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 Don't Let Nobody Tell You, Tagged Open - March 17 morning
Sophia Allison Everett
Posted: Jun 1 2014, 09:22 AM

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Group: Devil Cove High School
Posts: 3
Member No.: 42
Joined: 20-April 14

Don't let nobody tell you, your life is over,
“Excuse me…” Sophia said as she carried a folding chair and an ice cooler. Trying to weave in and out of a crowd was not very easy for the petite redhead. Plus probably wearing heels and a short skirt didn’t help the task at hand either. People constantly getting up and down and moving from side to side. Sophia sighed knowing that this was going to be a headache trying to have a good place to sit and take pictures to show her mother.

People were so rude pushing and shoving each other. Her anger began to boil as if it was starting to reach a point that it would whistle and throw a fit like a tea pot on one’s stove. After making her way through the crowd, her green eyes had discovered a spot to go and sit down at. It was like it was all for her. It was under a tree that was getting some sun but not too much sun to burn her. Sophia had fair skin so she usually ended up burning up rather quickly and it always sucked when she would get burned. She would be red and hot and itchy… Then once the hot passes the skin will dry up and flake off which was so gross to her. Plus once it dries up no matter how much moisturizer she used it still did not change her skin.

The folding chair bumped into a few people whom she apologized to and begged for their forgiveness. They all smiled and told her no worries no harm no foul. It seemed like everyone was in a good mood, which was odd because usually on St Patty’s day things start to get a little heated up. Then again they probably haven’t started to drink yet. But she was sure once the golden liquid started to set into people’s head then they would be causing all sorts of mischief, that she was not allowed to get into yet.

Finally, Sophia reached her spot that she had found. However someone thought that it was an open spot and tried to run over before she got there. But she already was setting up the chair.

“Hey this is my spot…” Some boy said as he looked over at Sophia. She stood up and put a hand on her hip. Her green eyes darted around as if she was looking for something. The boy stood there completely confused as she looked. Her body straightened up and she looked over at him with a smile on her face.

“You know I just looked everywhere and didn’t see your name anywhere which tells me that no it is not your spot. In fact since my chair was set up first that means that this is indeed mine. However if you want to be rude and a jerk and tell a girl to buzz off….” She started as she glared at the boy that was in front of her. He sighed and rolled his eyes as he walked away and went back to his group of friends who were all laughing at him.
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Created by Blitzy of Caution 2.0
Ryan Gregor O'Neill
Posted: Jun 2 2014, 12:49 PM

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Group: Irish Republican Army
Posts: 1
Member No.: 55
Joined: 1-June 14

The Murderer's eyes are cold as ice
The Guilty conscience, a plot device.
Green. Everything was green, the color of the Emerald Isle. Everywhere the IRA leader walked, things were green, people were green, buildings were draped in green. Clovers decorated windows, faces, arms, hands, necks, anywhere that the color green or some derivative of it could be found. It's vulgarity and idiocy screamed at the true man of Eire as he stalked through the crowds looking for somewhere to sit around and wait for his men to show up so they could get down to some business. Not that any of them would contemplate any violent act against the population of the city during such a hallowed occasion for men of Ireland. But there were plans to be made, whiskeys, beers and bitters to be drank and there were probably some heads to crack at the end of the night. It was already looking up for the better in Ryan's slightly warped view of the world. He took a long look around as he strolled through the grassy area his eyes catching a faint glimmer of red hair.

Red Hair was something that he was very much used to and the bright blue eyed, short haired volunteer slowly made his way through the crowd shoving and pushing and silencing any dissent with a cold look from his blue eyes. She only looked young, really young but that didn't stop Ryan from following her, "Outta my way." his quick, Irish accented voice cut through the chatter of a group of men as he passed through on the tail of the red-headed girl who clearly looked like she wanted to enjoy a solitary Saint Patrick's day. The tall figure continued to follow behind her tracing her movements and wondering what in God's name he was actually doing and why was he doing it?

It was because of the pang in his stomach, the lonely, longing pang that echoed in his person, a yearning to be at home, to be away from America, far-far away. Back home in his lonely house with it's one chair and it's television with all of it's horrible, terrestrial channels. He wanted to be out of this place that felt as alien as another planet, were the people seemed to have a problem with him just because his voice sounded different, because he walked with the confident swagger of a man who got things done and didn't hesitate in difficult situations. A man who followed a young girl with red hair simply because she reminded him of a country he yearned to be in, to defend, to expand.

He saw her shove through the crowd and he was about to call out to her but she was engulfed again by the group of people, he grimaced and growled as he made his way through the bubbling mass of men and women eager to adopt the pretense of St. Patrick's day so they could drink and forget their lives. Ryan pushed past someone and glowered so heavily that the man recoiled backwards out of his way as he adjusted the black jacket that hung off his frame over a grey t-shirt. His boots thudded into the tarmac as he saw her about to set her chair down in a shady spot under a tree only to be set upon by a rather ungainly looking teenager, probably far closer to her age than he was.

The girl had dazzling green eyes that flicked capriciously onto the boy's face before she made a remark that barely carried on the windless air towards the tall man who smiled softly. He took a few steps towards the two youths and then watched the group of me winding his way towards them his left hand curling into a tight fist, whose knuckles jutted out like a jagged mountain range. He wondered what consequences he would face if he just knocked the kid clean out, he had the power in him to do it if he tried but then that would probably ruin the desire for a chat with the redhead. He simply smiled and nodded at one of them who caught his eye and received a rather cautious nod back as he made his way to the red head, his tall form casting a further shadow.

"Now...listen here, I ain' no child-toucher or anythin' but somethin' about ya reminds me about home...." he frowned slightly and took a long breath furrowing his eyebrows, "Ryan. Ryan O'Neill." he offered her his left hand, now open to her. "Pleasure to meet ya."

Sophia | N/A | hope ya like it |
Sophia Allison Everett
Posted: Jun 3 2014, 03:08 PM

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Group: Devil Cove High School
Posts: 3
Member No.: 42
Joined: 20-April 14

Don't let nobody tell you, your life is over,
Sophia sighed and shook her head, as the kids seemed to run off. Her hands were on her hips for a moment until noticed a shadow behind her. She tilted her head to the side some as she took a huge deep breathe. Smile, breath relax… She thought to herself thinking that it could be her older brother who was known to be very tall since that boy seemed to be a giant of 6’4ish.

The red headed girl turned around with a smile and about to grab her brother in for a hug when she stopped abruptly. She took a step back and look at the man in front of her. He was different with a since of foreign lifestyle. Style of clothing was different alone with the accent. He was older probably at least double her own little age. She didn’t mind someone older though but he was much older she thought as she looked the man in the eye. Blue eyes…. German…. She thought… No, that wasn’t it. Her puzzled eyes looked at the man as he talked.

Child-toucher? She thought trying to hold back a laugh. She definitely knew he was not American… Somewhere from Europe though not French or German she knew those languages somewhat and knew the hints of their accents. He knew English, which meant that the country he came from, had to be one of the English ones.

“Well first off I am no child…” She said with a soft laugh as her arms crossed over her chest. Some would call her a child as she was under 18 but many people would not call her a child as she was mature and also she had a habit of falling in bed that were older than her. It started off with her ex boyfriend who was a year older and it seemed like the next guy always got older.

“Oh….” She reached out her hand and shook his hand. “Sophia Everett.” She said with a smile on her face. She was a bit taller than normal for her heels so she reached up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Sophia was known to be a bit of a flirt but she also enjoyed being a bit of a tease at times too. The thrill of it made her feel like she had some power and some control over something.

“Trust me the pleasure is all mine.” She said with a smile on her face as she let go of his hand. She then took a step back and looked around. The crowd was beginning to thicken as if it was some big event that was happening the first time around. The sound of the awful high school band was far away in the distance but she knew that soon it would be here.

“O’neil…. Scottish or Irish?” She said as a hand brushed her long hair back some out of her eyesight as her eyes went back to the tall man that was standing near her. She was meaning to get a hair cut but she didn’t want to cut her hair. The freaking hairdressers always scared her and made her very nervous. The last one that she had nearly gave her a bob with straight across bangs.

Standing got to be so annoying for a girl especially those in heels and since Sophia was in heels, she figured it wouldn’t be rude to sit down. She turned and took a couple steps towards the chair. Her small fair hands, reached behind her and smoothed her skirt down as she sat down on the chair. Her legs automatically crossed at the knee letting one leg bounce up and down gently as she looked back and forth from the crowd to Ryan. Her skirt fell at her mid thigh showing off her legs that her brother’s friends used to tease her about saying she was the shortest in the family but was gifted with the long beautiful legs.

Words 667 Outfit Click Here Tagged Open
Created by Blitzy of Caution 2.0
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