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Nightwatch Weyr > Plotting > Ploooooooot?

Posted by: rubixcubed Jun 9 2012, 08:57 PM
I poofed and ditched all my threads, so now I need more. I'm seriously up for anything.

J'cen of blue Bheth (Profile link in sig)
- Cloudburst wingrider, transfer
- 36/m/straight
- Mysterious, ambitious, straight-laced, loyal, professional, efficient, fair, 1950's attitude towards women
- Plot ideas: He'd like to meet some Cloudburst wing members or pretty much any Dragonriders. He's also not adverse to charming some pretty females or testing his might against some Deep Ones.

Tessica of white Rannath (profile link in sig)
- Weyrling and healer
- 19/f/??
- Outgoing, bubbly, fun, smart, competitive, selfish, easily bored, doesn't seek out acquaintances
- Plot ideas: She'd love to meet/interact with some other Bells weyrlings, healers, or those who are familiar with Weyr life. Rannath likes hunting, sleeping, and snarking.

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