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 Gossamer, Calypso Lorelei, WIP
Calypso Gossamer
Posted: Jun 25 2014, 01:23 AM

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Calypso Lorelei Gossamer
Basic Information
NICKNAME: Callie, Lypso, Lypsie
PLAY BY: cherryknots
BIRTHDATE: June, 27th
AGE: Sixteen
HOMETOWN: Rosedale, Austrailia
MEMBER GROUP: High School Student
The Interview
"How are you doing today?" A woman in her mid twenties who is ahead a few paces asked. She is walking a brisk pace down a hallway of doors. Every step she takes, her long hair bounces to the click of her heels. Finally after a few minutes, she stops at a door and opens it up. She pushes it open and looks over at the person that was scheduled for the interview.
With the gradual creak of the door Calypso looked up abruptly. She'd been fixated (through her boredom) on a bead of her blue seashell necklace. She grins politely her cheeks flushing with embarrassment. "Very well m'am thank you." Her thick Aussie accent layers over every word. She seems nice enough through a first impression. A little ditsy but nice. Calypso bit her bottom lip nervously as she and the woman exchanged awkward glances before speaking again. "Though I am still sleeping quite a nasty jet-lag, I've only arrive from Rosedale a couple hours ago. Dreadfully sorry if I don't make sense" The woman chuckled and once again Calypso flushed red wringing her hands nervously.
"Please take a seat in this room and someone will be with you in just a second. So just make yourself at home. There is refreshments off to the side that include water, coffee, tea and even some juice. If you have any questions just let us know." She said with a smile as her eyes glistened behind a set of black framed glasses.
It was honestly hard to stand. Her legs felt like jelly she was so nervous. She must of looked a complete fool the way she was wobbling. Gingerly she inched a tanned hand forward towards a bag of green tea. Carefully she hung it over the edge of the cup and picked it up wobbling hands and all. She took a long sip before the tea sloshed over the edge of the cup, and straight onto her dress. Hurriedly she grabbed a napkin patting her chest as the liquid dribbled down her chest and across her white sundress. A cold sensation tingled on her skin as she pushed the napkin down her chest. She bent towards the floor and snatched up her rucksack digging for her tan shrug. She threw it over her shoulders carefully tugging in the center to hide the stain and transparency.
After 15 minutes of waiting, a new older woman walks into the room with a white binder that has your name on it in one arm and a cup of coffee in another. Her hair is pulled up in a fashionable bun and she has her make up down nicely to make her eyes pop out. She walks towards the couch opposite of you, and sits down crossing her legs at the knee. "How are you? Everything okay... not nervous are you?"
Of course Calypso had wanted to answer, "Only to the point of not being able to breathe" but she restrained her awkward remarks for later (or never). She could feel her cheeks growing hotter. "No." she lied nonchalantly.l That scared her quite a bit as lying had come naturally to her, maybe she should be an actor instead of a marine biologist. Well she wasn't one yet, or at least she hoped she'd been one. A few moments of unadulterated silence passed as Calypso toyed with a lock of hair. She had always wondered, the 'beachy' waves. Had she just gotten in the ocean so many times that her hair was just naturally receptive to saltwater at this point?
"Before we get into the big questions, why don't we start off by getting to know you...." She stops and looks down at her binder and opening it up. She glances back at you and click her pen...
Calypso took a long huff. Her life had never been overly exciting, or bad or sad. It was just good. "Let's see..... I was born and grew up on a horse farm in the Rosedale countryside. That's where I get my love of horses from." She said nodding warmly. "It was beautiful oh I wish everyone could see it, Rolling hills, rustic farms, and there was this little locally owned cafe that was to die for." The bubbling blonde stopped abruptly. "I'm babbling aren't I." She gritted her teeth and continued. "Anyway like I said, It was horse farm. I liked to ride but I didn't start competitively riding 'till I was about eight. Mum taught be how to ride." She say's with a hint of sadness in her voice. She popped back up like a jack in the box with a grand smile. "So I won some competitions went to nationals a couple times, I came in second place once. But eventually I gave up riding competitively and now it's just a hobby. Mum got leukemia about a year back, she died 'bout a week ago." Calypso hangs her head for a moment not speaking. "But like mum always said, 'When the going get's tough, the tough get going'. So dad and I packed our bags and moved to devil's cove. We bought another horse farm out here, it's on the outskirts of town, lovely really. It's just us now, but we manage."
"Oh, how interesting are you..." She said with a smile and takes notes. "Why don't you tell me a bit of who you are... What are your hobbies or what you do for a living... Do you work or are you a student?"
With the happiest and probably stupidest grin on her face she could muster Calypso replied immediately "I love horseback riding." Her grin faded as a soft chuckle emitted from the Woman's mouth. "But of course you knew that." She said obviously flustered. "Oh I also like to play guitar. Very calm and relaxed stuff, no rock music, think Colbie Callait, except, someone who's not as good as her." The Aussie chuckles softly shifting to sit on her hands. Her dress is practically dry by now and it's alright, except for the huge stain in the middle, but it's washable. "Sometime's I'd play at my local cafe and sing songs, it was really fun. Also sometimes I'd go surfing, I don't know if there's a coast down here or not but if there is I'm all up for it. I love to be outside anything outside is good for me. I'm a student but someday I hope to be a marine biologist. I love the water I love being in it, and not that I don't like Devil's Cove it's great but I would give anything to go back to Australia, it's my home." She shrugged.
"Tell me about your past, your family, school experience... I am dying to know as much about you as possible." She said with a curious look on her face as her head tilted to the side some.
As far as my school life it was pretty normal, get dressed, go to school hang out with my friends at the cafe, I had a boyfriend back in Rosedale and we would've handled distance, but the other side of the world is a little to much distance." The blonde laughed softly under her breath fidgeting about. My family, well right now it's just me and my Dad. Oh he's great he's a writer you should meet him some time. I read all his stories, sometimes they sell sometimes they don't. He even dedicated one of his book's to me. He's in the middle of writing one right now. He won't say but I know he's going to dedicate to Mum. He's taking her death really hard. I am to, but he's the blunt of it. My past though, I think I just poured my heart out to you a couple minutes ago. I think the only hardship right now is getting through the move and just figuring what to do. My mum'd be proud wherever she is" Calypso grinned sadly continuing to fidget slightly.
"MY oh my, you have had quite the life. I wish I had some life like you did instead I was just a girl that had a boring life and here I am. Well my husband and kids aren't boring... Which brings me to my next question, are you married, if so do you have any kids or plan to have any?"
Calypso waved her hands wildly. Her entire face flushed red. "N-no!" She almost yelled as if hiding something. The woman flinched nearly spilling her drink. "S-sorry" Calypso muttered hanging her head. "I just get really embarrassed about that stuff. But no I do not have any children and I'm not married. I do want to have children though." Calypso plastered a cheesy fake grin on her face that was honestly very unconvincing. "Your lying through your teeth Calypso." He conscience scolded her. She bit her lips nervously as the woman eyed her warily as if she was inspecting a car for any faulty parts. "I was a babysitter in Rosedale." She gave herself a slight mental nod because it wasn't completely a lie. She did take care of kids (well A kid) back in Rosedale.
"Sounds all very lovely...." She said with a smile as she looked at her watch and then down at her binder sheets... "history... check.... family.... check... last thing I promise..." She said as she glanced over at you. She took a sip of her drink and smiled. "This is going to sound a bit personal and don't worry no one will ever know about this last part... Do you have a criminal record or done anything that you are ashamed of.... Any secrets you don't want any one to know.... Or well is there anything about yourself you don't want anyone to know about."
Oh god no, no no no no no. She began fidgeting even more and and took a long deep breath. "Just lie" she mentally reprimanded herself for today's serial lying spree. "Nope." she said cheerily popping the p. "You know, besides the fact that I have a 6th month old daughter back in Rosedale." she thought to herself trying to avoid the woman's intimidating stare. There it was again, that wiggly feeling in her legs, like if she tried to stand up her legs would turn to jelly and burst. She clenched the clenched the edge of her chair as her eyes began to twitch slightly. She pursed her lips waiting for the woman to say something. She silently pleaded for the awkward silence to end.
"Well, thank you for taking the time with me.... Welcome to Devil Cove and I hope to see you around. I am sure you know your way out of here...." She said with a smile as she closed the binder. She got up and opened the door and started to pick her things up.
Calypso nodded finally breathing. She hadn't even known she'd been holding her breath but it was just a reflex when she was nervous. She scooped up her rucksack and slung it over her shoulders easily as she rose from the chair and pushed past the door, Her sandals slapped on the tiled linoleum floors as she exited. She emerged from the building into the summer heat. It wasn't nearly as bad as back in Australia, but it was hot. Her dad honked twice as she spotted him in the yellow jeep. She quickly scurried over and put her bag in the floor. Wind picked up as her dad drove away from the building tousling her beachy blonde locks at it's own accord. She watched the building become smaller and smaller as they drove away and a thought crossed her mind. "Maybe Devil's Cover isn't so bad after all."

NOTE! There is a small typo in the name, her name is Calypso Lorelei Gossamer, but I misspelled it Gossaner. [/I][I][/I][I]

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