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 Babies Day Out, (open)
Samuel James Royce
Posted: Apr 27 2014, 12:12 AM

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Group: Local Citizens
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let the storm rage on
the cold never bothered me anyway
no notes

It was morning and Sammy had been up for an hour or two hanging out with Victoria before she headed to work. It had been a busy week and Samm had not spent time with Victoria or his little girl Ana so today he was going to spend time with both of them. Sammy was not sure what was on tv but he wasn't really watching it he was listening to Victoria talk about this guy that come in to her work everyday and he seems to flirt with her or so she says, Sammy laughed and nudge her "And you still don't have his number....V you better get a move on" he said joking with her like he did alot. After a While of talking Victoria had to leave for work and Sammy gave her a kiss goodbye it wasn't weird they did a goodbye kiss alot so it was no big deal to them anyway. Sammy was about to get up and go to the kitchen till her heard a voice call out to him and he knew Ana was up so he went to her room instead. Stepping in Sammy saw Ana in her bed rubbing her eyes "You hungry sweetie" Sammy said picking her up and she smiled at him. With Ana in his arms Sammy headed to the kitchen putting Ana in her chair Sammy went over to the fridge getting some apple sauce out for her and some eggs for him and getting a bowl from the cabinet her poured some apple sauce in the bowl then grabbed a spoon and went over to Ana giving her the bowl before returning to the stove to cook his breakfast.

After Sammy finished cooking her food he went and sat next to Ana at the table and began to eat his food. Sammy had heard about a parade happening today and thought to take Ana to it thinking she night have fun and he could spend a day out with her. Once done Sammy grabbed both his and Ana's plate and rinsed them off in the sink then he grabbed Ana up and took her to the bathroom to give her a bath "Time to clean up Daddy has a surprise for you" Ana giggled and complied with getting in the tub as Sammy turned on the water making sure it wasn't to hot or cold then plugging the drain letting the tub filled. Sammy Gave Ana a quick bath then after Wrapping a towel around her he took her to the bedroom and told her to dry off and then went to get some clothes for her to wear. Sammy was rushing which meant he would not be getting a shower it was a good thing he got one the night before and was already dressed. After Sammy dressed Ana he put some sandals on her feet and put her hair up in a cute ponytail since she has alot of hair like her mother. Sammy grabbed her up and walked to the living room grabbing his car keys he walked out locking the door behind him then heading to his car. Setting Ana in her car seat and buckling her up Sammy ave her a kiss on the forehead then go into the car, starting it up he pulled out of the driveway and headed to the place where he heard the parade was going to be.

Sammy got the the parking lot fast and parking the car her made sure he had everything in his pockets then got out and went o the back seat ot get Ana out. Once they got out of the car Sammy locked it then took Ana and him to a good spot to watch the parade.

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Kathryn Eloise Royce
Posted: May 4 2014, 08:43 PM

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Group: Local Citizens
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Honestly tell me
Don't tell me that it's over
Kathryn got in her car and drove to the venue where she had been told to meet the other dancers. They had a two hour rehearsal before the parade actually started. Kathryn was nervous. Her hands shook the entire time she drove, but she was able to get herself there without messing up the car. This was the first time that she had done anything like this since she was a kid. Dancing had been her happy place and as of recently she had re-discovered that. She got to the venue with her costume in hand and changed rather quickly. She came out and fell in line with the other dancers, doing the routine exactly as they had rehearsed it several times before. She took deep breaths and just focused on her movements. She hadn’t messed up once, which was good because today was definitely not the day to be messing up. Kathryn had a good partner though so it was all good. The time was called and practice came to an end and they took their place in the line of the parade. They were right in the middle so she was a lot less nervous since they wouldn’t be the first thing that people saw. The lights and floats started and Kathryn felt like a kid in a candy store.

It was amazing what her feet could remember. She glided along, following the movements of her partner aimlessly as the parade went on. She waved in between steps when she could, being sure not to distract herself completely. Kathryn smiled at all the faces out there. Happy ones that were waving to her and the other people in the parade. She took sight of a family and it made her think about Sam. The thought of him scared her, not because he was scary, but because she knew what she had done was unforgivable, even to her. She had given a man her word and then left him shattered. There were no excuses for that. Kathryn shook the thoughts out of her head long enough to focus on the task at hand “You okay”?[/b], her partner asked as they continued dancing among the crowd. She nodded her head. “Yeah, I’m fine.” She said with a smile and kept up her movements as the song changed. It was the tango dance. She grabbed a hold of her partner’s hand, letting him lead, following his movements.

Kathryn kept her balance when he dipped her and came back up, letting him spin her and then they parted just like they did in practice, into a sexy pose and the song changed again. This was the one she had been nervous about. That lift. At the end of this routine, the guys had to lift the girls and hold them. When they had done it in practice, Kathryn had lost balance and fell..a lot. She was hoping that she wouldn’t have a repeat performance today. They had done it an hour ago and it was fine so she just hoped that same would be said for now. They were about halfway through now. Her body was definitely getting a work out from all this. She took a deep breath as the lift came and held her balancing, smiling and waving to the crowd. Just as he was about to lower her down, she caught sight of him. Sammy?, she thought to herself, feeling her head flooding with a million thoughts at once. She couldn’t stop since she had to keep up with the others, but she looked back while he was still in view. She couldn’t clearly make out if it was him or not, but deep down she felt that sinking feeling and that was a sign..A sign that it was in fact him.

TAGGED FOR SAMMY | 635 WORDS | and so it begins

Kat. 25. Mom. Ex-Druggie. Married. Lost Soul.
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Samuel James Royce
Posted: May 18 2014, 03:28 PM

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Group: Local Citizens
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Joined: 6-October 13

let the storm rage on
the cold never bothered me anyway
no notes

The place was pretty packed and Sammy groaned realizing that if its this packed there was no way of getting through the big crowd later when the parade starts. Sammy held onto Ana tight to make sure he wouldn't lose grip of her as he held her in his arms squeezing by people trying to find a good spot before everything started. It was rather hot out and Sammy realized he had no umbrella or sunscreen for little Ana since she burned easy unlike Sammy who tanned rather well and he guessed that Ana might got her skin from her mother or rather that side of that family. Pushing through a few more people Sammy saw a shady spot where he would still see the parade rather well and he walked over taking a seat on the little bench under a big shady tree. Sammy set Ana on his lap facing her toward him and he looked at her smiling then began to tickle her and she giggled. Days like these Sammy liked to have being spent with his little girl with working he hardly has time for her and he knew sooner or later he would need a better job but as for right now he is doing what he can being a single father and no mother to help raise the child its really hard on him no only being alone with the child but having to not see he so much just to be able to keep clothes on her body and food in her belly. Sammy wasn't all alone he had his best friend Victoria helping him but it wasn't the same he needed Kathy to be there but she left him alone with the baby and he hasn't heard or seen from her since then.

The parade was beginning to start and Sammy stood up holding Ana up on his hip he walked a little closer to the road to get a better look and so Ana could see also. Sammy watched as a few floats passed he then saw dancers and Ana was smiling big for she was having fun seeing all the floats she wasn't paying attention to what Sammy was looking at. As Sammy stood there watching the Dancers he saw a girl get lifted and when she looked his was his jaw dropped he also abut lost his grip on Ana. That girl that face he hasn't seen in so long was it true has Kathy come back or was he seeing things, he had to know if it was her so he moved as close to the road as he could get but the dancers had moved father down. Sammy shook off the thought and walked back taking a seat on the bench setting Ana on his lap he grabbed out his phone and texted Victoria he was freaking about what he just saw so many emotions running through him it was something he thought would never happen but he knew the girls face he as sure it was his wife what was she doing back had she come back for him or something else he knew he had to stay after the parade and find her to find out what she was doing back.

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Posted: Jun 7 2014, 08:00 PM

Monster Mod
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