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 Everett, Sophia Allison
Sophia Allison Everett
Posted: Apr 24 2014, 05:26 PM

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Group: Devil Cove High School
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Joined: 20-April 14

Sophia Allison Everett
Basic Information
NICKNAME: So, Soph, Sophie
PLAY BY: Holland Roden
AGE: sixteen years old
HEIGHT: five feet three inches
WEIGHT: 117 lbs.
HAIR COLOR: Red/ Strawberry Blond
HOMETOWN: Devil Cove, CA
GRADE & MAJOR OR N/A: Junior in High School
MEMBER GROUP: Devil Cove High School
The Interview
"How are you doing today?" A woman in her mid twenties who is ahead a few paces asked. She is walking a brisk pace down a hallway of doors. Every step she takes, her long hair bounces to the click of her heels. Finally after a few minutes, she stops at a door and opens it up. She pushes it open and looks over at the person that was scheduled for the interview.
"Oh I am in a great mood. Thank goodness its nice and warm out because honestly I miss wearing my skirts and shorts." She said as she followed the lady in front of her. Soph, who was not very tall so she was always in heels, kept looking around seeing many rooms down the hall but all with their doors shut... Hmmm, she thought maybe they are all full of people doing interviews too... She thought as she kept walking behind the lady.

"So like is everyone taking an interview? I was just curious but what is the interview for?" She said as she tilted her head to the side as she continued to follow this totally silent mute... That is what she was calling this lady the stubborn silent mute who had decent style but still not cool. Soph was the type of person that hated it when people tend to ignore her or blow her off especially when they pulled her out of school for some bogus interview. I should be at school right now.. I have a major test in... What time is it? She looked at her watch that was on her wrist. Everyone normally thinks that she was weird for having a watch because that was like so last decade ago but she didn't care. This lady better get me back to class in time for my test which starts in 40 minutes.. She thought to herself as she pierced her shiny pink lip glossed lips together.
"Please take a seat in this room and someone will be with you in just a second. So just make yourself at home. There is refreshments off to the side that include water, coffee, tea and even some juice. If you have any questions just let us know." She said with a smile as her eyes glistened behind a set of black framed glasses.
Sophia walked into the room slowly and cautiously. her hand gripped onto her purse as she took one step at a time. Talk about the lack of character in the room. Reminds me of one of those generic government rooms.. she thought as she looked around while the lady babbled about something. "How long will th-" She was about to ask the lady something when she just took off. Sophie's rolled her eyes and shook her head. Her head then tilted to the side as she sighed. Taking a deep breath, she walked over to the chairs and dropped the purse into the chair. As she walked to the refreshments, her heels made a soft tapping click clack against the tiled floor. Her hazel eyes went over everything that was out to offer.

"Do you have any of the good stuff? She asked herself as she began to look through the counter seeing if they had some sort of alcohol. But none not even a little shot size bottle. Well this is boring and dull.. She decided to just go with some water since it didn't seem to be anything else that was good. Since she was stuck her might as well make herself at home. She walked back over to sit down on the chairs. At least they did right by putting in leather furniture... she thought as she set the drink down on the tiny table. A hand slid behind her grazing her butt and thighs to make sure that she was sitting on her skirt that was a bit short rather than the furniture.

"well now what?" she said out loud as she looked at her watch and noticed that she now only 30 minutes left to get back to school. Being extremely bored and her nerves building, she pulled out her phone and tweeted that "this totally sucks and someone should come and save me... #Kidnapped #interview #helpnrescue". Her long nude finger nail hit the send button and then she looked through her text messages.

"Nothing... Fine I see how it is..." She said as she put the phone away and then opened up her make up bag. Grabbing her compact, she picked up her brush and started to re-powder her nose and cheeks. A girl must always look her best, she thought to herself as it was something her mom has said all the time. A shaky smiled began to form as her eyes watered some knowing that her mother isn't going to be around that much longer. Taking a deep breath to recompose herself, she wiped under her eyes to make sure she didn't smear. She grabbed her lip gloss and started to reapply the shiny paint as if it sealed everything away into a tiny box deep inside of her.
After 15 minutes of waiting, a new older woman walks into the room with a white binder that has your name on it in one arm and a cup of coffee in another. Her hair is pulled up in a fashionable bun and she has her make up down nicely to make her eyes pop out. She walks towards the couch opposite of you, and sits down crossing her legs at the knee. "How are you? Everything okay... not nervous are you?"
Her hazel eyes looked past the compact mirror where she was applying her lip-gloss when the door opened. Finally, you decide to show up.. She thought to herself as she raised an eyebrow up some. Her fingers that had a perfectly light nude manicure on them closed the mirror. Soph was the type of person to be very particular with where things go so she had to put her compact right where it belonged in her make up bag. Once it was snug in its spot, she zipped the bag up deciding to take her time nice and slowly. Since the lady had no idea of the importance of time, she was going to give her the same attitude back.

The sound of a tapping foot brought her eyes to the lady. She tilted her head to the side some with a huge smile on her face as she carefully put the make up bag in her purse. Once everything was in order, she set the purse to her side in her floor because there was no way she was putting her purse on the floor after all she didn’t know what happened in this room. The thought of that made her cringe some. Her eyes looked around the room as she picked up the glass next to her and took a sip of her water.

“You know you really should look into an interior designer for this room.” She said as she pointed to the cheap horizontal blinds that were terrible looking and totally cheesy. But who was she just some little high school student that everyone told had no idea what the real world was like. She would beg to differ since she probably held more of the adult world in her hands than most adults did.

“I am fine…” She said as her eyes darted back to the lady doing the interview. She already knew that she would not make it back to school for her test so might as well make this interesting. Her arms rested on the arms of the chair as she crossed her legs carefully at the knee and leaned back. She enjoyed making things a challenge. Sophia was the youngest in her family so she knew how to do things like this where she would prolong something and take her time politely.

“Do I look nervous to you?” She said with a stern look on her face. A smile formed on her face. She was not going to make this easy especially since she had no idea why she was doing an interview. It wasn’t like a college interview because they would have never pulled her out of class for that plus she is only a junior it would make totally more since if it were next year when she was a senior. She did have an amazing 4.0 gpa which no one ever knows about because then they would be all ‘ Oh Sophia you totally need to help me study or oh you need to totally be my partner for science.’ Things like that usually always made her go insane and crazy and annoyed… very fast.

“So is this like you are the only one asking questions or can we both ask questions because I really don’t understand this whole ordeal.” When she said the word whole her eyes rolled and her fingers made a circle to indict that she was referring to this whole room and interview.
"Before we get into the big questions, why don't we start off by getting to know you...." She stops and looks down at her binder and opening it up. She glances back at you and click her pen...
“My name is Sophia Allison Everett… I am sure you know of my family, well of my mom… You know she is a very important person and she is incredibly smart. Since she is a huge well known surgeon.” She said getting annoyed that the lady didn’t even know her name but she wanted to let her know that she was not just some kid that could be told what to do. Seriously what kind of person are you when you don’t know whom you are interviewing. She shook her head as she looked to the side and took a sip of her water, which was a little warm now that the ice had melted. Her wrist began to move back and forth causing the water to swish around inside of the cup. Her eyes found a poster of a beach on a nearby wall.

That would be so amazing to go there even if it was only a weekend, Soph thought as she started to escape her reality. Just a weekend with herself, her friend(s), and even some hottie that she thought would be a good date for the time. Right now she wasn’t all that attached to any one guy she was just taking her time and playing the field as some would say. One day sure she wouldn’t mind having a steady boyfriend but she doesn’t know if that day will ever come for her. Not right now anyways, not when she had so much personal crap in her life that seems to pile up more and more and more.

The fact that she pulls probably days that is longer than anyone else’s her age so a vacation would be amazing. No, she wasn’t the big partying type. Everyone at school knew that she liked to have fun but not too much of it. Sure she had a lot of friends but no one really knew who she was. Sophia made sure that she kept her family life far from her school life. One day maybe she would be able to merge the two of them but for now that probably would not be a good idea. People her age generally are not that great at being mature so with all the stuff that goes on with her life and her family especially her family they would alienate her so fast.

The sound of the pen clicking brought her back to being here in this room with this impersonal lady who had no personality but good fashion sense. Her eyes slowly shifted back to the lady and she just stared at her for a moment as the lady with the bun that was too high began to look in the binder.

“Are you even paying attention? Because during an interview it will be polite and great to have eye contact.” She said in a smart tone as she looked at the lady. It must have gotten her attention because she finally looked up at Sophia and forced a smile on her face. Well this lady either was having one crappy day because she didn’t get any dick last night or she really hates her job, Sophia thought as she starred at the lady. The lady began to click her pen a little more.

“I am only sixteen years old. You do know that by taking me here without my mother and father’s permission is against the law right?” She said as she looked at the lady. There was no way that she wanted to tell this snotty and cranky lady about who she was and what her life was like. The lady seemed to be ahead of her because she pulled out a sheet of paper or at least Sophia thought. Her black nails went to the corner of the paper and pulled the two pieces of paper apart and set it down on the table for Sophia to see. Her hazel eyes looked at the papers and saw both of her parents’ signatures.

“Of course…” She said out loud. She was not sure how they got her mom to sign that paper. Her dad sure she understood that one because he didn’t give two licks about her or even cared about what she wanted or needed so why should it even matter. Her mom though, she was scared of that and why she gave this crazily insane lady permission to pull me out of school and talk to her.

“Fine… I am Sophia Allison Everett… sixteen years old… Junior at high school… and I am the student with the highest GPA in my class but no one will ever find out about that because of the simple fact that if they did I wouldn’t be me. I would be some stereotyped smart kid that everyone will want to cheat off of and get a fast ride out of high school with. I have to put up with more crap in my life than anyone my age should have to. My family….” She laughed and shook her head as she looked at nails and then the floor. She wanted to stop before things got too out of hand. Plus the simple fact that she didn’t want this lady to know about her personal life. NO one needed to know about her personal life.
"Oh, how interesting are you..." She said with a smile and takes notes. "Why don't you tell me a bit of who you are... What are your hobbies or what you do for a living... Do you work or are you a student?"
“Who I am….” She said as she shook her head and rolled her eyes. “Do I have to because for one I don’t know you and I don’t know what this is for?” She said as she looked at the lady again. Her hand gripped the edge of the couch and squeezed some as she pierced her lips together. A deep breath of air went into her lungs through her nose, which made her force a smile on her face.

“I am your typically high school student. I work a part time job and I go to school. I am apart of the student body government.” She said as she took a deep breath. The lady nodded her head and looked right at Sophia. Okay so obviously she wanted to know more, Sophia thought. Great this should be fun, she sighed as she looked out the window.

“I love to read. I learn things really quickly.” She said as her green eyes switched over to the person sitting next to her. She looked at her hands for a moment and then back at the lately. Would she keep everything I say here a secret. Would she make it so everything is confidential like one would be like in a therapist? She didn’t know as she sat there judging and weighing her odds with the lady in front of her, she finally took a deep breath. Okay, I guess I will be open and let it out after all it will probably get me out of her faster.

“I am working part time right now because I am saving up money so I can afford to get my own place and go to college on my own. I work a part time job as a waitress so my tips always bring a smile to my face. I love to draw mostly sketches of clothes. I am thinking of becoming a fashion designer or a maybe something else. Right now I am not too sure.” She said with a nod. The lady in front of her formed a bigger smile on her face as she heard this.

“I will be graduating high school next year. For the past 2 years I have been the top of my class. I take a few extra online college classes on top of my other classes. I am in a lot of AP classes. My father wants me to be the best all the time. When I get a B on my essays or tests it is unacceptable. My mom is more laid back saying high school is important but not as important as what college is.” She said with a nod as she started to space out as she looked at the little coffee table in front of her.

"Tell me about your past, your family, school experience... I am dying to know as much about you as possible." She said with a curious look on her face as her head tilted to the side some.
“I am the youngest in my family. I have two older half siblings and then one older sister. My mom’s first husband died in a bad house fire. My mom tells me that he went in to get the family dog but didn’t make it out. I feel sorry for my older two siblings because they don’t really remember their father. But then again that may not be such a bad thing. My mom I guess has a bad record of picking the wrong men. My father recently divorced my mother…” She stopped as she looked up at the lady who was just jotting down notes.

“Whatever I say stays in this room right?” Sophia asked the person in front of her. The lady looked up and gave her a comforting smile with a nod. Okay, what a big talker, Sophia thought as she glanced over to the side. She could hear her cell phone vibrating probably with the tweets and messages that she as waiting for her.

“My father who is an excellent, and aggressive criminal lawyer. He unfortunately left my mother for a girl that is younger than my sister’s age. My mom was devastated… My mom…” She stopped for a moment as she reached over and grabbed a tissue. Her beautiful mom, the lady that brought her into this world was slowly dying. Dying was a slow and painful process for some and her mother was going through a very slow and painful process. Right now her mother is still hopeful but the aggressive breast cancer is still surviving and thriving through everything. Sophia patted the corner of her eyes and did a quick wipe under them.

“My mother has breast cancer. She has had it for six months and its still there.” She said slowly in a very small cracking voice. Sophia closed her eyes as she tried to calm herself down. Change the subject, she told herself as she kept breathing. What to change it to?

“I have had one relationship before. I was a freshman in high school and we were together until last year. He broke up with me because he said I didn’t spend enough time with him.” She said as she opened her eyes and looked over at the lady. Her boyfriend was a jock one of the hot guys in the class above her. She dated him even though she was younger than him. He was handsome, had a car, and was in the popular crowd. She hates to admit it but he gave her everything that she had for a social life. He taught her who to hang out with and who to avoid and how to act and everything.

“I am not sure if he dumped me because I didn’t want to have sex with him or because I was too busy. Many people told me that it was because I was too much of a tease. But I just I didn’t want to give it up to just anyone… I wanted to save it but that was just a joke. Last summer I went to a college party with a couple of girls… We had fake ids and we were dressed hot and excited. I drank a lot and flirted a lot. I woke up the next morning though in someone’s bed with my clothes off. He was older and hot… but I don’t remember what happened. I grabbed my clothes and I left…” She said as she looked down at her hands that were fidgeting with the tissue that was in her hands. She took a deep breath again and then reached for the glass that she noticed was empty. She set it back down and thought she didn’t really need anything else to drink that she was fine.
"MY oh my, you have had quite the life. I wish I had some life like you did instead I was just a girl that had a boring life and here I am. Well my husband and kids aren't boring... Which brings me to my next question, are you married, if so do you have any kids or plan to have any?"
Sophia laughed as she shook her head telling her that she wasn’t married. How could someone who was underage get married? She thought to herself. The change of subject was good though. It helped her regroup and compose herself after she spilled on what was being said before about her past with her mother and her father and about last summer.

“No I am not married… Even if I wanted to be married I couldn’t since I am under eighteen.” She said with a smile on her face. Slowly and carefully, Sophia stood up. She smoothed her skirt out behind her and grabbed her empty glass. She walked over to the counter off to the side.

“I would love to get married one day. You know have the handsome husband and the kids… Maybe two kids…” She thought as she took the pitcher of water out and filled her glass up. A smile spread across her face as she remembered what her dream was. To have a beautiful mansion estate up in the hills and the perfect family, she thought to herself as the dream came back to her.

“I just have this dream of having this amazing estate in the hills, my husband is famous and handsome of course.” She said with a smile as she picked up the glass and then walked back over to the chair. After she set the glass down, she smoothed the skirt down, and sat down crossing her legs.

“My kids are a couple years apart and they are so adorable.” She said with a smile on her face. But she knew that dreams rarely come true. They don’t happen. That was the way life was. Look at her mother for example and how her mother seemed to have had that dream twice come true and both of her handsome husbands left her either by choice or not. She just really hoped that things like that would not happen to her. That her luck would not end up like that. She would have her marriage last, she thought as she took a sip of her water.
"Sounds all very lovely...." She said with a smile as she looked at her watch and then down at her binder sheets... "history... check.... family.... check... last thing I promise..." She said as she glanced over at you. She took a sip of her drink and smiled. "This is going to sound a bit personal and don't worry no one will ever know about this last part... Do you have a criminal record or done anything that you are ashamed of.... Any secrets you don't want any one to know.... Or well is there anything about yourself you don't want anyone to know about."
She swallowed hard as the lady brought up the next topic to be discussed her secrets, her criminal record, and all those moments that she didn’t want anyone to know about. Is this lady with the police or something? How can this lady be trusted with all of this information?

“Well I already told you a few of them… My mom’s cancer, she is a famous surgeon you know… She feels that it is embarrassing people knowing about that. I don’t want to be someone’s charity case. My fake id card, my drinking under age, and the night with the guy who was over 18.” She said slowly as she took a deep breath and tried to not have a panic attack. She began to breath and count in her head… One… Two… Three…

Slowly she began to calm down which was good for her. Her eyes closed when she reached eight and then reopened at ten. Her green eyes looked at the lady who seemed all too eager to know about her secrets and about her past. Should she say what her secrets were? Should she trust the person in front of her with this valuable information? If kids at school found out about this she would be in big trouble and she knew that. Was this lady worth the risk?

“The summer I lost my virginity is another secret. The other one is that when I was with my boyfriend… My first and ex-boyfriend… he would pressure me and he would try to convince me to have sex with him… I never did. He took pictures of me naked it. We did a few photo shoots as he called them so that way he would at least have something to use for when I wasn’t being cooperative…”

She reached into her purse and pulled out her lip-gloss. She reapplied some to her lips as she looked down in her purse and noticed her phone flashing. After dropping the tube of lip-gloss in the purse, she pulled her phone out and say a picture from a friend came in. She opened it up and was shocked that anyone knew what she had done just a week ago.

“I have been having a fling with this older guy and last week, I… we had an accident or a potential accident…” She said as she turned her cell phone for her to see the snapshot of someone taking a picture of her walking into a Planned Parenthood facility. “I took the Plan B pill and I got birth control pills. The guy and I ended things and he said that I was being stupid for not being on the pill and that I was trying to trap him into a relationship by getting pregnant.” She said in a very small and shaky voice. She never told anyone about that because then they would think that she would end up being just like her older sister which she did not want to be at all.
"Well, thank you for taking the time with me.... Welcome to Devil Cove and I hope to see you around. I am sure you know your way out of here...." She said with a smile as she closed the binder. She got up and opened the door and started to pick her things up.
“Wow talk about a user!” She said as she turned her screen off on her cell phone and threw it in her purse. Quickly she got up and grabbed her purse slinging it unto her arm. She was just humiliated this lady just grabbed all the good details and once that was done basically tells her to go fuck off! Like really? She thought as she grabbed her stuff making sure she didn’t forget anything.

She watched the lady open the door and go back to picking her stuff up. Well, she thought as she picked up her glass and dropped it on the lady’s things. The water in it splattered everywhere inside of the lady’s purse and papers.

“Have a great day!” Sophia said as she walked out of the room. She slammed the door shut and quickly walked down the hallway. She could not believe that lady. At least she could have been sympathetic but no she was just a whole oh got the details now bye bitch.

As she walked through the building, she held her head up high and decided that she will act like none of this happened. Plus she is going to pray to god that no one ever finds out what was being said in that room. If anyone found out then she knew that she would be in so much trouble. Not even a little bit of trouble but a lot of trouble. It was one of those things were the kids at school will laugh at her for and then her family will disown her for spilling the beans on her mom.

Just need to go to the store to pick up some ice cream, put on some chick flicks or Disney movies, and snuggle with her dog, Basil. Yes, she named little Basil from the Great Mouse Detective. It was one of her favorite Disney Movies growing up. She would spend the day just sulking and trying to forget everything that had just happened to her. And hope that none of that is one the gossip blog for school or anywhere on the kids twitter, facebook, or tumblr.

Posted: May 8 2014, 01:11 PM

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IF you could please post in the FACE CLAIM thread and claim your pb that would help everyone out and make sure no one else claims your play by. Secondly, we ask that you add your name to the Member Directory thread.

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