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 Andreeva, Teodora, Government, Axis
Teodora Andreeva
Posted: Feb 22 2012, 04:58 AM

BUL • ROYAL • 24
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Княгиня Теодора Андреева;


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Теодора Руменова Андреева (BUL), Teodora Rumenova Andreeva (ENG).


24, January 24th.



Princess of The Kingdom of Bulgaria.

Axis Government.



Life has never been particularly kind to Teodora Andreeva. In turn, Teodora Andreeva has learned to be equally unkind to life. Teodora is not a malicious woman, nor would she ever claim to be violent or villainous in any capacity. Rather, Teodora Andreeva is tough. She is harsh, rough around the edges to some degree, and in many ways she is inflexible. At one time, Teodora was an open minded woman with a large, vulnerable and compassionate heart. Now Teodora is rational. She makes her judgments grounded in her logic and beliefs and her resolve can be swayed by no one. Teodora, despite never truly having led a team herself, is a being who acts of her own volition and does what she wants to do regardless of the desires of others. Not one to be controlled, it is rare that Teodora stays 'affiliated' to any one group for a long period of time for she dislikes being told what to do unless such orders fall directly in line with her own beliefs. This has not always been true, and indeed there were several times in Teodora's life in which she had to learn the hard way that one must do what they have to to get their way. Teodora's time spent in the Bulgarian Military taught her that one has to fight for what they believe in but that experience also taught her that one should never sacrifice their own well being and beliefs simply to serve the credo of another. Teodora was tough before she became a part of the Axis Powers and since having joined, Teodora has only grown tougher. It comes as no surprise that Teodora was the first of her family to willingly join the group when they took a stance that made it wholly acceptable to enact wholesale genocide on human beings (obtaining inside information seemed most sensible, despite having other intentions). Teodora values life, after all, and the senseless destruction of it is something that she despises.

Teodora Andreeva is not the type of lady to trust the intentions of others. Constantly having been manipulated or influenced by the men in her life, Andreeva prefers to remain single. Though it is possible that Teodora has some interest in man she decided a rather long time ago that she would rather be thought of as a 'spinster' than used or abused by people who she believes hardly understand her. Even so, regardless of her anti-romantic disposition, Teodora really does care for people and this is precisely why takes her role as Princess seriously. Teodora is a nurturer, albeit a firm one, and it is important to her that those under her care are well taken care of. As a Princess, Teodora frowns upon those who would exacerbate their conditions by continuing to be active in spite of her better judgment. Teodora, after all, tends to feel that she knows what she is talking about and is not fond of dissenting voices. This, of course, is another reason why Teodora tends to remain celibate--she has no desire to argue with another person because she tends to believe that she is right and would rather be alone than argue with someone who she is oftentimes certain won't see things her way. A vice of Teodora's is walking out on others or betraying causes entirely because she values her independence and does not like to be disagreed with. Teodora's view of the human / extra debate has, indeed, estranged her from those that she cares for because while one group that she has been a part of believes that humans and extras should integrate and the other believes that extras should conquer mankind, Teodora believes in neither, and would prefer to live out her days in quiet, almost-happy hiding. Safety is better than violence and certainly better than self-victimization in Teodora's eyes.

Teodora is particularly strong willed and that strong will makes her a natural if not capable leader. Though Teodora has oftentimes been prone to falling in step with others she is particularly preoccupied with the idea of earning goods by the sweat of her own brow and marching to the beat of her own proverbial drum. Teodora is not one for idle banter and she has little time, in her opinion, to bother herself with things that she deems to be unimportant. Teodora can sometimes succumb to the psychological concept of 'tunnel vision' which sometimes makes her so intent on having things go her own way that she sometimes ignores minute details which would otherwise lead her to success. That alone somewhat contradicts her ability to act as a natural leader, but as humans are oftentimes prone to following people who honestly believe they know where they are going, Teodora tends to be seen as more mature and wise than other royal family members, due to her experience and bitterness toward the world at large.


Ava Garnder.
Fine clothing.


Uncooperative People.
Cubic Zirconia.
Chauvinist Pigs.
Crazed Germans.

Dirty-Blonde, sometimes bleached to a pale ash blonde.



130 lbs



Teodora Andreeva is a statuesque individual, standing taller than the average woman. Andreeva is not merely tall, however, and in recent years, Andreeva has seen to it that she has muscle to cover her otherwise thin, curvaceous frame. Though once an entirely petite though tall woman, Teodora Andreeva is now well built, holding a body with great flow and evenness. Andreeva is in excellent shape for a woman of her height and age, and as many are well aware, the princess is not against showing such a thing. Andreeva has been known for her particularly revealing style of dress as well as for her near-white blond hair and intense amber eyes. Though perhaps not looking as unrefined so far as physique goes as she did in earlier times, Andreeva is still deceptively feminine and curvaceous. Her inviting curves, luscious lips and full breasts do pay heed to the nature of the woman--and it is that which she uses to her advantage, drawing victims in with her intentionally crafted physical appearance and then making them pay. Andreeva and many others have stated that it is a rare man who can resist her feminine mystique--and with good reason: Andreeva has spent great time and money to have it that way.

As mentioned earlier, Andreeva has at her disposal fabulous wealth--and what one can do with wealth and a physique like Andreeva's is most fascinating. Always having had an eye for fashion, Teodora Rumenova Andreeva is prone to wearing the finer varieties of clothing, preferring to wear fine skirt or pant suits to slacks and tee-shirts. Andreeva is rarely seen without her immaculacy; it is rare that her hair is not perfectly styled, her nails manicured and her make-up elaborate. Even on Andreeva's "off" days she makes an attempt to look absolutely beautiful. The color of Andreeva's wardrobe has largely washed out to clothing of a fairly homogenized color scheme--but it should be noted that Teodora does not solely wear white. Rather, she prefers neutral colors which accentuate the curves without being distracting. Andreeva largely prefers a more classic wardrobe, borrowing her style cues from the American screen sirens--but like many things there is another side of the coin in Andreeva's dress sense, and many have cited Andreeva as being either lewd or innovative with her choice in high-fashion, impractical but extravagant clothing. It would seem, for example, that Teodora Andreeva and double-sided tape are well acquainted. Whether or not Andreeva dresses in this way for shock value or for her own pleasure remains to be seen. What is clear is that, whatever Andreeva dresses in, she looks quite beautiful. She walks and behaves with a demeanor derived of the Royal Family and Ava Gardner after which she crafted her image--and with that comes a great deal of dignity, class, and sex appeal.


Simeon Andreev, Father, Tsar of Bulgaria.
Margareta Andreeva, Mother, Tsaritsa of Bulgaria.
Kardam Andreev, Brother, Prince of Bulgaria.
Kyrill Andreev, Brother, Prince of Bulgaria.
Konstantin Andreev, Brother, Prince of Bulgaria.
Kubrat Andreev, Brother, Prince of Bulgaria.


Though one would come to expect that the life of a royal would've been simple and relatively easy. One couldn't have been more mistaken in the case of Teodora Andreeva of Bulgaria. As the youngest in the Andreev/a family line, Teodora's regimen was much stricter, a fact that she would later suspect had been attributed largely to her being the only daughter of the family. Though her mother had often assured her that such a notion was silly of her to think, to this day, Teodora believes otherwise. Despite what the kingdom of Bulgaria may have thought, the living arrangements and feigned happiness of the family wasn't necessarily so. Indeed, there were several times in which Teodora could recall the unusual amount of domestic violence that her mother had been subject to, and having been the only child to respond to the situation, Teodora was often subject to such abuse as well. A germinal seed had been planted in her mind against men at that age, and to this day, she hates them rather than fears them as her brothers would come to think.

It was never easy, you see. While she did enjoy the private education she received, she didn't enjoy having to learn the formalities of the world. Rather than sitting around a table with other young female nobles and acting the part of the good girl, Teodora would've preferred to become involved with sports and outdoor events, other than ballet and archery and other asinine archaic forms of such hobbies. Indeed, there had been moments in which Teodora often rebelled and shot firearms and trained with her brothers, much to her mother's disapproval, but she had been met by her father with much approval, despite never having wanted it. To Teodora was a vulgarity, at least, that it what other nobles and royals had imagined of her. To her father, she was an innovative young woman, ever growing and expanding, breaking the norms of society and custom, and he felt that is what the world needed, so rather than oppressing her, he allowed her to freely experiment despite her mother's ire at the circumstance.

The irony of her life is that whenever she had reached her teen years, her interest in such things seemed to have faded out, and eventually, they had been replaced with the conventionalities of femininity and grace. Shocked by the dramatic maturity and blossoming of such ways, her father didn't reject it, but rather, feared it. Her mother, however, was most pleased by the sensible change she had witnessed within her daughter. Given that English and Russian seemed to be the world's dominating languages, it was mandatory that Teodora become fluent in both, and as such, much of her studies, other than in economics had been paramount. As a princess, it was her duty to learn in the world and its ways, and as such, such skills had been tested one summer on an adventure to Russia, and then eventually to America to behold Hollywood and all of its beautiful stars – a revelation which would only inspire Teodora to further her own looks and glamor. Another love had been that of fine jewelry, fine, expensive jewelry which she would acquire through her travels. Many of which would be the subject of much controversy from the Kingdom of Bulgaria. Much press had been made about what the Royal Family had been spending their Kingdom's funds on, and the famous diamonds and precious stones that Teodora often rocked in public had been considered vulgar and ostentatious.

The Kingdom of Bulgaria had remained deliberately neutral during the initial stages of the second World War. This was a neutrality that the Kingdom wished to hold, but given their location, it was inevitable that they could remain that way for long. It hadn't been until the German troops had reached their borders demanding to pass through that they were tossed into the fold. On 1 March 1941, a treaty had been signed which aligned Bulgaria with the Axis Powers, It had not been until several of the Bulgarian Navy had perished under the Soviets that Teodora began taking things with the world rather seriously. Like St. Paul on the way to Damascus Road, she had her epiphany, and a turnaround had been made. Indeed, she did her best to get involved politically with her country. Though Bulgaria had claimed war on the United Kingdom, Teodora never agreed with such acts, despite attempting to sway her father to do otherwise. This was an act which resulted in the bombing of their capital, Sofia, by Allied Forces which disheartened her greatly with the number of deaths

Though still dealing with the fact that much of their Kingdom has seen much turmoil, Teodora has spent her recent time discussing these beings known as Extras. Humans who have been altered either voluntarily or otherwise. While her opinions remain strong, she intends on seeing to it that Bulgaria acquire whatever necessary to end this senseless destruction. While she doesn't begrudge the Allied Powers for doing what they believe is necessary, she refuses to tolerate anymore Bulgarian deaths driven by the mad men of Germany.


Posted: Feb 22 2012, 04:06 PM

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Because this character exists as part of the royal family, high ranking government, it is advised that special attention is paid to the historical accuracy of events. (: Well written.

Please don't forget to do everything in the above links!
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