug. "Depends. Been getting shorter and weaker over the past Turn - I guess from Blight going down - but there's really no sure way of telling. Sorry I can't be of any more help." Because you're totally fit to help others right now, Rhyn. Right.

Pet pet the firelizard. Purr purr at the human. There's a good girl(s).

Posted by: Tawny Mar 10 2012, 02:13 PM
C'tis grunted, glancing down at Syrhyna briefly before looking back out over the walls. "Well. Good." That was the thing about Blight. So long as you stayed away from Deep Ones it gradually got better, though the speed of recovery seemed to be unpredictable. He wished there was a real way to measure it, so you could know what you needed to do to make it get better. The best anyone seemed to know was 'spend time with people' but that was so hard, or it was for him anyway.

"I don't have anywhere else to be," C'tis added after a long pause, "I suppose I might as well stay here for now." In her position he wouldn't be comfortable with a stranger around him... but equally he wouldn't want to be left all alone.

Posted by: Kestalì May 14 2012, 06:17 PM
Rhyn smiled, a warm, slightly sad smile. It was also one of her most genuine, in terms of reflecting more than the honest but brief spurts of humor she was prone to. "I appreciate it," she said simply. "Thank you, C'tis." Stranger or not, the mere fact that he cared enough, was concerned enough, to stay meant a great deal to the socially-stigmied Greenrider. It was the little things that often made the biggest difference, after all.

A slight, vague shift of the sort you couldn't really explain in words tugged at her attention, and she risked another peek. "Oh," she said in pleasant surprise. "The ground's stopped moving. It shouldn't be too much longer, I don't think." This was said as if it were a totally normal occurrence - which, to her, it was by now. Once things started calming down, it usually meant it was almost over.

Posted by: Tawny May 15 2012, 04:32 AM
C'tis grunted eloquently and shrugged his broad shoulders, glancing down at the woman on the ground and then back out over the wall. "I'd do the same for any rider, can't afford to lose people by accidentally falling off walls or something." He doubted she actually would have fallen but... yes, well, shouldn't leave people alone in such a state all the same.

When Rhyn spoke up again C'tis looked back down at her and nodded. "Right, good." What else could he say? He felt vaguely as though he ought to add something, but he didn't know what. People were just so damn difficult to deal with. Eventually he looked away again and muttered; "I'm sure you'd do as much for another rider too. Not like standing around here is especially taxing given that was more or less what I'd planned anyway."

Posted by: Kestalì May 15 2012, 08:23 PM
The former Trader shrugged. "Doesn't mean it means any less, at least to my mind. Kindness is kindness, whatever form it comes in. And yes," she added humorously, "of course I'd do the same - but then, I'm one of those people who try to help so much that they make a nuisance of themselves, so it's sort of a genetic prerogative."

Shifting legs gone numb from sitting too long in one position on hard stone, Rhyn braved the slowly-settling spinning that was her vision to rouse the flit in her lap. "Uppy up, dearheart," she crooned, caressing Leaf's head and chucking gently under her chin. "Your pillow's getting up in just a minute." The little Green blinked groggily up at her, croaking unhappily as she slowly uncoiled to stretch limb and wing.

Posted by: Tawny May 16 2012, 05:00 AM
"Well aren't you just the perfect little philanthropist?" C'tis snarked. "Good job you're at least aware that it makes you a total pain, sticking your nose into everyone's business day in day out; do-gooders get really insufferable really quickly." Perhaps he only thought that because he was a bitter unpleasant old bastard, oh and don't forget cynic. There was always a reason, a selfish reason, behind every action. Every little smile she gave him now, every kind word she flicked in his direction had a purpose. Everyone was out to get something, to get as much as they could, and the ones that hid it well were the worst.

"Do you always baby-talk at your firelizard?" he added with a sneer, because he had to remind her that he was a bastard even if he had stood up here waiting for her to recover.

Posted by: Kestalì May 28 2012, 12:56 AM
Rhyn's head whipped around to face the older man, eyes snapping open wide in shock and hurt before just as quickly closing against the sick feeling the newly-aggressive whirling landscape evoked. A mouth built for smiling was instead contorted into something not quite either frown or scowl, but just as unpleasant. "What just crawled up your butt and died?" she snapped, after forcibly swallowing the nausea. "I was joking. You know, that thing called humor? You've known me less than an hour, you have no right to judge me so harshly so quickly. I had quite enough of that elseweyr and I'm not going to put up with it here as well. thank you very much." At least it wasn't tied to the color of her dragon, for once, she supposed that was a small silver lining.

... Screw optimism, for once. She was tired, felt like throwing up, really wanted to smack some sense into this guy, now had a headache and overall just wanted to go back to her weyr and curl up with West and go back to sleep. Working by touch with eyes tightly closed, Rhyn gently shooed Leaf off her lap to scuttle worriedly about her feet and pulled herself to her feet, clinging to the wall for balance and support and pushing away the feeling of lightheadedness. She knew it did nothing but show how stubborn she could be and probably looked rather pathetic, but she didn't care. It hurt to have someone she thought might become a friend suddenly turn on her and go straight for the jugular like that, nevermind that the subject tied in with some of her own, private insecurities. What did she care what one more person thought of her?

Ignoring the comment on "babytalk" - though if he ever accused her of it again, she wouldn't hesitate to give him an earful next time - Syrhyna reached out with her mind and prodded at her dozing bondmate. West, I'm ready to come home.

The heartsore, weary tone of mindvoice woke the Green up instantly. I'll be right there, Rhyn.


((Icky post, but should work.))

Posted by: Tawny May 28 2012, 07:35 AM
Well, that had been more or less the intended effect, right? Make her hate him? He hadn't expected her to react so strongly though, especially to the first part. Wasn't that good though? It didn't feel good. Why did he always have to feel bad when he did this? It was necessary if he was going to protect himself from people.

"What crawled up my arse? What about yours, Lady Tetchy?" C'tis snapped in return. "How about you put on your big girl panties and not get your straps in a knot over a simple snipe like that; if you didn't want it snarked about you shouldn't have brought it up." Honestly, the way she reacted anyone would think he'd insulted a dead weyrmate or something!... He'd got what he wanted, and she had overreacted massively to something small, so there was no reason to feel guilty. He still felt guilty. He really hated that he still felt guilty.

"Try not to fall off the wall now, would be a shame after I've troubled to wait this long to keep an eye on you."

Posted by: Kestalì May 28 2012, 07:08 PM
"Duly noted," she snapped back. "And how about in return you grow up and learn how to act like a mature adult instead of a bipolar weyrbrat in a tantrum?" She visibly winced but a moment later, guilt flashing across her face. Ok, that was probably uncalled for. "Sorry," she muttered, almost inaudibly. Just because he was a jerk and she was currently oversensitive to criticism didn't mean she had to be mean, too.

This is why you always get hurt! West's voice growled in her mental ear. You're too nice.

"Forgiveness has to start somewhere, right?" she returned, mumbling the words under her breath as well because it made thinking them easier.

Turning, Rhyn let herself slump against the top of the crenelation, folding her arms and laying her cheek against the soothingly cold stone as she awaited her dragon. Blue eyes squinted at him from a face etched in sadness, glinting in the faint light with an unnatural sheen that may or may not be tears. "If I'm so terrible a person," she asked quietly, "then why did you even bother pretending to care in the first place?" Rhyn closed her eyes again and switched cheeks, so she faced away from him, and said a little louder, "My dragon's coming to get me. If you care for a lift back to the Weyr, I'd suggest putting your nice-guy act back on for a little longer, or she'll have nothing to do with you."

Maybe I don't want anything to do with him now.

"Maybe I want to give him a second chance."


Posted by: Tawny May 29 2012, 04:34 AM
Don't hit the disoriented wingrider, hitting the disoriented wingrider was a bad idea. C'tis hands clenched and unclenched and his jaw tightened as he forced himself to control his temper. "Remind me of the bit where I said you were a terrible person?" he demanded tightly. "I said do-gooders were annoying, not evil bastards that should be staked out for the Deep Ones; saying that do-gooders are terrible people would be a bit of an oxymoron, don't you agree? If you try to recall something did say, you might remember I said would do the same for any rider in any case. I don't care if you are or aren't a nosey do-gooder, or if you have unpleasant personal habits or are a perfectly cultured Lady Holder type, or any other damn thing. You're a rider, so I watch your back, it's as simple as that; I don't have a nice guy 'act' or a nice guy anything in fact. I'm an unpleasant bastard, rider, but luckily being nice isn't part of my job description. Oh, and when I want to go back the Weyr I'll ask my own dragon for a ride thank you, he's quite capable of carrying me even with the enormous weight of my odious personality."

Rant over, C'tis crossed his arms over his chest and turned to look back out over the wall again. How different would his life be if he were less of an arsehole? Even when he wasn't trying to be hurtful he managed to upset people, what he thought was just snark sometimes really stung people. There was no point in him trying to be nice, he'd only screw it up anyway; that was as true now as it had been all his life. When you just weren't a likable person, why go to the effort of trying to pretend that you were?

Posted by: Kestalì Jun 20 2012, 11:34 PM
WIde-eyed, Rhyn simply stared at him for several moments, mouth opening and closing, trying and failing to find the words to reply. Nothing came to mind, and she lowered her eyes and turned to stare over the wall.

Shards, she really messed up this time.

It's alright, RhynMine. West's consciousness crowded in her head, soothing, calming. The woman barely noticed when the Green finally swooped in out of the dark and landed, balancing carefully on the top of the thick stone wall several meters away. It was a cramped fit for her paws, and she didn't want to stay long with her wings half-flared for balance, but it would work for now. Just think, speak, and we'll leave. He's just another person who doesn't understand.

And who happens to be one of the highest-ranking Riders in the Weyr, she replied morosely, but acknowledged the advice and closed her eyes, thinking back over what he said, what she said and why. Westavirith didn't interrupt, only stood watching them, still as a stature but for a twitching tailtip, yellow-green eyes and silver scars gleaming. Leaf left Rhyn for comfier places, namely curled between West's shoulders.

After several minutes, Syrhyna turned back to C'tis and, dizziness almost but not quite gone, gave him a careful bow, still gripping the wall with one hand. "My apologies, Weyrcaptain," she said clearly, politely. Formally. "I overstepped my bounds and spoke out of turn, thought through my words too little and with a muddled head. I regret any offense I've given, and would ask your forgiveness." She straightened, face schooled to show only calm and the genuine apology she felt, and mask the guilt and confusion and remaining threads of anger that were knotted in the pit of her stomach; whether her eyes still showed her emotions or not, however, she'd never known for sure. Regardless, such a mask was the one sure social skill she had, the ability to stuff whatever she was feeling behind a screen so she would never bother anyone with her private issues, speak and act with the utmost politeness regardless of her true feelings in order to never offend anyone with her real thoughts. It was particularly useful in dealing with disapproving higher-ups; the politer you were, the less fault they could find.

She knew bottling wasn't good for the psyche, and would undoubtedly have a good rant-mope-dumping spree with West later, but for now her only thought was to go home and sleep and hope the whole thing would blow over and not come back to bite her in the butt either socially or officially.

"The offer for a ride back to the Weyr still stands, if you wish," Rhyn added. She privately hoped he didn't, but she'd already offered and darn if she was going to do anything else she'd regret, bad manners included.

I'm happy to assist, West added of her own accord, half-hoping to draw any scrutiny of her Rider's sudden one-eighty with the oddity - or so it was in other Weyrs, at least - of her unusual chattiness with humans.

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