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 don't make a sound ,
Posted: Feb 27 2012, 04:10 AM

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so hi there! it’s charlie again and here is my newest bubby, kennedy. you can call him ken or kenny but he really likes his full name cause it makes him sound important. the name kennedy is badass so call him that and you’re ok in his book. so about him! he’s 22 and the guitarist of about last night..., from chi-town living the dream and shit. kennedy is the type of guy who will happily shirk all responsibilities that a normal young adult would have just to do something that seems fun and reckless since he favors spontaneity and living in the moment to planning and structure. obviously he won’t up and leave the band he’s been with forever since music is like his top passion and commitment in life. kennedy can be blunt when addressing people, and that can sometimes land him in hot water since he doesn’t care much about people’s feelings - he cares more about honesty than coddling someone. making terrible and inappropriate jokes also kind of goes hand in hand with that. he’s incredibly booksmart with what some people would call a photographic memory since he can look at a sheet of music and have it memorized in seconds flat, but he does somewhat lack in the common sense department. kennedy isn’t very forward or open about his personal info with people because he doesn’t see the need for the masses to know every single detail of his life. anyways that’s the general gist of him and as always so i don’t end up rambling for aaages, feel free to peruse his app c:

so he could use a few close friends, and some not so close ones of course. i doubt he’d be rolling in the friends but he’d have a good amount, some party friends here and there because that’s how he rolls and such. but yeah! and enemies of some sort i’m sure will happen too. probably from people he’d been overly blunt with on multiple occasions or just people who run him the wrong way (or vice versa). and as for lovers his future is all set ~ buut in the meantime he could use all sorts of hookups and flings. okay sorry this got all over the place but i am deliriously tired. anyways plot him up? <3
kennedy ruess
Posted: Feb 27 2012, 03:09 PM

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milo argyros, 24, is the frontman of about last night... he's a very thoughtful guy - articulate, poised, chivalrous by habit. however, he's grown into a bit of a loner over time. he used to be friendly and outgoing and now he just shies away from social situation. some of the time he's the charming gentlemen he used to be but he's slowly becoming more paranoid and poisoning his relationships with other people.
→ charlie i am making the executive decision rn that these two sound be close :'D implied by them being in a band together but still!! especially since i think in milo's app, the guitarist was the one who got him to join or wtv so yeah i think that would have always made milo feel quite close to the guitarist and somewhat eager to prove to him the most that he deserves to be there. anyway, milo's a nutter not, but kennedy would have been there to see his transformation of humble dude to diva who doesn't show up to meet and greets / give back to the fans. he's never not been dedicated to the band and making music though, so idk, kennedy might appreciate that. but yeah, how they are depends on how kennedy would approach milo's change in attitude? like, milo's not a total diva and in a bit of denial so if jennedy were to try and talk to him milo would insist that it was all in kennedy's head and that he was just having lots of bad days. i'm inclined to believe that milo wouldn't necessarily push kennedy away so much because of their history but kennedy would definitely notice a change. idk make of that what you will x.x

one of the sexy tour nurses, alfie burdett's always doing the stupidest shit and acting on impulse even though he knows so much better. don't be fooled by his excellent bedside manner; alfie's selfish and insensitive but he's good to his friends. alfie's not a deep guy. he's about not taking anything seriously. he parties recklessly and acts very flamboyantly always. mollie maddox is his sworn arch-enemy.
→ alfie loves hot people =D but i keep plotting all mine as friends with everyone so variation =D um, alfie can be a dick for no reason other than not liking the look of someone so maybe they've had a few nasty run ins here and there. it's not like, a grudge or adversity that either hang onto? just around each other they don't mix at all and always end up butting heads? but then umm, maybe they're at the same party and kennedy does something really dumb and alfie, being a nurse, took care of him and made sure he got back to his bus alright and that bonded them??

though appearing every bit the dumb rich white girl, 21 year old kirsten is smarter than she appears. kiki has a heart of gold and needs to be constantly be socialising or else she gets cranky. kirsten's daddy is filthy rich and the whole reason kirsten is even on this tour doing merch for make dirty words sound pretty is for a reality show filming her in the "real world" with her """life long best friend"""" isla.
→ so kiki would be kind of like, enamoured and intimidated by him at the same time. she's quite shallow so, she'd judge him so the moment she saw him i would think lol. in any case, she'd approach him because he's gorgeous albeit quite shyly and totally bracing herself for him tearing her head off. maybe they could grow some kind of acquaintance until he decides to ask one day why she always seems nervous around him and then she would just hide forever from him for noticing out of embarrassment, ahaha.

though 20, at heart, kirkland's much more like a 5 year old. he works as a tour photographer, mainly to follow lyric around. he's not the smartest guy, but he has spirit and not easily discouraged. he acts like a child, though he's far from naive. he's seen the darker side of life, lives it, but you wouldn't know it. he's always chipper, thinks everyone is his friend and doesn't have a malicious bone in his body.
→ kirky-poo, although tour photographer, isn't really about taking photos of the people he's supposed to be but you know, there's a chance kennedy and kirk might lock eyes from the stage to the media pit xD kirkland would think he was "quite pretty" and want to photograph him anyway. kirkland likes getting people to talk about themselves because he finds that's when they're most expressive? so because of kennedy's resistance to that, maybe kirkland could have pressed him a few times too many and caused a rift between them? so yeah, awkward times. in anycase, kirkland would love kennedy, rift or no rift =D

blake is totally indie~~~~ he's 18 and a vendor for boobies! he's a pretty guarded guy and doesn't always emotionally react to things like you'd expect. he's kind of a book in a different language that you have to learn to read before you can fully understand him. don't be put off by that though, he's a friendly guy - always got a goofy smile on his face. he himself isn't much of a talker, but he's always happy to listen to other people. he's vain, thoughtful, and always seems to have a handle on things.
→ blake = supaaaa fan of about last night... though he's angry at the band for "selling out" and "going mainstream"because he's saaa indie like that. um, but that aside, he'd still love their music but chances are if they crossed paths blake would be like "why'd you do it, man? why'd you sell out?" and thought that's not the best first meeting, i'd like if they did become friends? i mean, despite his resentment, blake does like them so he would hate to miss an opportunity to befriend him??
Posted: Feb 28 2012, 01:29 AM

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i don't have much plotting and for that i am sorry because i loooove you but i'm supposed to be doing hw right now so quick! =D we mentioned them being frannnnnnnnnnnnnnds and that's a must. they can care about honest and be blunt with each other and not care about what the other says much and make inappropriate jokes for their own amusement and really just be two good looking guys hanging out =D! xD and um idk they're the same age so maybe they can bond over that or the whole music thing because he liiiikes guitars and kennedy plays one so obviously he will like that XD and sebastian likes being called sebastian so they can be D:< at anyone that calls them nicknames together xD


idk why but i feel like he'd want to jump on kennedy. erm but other than that urge xDmaybe they could have run into each other backstage or something? hayden would think he was cool xD but idk if he'd annoyyy kennedy or not


she would probably write stuff about him, but use it as an excuse just to talk to him and make inappropriate comments/flirt with him shamlessly xD and when she's not trying to drag him back to a tour bus, appreciate his memory skills and be jealous that hers aren't quite as good as his xD and probably start competitions at the flip of a hat 'MEMORIZE THIS. GO!' and then not give him a second to respond before she yells about him being wrong so he must go to her bus, being the creep that is sophie xD


theodore wouldn't take a liking to him probably and i don't know how he'd know bo or oliver so i've got nothing for those three at the mooooment.

Posted: Feb 28 2012, 02:40 AM

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*kennedy + everyooooone!

Lyric IS GONNA TAP THAT SHIT D:< so yeah c: lol brighton would be like 'you and seb are the two best looking guys, i know...' -hides fran so she doesnt run off in fear of her into sunset with him- xD mollieeee would feel bad if his hair dye went wrong and would offer try and fix it but thankfully she's better with hair than she is with food =| lol emerson THE CLOSENESS. i can put this no better than like THIS so yeah c: lol islalalaalaaa would be like "you should tell seb always how lucky he is to have me, js <3" or "its good to know that seb is so comfortable with how attractive he is, he can have such goodlooking friends c:" and other dumb isla like stuff =| lol nik CHI-TOWN SAY WAT?! D:< /lame say hi to manager ='D lol so nik likes things being ordered and structured and kennedy being spontaneous would make him "=|!" all the time lol but think he was a good kid and frankly resent the whole band for being more brave than he was when he was their age but yeah he just wants them all to do well, he probs doesnt have the ability to be strict enough but thats okay, no need for another polly or wtv her name was... lol <33

Posted: Feb 28 2012, 03:11 AM

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kennedy & cambria
xD alright, so i have a million characters so i apologize in advance. first i give you cambria. she's twenty-one and plays the drums in about last night... she's my first girl, so if she's a fail, feel free to laugh at her. so cambria is pretty outgoing. she speaks a lot without thinking, and is incredibly sarcastic sometimes. she also likes to think she's a champion at drinking whiskey, and she is to a point, but usually it just ends up with her making friends with hobos outside of bars and other stupid things. she loves her band/family and pretty much does anything in her power to keep them happy. c: she's kind of the person who is always up to do anything, and loveloves disney movie marathons. | KENNEDY. okay, so first of all cambria is THE type of person who calls EVERYONE but their full given name, whether they like it or not |: so in this instance, you can gleefully swoon in the fact that she will forever call him kennedy. other variations include: mr. president, when she feels like creeping the shit out of him, ken doll when she wants to piss him off, and KENNY when she feels like using a south part impersonation and somehow starts acting like cartman and telling him to "RESPECT HER AUTHORITAYYY!" yeah, idk where i was going with this... so. hey! they're in the same band, i guess that's something. the history was that they had been friends forever and whatever, so i mean in a way i can kind of see cambria being that annoying kid in chemistry class that wouldn't leave kennedy and jac alone until they let her play cards and avoid class with them. xD or whatever. you know, she probably weaseled her way in to the friendship but i'd still like to hope that they're friends. <3 she loves her band like family minus milo jkjk and she'd probably drag kennedy to the music store and demand he sing *nsync with her all the way there. and awkwardly look up to him, even though he's just barely older than she is and they've been friends forever. he's way better off than she is, so she'll admire the fact he's so smart and that he doesn't have the nerve to just leave the band and everything that they have worked hard for the end this is far too rambley. |:

kennedy & jagger
next i have jagger. he's my lovely twenty-three year old ginger british boy who is the bassist in the band abduct me! jagger is absolutely my most sweet and down to earth character. he'd give the shirt off his back and all of the money in his pocket to someone in need. he makes friends with hobos (like cam does except he's usually sober!!!) and he's a gamer. bring up mario kart or skyrim and he'll be at your door in five seconds with a six pack of cherry coke and his game face on~ he's also a twin, which is ironic because she's a lot different than he is but still! he's so sweet and is the perfect gentleman almost ninety-nine perfect of the time so yeah! | i think that jagger and kennedy would get along well. i think jagger gets along with all your characters, he's disgustingly nice for the most part but he does try to see the best in people. plus, kennedy isn't some crackhead who's out to steal his shit so BONUS POINTS FOR FRIENDSHIP! (x bam, yeah i dunno. maybe not really close friends, but they'd be able to hang out and do shit- if he's a gamer then they have way more in common than one could imagine, but even not, they could hangout and draw awesome shit on people who are passed out in the med tent or whatevs.

kennedy & keegan
okay, so this is keegan. he's twenty-four and he grew up in park city, utah. he grew up spoiled, went to rich private schools, and would have been the best snowboarder known to mankind if he hadn't tore up his leg his senior year. that's sort of when he kind of lost his ambition for a while, playing music just to pass the time and shit and eventually teaming up with his childhood friend mckenna wilde to play guitar for her on tour. he's the type of person who doesn't take much seriously, but if you fuck with him he'll become a royal ass so it's best to stay on his good side. he's naturally charismatic and kind, but he's been screwed several times (including by his supposed friend mckenna herself) so he's now more guarded and comes off more egotistical than he means to be. he can be charming when he wants to be, and he loves conning/swooning old ladies in to buying him foodz at denny's when he's broke as fuck. butbut that aside, once you get to know him, you learn it's just glamour, and he's definitely one loyal guy who will sing you punk rock versions of any sort of song just to brighten your day. | so keegan is my newest character too! aw, kennedy, meet keegan (': so this will be an awkward attempt at plotting but WHATEVER. so keegan attempts to be a decent guy. he's kind of being fucked over (as stated above) so he's big on loyalty and telling shit as it is. he's also bruatally honest, and i can kind of picture these two ending up sitting together in the catering tent or bar somewhere and keegan would probably recognize kennedy and be like "aren't you on tour?" and then they can bond over their honesty and i think it would be rad for keegan to have a friend outside his stupid band. he's kind of a goofball and does stupid things at times, but it's all in good fun. they should have some sort of developing friendship. (': that sounds so cheesy but I CAN BE CHEESY IF I WANT TO.

kennedy & kendall
this lovely lady is kendall. she's twenty-two and sells merch for glamour kills- only because she thinks it'll give her an 'in' with the company and one day they'll recognize how glorious her clothing designs are but still~ she's kind of foul mouthed and loves to switch items between people (ESPECIALLY merch between bands and whatever she has for a new chair since she breaks hers on a daily basis) she's particularly straight forward when it comes to her feelings. she's generally laid back and pretty easy to get along with (if you bum her a cigarette she'll give you a lap dance and hug no lie) but she can get mean when she has a reason to. mean girls basically taight her everything she knows~ oh, and her favorite place to stick her chewed gum is the american apparel tent but that's a secret. |: so yeah! | kendall will probably invite kennedy to her newly acquired sofa and tell him to have a sit sometime, then shake him down in hopes coins fall in to the cushions and she makes a fortune off of some big shot musician yay! <3 their names are so close to being alike it weirds me out in some way. she hates being called ken though, so i guess that's the difference. (x anyway! kendall will probably go around and tell people they're twins in hopes they love on her and buy more of her merch... and then every chance she gets she'll likem photobomb a picture with him just to have some sort of proof xD haha, even better if they were friends... and he had no idea until one day it got around that she was saying these things. but, then she'd be like, "i wish we were twins you're so beautiful!" and sob until he pities her or something xD i think these are getting worse as i go... yes.

kennedy & jude, max, niko, noah
okies, so jude is a twenty-three year old male nurse who is a total geek and is way too smart for his own good. his love for things (such as star trek, doctor who, and harry potter) are things not to be messed with. c: max is the twenty-four year old vocalist for cool story, bro. he LOVES invading peoples space, doing stupid things, pranking people, idolizing lady gaga, and being the center of attention. niko is 25 and the manager for my last goodbye. he's a washed up musician overcoming a drug addiction, so he's so darling. and last is noah, as in noah rosen the solo artist who sounds like jason mraz and keeps his beats freshsizzle wizzle. he's half jewish/half catholic and he's an 80's nerd who likes using old slang. forgive him and his old ways~| yeah, so i got lazy and i'm running down on ideas. this is what happens when you make 8 characters though, right?! D:< okay so jude would probably like kennedy, IF kennedy wasn't a jackass/egotistical and gave him the time of day. he'd think the fact that he can just look at something and memorize it is the coolest shit ever, so he'd probably try testing him every time he ended up in the med tent or something. like some hard old german poem. "MEMORIZE THIS BITCH!!" just kidding, he doesn't say bitch but he'd think kennedy is cool. jude should have gotten his own thing dang it but too late now~ um, next is max. max probably could care less about kennedy. he thinks about last night is pretty much the lamest band ever and unless he wowed him with something he'd be like "whutevs" even though kennedy is pretty. in that persepctive he'd feel a little threatened. maybe. but only a little. i can't think of anything for niko or noah but if you have ideas, feel free to add.
Posted: Feb 29 2012, 12:49 AM

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tara let me preface all these with the fact that i love you D:< i approve of that executive decision! :,D haha yeah i read that in the app and that sounds like something kennedy would do! and yes they would be close especially because of the band and such. kennedy would probably try to talk to milo about his divaness and if he was told it was all in his head he’d be like ‘uh, no dude more like it’s gone to your head’. but he probably wouldn’t press it too much because of their history and their closeness (and also he’d probably just get exasperated constantly trying to get it through to him and just leave it be since milo is still dedicated to the band/making music) c:

CRIES BUT I LOVE ALFIE WHYY. but yeah i like the way that sounds! possibly just them butting heads but no like super bad blood between them. and i like that too that’s cute with them being at a party and kennedy being dumb and hurting himself and alfie is there to take care of him ;u; that would be a good way for them to bond ~

haha oh kiki xD so cute! but yeah i like that idea! he would definitely ask why she seemed so on edge or nervous around him and probably laugh at the response tbh. and if she hid forever he’d be even MORE confused and ask her about that if he ever caught her off guard.

sighs dreamily matthew hitt. anyways! kennedy doesn’t mind getting his photo taken i don’t think ~ if kirkland pressed him to talk too much about his personal details he’d get annoyed sure and just get bitchy, but if the two of them were hanging out off the job like grabbin some brewskis or whatever and he felt comfortable he’d probably divulge some info here and there c:

omg sew indieeee ~**~*~ kennedy loves all the fans though and if he liked them from the beginning then he is an a+ person. but if he asked why they sold out kennedy would not really understand what that meant and tell him they’re fine/still making music for the right reasons in his opinion. but i would like it for them to become friends too!! so it’s settled that they will become bffes.

RILEYYY I LOVE YOU <3 and yes we did mention that on aim because how can they NOT be friends?! that would be blasphemous! all of that is perfect and sounds just like what kennedy likes to do in his downtime with friends :,D they can definitely bond over the music thing too, and they can just fawn over each other’s instruments from time to time and teach each other ~ and yes at both of them liking their full names! these two are peas in a pod <33

hahaha man if he jumped on kennedy he would be SO confused. but they can run in to each other backstage for suuure. idk on the annoyance front, he’d probably just tell him to calm down sometimes on days he’s feeling bitchy or somethinggg.

haha omg he would not like her writing about him ):< also pretty sneaky sophie!! using it as a reason for him to talk to her and flirt shamelessly! but he’d probably flirt back with her because he’d find her hot despite what she does for a living. and he’d TOTALLY WIN THOSE COMPETITIONS!!! except probably not if she doesn’t even give him a second to respond xD but he’d reluctantly go to the bus and stuff because if there’s more flirting and maybe a hookup involved he’d be a-ok with it <3

haha aw OH NO I STILL NEED TO POST FOR THEODORE SOBS dw i’ll do that soon <3 but yeah all that woorks i can’t think of anything right now for them either but it doesn’t change the fact that i loooove you :* pretend there’s a super cute video here that i am too tired to find doo deee dooooo <3

i love youuuu <333 also woo combining this! lyric HELL YEAH! that works c: brighton haha oh noo he wouldn’t steal fran dw! but he would think brighton’s a pretty great dude and would be friendly esp. cause he and seb are friendss molliee haha man if he ever runs in to that problem again (which he probably will) she will be the first person he’ll go to. emerson YESS THE CLOSENESSSSS!!! him, seb and kennedy are the three musketeers o k. i offer this for proof on how close they are :v islalala lol he would tell her okay but also probably never ever relay the information since he’s got other things to think about. but oh isla, being dumb and pretty ~ he’d find her amusing for suuure. nik YEAH BOYYYEEEE! hi manager c: kennedy would love him of course and probably not even realize he’s making nik freak out over his lack of order and structure. <33 all of this is perfect love youuu once again.

ash i love youu!! YES so cambria is pretty much his fave person then c: mr. president will make him feel super important hahahah ken doll would be weird and he’d definitely get mad at that one but YES south park references ~ i love it hahaha. of course they are friends! and i like that idea that she sort of weaseled her way in to them playing cards and skip class with them xD but then their lovely friendship was boooorn. and he wouldn’t mind being dragged to the music store! (there might be a challenge on getting him to sing *nsync though). but he’d love her like family yaaay!

haha it’s because jagger is amazing and i love him *u* and yeah they definitely would get along well! and very true there’s nothing crackhead who’s out to steal shit about kennedy, he’d hate that type but who wouldn’t? that sounds lovely though with them just hanging out and doing things! idk kennedy probably plays some games like left 4 dead and gross/scary/gorey games on occasion but not tons. but they can definitely draw awesome things all over people who are passed out in the med tent and just have great times together x)

oh daaaamn fransexy how you doin~ aw keegan getting screwed ),: but yeah i agree that these two could bond that way and become good friends! especially with their favoring honesty. i love all of it CHEESY THINGS ARE CUTE OK. developing friendship for the wiiinnn <3

hahah oh man this is so amusing. their names are super similar so her going around saying they are twins is even more amusing xD and i like the idea that they’re friends but he doesn’t realize she’s doing that. he’d call her out and if she cried he’d definitely break and pity her like ‘okay just stop crying please it’s fine just STOP crying idk how to deal with this’ but yes this is perfeeect <3

ahh these responses are getting bad i’m sorry! and dw i know how it feels to make so many chars and get lazy in plotting/separating xD hahajude he would like jude! especially since he would take care of his cuts and bruises, and he doesn’t really let his own ego inflate ~ and he’d show him how he can memorize things and they can be super pals c: max haha that works! he’d probably have no real problem with max, and poor max feeling threatened ); kennedy wouldn’t care though he’d secretly eat it up i’m sure. aaand i can’t think of anything either sorry sobs. if i do i’m sure i’ll post though! <33

Posted: Feb 29 2012, 01:34 AM

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aj and charlie
oh i'm sorry. but this is just me loving you and loving kennedy and that is all so i think they should be friends okay byeee.
Posted: Feb 29 2012, 09:35 AM

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yay sounds fab and omfg i just remembered THIS

i upgrade them to close friends because just i can't, their beauty ;___; and i love you and i can do that D:<
Posted: Feb 29 2012, 02:38 PM

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omg my love you are back! <33 i love you and i agree with them being friends okay <3

OMG that picture is so CUTE!! i wholeheartedly agree with this upgrade because it's the best and they're just too cute ;~; I LOVE YOU TOO OK THE END <33

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