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NIKO RAMSEY - February 16, 2012 05:20 AM (GMT)
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badda boom~ okay hi my name is ash and i'm a freak who loves when my characters have amazing friends. |: so cool. this request is for my lovely niko. <3 he needs his best friend (boy or girl), who we are going to call FRIEND! for the sake of this request. (x so a bit about niko. he's twenty five and a washed up ex-musician who was lady gaga huge back in the day (aka like up until about 2 years ago). he's really talented but messed up by nearly killing himself with drugs, but not to worry! he's now batman sober and carrying on about his life~ um, so yeah. my request is simple. i just want a best friend for nik who he can goof around with and toss in to trash bins rely on. me thinks BEST FRIEND! has taken a lot of shit in life- living in nik's shadow, etc- but niko has always been there to kick asses and take names for them. i kind of like the idea of BEST FRIEND! being a few years younger so that nik's always been the 'cool older brother' in a sense but in the end, it's pretty much friend that has saved nik's life and got him away from drugs (wahwah). me thinks BEST FRIEND! is the one who got nik set straight and hooked him up with his job as the manager of my last goodbye. um, BEST FRIEND! would be canadian, but maybe they moved away and became associated some how with the tour, and kind of got nik the gig, etc. they can be apart of the my last goodbye crew, or basically anything else. the world is your playground amigo. have fun with it. either way, BEST FRIEND! and niko are cool with one another, and pretty much like siblings (and only siblings, because they both lacked them growing up and they've always looked to one another for support) and yeah. that's all folks.
so the face is pretty open. male or female. i'd love for a carly rae jepson, mike ayley, or matt webb character but i'm not picky. just suggest someone and we'll figure something out!
age would be between 19 to 27. i'd love for friend to be around 19-23 range, just so nik can be the literal kick ass "older bro". they can do pretty much anything (media, tour staff, etc).
and that's pretty much it! it's open children and just know that whomever takes this will be showered with my undying love and gift basket filled with various fine soaps and cakes. <3 <3 <3 any questions, feel free to ask!


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Amber - March 17, 2012 03:33 AM (GMT)
ASHLEY!! You made a Josh Ramsay character and I feel the need to steal this if you don't have a problem with that since its your fault I'm addicted to Marianas Trench in the first place xP So yes I want to make his best friend for you xP I think I will use Carly since she's amazing and I love her but if I can't find enough decent pictures I'll run some other lovely faces by you

NIKO RAMSEY - March 17, 2012 04:15 AM (GMT)
I really wasn't expecting you to take a request but this is amazing and I'm sososo excited! xD I have no regrets making you addicted to Marianas Trench, I'm only proud I have a fellow trencher around here! Tumblr has amazing gifs and pictures (and flickr) of carly but if it's really too hard i don't mind other choices. um, i also had a version of this where carly was his sister- but it's up to you. she can either be his bestie or his sister. I'm just excited Josh gets to have someone to be super close too now. lovelove~

Amber - March 17, 2012 04:29 AM (GMT)
I MISSED YOU TOOOOOO!!!!!! xDDDD I wasn't planning on taking up a request but then I saw this and I was like "OMG" so yeah its been stolen xP Yay for Trenchers! They're still my favorite band over two years after you showed them to me so yeah I love you for showing them to me xP I'm hunting Tumblr now for pictures and I did find some pretty bamf ones now I gotta download gimp and make some pretty graphics xD Hmmm I think I'd like to make her his little sister if that's cool with you then you can still request a besite and maybe get someone lovely like Matt <3 I'm so debating what to do with her though, I'd love love love to make her the female vocalist for Lights Out! but I gotta think of a bamf idea for her to have become a part of a band that's from Arizona. Or I could make her a stylist for My Last Goodbye... My brain sucks Ashley make it think!! Dx

Amber - March 17, 2012 04:36 AM (GMT)
okayyy i really need to register so I can edit instead of having to add a whole new post -fails- but anyways scratch that last bit I think I'm going to make her the stylist for My Last Goodbye

NIKO RAMSEY - March 17, 2012 04:43 AM (GMT)
XD you are wonderfullllll! i just sent a massive reply to you on facebook lol. but i guess i can ask again if you have any form of aim/msn or something? that might make plotting easier! if not we cool gurllll. (x and that's great, I love carly and i'm so glad you are going to play her. she's so cute and the pics/gifs of her and josh are AMAZING/priceless <3 and EVEN BETTER you will play his baby sis! there are some logistics about niko that can make it work if you want her to be the female vocalist for lights out! niko is washed up himself. used to be SUPER famous in canada and in my original request (where i asked for the sister) the sister was the one who found him basically dead from over dosing and coaxed him in to rehab. niko isn't close to his parents- the sister can be if you want? up to you. but maybe while nik was in rehab she was like "nik i have this opportunity...." one day and explain arizona and the band? orrrr option b, she's super supportive of nik in rehab but slowly gets sick of his pity party and pulls away- and kind of goes to arizona to get her own start on life since basically she's been taking care of him for so long that she wants more? she'd still occasionally write but that would have KILLED niko and he would have sobered up just to prove that he didn't need her to always be around and that he could make it without her. in that option he could either be a little jealous/upset she moved on without him or happy for her... but we can figure that out. does any of this make sense or help?? idk it's so late an i can't see what i'm typing in the dark so i hope it's at least a little comprehensible lol

and here's my edit since i'm so slow:

whatever you decide is fine. <3 if she's the stylist for my last goodbye, maybe she was friends with them before and got him the job? OR he dragged her out on tour with him- whatever you want for her. xD they just have to be close and amazing yussss

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