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The story that belong to the residents of Devil Cove, California, a fictional town, where nothing is at it seems. On the outside it seems to be your normal and quaint town however deep inside not so much. This town is filled with crimes, hypocrites, drama, and people with double lives. We have many different organized crimes in the town with a tiny police force. If you think you can handle the dark secrets and the dark cracks of this town then join us and find out how you survive.

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 Hide So Well, open
Hunter Kyle Walter
Posted: May 1 2014, 10:54 AM

Freshman & law intern
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Group: Unversity of Devil Cove
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Joined: 6-October 13

You've learned to hide so well
Pretending someone else can come
Finally, he thought as they finished up the last hole of the course. They as in his father and some new big shot from the city that Hunter’s father wanted to try to impress so that way he can get more money raised to help him run for Mayor of Devil Cove. Hunter was the one that was close to the family right now so he was the one that was doing as he was told. So here he was on a Saturday morning going golfing with a bunch of old men who liked to talk about politics and the latest golfing tournament that was coming up.

Normally on Saturdays Hunter would be sleeping in and then going to the gym to get more in shape. After the gym would be going home or the dorm for a shower and lunch. Lunch was normally taken place at a local bar and grill where he would order himself a club sandwich or a steak and potato depending on his mood. After lunch for Hunter was fun with the friends from house parties to hanging out at the dorm playing video games or going out to the beach to relax and have fun. But instead he was stuck here in this golf course being bored out of his mind.

One of his hands reached into his pocket to pull his cell phone out. He was hoping someone was going to text him asking him to hang out to save him from this hell he was currently strapped in. But opening up his messaging app he found no new messages. Great just great, he thought to himself as he slid his phone back into the shorts pocket. His eyes looked out of the golf cart and noticed that some people were in the middle of their game having fun. He saw a few old couples golfing together and smiling in one hole and then at another hole he saw someone getting lessons on their swing. Hunter was taught golf at a young age because of his father. So far his farther is pushing Hunter to be the Douglas Walter 2.0.

“Hunter…” His father’s voice seemed distant before Hunter felt a nudge on his shoulder causing him to be brought out of his daydreams. Hunter quickly looked over at his father who looked much like himself but with white hair and some looser skin. A warning looked appeared on his father’s face and he knew that he was in trouble. Hunter forced a smile and nodded agreeing with whatever was said.

“We were just saying that we were going to go to the sauna for a little bit and while we were in there you could go and get some food so you could save a table for us and order for us?” Douglas was saying with a look that meant this was not up for talking about. Hunter swallowed and nodded his head slowly. Can’t argue about this one, he thought as he looked from his dad to the other two men.

“No problem just write down what you guys want and I will make sure it gets done.” Hunter said as he pulled out a scorecard pad. He ripped 3 pieces of paper off of the pad and handed pens out so they could write down what they wanted. One of them winked and laughed some as he looked at Douglas telling him that he had a smart kid and a go-getter. Douglas just smiled and agreed with him.

By the time they reached the clubhouse, everyone had written down their very completed orders and handed it to Hunter. The golf caddies took the clubs to put them in the safe lock up while Hunter told the men to enjoy their time. The men waved and walked off to the locker rooms.

“Finally I am free for at least thirty minutes.” He thought as he walked into the café and looked for an empty table. There wasn’t any that he could see. A host walked by him an asked him if he needed any help. His eyes wondered down the thin frame of the girl that had to be around his age maybe a little younger. Easy on the eyes with her hair curled down her make up done in a way that her green eyes lit the room. Well what do we have here? Hunter thought as he smiled at her putting on his charm. He sweet-talked her to the point that she said that she would reserve the next large table for him and his party even though she isn’t suppose to do that. He nodded and told her that he owed her a lot. His hand dropped a napkin in front of her with his name and number.

Since he had to wait, he decided to go and hang out by the counter. He ordered himself a root beer and an order of fries as he waited for the table. His eyes looked up to watch the sports that were playing on silent on a television that was hanging up above the counter.
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