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Title: cash, dale
Description: next in line drummer

DALE CASH - April 6, 2012 04:13 PM (GMT)
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<b>"thanks for joining us today! how about introducing yourself to our viewers?"</b><br>
"my name's dale. i used to have a hamster called chip, because i couldn't find a chipmunk. i like to think we were related very distantly. i don't have an age, because i act like i'm six but look like i'm twenty. if you're counting from the day i was born, i'm twenty four, but i don't think that's an accurate way to measure it. i play drums for next in line - the best band on tour. i guess that means i hit dead animals with sticks for a living. dead animals aren't the only thing i hit though. (; "

<P><b>"very cool. is this what you've always wanted to do with your life?"</b><br>
"HAHA, no. i wanted to be a child psychologist for most of my years (i honestly don't know what was wrong with me), but that was among many other things. i was too lazy to do anything but fail psychology, so i physically can't do that now. in an ideal world, i'd be a cowboy. i don't really understand cowboys. they ride horses, so why are they called cowboys? seriously, i don't get it."

<P><b>"okay, and what kind of person would you define yourself to be?"</b><br>
"what kind of person? a fucking great one, babe. nah, i'm kidding. maybe. it all depends on who i'm with. i just like to impress people. if i have enough energy, i'll be nice to people and give them what they want, but that's fucking rare. i can be a bit weird. you've probably noticed, form all the talk of hamsters and cowboys. i dunno, i just like to make people laugh and do crazy shit. mainly crazy shit. i can be pretty chill though. you know, i'll sit around and just hang with people. i don't need to be doing stuff all the time. i tend not to be bitchy behind people's back. if i've got beef, i will let you know. that's why people think i'm an asshole. it kinda pisses me off though. would you rather somebody bitch about you or tell you flat out that you're being a dick? although, sometimes i do go a bit overboard. and i'm harsh for no reason sometimes. i find it amusing to watch people's reactions. is that a problem? no. i'm the type of person to always want stuff. you know, like, a relationship is like a bag of chips - you always want it, but once you've got it, you realize it's just a bag of chips? that kinda thing. that's why i tend to go through people a lot - i just get bored. oh, i am also easily-angered. easily-everythinged, actually. i think i have some kind of problem you know. it's like my emotions are like BOOM compared to other people. i'm like a frickin' two-year-old. ah well, some people like 'em young. i'm kind of a nerd too. i love harry potter, final fantasy, pokemon... all that shit. i think those three things are the only things i love more than music. hey, i'll let you in on a secret, too. the only reason i'm a good drummer is because i have the faces of people i hate stuck on all of my drums. on the snare, you'll find bruno mars, on the toms we've got justin bieber, selena gomez and demi lovato and on the bass we have a huge picture of jesus. nothing on the cymbals because it'd ruin their sound. but i smack dem bitches pretty dayum hard!"

<P><b>"you sound like an interesting person. where are you from? and what about your family and friends, how do you feel about them?"</b><br>
"um, okay. i don't like to talk about this, but what the hell? YOLO. my family's all from bellaire. you think of bellaire? you think of rich, right? well, no, i think of will smith, but that's irrelevant. but yeah, we were living on the crappy outskirts where the poor people live. i swear it was practically a cardboard box. actually, no, a box might've been warmer. so my mom, dad and i all got on pretty normally. they gave me whatever i wanted as far as they could, but i never asked for much. i was young, but i kinda understood. i acted pretty mature for a kid back then. i did my best to help them out, because both of them were working all the time, so the house got in a right state if i didn't help. my brother and sister never helped them out much, but they were young. when i was about seven, that's when everything went majorly wrong. my mom got diagnosed with cancer, which was such a shock. honestly, i knew we had i bad, but i never thought anything like that would happen. i got so damn scared. i neglected my school big-time to go see her all of the time. i even skipped school sometimes: worst idea ever, since we got fined a couple of times. it was a complete waste of time. i have no idea why i even did that. but like i said, i was young, and while i thought i understood everything, i didn't. then she died. big surprise, right? it was cool though. i didn't even cry for literally years, because i just accepted that i had to be strong. my dad was pretty knocked by it, but he got over it too. in fact, he found himself a new girlfriend that soon turned into a wife by the time i was ten. she was filthy rich, i'll tell you. and that's how we got the good house, and that's how i got my first personal drum kit. i know it's so selfish, but i was glad he got a new wife just because of that kit. it's when my step-mom would help me when i was ill and stuff that i got upset about my mom. i always thought how it should've been her doing that. there was no bringing her back, no matter what i did, so i just kept that brave smile on my face. to be honest, my mom dying affected me more and more the older i got. starting high school i thought: why isn't my mom here to wish me luck? basically every step i took felt like a step away from her. when i was fourteen it really hit me. i have absolutely no idea why it took so long. i wrote her a load of letters, all of which i still have. i was just trying to deal with some of the emotions i felt. she turned me into a really horrible person for a moment there, to the extent that i'd lock myself in my room and wouldn't talk to anyone. even at school i'd sit alone, and lost all of my friends. then came college. i met some guys, and they just made me realize what i'd been missing out on. that's when i became me! aw, how lucky for you guys, right? literally, i'm living my childhood now, since i never did that when i was supposed to. i got really into alcohol, and for a small period of time, drugs, until i realized that they'd just fuck me up big time. and shuzam. i apologized to my parents for all the shit i gave them, joined a band, and reminded myself that you only life once. now i've gotta make up for lost time by having an even better time. oh, and making good music, you know. all that jazz. vajazz. vajazzle. nom. omnom."

<P><b>"wow, i see. sorry if i'm getting a little personal here, but what about your love life? are you single, taken, looking, interested in going out to dinner with me at 5...?"</b><br>
"i'll get back to you on the dinner thing. i'm single. i don't know if that's a good thing or not. i'm bisexual, but i guess i lean more towards the male end of things. NO, that does not make me greedy, you little wankers. i've been single all my life haha woo, no relationships for me!"

<P><b>"hey, i was kidding. are there any rumors you would like to address?"</b><br>
"YES. whoever told people i have HIV was lying. i don't for fuck's sake. actually, to be honest, anything anyone has ever heard about me is likely to be false unless it comes from my mouth."

<P><b>"good to know. could you tell us about some interests and dislikes you have?"</b><br>
"i'm interested in music, obviously. i can't say i actually took it seriously until recently, but i am really into it now. i'm also interested in video games. the best game every in final fantasy xiii. i'm sorry, but anyone who says differently is a massive prick. i haven't had a chance to play final fantasy xiii 2 yet, which sucks. somebody should buy me that. i like reading, i guess. magazines. porn magazines. GAY porn. ha, yes, scaring off all the straight men here. and the strong christians. i hate those people. the ones that are all 'GOD LOVES YOU, o no wait you're gay, HE HATES YOU.' i disagree with all religion. i love junk food too. and i love getting really sweaty. i know that's gross, but whatever. yolo. i hate sitting around and not moving all day. it makes my muscles feel weird. i hate being unhealthy and... dying. that's about all i can think of."

<P><b>"we've really appreciated your time; any last words for anyone watching?"</b><br>


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parties. one of robson's favourite things. when he'd heard there was going to be a party on tour, he was pretty damn excited. he'd be mingling with all of the members of some of the bands he loved, getting wasted, and hopefully waking up in a different bed. if you asked him, that sounded absolutely perfect.
so it had been easy for him to decide that he'd ben attending. a few of the people he'd made friends with were going, but for some reason that robson could not fathom, a fair few of them weren't going. that was a potential cross off his list of friends. friends that don't like to party? complete was of a friendship, in his opinion.
he'd pulled on the usual attire: a band tee (none of the bands that were on tour, he'd feel really dumb then), a pair of jeans, and a navy blue hooded jacket. there were some girls around the area that had really gone all out and were wearing skimpy little dresses. they didn't appeal to him right then. it was the ones that looked a little more down to earth and were wearing pretty much the same thing as he was that he really felt like talking to.
he downed a couple of drinks - enough to make him feel dizzy and confident, but not enough to have him stumbling over every word and punching people in the face just for talking to him. violent robson was not a good way to go. suddenly things looked a lot brighter and more exciting. ah, how he loved alcohol.
robson strolled over to a couple of girls. he had no idea who they were. were they even part of any band? probably just merch kids, or something. <b>"hello, ladies,"</b> he said, and they turned to smile at him. the one he'd been planning on talking to was quite a different story when he could see her face. she really, really reminded him of his daughter's mother. not a good thing. so he turned his attention to the other. <b>"so, what's your name?"</b> the one he was now ignoring looked mildly annoyed and walked away.
after a surprisingly long conversation with this girl, and plans of leaving with her to go somewhere, he felt something cold, wet and liquid spill right down his shirt. great. now he'd have to wash it. why were people so fucking careless? seriously, how hard was it to watch where they were going? robson had always been a pretty big guy, how the fuck could they miss him? all he could say is that he was now majorly pissed off and whoever it was should expect a black eye.
as apologies came his way, he looked up into the offender's face. he completely forgot the girl he'd been talking to a moment ago. what even was her name, anyway...? robson had expected to see allison. he knew she was here. but she was out at a party? he hadn't planned to see her at this exact moment. maybe a passing glare. no conversation. he didn't want this. about ten thousand emotions flooded through him. he couldn't decide what he was supposed to feel. the alcohol probably wasn't helping. anger. regret. sorrow. amusement. he couldn't even place most of the emotions - they were all merging into one. the only thing he was certain of was that he had a sudden desire to drink a few more bottles of whiskey.
<b>"what am i doing here?"</b> he chuckled. he'd just cover up all of his emotions and turn it into sarcasm and amusement. that was what he always did. <b>"i'm working for the weakenders. sorry to fucking disappoint you, darling."</b> oh, how he was so tempted to quote that song she'd written about him but turn it around so that it sounded as though it was about her.
the other girl he'd been talking to seemed to have walked off. well, he'd just lost a fuck for the night. did ally have to ruin everything? he looked down at his ruined shirt. he thought about how things back home had been ruined. yep, she definitely did have to ruin everything. his shirt was now very uncomfortable. he pulled it off. now she could be the one to feel uncomfortable. robson didn't even think about the fact that if he was sober he wouldn't have taken his shirt off in this situation. his thoughts were buzzing around his head and his body was doing everything for him.
<b>"and <i>you</i> are here because you got famous through a certain song."</b> he smirked. <b>"well, congratulations, allison. it really was an amazing song. i have it on my ipod, actually."</b> now he was just provoking her - trying to play a game with her. he wasn't one to play nice.

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LORD OF THE PIES! - April 6, 2012 04:33 PM (GMT)
Nice work! Now just make sure you post in the face claim, our sites who's who, and fill in/claim your appropriate canon so that nobody steals it and you're all ready to go. Stay active and most importantly, have fun!

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