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 The Friend With More Benefits, more benefits than friends - open face
Sophia Allison Everett
Posted: May 9 2014, 10:50 AM

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Group: Devil Cove High School
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Joined: 20-April 14

you need a compas, dear
____ ____ ____
19-24 years old. college/university/local. open face claim.
These two met at a house party where there was more beer and weed than one would find anywhere else. Bodies filled each room but they ended up literally bumping into each other. He thought she was over 21 since a cup of beer was in her hand and she didnít care about his age. They talked and flirted, kissed and made out. And somehow after that ended up in one of the empty rooms upstairs. It was a fun and adventurous night for Sophia. This being the first time she remembered that she had sex with a guy and knew that she enjoyed it.

Sophia made sure to never tell the boy that she was with that she was fresh to the whole sex thing. All she knew was what she read in her cosmo and from friends. She was a quick learner though and figured she would just keep playing the innocent card with him to help keep the excitement going. She didnít know if she would get attached, she did know though that she liked the way his lips met hers and the way his hands fit on her face.

They made an arrangement that they would only text and im each other. They didnít want a relationship so they figured the less they got to know about each other the better. They would leave notes on their cars or texts something to arrange a time and a date. Sophia is the one that set in this rule mostly so she herself would not get attached. They also made up a rule that they could see other people too, if they choose.

Everything is totally up to you. From the history to personality to whatever is up to you. I figured he would be a university/college/or local character. Basically as long as he is out of high school than that is all that mattered. I can see her probably starting to develop feelings especially if one of them decides that they wanted to get to know each other more. So maybe they would develop something or they will cool it off and call a break? I donít know but it would be interesting to play out.

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