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DART HALL - April 18, 2012 02:46 AM (GMT)
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dart hall

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okay, hi~ so this is dart obviously. he's a twenty-five year old vans vendor, and he does take his job seriously, and he actually enjoys it. he enjoys the opportunity to talk to quite a variety of people, and he definitely is outgoing. he's also friendly, and he really does believe in the golden rule. he treats people the way he wants to be treated. he also sees it as he doesn't know what someone is secretly going through, so he tries to be as nice as possible. however, if someone is rude to him, he just brushes it off and walks away from the situation. he just doesn't want to waste his time on anger. to him, life is too short for that. he's quite immature and has a childish sense of humor, and honestly, he doesn't take very much seriously. so of course, that may irritate some. he's also pretty flirty, and will flirt with basically anyone. along with all of that, he's pretty much high strung all of the time, and it's difficult for him to focus his complete attention on things. back in grade school, he was diagnosed with adhd, and although he has medication, he sometimes doesn't take it. he drinks and parties, like a lot of the other people on tour, and most of all, he just likes to have a good time without worrying about the little things. when he was eighteen, he had gotten married to his high school sweetheart, however they gradually grew apart and she claimed that she had fallen in love with someone else. and last month the divorce was finally finalized. now he has a somewhat cynical view on relationships, though he wishes to find someone eventually. for now, he hooks up with whoever; however, he prefers to sleep with friends instead of randoms. in a way, he has the view of 'spreading love instead of hate.' a bit of a hippie at times. he's also a pansexual, so he likes people based on their personality instead of their gender. he's dated both genders, however nothing was really as serious as his marriage. everything is open, so love him up! c: here is his app for a better idea of who he is.

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MARSHALL MATHIAS - April 18, 2012 04:24 AM (GMT)

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lol mmkay, so there's no reason for francesca to dislike him, so think she'd definitely adore him. i even think they'd get along as pretty good friends actually, because they're a lot of like in their sense of human and love of having a good time, so yeah =D marshall would think he was cute but just like ignore that and be friendly, but he doesn't really hang around vendors that much, so if they knew each other it was probably through like someone else, so idkk. tyler would know him, and he wouldn't have a problem with him. he'd just be like sup dude since they both sell shoes so they could like bond over it or whatever. ummm calvin wouldn't know him, and harrison would just be like HEY DART DART DATRT. and be annoying okay sorry this sucks <3

DART HALL - April 18, 2012 04:37 AM (GMT)
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fran: he would definitely think she's adorable, and he'd probably be like, why can't i just keep you in my pocket? ;__; he's strange, ik. but yeah, i can see these two being pretty good friends. c: especially since they have the same sense of humor, and he'll definitely appreciate that, since most people think he's just an immature manchild. lmfao. marshall: well, i think he'd be intimidated by him at first and be like, don't kick my ass D: haha. but he'd warm up to him and be like, hi let me see your tattoos! he's easily entertained by things idk. but he'd think he's cool and he'd definitely try to be friends with him. though he'd nag him about living life more. xD tyler: dart would definitely bond with him over that. haha. he'd be like, my shoes are better bro! and yeah idk. i'm sure they'd talk and stuff. c: and since dart's friendly, he'd try to be friends with him too. nbd. he just loves everyone. harrison: with him, dart would be like, uhhh you want my ritalin? youza crazy. xD

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