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tuathade - July 29, 2011 04:33 AM (GMT)
IC Rules

But Tua, I wanted aliens!
  1. No godmodding, no powerplaying, no metagaming. If you need clarification on what these terms mean, please ask. Here's the short version:
    Godmodding is deciding the actions of characters not belonging to you. I.E. claiming that the other person's character is stunned and swooning by your character's beauty.
    Powerplaying is making a character who is magically, unnaturally good at everything they attempt. I.E. an 18-year-old Mastersmith, or a character who mid-fight discovers that they're an expert swordsman when they've never showed any indication of having that skill before.
    Metagaming is taking OOC information and taking it IC. I.E. reading a character's app, finding out all the secrets in their history, and having your character ICly reference events they have no way of knowing about.
  2. No theft. This is pretty much the only thing that will get you an instant ban on Nightwatch. No warnings, no second chances. If you plagiarize someone else's character (and the Pern world is SMALLER THAN YOU THINK) then you don't get to play here.
    While we're on the subject, I'm not a fan of art theft either. You're welcome to use art to represent your character or your character's dragon - but make sure you have permission to use said art. In this case, I'll probably just tell you to remove the offending picture. But it is still something I take seriously. Sites have been shut down before for copyright violation, guys.
  3. IC actions have IC consequences. If you put your character in a situation where they're gonna get hurt, then they're gonna get hurt. I won't kill your character without permission - with one exception, and you really should read the info thread on the Blight - but no one tangles with the Deep Ones and gets out unscathed every time.
  4. RP is not a spectator sport. Okay, I understand this kind of seems like it goes contrary to the above rule, but... Sometimes awesome IC actions lead to AWESOME IC consequences. Bottom line, this site's plot is not a train. It does not run on railroad tracks. And the players are all stuffed in the driver's seat together. Naturally, if you're going to do something drastic, get permission first from all parties involved to make sure everyone's on the same page - but "oh, this might mess up the plot and then the admin will be mad at me" should never factor into the equation. (Although I would still appreciate a heads-up first.)
    On the flip side, this also means greater responsibility for the players. The onus falls on you to get involved and be proactive. Talk to your fellow players. Use the Cbox. Use PMs. Use plotting threads. If you just flop into the Cbox once in a blue moon and sigh about how you're bored, plot will not magically fall into your lap.
  5. Put thought and care into your RP. We don't really have a strict activity requirement or a post length you must adhere to. However, please do try to put in thought and effort. Quality > quantity, but nicely proofread posts with a decent amount of thought and detail put into them will attract your fellow players' interest better, and encourage more of them to RP with you! Likewise, we understand IRL comes first, but try not to leave people hanging forever with no warning.
  6. Tagging threads. This is not so much a hard and fast rule as a suggestion for greater ease of communication, so that your fellow RPers (and staff) will know what to expect in a thread. Tags go somewhere in the thread title, and indicate what kind of thread it is. So for instance, a thread that is "Closed - Tag Gift" would indicate that it's a private one-on-one thread between me and Gift, and unless you are her, please don't post in it. A thread that is "Open to One" or "Open to Two" is open to anyone, but only the first one or two people to post in it; that thread author is willing to RP with anyone, but would prefer not to be inundated with too many joiners. A thread that is "Open to All" is a complete free-for-all.
    There are also a few special tags that indicate content. The [META] tag indicates that a thread is a metaplot event, and thus major plot goings-on will occur within it. Even if you're not involved, you should probably at least look at it. The [CW] tag, for content warning, indicates a thread may contain material that some folks might find upsetting; players should add a little note to the first post elaborating on what kind - violence, gore, etc. In addition, players may opt at any time to add the [RANDOM] tag to the post. This indicates that you're open to the NPC account coming in and fucking with you. It can be either good or bad - if, for instance, you're walking on the beach, you might find a clutch of firelizard eggs... or a Deep One might come out of the water. It's hit or miss.
  7. Limits. We have a Wants and Limits subforum for a reason. You are not required to post in it, but if you don't, it is your obligation to make your limits known to your fellow players. Conversely, if you are RPing with someone and they DO have a limits post, it is your obligation to at least give it a quick perusal.

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