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Title: it takes a redheaded woman.

GINGER KINSELLA - February 15, 2012 01:56 AM (GMT)
<div style="text-align: justify; width: 350px">I suck at these, and I'm lazy, so here's the general lowdown on Ms. Kinsella. Yes, her name really is Ginger. Yes, her parents did that on purpose. No, she doesn't think it's funny, and she'd appreciate it if you wouldn't laugh about it while you're in her presence. She's a simple, sweet, and awkward, though also delightfully sassy and opinionated, Southern girl - from Memphis! - who somehow ended up working for Alternative Press and found herself on this tour. She's an interviewer, and her sole reason for being here is Noah Rosen.<br><br>

Not, not that way, no matter what he thinks. Because it's the assignment her boss gave her, and she does her job.<br><br>

She could use a bit of everything, friends, enemies, maybe a flirt or two, though she's focused on her job and probably wouldn't even realize she was being flirted with/possibly flirting back, and, despite her denial, she will, eventually, end up falling for Noah. I THINK THAT'S IT, LOVE ON HER PLEASE. <3


IMOGEN MASON - February 15, 2012 11:00 PM (GMT)

<div style="width: 300px; text-align: justify; line-height: 95%;">

declan. unfortunately, he's scared of the media so not much here D:.<p>

emily. emily would love her name, she loves the tour gingers.<P>

hannah hannah is noah's little sister, so naturally ginger will know her. hannah will love her to pieces, probably drop in on anytime noah and ginger are doing """work""" because she can be an annoying sister like that. but she'll also pick up on the signs and probably push them together or something because she can be a little bit of busy body hahaha<P>

imogen immy's kinda dedicated to her work too. i think they should be friends. she'd love to be able just drop in on ginger's sessions and just watch her make magic!!!<P>

rosie UM UM UM IDK WHAT TO DO FOR THEM BUT AGAIN, THEY SHOULD BE FRIENDS. rosie's too nice to hate anyone LOL



GINGER KINSELLA - February 16, 2012 06:55 PM (GMT)
ginger & hannah !
<div style="text-align: justify; width: 250px">Haha yaaay Rosen family! I am so psyched to see how they interact altogether, and tbh, I have this vision of Ginger and Hannah becoming good buds, and that being part of the problem as far as Ginger being in denial about whether or not she might be starting to be fond of that stupid musician brother of hers. xD Because she likes Hannah, and it's nice to have a normal gal-pal, and they get along swimmingly, but hanging out with Hannah means being around Noah in more than just a professional capacity, and that's troublesome. IT'LL BE FUN.</div>

ginger & imogen !
<div style="text-align: justify; width: 250px">Yay, more ladybros!</div>

ginger & rosie !
<div style="text-align: justify; width: 250px">lol so is Ginger. I mean, she tries to pretend like she hates people. She just fails miserably and ends up apologizing to anyone and everyone and starts promising them baked goods. xD SO THAT WORKS.</div>

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