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 crumb, gideon
gideon crumb
Posted: Aug 21 2011, 12:43 AM

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magic works
gideon ezekiel crumb

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when all is dark and there's no light
lost in the deepest star of night, i see you

    gideon ezekiel crumb
    22, November 18.
blood status:
    11", mahogany, dragon heartstring.
former house:
    Works part-time as a bartender in The Leaky Cauldron, but only when he can be bothered - his father has been coerced by his mother into giving him a decent allowance 'until he finds his feet'.
your hands are shaking, baby
you ain't been sleeping lately

    Though he's been considering dyeing it ginger in order to look more authentic when wielding his bagpipes, it is currently dark brown and usually fashionably styled.
    Light green and possibly slightly narrow for his face.
    A couple of inches taller than average, but nothing to write home about; he's naturally quite trim, and likes to keep himself looking at least a little toned.
overall appearance:
    A conservative, wealthy upbringing means that Gideon doesn't really have any interesting scars, smells or modes of dress. These days he's distinctly more conscious of how he looks, and so he does dress to rebel against his parents - but that's a rebellion that can be contained in anything that isn't smart robes, to tell the truth. His rebellion is an expensive one, as he has retained a hatred of looking truly scruffy even at the same time as he pursues the art of looking dishabille.

    Standing at only a few inches above average and having little to him, he is neither intimidating nor unintimidating; though he resents it a little, he seems supremely average as far as build and height go. Even through his attempts to look rebellious, there is something of his prim childhood in the straightness of his posture, and he often gives the unconscious impression that he would be more at home in a suit and with a straight parting than he is in his role as wild child rock band member.

    His complexion matches his heritage in its clearness and health - it's fairly obvious that he's never gone without healthy food in healthy portions. The fact that he smokes more for the look of it (at present, at least) rather than out of a proper habit also means that his healthy look persists - despite it being a little more rock'n'roll to look as though one has spent all night snorting cocaine off prostitutes and drinking, he can't quite justify the bad skin that such habits would surely give him.
there's something out there
and it don't seem very friendly, does it?

    classical music
    classical concerts
    giving his mother a heart attack
    infuriating his father
    being himself
    being skilled at his instruments
    art in general
    working at the leaky cauldron
    being berated for 'joking around'
    other people being arrogant
    other pureblood families
    injustice when it's something he cares about
    The thing that scares Gideon the most - at least that can be properly represented by a boggart - is embarrassing himself. To this end, his boggart is, somewhat ridiculously, an image of himself playing the bagpipes - except they deflate rapidly with a rather loud farting noise. He cringes at the very thought of other people seeing his boggart, let alone at the thought of the event actually happening.
    Gideon's amortentia signifies his conflict betwee two worlds - cigarette smoke, white wine and light perfume. There is sometimes a more cloying, heady perfume there, depending on whether he's feeling particularly rebellious that day.
    Rather clever as he is, Gideon is capable of producing a corporeal patronus, but has only done so once or twice and never under any more stress than exams. It took the form of a peacock, which was a surprise to no one but Gideon himself, who was expecting something more impressive. He conjured it by thinking of a particularly moving symphony he attended as a young boy, though he would never admit this aloud.
    Gideon is not particularly popular, though he rarely struggles to be surrounded by superficial friends who think his massive ego might actually have some concrete skill or secret behind it. Even among his own band mates he is often insufferable, claiming as he does that he is doing them a favour by staying around and snapping every time he's in a bad mood, but his occasionally-surfacing decent qualities mostly keep him from being kicked out entirely, or from offending everyone at the same time.
overall personality:
    When most people think or speak of Gideon, it isn't to extol his virtues. From childhood to adulthood he has maintained a slight childish and petty inclination towards revenge as opposed to absolution; his revenges are not cold or calculated, but rather they are catty, and usually for the slightest of offences. There's a sense of entitlement to him that it is difficult to get past, and stems from his childhood of being... well, considerably better than everyone else. His purity of blood meant that he never had to endure bullying - and, indeed, that he occasionally doled it out himself. Despite this, a combination of the war and his association with his band have chased away any niggling beginnings of purism that might have festered. For all his faults, he is not the kind of person you'd find under a black hood and mask - he also believes himself to be better than other purebloods, you see, on account of the fact that he is Gideon Crumb.

    As you may have gathered, arrogance is another of his key character traits and he's occasionally vocal about the idea that he is only with the band because they need him. The truth of this is one he does not dispute aloud, but one he knows, rather deeper than the surface, to be untrue anyway. Friendships other than the superficial are difficult for him to maintain due to finding other purebloods stuffy and insufferable and yet being too outwardly obnoxious to make any others. In an attempt to defend his ego from too much hurt (though, admittedly, it's difficult to hurt as most others are written off as unworthy), he also has the misfortune of being rather defensive. Rather than becoming huffy or sulky, however, it expresses itself through scathing and sarcastic comebacks; when Gideon is in a poor temper, it's not uncommon for him to alienate everyone around him and/or get punched in the mouth for being unable to control the things he says. Coupled with this, his sense of humour tends to border on the cruel, though he'd never admit as much aloud; often, he finds himself laughing at other people for things that they cannot necessarily help and that they may well find hurtful. It should be noted that it is not sport for him to offend people - he just finds it difficult to work out other people's emotional boundaries.

    He's not particularly violent in himself and physical conflict tends to surprise him a little bit, though he should really be used to it by now. He's not keen on being touched without his consent, either, thinking it rather rude, and for that reason he doesn't much go in for hugs or anything more friendly than a handshake. Though he doesn't quite have the introspection or cunning to be able to shut up and avoid fights, he has an uncanny knack for being able to dodge fists and thrown bottles. When he is physically hurt for being obnoxious, it only tends to increase his obnoxiousness as he complains very loudly and very openly about the injustice of it all.

    Despite his more odious qualities, he's not a singularly unpleasant human being. He has a genuine passion for music, though he privately doubts the band is going anywhere and so often fails to throw himself into it quite as much as others might, and enjoys both the piano and the bagpipes. The former is a more recent feeling; he picked it back up on a whim and has found that, freed of his childlike resentment of music lessons, it it a much more worthy pass-time. Though he would be just as inclined as his critics to brush himself off as a purely inartistic soul, it isn't entirely true - though he pretends to begrudge his parents taking him to 'proper' music concerts (perhaps in a vague hope that he'll take the hint), live music of a certain calibre moves him quite deeply. Naturally, it is not something that he is keen to publicise.

    His inclination towards mild bullying is offset a little by an occasional - occasional, mind - attack of conscience. He is not particularly reckless, and the consequences of his behaviour, when he is confronted with them, tend to actually affect him. It's hard for him to apologise, seeing as he rarely believes himself to be truly in the wrong and is very good at justifying his own behaviour, but he will very rarely cut across 'gentle ribbing' if he feels it it going too far or being taken out on those too sensitive to take it. He's not a coward, for all he sometimes appears that way due to his avoidance of violence, and is more than prepared to be very vocal when he feels that others have gone too far or broken some kind of unwritten rule.

    Finally, he has a puckish sense of mischief that applies mostly to his parents and heritage. He likes to scandalise; however, having had a very conservative upbringing, his idea of scandal is decidedly on the unadventurous side. Thanks to his arrogance, his snobbish beginnings are often hidden beneath a veneer of pretending that he is comfortable with most of the band's eccentricities and inclinations towards the seedier aspects of life. He is, however, occasionally struck by a sense of moral outrage or revulsion; he hates this, and so he strives to outrage the outrage out of himself. Bringing his friends to meet his parents, however, has less lofty ambitions; he likes to see his mother and father squirm.
if i could help you
then i would help you, but it's been difficult

    Maria Crumb, 47, society wife..
    Ezekiel Crumb, 50, wizengamot.
    Melisande Maria Crumb, 19, unemployed.
other family:
    not applicable
    not applicable
overall history:
    Gideon was never supposed to play the bagpipes, much less become a fixture of an absurd up-and-coming band, but, then, parents often have higher aspirations than their offspring are prepared to live up to.

    He was born to the wealthy, pureblood Crumb family, and it should first be said that there isn't a drop of Scottish blood anywhere along the line. It should secondly be said that Gideon's arrogance and teenage dismissal of his family's wants were nothing to do with lack of love or affection on his parents' side; his mother and father were rarely anything other than proud of their son. The bagpipes - and the subsequent dismissal of familial values of 'decent jobs' and the like - began as a childish (slightly spoilt) revenge plot to get back at his mother for making him take piano lessons.
    "When you're old enough to go to Hogwarts," she'd say, making sure he practised his scales properly (for the Crumbs were a more liberal household than many in the same position, and believed that a wide array of accomplishments were good for both genders of child). "Then you can pick whatever instrument you like, if you still don't like the piano."

    Gideon was always a clever and somewhat spiteful child, which was only encouraged by having a younger sister who cried about everything and was subsequently babied, and so he dedicated most of his young life to finding the most obnoxious instrument possible. Any other child might not have been so single-minded in their search for a parentally sanctioned method of annoyance, but any other child was not Gideon Crumb. Lo and behold, by the time he had gotten to Hogwarts, he presented his new instrument of choice: the bagpipes. And when his mother tried to back peddle, knowing the horrendous noises she was going to be exposed to whenever he came back from school, she was caught between his father's appreciation of consistency and Gideon's own disturbingly accurate memory for conversations that involved things he wanted. So, reasoning to herself that he had to tire of the screeching instrument at some point, she relented, and Gideon was permitted to have a month of lessons before he finally went to Hogwarts. And, to everyone's surprise (and to the mutual horror of everyone in Gideon's household), he did not tire of the instrument.

    But before he could properly get to grips with it, there was the matter of school to get to. As most other children were, Gideon was terribly nervous about his Sorting; he may have spent most of his youth being spiteful, but that didn't mean he really wanted the stigma associated with Slytherin, and neither did he really want to be confined to the 'other' category that was Hufflepuff. But, then, Gryffindor sounded annoying and Ravenclaw sounded kind of... well, he wasn't sure he had the intellectual or creative capacity for it. He was surprised, therefore, when the extreme latter turned out to be where he was sent; to this day, he cannot stand to hear a riddle without cringing or scowling. But even if he wasn't very good at thinking outside the box, he proved in the coming years to be capable of both his lessons and handling his instruments (as well as developing a sense of humour that could charitably be termed 'cruel'). Purism was something that usually swept over his head; as a pureblood, he did not have to deal with it about his own family, and, being rather conceited, he struggled to notice it happening to others. Coming together with the other Weird Sisters and offering his particularly unique talents (or, when they were in need of it, a little... classical piano) was less of an altruistic or idealistic want to produce music, but more yet another way to scandalise his poor, conservative parents.

    Certainly it worked - though he graduated with oddly high qualifications for someone so outwardly careless, his lack of proper employment caused stern words to happen between him and his father. His mother's intervention, to his slight annoyance (he was, after all, trying to rebel, and it's hard to rebel when your mother is on your side), stopped him from being cut off, and so these days he mostly tries to shock his mother and father with tales of what he's up to with the band - or by bringing his friends over. The former rarely works, though it causes ruddy cheeks when his younger sister happens to be sitting at the table with them, but the latter - ah, the latter is a masterpiece.
there's something much more powerful
than both of us possessing me

other characters:
    shock horror, nope.
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    roleplay sample:
      When it came properly down to it, Foras Rosier did not like the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black. It was nothing to do with their purity of blood, naturally, nor even any jealousy at their place at the absolute head of English pureblood society. No, it wasn't anything to do with their pedigree or their tendency to inbreed (though, quietly, he did sometimes wonder about that) - it was instead to do with their entitlement. For all that his particular branch of the Rosiers had been residing in England for the entirety of his young life, there was something entirely French about them in both temperament and sleekness. From the subtle elegance of their gatherings to the coolness of their attitudes, they held a quiet imperiousness rather than an arrogance - his mother and father were eternally composed, and ageing gracefully and beautifully. There was nothing crass about them, and they had the added advantage that their branch of the family was so small that most of their dramas were confined to the pale lips of another country.

      It was precisely this that Foras had against the Black family. They were arrogant to the point of rudeness; their entitlement knew no bounds, and they apparently believed that they were better than others by virtue of their blood alone. They didn't believe in the other tenants of high society that Foras had been raised to; they weren't polite, they didn't know when to still their tongues, and their tempers bordered on both the foul and the legendary. True elegance and thus true aristocracy was, in Foras' opinion, a matter of repression and of knowing you were better than others but having the good grace not to tell them it. It was a matter of others simply having to look at your poise, your posture and your self-control to see that you were a cut above them. It was most emphatically not about claiming oneself to be better and simply shouting it louder and louder until those around you felt compelled to agree.

      And that was why Foras Rosier did not like the Black family. They were, in the opinion of a boy who had so much self control he was slowly poisoning his blood with his own bile, out of control. They may have had more self restraint than the other fools and blood traitors and scum (new money was equally unattractive, as he always considered when thinking of the Averys) that littered Hogwarts, but they were still uncouth. Walburga still had temper tantrums; Cygnus was still entitled; Alphard was still ridiculous. He appreciated Lucretia only for her sense of humour and her adherence to school rules - outside of that, he considered her occasional sarcasm quite unladylike. Orion, he had to admit, he had not much to do with, but he thought the lack of sense of humour to be entirely proper. And Professor Black - the female teacher. It wasn't that Foras objected to women in general in employment, necessarily. It was the fact that an aristocrat female was working and, more than that, that she remained unmarried even now. It upset his sensibilities. And Foras did not appreciate having his sensibilities upset.

      He hadn't been alarmed or upset to receive Walburga's note, regardless. Though his opinion of the House of Black was decidedly on the low side (though, naturally, not as low as his opinion of the Averys), he considered it both of their duties to talk through the engagement, and he was pleasantly surprised that Walburga had remembered her responsibilities. The idea of setting aside an afternoon that could be better dedicated to study for tea time with a female Black was not a particularly happy one, but it was better than leaving the matter of their families' union untouched. It was only right and natural that they should, as future brother-in-law and sister-in-law, establish some sort of proper accord, and it was only proper that she, as the female, would host the tea party.

      He was always on time, the stickler for schedule that he was, but he was not unduly surprised to see that she had arrived first. Good hostesses, as Foras had been raised to expect, arranged the event before guests arrived, no matter where said event might have been held. He was faintly impressed with the décor of the Room of Requirement as he pushed open the door, though it was still a smidgen on the heavy side for his delicate Parisian tastes (his father's influence: his mother was English, and so less refined in artistic taste). Taking a moment to stand entirely still and await address, as was polite, he glanced over his hostess and her set-up, finding both to be more than adequate, and was again pleasantly surprised (though he realised he shouldn't be) by her manners and by the striking nature of her features when arranged in a look less imperious than usual. He didn't usually notice the pale, pretty faces of the classic pureblood lady, but there was something to Walburga's aesthetics that some part of him appreciated, for all his lack of interest in women. He thought it might have something to do with the harshness of it coupled with the refined effort she had put in; it wasn't that he found her attractive, because he didn't. He found her interesting.

      "Good afternoon, Walburga," he intoned, brushing off the thought as irrelevant and closing the door behind him as he walked stiffly and neatly to the table. He was, as always, impeccably presented and painfully polite; even away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the school, he rarely relaxed. Relaxing around Walburga was not an option. Sitting opposite her and leaving her to serve the tea first, as was her right as a woman, he folded his hands in his lap. "I am perfectly well, thank you. How does the day find yourself?"
    Posted: Nov 6 2011, 11:32 PM

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    congratulations, and welcome to magic works!
    don't forget to fill out your claims and put up a plot request.
    if you're a new member, please introduce yourself, so we can welcome you completely!

    additional comments:
      i think gideon will add a lot to the dynamic of the weird sisters, and he is pretty hilarious besides. the fact that he is a bagpipe player that considers himself indispensable is, on its own, enough to kill me. excited to have him, and thank you for taking him. (:
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