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Teodora Andreeva
Posted: Feb 23 2012, 04:51 PM

BUL ē ROYAL ē 24
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Posts: 15
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Joined: 21-February 12

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Andreeva, Teodora Rumenova.
twenty-four winters
o p u l e n t && inviolable
roots are in bulgaria

and i would be the one
to kiss you so hard
iíll take your breath away

i watched a change in you ē family
    i took you home, set you on the glass parents
    i look at the cross, then i look away siblings
    give you the gun, blow me away fiance;; spouse;; children
    you feel so alive, youíve changed aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.
you owe me nothing in return ē associates
    we kiss the stars, we writhe, we are partner in crime
    your main desire, your flesh best
    your mouth and these words, silence childhood
    weíll be fine, then your body will be mine practically family
    desert skies cracks the spies, remind me close
    the ocean was wide and salted red good
    you say your life iím taking, suffocating me average
    i feel your fingers in me, tear deep within supposed "friend"
    and i ride but cannot be ridden acquaintance
    iíll be your lover, i can be anything when iím this high shh...
    donít you want some of this, donít you need this enemy turned friend
    and i donít mind if you say this is the last time once more with benefits
you canít wait to penetrate me ē lovers
    do you hear this breath, itís an obsessive breath final §
    i close my eyes but i cannot sleep future §
    canít veil the branded picture of you current §
    again, you baffle me, pretending not to see me on-and-off
    i broke into your room, broke down in your room mutual crush
    sometimes you take it all too far crush on you
    then i remember itís a game between you and me crush on Teodora
    suffocating in the poison of your obsession past lovers (on good terms)
    your paws are buried in the cause past lovers (on bad terms)
    tell me you love me, iím your star past lovers (Teodora wants you back)
    slowly crawling back to what we left behind past lovers (you want Teodora back)
    touch me and i come alive, feel me deep inside flirts
    you shouldnít have kept me waiting, youíre here now fling / one night stand
    thinking about how you would say my name in the night physical attraction
    she couldnít touch you like i could forbidden attraction
and in the red, terminate, decimate ē enemies
    lay you to the river, midsummer, iíll wave backstabber
    in red september, skies are fire paved strong dislike
    so i swore to that razor that never enchained medium dislike
    bared on your tomb iím a prayer for you i hate you
    six feet deep is the incision, discolors all you hate Teodora
    in the light of the sublime prima donna jealousy
    once upon a time from the binds of your lowliness annoyance
    would your dark nails of faith be pushed through my veins again using / blackmailing
    unfaithful friends lets burn them down rivals
    we can patch this up the boatís not sinking friendly enemies
    because we don't have that much to count on now friend turned enemy
    you'll be gone in the morning, so call back today with benefits
you learn ē others
    locked down shut out and your smile's just throwing fuel on the fire love / hate
    all i want is a little place of my own where i can rest my head co-worker / classmate
    come home quickly but please drive safely protective of you and/or Teodora
    how our memories just seem to swell old / new neighbor
    you're always coming back for more sex buddies
    the whiskey slurs that were purged on our lips make-out buddies
    we'll drink to forget and drink to forgive roommate
    we can fall out into empty streets and stumble for a place to meet party buddies
    with rolled up sleeves we're bound to push on bandmate
    this is not a movie, the end's been done before other (specify)

[font=georgia][SIZE=3]ēē f i r s t middle [b]LAST[/b].[/SIZE]
[SIZE=0]age here ' ' affiliation
relationships here.
"you say"[/SIZE][/font]
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