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RYDER SCHULZ - February 26, 2012 04:56 AM (GMT)
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22 screamer for hero in error danyelle heterosexual atlanta, georgia cody carson

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<div style=" font-family: Georgia; font-style: Italic; font-size: 40px; color: DCDCDC; letter-spacing: -4px; text-align: left; text-shadow: 1px 2px 4px #000">FAMILY:</div><br>
dad - kevin garrett schulz - <u>occupation</u>: lawyer, <u>income</u>: $700,000+ a year. <u>relationship</u> never solid. ryder didn't want what kevin wanted for him. a typical, pushy, southern father. fought all the time.<br>
mom - rachael oliva shulz - <u>occupation</u>: stay at home mom. <u>relationship</u>: fine. always wanted what was best for ryder and tried her best to keep the peace between father and son. typical southern belle. tried to keep ecstasy addiction a secret for the sake of the family's name.<br>
younger sister - marlana ann schulz - <u>relationship</u>: close. told each other everything. fought about dumb things all the time. always made sure he was okay. best friends.

<div style=" font-family: Georgia; font-style: Italic; font-size: 40px; color: DCDCDC; letter-spacing: -4px; text-align: left; text-shadow: 1px 2px 4px #000">TWITTER:</div><br>
<b>@screamryder</b> last night was fucking insane. let's do it again soon, miami!<br>
<b>@screamryder</b> excuse me.. does it look like i give a fuck? didn't think so.<br>
<b>@screamryder</b> party on my bus!!! let's do this shit!!<br>
<b>@screamryder</b> that moment when you're 22 and your parents are still on your ass telling you what you should do. no. gtfo.<br>
<b>@screamryder</b> looking for a dealer in mexico can't be safe. #challengeaccepted<br>
<b>@screamryder</b> i am a sex god and i like it rough.<br>
<b>@screamryder</b> another sold out show? suck on that.<br>
<b>@screamryder</b> i enjoy watching some of the bands on this tour. others? they suck.<br>
<b>@screamryder</b> i just wanna fuck.<br>
<b>@screamryder</b> "ecstasy is bad for you."<br>
<b>@screamryder</b> @prettylittlemar why are you such an annoying little sister? <3<br>
<b>@screamryder</b> back to atlanta for a week. time to fuck shit up with the old crew.<p>

<div style=" font-family: Georgia; font-style: Italic; font-size: 40px; color: DCDCDC; letter-spacing: -4px; text-align: left; text-shadow: 1px 2px 4px #000">REHAB LETTERS:</div><br>
<b>august 15, 2007: to mom and dad</b><bR>
being here is a fucking waste of my time. i'll be an adult in a year. i don't need this shit. i don't do ecstasy all the time. it doesn't change who i am. let me live my fucking life. you're fucking up your relationship with me. as soon as i get out of here, i'll go back to my old ways and i won't have an ounce of respect for you. dad is a fucking lawyer and he didn't even get me out of this shit. he just let the court put me in this place. all you two are is a pair of rich ass, southern pricks! i hope you burn in hell for this shit! i have six months in here. remember that this is your fault. maybe i'll pretend to be okay. maybe that's what i have to do to get out of here. i don't need ecstasy to function. i'm not addicted. this was a mistake and you're going to have to live with that for the rest of your life. i have to write a letter a day until i'm out. don't expect anything better than this here. i hope you're happy.<p>

<b>september 10, 2007: to marlana</b><br>
i'm dying in here, mar. i can't take this. the withdrawals are the worst things that i have ever experienced in my life! i crave more and more each day. i can't take this. i want to die. maybe if i killed myself no one would have to worry about me anymore! do you see what this is doing to me? i'm a fucking suicidal mess. you have to get me out of here. please. i'll do better when i get home. maybe i'll just use once in a while. it won't be so bad. talk to mom and dad. they listen to you. i'll go back to high school. i'll do anything! just get me out of here. i can't take this. i can't take this. i can't take this. i'm going crazy in here. i miss home. i shouldn't be here. this was all a mistake. mom and dad should have taken matters into their own hands! dad should have got me out of all this. i was with three other guys the night that i got caught and all of their parents seemed to get them out of this rehab shit. i should have been too. please, mar. do something.<p>

<b>october 31, 2007: to jess*</b><br>
happy birthday! i've been thinking about you a lot lately. i know you probably hate me for all of this, but it's been hard. i haven't wrote you, because i'm scared. things aren't really any better. i still crave. i'm going crazy in here and i miss you so much. it's your 16th birthday and i bet you're gonna have a wild night. bet your daddy bought you that bmw, didn't he? he told me that he was going to. haha surprise! i don't want to write to you and talk to you about the bad things. i just want to talk. i need someone to talk to that doesn't ask if i'm better. will you please do that for me? be the one person that will just talk to me? i know that i hurt you. i know that all of this hurt you, especially when you told me to stop. you told me before it all got bad. i should have listened, but i'm an idiot. i did some really bad things to you and i regret it all. i'm sorry. i really am. just please forgive me. even if you don't forgive me. just at least write me back. i want to hear from you. please. i love you.<p>

<b>november 3, 2007: to my family</b><br>
i'm getting to the point where i don't know what to say anymore. i think i'm getting better, but i don't know what better feels like. i wrote *jessica the other day. i know you guys see her around. i hope you're still being nice to her. this wasn't any of her fault. she had no part in it. she told me to stop before it got bad. don't hate her. she's a good person. marlana, i know she's your best friend. please, keep it like that. you know that i love her. let her know that. when i get out of here i'll make sure she knows that. i know you're wondering if i still crave... and i do. they say that won't ever go away. how am i supposed to stay clean if i'm always going to want it? i'm learning, but i'm just not sure how this is supposed to work. i miss you guys, but i'm still holding a grudge. i guess that's just another thing that won't ever go away...<p>

<b>november 9, 2007: to *jess</b><br>
when i got your letter it made me happier than i've been since i got here. you told me to prove that i'm getting better and i know that i can. i need you so much more now than i did before. you can't walk out now. i'll be what you want me to be and so much more. throughout my whole time here so far, i've just hated everyone. there isn't anyone to talk to and i get really lonely. i need you. point blank. i wish i would have realized how much i needed you before. the ecstasy took over my life and it's taken me this long to realize that. i'm going to try and stay clean when i get out, but i'll need help. my parents say that they're going to help, but they won't. why should they start helping now when i was using for almost a year and they were completely oblivious. that just shows their great parenting skills. you asked about going back to high school, but i won't. i think that was my whole problem to start with. that's where things got bad. i'll make things better for myself though. i'll get my GED. i'll get a job. i don't know what kind of job it will be, but it will be good. i promise. i want to do all the things i promised you before. i want to make you mrs. schulz one day, i want to live in the mountains with you with our three adorable kids, lilly, isac, and trinity. these things will happen. just give me time.<p>

<b>december 25, 2007: to the family</b><br>
it doesn't feel like christmas. i didn't get to decorate the house with the family or help mom and marlana make cookies. i know that i'm seventeen and things like that weren't really fun when i was home, but now that i'm here, i miss everything. i just want everything to be normal again. i can't write much today... i'm in a crappy mood. i'm just so depressed. well, i get to come home in about a month. that's something to look forward to, i guess.<p>

<b>january 19, 2008: to the family</b><br>
i come home next week. are you excited to see me? i wish that i could say that i'm still excited, but in all honesty, i'm scared. i've never been so scared in my life. what if i get back on it? shit. i just don't know what to do. help. please. <p>

<b>january 26, 2008: to *jess</b><br>
i'm leaving today. you'll get this after i'm already home, but i just wanted to let you have my last letter in this hell hole. i want you to know that i love you and i promise to try my hardest to stay clean. you've been here for me these past few months and i can't thank you enough. babe, i love you so much. i'll see you soon. xoxo.

<div style=" font-family: Georgia; font-style: Italic; font-size: 40px; color: DCDCDC; letter-spacing: -4px; text-align: left; text-shadow: 1px 2px 4px #000">AFTER REHAB:</div><br>
<b>a journal of thoughts ryder was told to keep.</b><p>

<b>february 8, 2008</b><br>
i've been out for twelve days now and things are going great. my home life has never been better and i'm so happy. *jessica and i seem to have fell right back to where we left off. it's like we didn't miss a beat with each other. i forgot what life was like without ecstasy, but man, it's great. i will always crave, but life is too good to mess up right now. that's good. that's what keeps me away from the temptation. i'm a whole new person. i can't believe what i was missing. i don't think i'll be writing in this journal anymore. it's pointless. i have nothing bad to say. goodbye journal. it's been nice.<p>

<b>june 2, 2008</b>
i just found this journal. i was so happy then. what happened? things are getting bad again. i fight non-stop with my family. it just all reminds me why i started using in the first place. i've never wanted it more than i do right now. this can't be good... <p>

<b>august 5, 2008</b><br>
the first was my birthday. i went to a party and my old friends were there. doing the old things we used to do. i left because i couldn't be there. that's a good thing. right?<p>

<b>august 15, 2008</b><br>
i've been clean for a year. i don't know how much longer i can keep this up.<p>

<b>august 30, 2008</b><br>
i used todday and it was the greatest feeling in the world.<p>

<b>october 12, 2008</b><br>
my family and jessica found out i started using again today. i packed my shit and moved out of my parents house. i won't get bad again. i swear.<p>

<b>january 11, 2009</b><br>
i joined my friends band. fuck this city. i'm out!<p>

<b>july 23, 2010</b><br>
just found this shit under my bed. i use whenever the fuck i want. usually 5-10 time a week. suck on THAT, rehab.

<div style=" font-family: Georgia; font-style: Italic; font-size: 40px; color: DCDCDC; letter-spacing: -4px; text-align: left; text-shadow: 1px 2px 4px #000">VIDEOS:</div><br>

<iframe width="300" height="233" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br>
"just being fucking funny. as always."<p>

<iframe width="300" height="233" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br>
"i'm not only a screamer. listen to that beautiful voice."<p>

<iframe width="300" height="233" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br>
"taylor swift cover. i'm awesome. fuck you."

<b>*</b>his girlfriend at the time. i will put up a request for her, but the name is changeable.

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see teddy pleaseeeee~


OPTIMUS PRIME! - February 26, 2012 08:27 AM (GMT)
Nice work! Now just make sure you post in the face claim, our sites who's who, and fill in/claim your appropriate canon so that nobody steals it and you're all ready to go. Stay active and most importantly, have fun!

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