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ROBERT ABEL - February 19, 2012 11:59 PM (GMT)
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<div style='font-family: arial narrow;font-weight:bold; font-size:19px;'>BO WILL HIGH FIVE FOR:</div><BR>
"Maths, experimenting, leather jackets, old school music, reading, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 101 Dalmatians, Finding Nemo, healthy food, belts, piercings and tattoos - especially in moderation on girls, explosions, pants, libraries - the smell when you walk in and silence is amazing, late night television, crosswords, ceiling fans, compact discs, Dance Dance Revolution, Nick at Nite, Comedy Central, vinyls, Family Feud, The History Channel, having a conversation using only song lyrics, art (generally classical) - I could probably spend an entire day in a museum and not want to leave, jewelry - I like to jingle when I walk, surfing, bags, Taylor Swift - I wish my name was Stephen, sex - I really enjoy that, writing poetry - whether or not it's "socially acceptable" is another story, skirts on girls, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, lizards - okay just reptiles in general, skateboarding, parties, candles, puppies, looking at the writing on the library return card to see when else the book I have was checked out and if there's names on it then I like to see if I know any of the names or think about what that person was like, hotel room service, the smell of new shoes, secrets, chinese food, commercials, taking risks and living on the edge, family dinners, hats, suspenders - but not wearing them around my shoulders, the thrill of sneaking around or doing something you're not supposed to, vegetarians, breaking the rules, alcohol, loyalty - but not when it comes to girls to their boyfriends, ping pong games, chocolate, treating a girl nicely, crashing parties, fireworks, finding money on the ground."

<P><div style='font-family: arial narrow;font-weight:bold; font-size:19px;'>BO WILL FLIP YOU OFF FOR:</div><BR>
"Being called Robert, Rob, or Bob. I'm not very good at making decisions on the fly, so you shouldn't count on me for that. Soda, Tuesdays are bad days. I have a theory that every day of the week is a certain thing. Mondays are learning days - that means History Channel, museums, and/or libraries. Tuesdays are bad, Wednesdays are normal, Thursdays are frustrating, Fridays are funny, Saturdays are happy, and Sunday's called the Lord's day, and we should embrace that by sleeping with each other all day. Sports, people who judge others quickly, when someone messes up my hair, guys who make a big deal out of when girls are on their period, modern society's view of what's right or wrong - like the view of perfection in the models, parallel parking or having to park on a curb, oranges, ignorance, when a bug lands on my food, following the rules, having to check my voicemail, grocery shopping - the lines make me want to starve instead, snow, meat, the government, people who make fun of me because of my dad, someone popping their bubblegum loudly, holding cells, people who think they know everything and can do no wrong, when my favorite books are made into movies, if you want me somewhere on time - plan on me being five minutes late at least. I'm terrible at finding my way somewhere and not getting lost. "

<P><div style='font-family: arial narrow;font-weight:bold; font-size:19px;'>BO WON'T TELL YOU:</div><BR>
"I used to be on the chess team in high school. I've tried drugs but I'm not a druggie or an addict. Most of the time it was just a little thing. I know more about Twlight and One Tree Hill then I'd like to admit. I've been arrested a few times. The amount of chick flicks I've seen have turned me into a bit of a romantic, despite my one night stands. I have a stuffed animal lizard named Roger. He's incredibly afraid of going down the path of either of his parents."
<div style='font-family: arial narrow;font-weight:bold; font-size:19px;'>BO'S POETRY:</div><BR>
"Roses are red<br>
I don't want my balls to be blue.<br>
Why don't you come over to my bed<br>
Because my dick misses you."

<div style='font-family: arial narrow;font-weight:bold; font-size:19px;'>BO'S DEMASCULINIZATION HISTORY:</div><BR>
"Okay so I was born fourth in my family, with four sisters - three older and one younger. That alone should tell you everything to you need to know about why when someone asks about a sports team, I like to pretend I'm finishing a text before I answer when I'm really hopping online and looking up what sport the team is even from. I learned to braid hair before I knew how to make a spitball. That being said, as soon as I found skateboarding, I welcomed it with open arms. You got to do cool tricks and when you feel you'd get a big scrape and blood. Blood was cool as a little kid. That didn't stop my sisters from fussing over it like there was no tomorrow and bandaging me up more than was necessary. When I was seven, my mom died from brain cancer. After that, well, my dad kind of went crazy. From what I remember my sisters telling me, my dad didn't take the time between when my mom found out she had cancer to the time that she died well. I suppose I can't blame him - who would take that well? Anyway, following my mom's death, he wasn't around a lot. I don't know where he was most of the time but my sisters were always there watching us. I do know that sometimes one of my sisters would wake me up in the middle of the night and we would have to rush to the hospital, where my dad would be. I was nine at the time. My younger sister, Lexi, was seven. Maggie was fourteen, Katie was eighteen, and Olivia was twenty. They kept things from Lexi and I, but the three of them would always go and talk in whispers and stuff. It wasn't until a little bit before it happened that I started to realize that my dad wasn't really my dad and that for some reason (because at the time I couldn't figure out why he wanted to do this) my dad was attempting to commit suicide. After numerous attempts apparently (as I didn't realize half of them were attempts) and tests, he was admitted into a psychiatric hospital and not deemed healthy enough to live on his own or take care of five kids. Olivia, who was going to the college nearby came back and moved in with us. Because both her and Katie were over eighteen, we didn't have to live with someone else. It was, well, okay. It wasn't tragic but it wasn't sunshine the whole time either. We just kind of went on with life and managed. <P>
I blame most of how I am today on my sisters and that's not really in a positive, thanking way. Or well, I don't think so. I didn't grow up with much junk food because my older sisters who would by the groceries didn't "want it around the house, tempting them to eat it when they were on a diet." The same went for soda. I had zero privileges over the television most nights.When you're young and have four 'mothers' doting over you, when they go to the mall they feel the need to take you along to make sure that you stay safe and nothing happens to you. I became too knowledgeable in fashion than I care to admit. However, there were pluses. For instance, I overheard way too many rants about why they don't like their boyfriend or some guy. I got to hear a lot of "why can't he just be like..." Needless to say, when I did get to the point in life when I liked girls and didn't think they had cooties, I had a steady steam of tips to follow on what girls did and didn't like. I think my lack of knowledge in what guys were supposed to be like was made up for in double by my love for girls. On top of that, my sisters would have guys over a lot and some I would end up talking to the morning after. Let's just say not all of them were the nicest and society would probably look down on them but there was a lot that I learned from them either party or woman related. When I was in my late teens, I ended up rebelling quite a bit because I wanted to be my own person and not run by my sisters just because I was forced into their guardianship. I'd run away - and by run away I mean I would spend all day in the library or museums and then when it came time to sleep I'd either crash at a friend's house, manage to stay hidden in the building, or sneak home and sneak out in the morning. That evolved into partying, like I think every kid experiences and I got in with the wrong crowd. As soon as I was old enough to move out, I did. I'm close with my sisters, but I wanted to at least live in a place that wasn't adored with candles (which I admit, I like...) and talk about Robert Pattinson and Ryan Gosling wasn't dinner talk. "
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Sebaaaastian Reese


LORD OF THE PIES! - February 20, 2012 12:13 AM (GMT)
Nice work! Now just make sure you post in the face claim, our sites who's who, and fill in/claim your appropriate canon so that nobody steals it and you're all ready to go. Stay active and most importantly, have fun!

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