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Title: say you like me;

PARKER HARTMAN - December 16, 2011 02:05 AM (GMT)
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we are only here for one more night so scream it like you mean it.

ladies and gents, i give you parker hartman. this twenty-three year old hails from the well-known city of seattle, washington. does his name sound familiar? it might...he's the lead vocalist in little band called 'wish you away'. quirky and goofy are two perfect ways to describe parker. he loves to make people laugh and isn't ashamed to make an ass out of himself in the process. the guy's motto in life is just to live it up, follow your dreams, and have a good time in the process. parker makes friends pretty easily. he's easy to get along with, and as long as you don't mind silliness, you'll get along famously. i see him having plenty of friends on tour. of course there are the people that don't like parker...he calls these people his 'haters'...more commonly known as enemies. don't be surprised, he has a few rivalries out there, a few people who just don't like him. especially after the 'break-up'. didn't hear? really? parker was dating another member of the band...they were together a very long time and it ended about three months ago...long story. anyways, he and the girl aren't really on talking terms despite being in the same band. he isn't seeing anyone at the moment. his lovelife is pretty nonexistent. he has sort of been avoiding the dating scene, not wanting to create anymore he's a little scared to ever try anything with anyone else ever for a while...but feel free to try, if you think your girl is up for the challenge. xD plot him up!

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HARPER LEGENDS - December 16, 2011 05:54 AM (GMT)
harper and parker

meet the merch girl for wish you away. i think she and parker could be friends.
she's a major dork. she loves star wars and harry potter and she has no problem
spending a rainy day watching disney movies. she's generally really quiet and
sweet, but get her around guys and she's more outgoing. i think she'd get along
pretty well with the members of wish you away. if you think of anything more
interesting let me know, but i think that's a pretty good start.

MOLLIE MADDOX - December 17, 2011 12:27 AM (GMT)
[dohtml]<center><div style="font-size:45px; font-family:century gothic; letter-spacing:-6px; color:FF3399; line-height:92%; text-shadow: 1px 1px 0px black;">*lyric + parker!</div></center>[/dohtml]

[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px;text-align:justify;">
Lyric is a party girl who has her own unique way of doing everything and lives a shallow existence of making her money purely with the intent of getting wasted with it. She drinks too much, she smokes too much, she sleeps around too much, she has a tendency to set herself on fire. She loves doing dumb dangerous stuff regardless of whether she's wasted or not as long as itís fun and she looooves pills. // okaaay so I don't think these two would reaaally know each other because lyric is just a humble vendor lol buuut she like LEGIT loves red hair so much its kind of creepy lol. The only thing she loves more than red heads is getting completeeeeely shit faced drunk lol which has given me an idea =| so she is friends with/finalled to jude who is also fiercely ginger and if she was like out of it and caught glimpse of ginger hair, i could see her glomping/making out/yelling at him thinking it was jude (lets ignore the fact that parker's hair is loads longer than jude's cos this makes me giggle :| lol) and then kind of being like "shit wrong guy, my bad c:" REALLY casually and skipping off xD but this happening like kind of too worryingly often because she's that much of a dumb ass? lol juuust an idea <3

[dohtml]<center><div style="font-size:45px; font-family:century gothic; letter-spacing:-6px; color:0099FF; line-height:92%; text-shadow: 1px 1px 0px black;">*brighton + parker!</div></center>[/dohtml]

[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px;text-align:justify;">
So Brighton is the crazy, inappropriate vocalist/bassist for 'make dirty words sound pretty' , who is 22 but has the same maturity and intellect levels as a 12 year old seeing a playboy for the first time lol. He's not just the kid who doesn't think before he speaks, he doesn't think AT ALL. He's a lazy dumb fuck who says dumb stuff alll the time and can't seem to go twenty minutes without wanting to take his clothes off or be overly affectionate lol // I think these two should be broos because they seem very similarly minded xD maybe they've met before on other tours and always hang out? I can imagine them soing something liiiiike entering a harry potter costume and making like NO effort? just parker obvs going as ron, brighton putting on a pair of urban outfitters glasses and saying he's harry and then getting a pair of chopsticks to use as wands but still getting INSANE butthurt for coming last place xD

[dohtml]<center><div style="font-size:45px; font-family:century gothic; letter-spacing:-4px; color:854C81; line-height:92%; text-shadow: 1px 1px 0px black;">*casper + parker!</center></div>[/dohtml]

[dohtml] <center><div style="width:300px;text-align:justify;"> Casper, former psychic phone friend with no psychic ability, just an enjoyment of bullshitting to vulnerable strangers, now turning his unique 'talents' to interviewing for buzznet. He doesn't consider himself to be a 'nice' person but he does consider himself a 'good' person. He is very shallow, only choosing to associate with people he considers to be hot and unique/obscure/interesting/ or fucked up as he is. Feeling important, no matter how insignificantly probably makes him horny lol.// okaaay, casper wouldn't like parker's band's music and kind of wont even attempt to interview him, just go on for the 10 or so mins about all the little nuiances of 'wish you away' that piss him off and not even like parker speak xD im thinking maybe not on the best of terms? xD

PARKER HARTMAN - December 17, 2011 08:52 AM (GMT)
i see these two being good friends for sure! parker would love
that she also loves harry potter, and would totally be down for
some disney movie watching xD. he would also find her
shyness adorable and try to drag her out on all sorts of fun
adventures to get her out of her shell and whatnot.

baha love this idea! makes me LOL. parker probably wouldn't
have any idea who she is, other than 'that crazy chick who thinks
i'm someone named jude'. he would find it quite humorous, i'm
very sure. i can see it now, him just pulling her aside and very slowly
reminding her that his name is parker, and he does not know her

this is so absolutely wonderful. parker also has the mindset of
a twelve year old boy! he's very silly and goofy and ALWAYS speaks
before thinking. these two would get into all sort of seriously hilarious
situations together. they'd totally be that infamous pair of friends
everyone else gets a kick out of. bahaha and the harry potter thing...
beyond hilarious! because parker would totally do it. he also likes to
trick people into thinking he's shaun white, the yes.
haha partners in crime/awesome friends it is.

ooh parker would not care for him too much. i just see him sort of
staring at casper during an interview thinking 'wtf is this dude for real?'
he wouldn't let it bother him too much and just sort of write him off
as someone he doesn't want to spend a lot of time with.

JAGGER FLYNN - December 19, 2011 03:29 AM (GMT)
[doHTML]<center><div style="width: 250px; line-height: 100%; text-align: justify; font: arial; font-size: 10px;">
PARKER & CAMBRIA TRAVIS!!! BAM. i've been waiting for someone to make a travis so i could casually ~stalk them. :3 so welcome to the board! i'm sorry this has taken me a few days to get to but parker is adorable so yay! first i have cambria. she's 21 and plays drums in the band about last night... she's feisty and speaks her mind (most times without meaning to) and she can pretty much out drink and dude on the tour without even trying. xD such a lady, right? anyway, i think that cambria would think parker is amazing. she'd be entirely jealous that he's from seattle and in such a sexy band that she'd probably stalk him backstage and make him hang out with her. she'd probably enlist him in to pranking people and probably call him simba or something because she's madly in love with the lion king and his hair is so perfect. they should definitely be friends.
PARKER & JAGGER GINGERRRRRSSSS! so jagger is my british bassist for the band abduct me! he's such a nice kid and would do anything for anyone. i'd love for them to kind of ~run in to each other and instantly become friends. they can share their sp 4000 suntan lotion and slay ladies with their gingery goodness. <3 haha. but yeah, i can see them hanging out playing mario cart and always fighting over who's mario and lugi... and then perhaps one day jagger will have to grow out his hair so they can switch places like in that old disney channel movie with justin timberlake, unf. <3 haha, they'd have such a cute epic bromance so i demand this. |:
PARKER & JUDE next is jude, my other ginger whaaaat! i love ginger boys so we have to start a club for these guys. jude is my geek. he's 23 and a male nurse on the tour. he's a smart kid who graduated high school when he was like, 14 but he doesn't act like he's intelligent in anyway. xD i think the second he saw parker he'd probably be like "FRED YOU'RE BACK FROM THE DEAD!" and from then on out make him the fred to his george. he's obsessed with fandoms- especially harry potter and star trek, and anyone who can put up with his geeky tendencies is aces in his books. <3
PARKER & MAX so max is my 24 year old vocalist for cool story, bro. he's a bit of a pain in the ass. he's cocky and arrogant, and he demands constant attention. :c lol. he also loves invading people's space and pulling pranks. chances are he'll end up in jail at any given moment for being stupid and reckless but you know~ xD i think that it'd be hilarious if these two had some kind of rivalry. like, max would probably give parker shit about his past (if it was known to the public i guess) and he'd also call him lion-o or something just to annoy him. |: however, lion-o is fucking cool, so max would be the loser on that one |: anyway, so yeah. xD enemies, perhaps?
PARKER & NIKO/SAWYER i'm gonna combine my last two, because i don't really see much for them. niko is a washed-up ex-canadian musician who used to be famous but the overdosed and killed his career (and almost himself) he now manages the band my last goodbye. sawyers is 24 and a flamboyant ball of energy lol. she makes up songs for everything- including one for everyone who buys a shirt from her job at american apparel. xD like i said, i can't think of much here, but if you have any ideas- let me know!!
so there you go! feel free to add/delete what i have. they aren't very good but at least i tried! c:

PARKER HARTMAN - December 19, 2011 07:30 AM (GMT)
SIMBA! xD baha i love it! parker would most definitely wanna
be friends with this girl. not only would he admire her spunk and
obvious drinking skills, but he would be thrilled if she gave him
the nickname 'simba'...because that means he's king of the
jungle and stuff. anywho, i can totally see these two getting into
all sorts of awesome adventures together, and becoming the
dynamic duo of pranks! absolutely, friends for sure!

another ginger?! holy carrot tops, batman! loooove this! these
two are definitely going to be hilarious! i can see it now...mario
kart champions of the world, not to mention they should probably
form their own 'gingers only club' and brag about it to everyone
who can't join it xD. bahahaha at the switching places! parker
can just hide his hair under a hat, then they can dress the same
and no one would even know what was going on! jagger is for sure
the kind of awesome, fun, goofball friend/wingman park needs in
his life!

ohh rivals sounds like fun! parker can give max his best 'i don't
like you stare' every time he sees him. his past is definitely public
knowledge, so max has an open invitation to give him shit about it.
parker would do his best to act bored during the entire exchange
and then be like "you finished yet, brah?" and stuff like that. as for
the nickname lion-o...i love it bahaha. parker would probably just
call him maxi-pad or something really, really stupid lol.

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