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 BNP Watch
Posted: Jul 22 2010, 01:18 PM

Group: J7 Admins
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  22 July 2010  Last updated at 13:00

BNP leader Nick Griffin banned by Buckingham Palace

BNP leader Nick Griffin Nick Griffin had asked supporters for suggestions for what to say to the Queen

BNP leader Nick Griffin will be denied entry to a garden party at Buckingham Palace "due to the fact he has overtly used his personal invitation for party political purpose through the media".

In a statement Buckingham Palace said: "This in turn has increased the security threat and the potential discomfort to the many other guests also attending."

Mr Griffin's personal invitation to the garden party on Thursday was issued to him as an elected member of the European Parliament.

The palace statement said: "The decision to deny entry is not intended to show any disrespect to the democratic process by which the invitation was issued.

"However, we would apply the same rules to anyone who tried to blatantly politicise their attendance in this way."

The BNP leader was set to attend last year as a guest of a BNP London assembly member but pulled out after an outcry.

In an e-mail to supporters sent on Wednesday, Mr Griffin said he would be representing "a million British patriots who vote for this party".

"This event shows just how far this party has come in the last few years but I won't be at the Palace for myself or my family. No! I will be there to represent the patriots who made this possible; I'll be there for you."

He asked them to suggest what he should say to the Queen if they spoke at the event.

He was set to attend the party with wife Jackie and fellow BNP MEP Andrew Brons. It is not clear whether Mr Brons will attend.

The BNP leader was expected to be among the 8,000 guests at the event which will be hosted by the Queen and also attended by the Duke of Edinburgh.

Other members of the Royal Family who will be mingling on the Palace's lawns include the Duke of York, The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and the Duke of Kent.
Posted: Sep 30 2010, 08:12 AM

Group: J7 Admins
Posts: 15,308
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Joined: 26-November 05

BNP expels Richard Barnbrook as bitter feud threatens to tear apart party

Senior figure's membership of far-right group ended after failed attempt to unseat leader Nick Griffin

    * Matthew Taylor
    *, Wednesday 29 September 2010 18.57 BST
Richard Barnbrook expelled from BNP Richard Barnbrook has been expelled from the BNP in an increasingly bitter feud with Nick Griffin. Photograph: Andy Paradise / Rex Features

Richard Barnbrook, one of the British National party's most senior figures, has been expelled as part of an increasingly bitter feud threatening to engulf the far-right organisation.

The London Assembly member, who was one of a group of rebels who tried to wrest control of the BNP from party leader Nick Griffin last month, was informed via an internal memo this week that he was no longer a party member.

"Sadly we have concluded that we are left with no alternative but to expel Richard Barnbrook from membership of the British National party," it reads. "I have written to him informing him that I have taken that action today and he is no longer a member of our party."

Barnbrook, who was the party's sole representative on the London Assembly, is one of the BNP's most high-profile officials and his expulsion comes as the party faces a growing political and financial crisis.

Since its poor showing in May's general and council elections, several senior figures have come out against Griffin, at least three local councillors have resigned the party whip and many key activists have been suspended.

The prospect of a permanent split has been heightened by the party's dire financial plight and the formation of a new faction – the BNP reform group – which is openly discussing forming a new party.

"Even by its own vicious standards this has been a bloody episode for the BNP," said Nick Lowles from anti-racist organisation Searchlight. "The relentless infighting has done serious damage to Griffin and the party's organisational ability."

Griffin's opponents have rallied around another leadership challenger, Eddie Butler, who has run the BNP's election machine in recent years. Their anger is focused on Griffin's leadership style and concern about the party's debts.

"You may think I should have little reason to have sympathy for Richard Barnbrook's plight," Butler wrote on his blog this week. "But I can see that they used and abused him … watch and observe. This is the way Nick Griffin's British National party treats its members."

Concern about the BNP's finances has been exacerbated by news that the Electoral Commission is investigating the party's 2008 accounts and that its 2009 accounts are already late. The BNP faces further legal action from the Equality and Human Rights Commission over allegations that it has failed to remove potentially racist clauses from its constitution. Lawyers say the case, due to go before the courts again in November, could see Griffin landed with a fine or even imprisonment for contempt of court.

The BNP refused to comment on reports that the party is more than £500,000 in debt or to confirm how many members had been suspended or had resigned. But Griffin has sent members increasingly desperate appeals for donations to "keep the wolves at bay and to ensure our survival". In one email he admitted that the party was "cash-struck" and needed money to fight the case being brought by the EHRC. "Be clear on this, if you don't give, we can't fight … and if we don't fight we will be shut down and killed off."

Griffin's position has been under attack since the party's poor showing in May's general election when it saw a small increase in its vote but failed to make its promised breakthrough. It also performed badly in the council elections where all but two of its 28 sitting councillors standing for re-election were beaten and it was wiped out in its east London stronghold of Barking and Dagenham. However, last month he managed to see off a leadership challenge when Barnbrook and Eddie Butler both failed to secure enough support to trigger a leadership ballot.

Barnbrook, who lost his Barking and Dagenham council seat earlier this year, resigned the party whip last month calling for an investigation into allegations of wrongdoing by party officials, although he remained a member of the party.

The memo from Clive Jefferson, the BNP's national organiser, said Barnbrook had had time to understand that his actions were "disloyal and unacceptable".

Barnbrook said yesterday that he would launch an appeal against his expulsion and that he would remain an assembly member as an independent.
Posted: Jul 30 2011, 08:58 AM

Group: J7 Admins
Posts: 15,308
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Joined: 26-November 05

QUOTE (Bridget @ Sep 12 2008, 10:12 AM)
'Legal' terrorist training camp?
BNP running gun camps for kids

By Jason Beattie Deputy Political Editor 3/09/2008

Exclsuive: Sick BNP camp teaches youth wing recruits to shoot and make weapons

user posted image

The British National Party is running Hitler Youth-style training camps to teach children how to use guns and knives.

Boys and girls as young as 12 have been taught to shoot a rifle, given demonstrations of knife techniques and shown how to make a lethal wooden dart called a Dutch arrow.

The youngsters are also brainwashed with lectures on the BNP's racist beliefs and given talks on how to deal with "Marxist" teachers.

The BNP ran the first youth camp at its annual summer festival called Red, White and Blue. The party's website boasts that children were taught how to make the Dutch arrows, which can be hurled 150 metres.

user posted image

It says: "Unlike other youth organisations, members of the YBNP carry knives for camp activities and for making Dutch arrows, walking sticks, as well as other items.

"The first part of the week was spent showing our young people how to use knives correctly and safely." Other activities include rifle shooting, survival techniques and map reading.

Although the camps are supposedly for 13 to 18-year-olds, the website singles out a 12-year-old named Rachel for her expertise at rifle shooting.

Those attending were given talks on "heritage and culture" and advice on how to "deal with Marxist teaching staff" or National Union of Teachers members.

Another session included a talk to selected students on "nationalist politics".

The website says: "The youth wing can only get bigger and better, with older members already being fast tracked into positions within the party.

"If a measure of our success is the young people involved did not want to go home at the end of the week, then we achieved it. Only the YBNP and big brother the BNP can secure a future for the indigenous children of this land."

Home Office minister Tony McNulty said it was disgraceful to teach children to use weapons at a time when the scourge of knife crime among the young was such a problem.

He added: "If this wasn't so serious it would be funny.

"I have never seen anything so irresponsible. Teaching young children to use knives and guns is reprehensible but it is what you expect from such a sick and twisted party."

Labour MP Jon Cruddas, who campaigns against the BNP, said: "It goes on about the breakdown of society and pretends to be the party of law and order. But at the same time it appears to be teaching kids how to use a knife."

A spokesman for the BNP refused to say where the camp was held or how many people attended.

He also denied the party was acting irresponsibly, saying: "There is no problem with the responsible use of weapons. We have members who are ex-Armed Forces who are trained in this type of thing.

"Not everyone lives in the city. Some people live in the country where they need a knife for craftsmanship and games."


The Hitler Youth was founded by Adolf Hitler in 1922. Its main aim was to recruit new members to the Nazi party.

German teenage boys were sent to special camps to be indoctrinated in Nazi beliefs.

There they did assault courses and were taught military strategy. They had to learn shooting, marching, bayonet drill, grenade throwing - and Nazi dogma.

Recruits who excelled were rewarded with a dagger engraved with a swastika and the words Blood and Honour.

In 1936, membership was made compulsory for all boys aged 15 to 18.

Girls joined their own league to prepare them for motherhood.

At its peak the Hitler Youth, a name suggested by the Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess, had four million members - current Pope Benedict XVI was among them.

The Hitler Youth shouldered the brunt of the fighting in the final defence of Berlin.

[b]Hi-De-Heil: Holidaying at the BNP Youth Camp

By Matt Weiner
Posted: 30 July 2011

Paintballing, drinking beer and sitting round a campfire fueled by Anti-Nazi League posters. A Jewish journalist spends a day undercover at a British National Party youth camp.
Ask anyone who’s been to summer camp as a child and they’ll tell you the first day is definitely the worst. They’ll probably recall how on the journey to the campsite they desperately wanted to turn around and that they’ve rarely felt such jitters since.

Aged 28, I should have left those feelings well behind me. But as a Jew travelling up to Camp Excalibur, the British National Party’s youth camp, they all came flooding back. According to my religions law I should be in a synagogue this morning, observing the Sabbath. I shouldn’t be driving and I definitely shouldn’t be heading up the M1 towards a field near Bradford to break bread with a gaggle of far-right activists, some of whom deny the holocaust ever happened.

Whitney Houston once sang that she believed the children are our future. She wasn’t alone; the BNP entirely agree. That’s why for the last two years Mark Collett, referred to as a ‘rough diamond’ by party leader Nick Griffin, has been running Camp Excalibur for white youths aged 18 to 24. Naturally, worrying parallels have been drawn between this even and the Hitler Youth. As far as the crew-cut Collett is concerned, however, the unflattering comparison is all that can be expected from a mainstream media that is, according to him, ‘controlled by Zionists’.

Ever since the Cambridge University-educated Griffin wrestled the helm of the BNP from John Tyndall in 1999, his aim has been to turn the rag-tag association of racists, nationalists and Nazi sympathisers into what he considers to be a respectable political party. By all accounts he’s done rather well. Collet, a business economics graduate from Leeds University (despite attempts by the Anti-Nazi League to have him thrown out) is rumoured to be dating Griffin’s daughter. He is also considered to be a chip off her father’s block and a hot prospect for the emerging party’s future.

Picking him out from the crowd of skinheads milling about at Camp Excalibur is pretty easy – his voice is the loudest. Clutching the crate of Carling he has asked me to bring, I approach him. ‘You’re not as weaselly –looking as I thought you would be,’ he says, to the amusement of his cohorts. ‘That’s a compliment, y’know.’ I smile weakly: ‘Thanks.’

Collett is colleting subs from everyone who has just arrived at the site – about £80 in all. For the very reasonable price of £10 per person, the Young BNPs will be treated to a weekend of outdoor activities including paintball, canoeing and five-a-side football. All good wholesome fun.

The campsite stands high up in the hills of the Queensbury, with a sweeping vista of Bradford down below. Bathed in the late-September sun, shaven-headed kids run after a pug-faced dog while their mum, wearing a Union Jack flag as a sarong, puts up the tent with her husband. Small groups of teenagers in combat clothes chat while politely queuing to hand over their subs. As one proud father (Mr White) clutching a toddler (White junior) hands over his tenner, Collett says: ‘That’s the whites paid for.’ Then, realising his pun, he adds, ‘And that’s exactly what we like to see at a BNP event!’ Everyone laughs. I pay my contribution, wincing inwardly as I imagine winging its way to the BNP coffers.

    Maybe it’s the fascist overtones of the skinheads and army fatigues that makes this harmless activity seem rather more ominous, or perhaps it’s the fact that one of our number, Nick Griffin’s right-hand man Tony Lecomber, is a convicted nail-bomber terrorist.

Paintballing with political extremists is a less than savoury experience. Maybe it’s the fascist overtones of the skinheads and army fatigues that makes this harmless activity seem rather more ominous, or perhaps it’s the fact that one of our number, Nick Griffin’s right-hand man Tony Lecomber, is a convicted nail-bomber terrorist.

We start off with a quick game called Capture the Flag in which two teams compete to rescue the Union Jack and return it to their base. The first round is easily won by Collett’s team. ‘The Key to paintball,’ says the victor to an audience of keen youngsters as he reloads the pump-action rifles, ‘is not to fanny around in your base, but to come out and do something. That is also the philosophy of the BNP,’ he adds.

Soon it’s my team’s turn to face Collett’s and I find myself guarding our base. The game starts with a flurry of activity. Suddenly, from the thick of the melee, the leader of the Young BNP emerges from behind a hillock to confront me. Locked in combat, we rattle off countless rounds at each other until one of my paint pellets finds its mark, splattering his chin with fluorescent yellow paint. Despite accusations of ‘cheat!’ from those watching on the sidelines, he ignores the hit and goes on to win the game for his side. Rules are not going to get in the way of Collett’s desperately ambitious bid for victory.

Later on, back at the campsite, while everyone is warming themselves in front of a bonfire fuelled by Anti-Nazi League leaflets and banners, Collett’s tongue has been loosened thanks to a couple of my Carlings. ‘Martin Luther King had a dream,’ I say to him, ‘that one day black and white children might get along like sisters and brothers…’

‘Martin Luther King didn’t have any dreams’ spits Collett in retort. ‘He was no great man: he was a communist agitator who repeatedly slept with whores. I have a dream.’ he says, finding his rhythm. ‘I have a dream of seeing a healthy white British Britain. I have a dream of putting the “Great” back into Britain. That’s my dream.’

It’s going to take a lot more than a paintball to stop Mark Collett.


Some snippets from this blog on Lecomber:

Monday, April 05, 2010
But what makes the case of ‘Boy Wonder’ Collett and his sudden fall from grace particularly bizarre is the context when placed alongside the equally strange case of Tony Lecomber, former Group Development Officer of the BNP. In January 2006 Tony Lecomber was accused of attempting to solicit a former gangster and hit-man, Joe Owens, in a plot to assassinate key figures of the British establishment as part of an alleged strategy of initiating a race war.
The normal procedure as laid down in the BNP’s constitution was to hold a disciplinary yet this never occurred. Lecomber was retained by Griffin and still paid a salary, even though Sadie Graham took over Lecomber’s former role in the party.

Griffin’s role in this affair is bizarre and shady to say the least, no doubt Lecomber was privy to a lot of Griffin’s murky financial dealings and political shenanigans and Griffin needed Lecomber close to him to protect his own back. I cannot see Griffin wanting to protect anyone from a desire of friendship, trust or honour. Griffin’s sociopathic personality is such that he needs no-one yet he uses everyone to help him get what he wants. The only reason why Griffin protected Lecomber was out of need, and to ensure that those who were privy to his own activity be ensured to retain that confidentiality.

But what is further strange in this affair than Griffin’s protection of Lecomber is the lack of involvement by the police. Owens has stated that he himself received a visit from the police about the incident yet Lecomber was left alone, and it was not Owens who had solicited another for murder. Police interest occurred on 3rd February 2006 when Special Branch based in Liverpool paid Owens a visit based on material that had been published on the internet on left-wing sites.

Given that Lecomber had been imprisoned for three years for possession of explosives (1986) and a further three years for assault (1991) why has Lecomber been retained by Griffin? A known criminal already with convictions for possessing explosives and violence was not even questioned, let alone arrested, by the police. Apart from the ‘Sunday Herald’ none of the mainstream newspapers ran with the story. Why?

A senior political official within a political party opposed to the liberal establishment and multicultural society who already has 12 convictions would surely be a hot target for the police and the Crown Prosecution Service once they were aware of his intended plot to kill senior establishment figures. Why have the authorities left Lecomber well alone?

It remains to be seen whether Lecomber’s use by the State in order to create a racially-inspired terrorism to occur would have invoked the State to be able to create further laws and regulations designed to control society. However, the Civil Contingency Act was enacted in 2004 and came into power in 2005, hence negating that need.
We have to examine the policies that have been promoted by Lecomber and thereby determine the hand of the State. Lecomber has successfully argued for the Euro-Nationalist strategy, and this may well be the more favoured strategy adopted by the secret state. A moderate and contained nationalist party that has moved towards the centre and embracing the multicultural system, castrated from its Tyndallite past and associations. Although this strategy has brought the BNP further success, finance and membership, that membership and influence is now contained and the active elements either expelled or neutralised. Griffin does not necessarily have to be a State asset for this strategy to be successful. In fact the strategy of the secret state is advanced equally as much if Griffin is not actively recruited. Griffin has always mixed in the right social circles from his days at Cambridge University, where the intelligence services recruit, to his father, a high-ranking Freemason and a former senior official within the Conservative Party. What the strategy requires is for containment and subtle manipulation of the leader, assisted by the advice of one or more high-ranking assets within the party.
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